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In Search of Spice files In Search of Spice , read online In Search of Spice , free In Search of Spice , free In Search of Spice , In Search of Spice dd5c8765c In Search Of Spice Riveting Historical Fantasy Romance Bringing To Life The Th Century Th Century Customs And Peoples Brought To Life In All Their Astonishing Variety And Beliefs A Fantasy Book That Creates A World Different From Our Own Yet Hauntingly Familiar Fighting Princesses, Court Intrigue, Vicious Pirates, Starkly Different Islanders, All Come Together In A Delightful Melting Pot Of A Novel, Spiced With A Touch Of Almost Believable Magic There Is Masses Of Fighting, Individual And Battles, On Land And Sea, With Stalwart Soldiers, Unerring Archers And Invisible Assassins, All Brought To Life With Devastating Touches Of Humanity And A Liberal Dose Of Humour Combine The Above With Complex Inter Personal Relationships And Affairs, Trade And Esoteric Sailing Lore And You Revel In In Search Of Spice, An Historical Fantasy Novel That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud Before Switching To Rapt Attention As You Turn The Pages Harrhein Is A Country Reminiscent Of Europe Whether Germany, Holland Or Britain Isn T Clear, But Will Cause You To Study The Beautifully Crafted Maps Designed By Artist Maria Gandolfo Who Also Created The Cover Trade Is Stifled By The Omnipresent Warlike Neighbours, The Spakka, Rather Similar To Vikings With Interesting Views On Honour So King Richard Helps Fund The Building And Voyage Of A Carrack, Based On The Design Of One Wrecked On His Shores By The Spakka It Sails In Search Of The Fabled Land Of Hind, Reputed To Be The Source Of The Exotic Spices In Demand By His Court This Is The Story Of That Voyage, And In Particular Some Of The Crew Members, Not All Of Whom Intended To Be Aboard Friendships Form Across Gulfs In Social Standing And The Harrheinians Encounter Strange Lands And People, With Customs Exotic And Fascinating Author Rex Sumner Assures The Reader That These Customs Exist In A Very Close Form, Somewhere In The World, Or At Least In History Even The Interesting Way The Pahippians Greet Newcomers To Their Island Is Based On Something Very Similar Happening To The Early European Explorers In The South Seas His Observations On The Different Habits Of Islanders Are Clearly Rooted In Actual Custom, Not Least In The Varying Styles Of Surfing Employed On Adjacent Islands To Say Nothing Of Diet While Educational, The Primary Purpose Is To Entertain And This Book Does That In Spades It Is Non Stop Action, Whether A Swordsmanship Contest Or Sailing In A Storm Desperate Battles Against Cannibals Or Varying Fishing Styles With Interesting Bait Trading In Spices And People Or Discovering New Animals Which Defy Belief To The People Of The Time This New World Is Seen Through The Eyes Of Several People Of Both Sexes, Showing Both The Thoughts Of The Europeans Discovering Asians, And Those Of The Asians Encountering Pale People All Peoples Are Very Human And Slowly The Book Reveals And On The Varying Characters Of Even Those With Minor Roles For The Discerning, There Are Clues To Other Stories Hidden Behind Names And Titles, Which Are Correct In Representing Each Of The Many Peoples Encountered Even In Harrhein Where There Are Two Subsidiary, Long Conquered Kingdoms Whose Culture Still Shines Through Enjoy This Helter Skelter Ride, Which Is Perhaps Reminiscent Of Pirates Of The Caribbean Than Game Of Thrones The Author Shows A Refreshing Tendency Not To Kill Off His Heroes As Soon As You Get To Like Them This Book Takes Place In A Violent Time, With Violent Scenes From Battle And Ordinary Life, Including Murder, Torture And Rape

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    Part Captain Cook s adventures, part Treasure Island, part Benny Hill, this book is slightly overly long in parts, but placing the best female characters I ve read to the fore makes up for it I wasn t entirely comfortable with the portrayal of Pacific Islanders especially the sexual spell that never ends Very bloody and a fairly confronting assault scene, forewarned is forearmed Looking forward to Rex s third book coming out soon.

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    In Search of Spice, by Rex Sumner, is a book that brings together historical fiction, romance, and fantasy to create a story filled with action, adventure, relationships, and endearing characters The story follows the voyage of a carrack searching for the storied land of Hind, rud to be rich with spices The journey takes crewmembers to a variety of beautiful lands, meeting a variety of very different people along the way, from friendly to hostile to mysterious Sumner does an excellent job capturing the essence of culture Although the book is fiction, the descriptions have a historical feel to them, bringing a layer of realism to the book The maps are also a nice touch, making it easier to follow the voyage as you read My favorite aspect of the book, however, is the eclectic cast of characters, especially the strong female characters Sumner develops all of his characters, even minor ones, my favorite being the intelligent, determine Hinatea I d recommend In Search of Spice to anyone who likes books that transcend genre and have strong characters.

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    Not for me I felt like I had ADD while reading this book I had high hopes originally It sounded awesome in pretext Based on reviews, I assumed there would be intricate world building, bold and interesting characters, adventure and intrigue, but most of all, a tale that would suck you in completely I made it to 12% The characters aren t fleshed out well the majority of them seem to act the same , the writing is haphazard with its dizzying change of pace and direction, there are typos galore, the characters info dump on the reader constantly, and, all in all, felt very juvenile Sorry

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    Throughly enjoyed it Moved along drew you in and was easy reading It s has left me in suspense for the next book.

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    This was a slow, hard read for me but was a decent read

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