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The Beat Generation FAQ pdf The Beat Generation FAQ , ebook The Beat Generation FAQ , epub The Beat Generation FAQ , doc The Beat Generation FAQ , e-pub The Beat Generation FAQ , The Beat Generation FAQ 3e97977a8f6 The Beat Generation FAQ Is An Informative And Entertaining Look At The Enigmatic Authors And Cutting Edge Works That Shaped This Fascinating Cultural And Literary Movement Disillusioned With The Repression And Conformity Encompassing Post World War II Life In The United States, The Beat Writers Sought Creative Alternatives To The Mind Numbing Banality Of Modern CultureBeat Generation Writers Were No Strangers To Controversy Both Allen Ginsberg S Prophetic, William Blakean Style Poem HowlAnd William S Burroughs Groundbreaking Novel Naked LunchLed To Obscenity Trials, While Jack Kerouac S Highly Influential Novel On The RoadWas Blamed By The Establishment For Corrupting The Nation S Youth And Continues To This Day To Serve As A Beacon Of Hipster Culture And The Bohemian LifestyleThe Beat Writers Shared A Vision For A New Type Of Literature, One That Escaped The Boundaries Of Academia And Employed An Organic Use Of Language, Inspired By The Spontaneity And Improvisational Nature Of Jazz Music And Abstract Expressionism Kerouac Coined This Writing Style Spontaneous Prose In Search Of Deeper Meaning, Beat Generation Writers Experimented Not Only With Language But Also With Spirituality, Art, Drugs, Sexuality, And Unconventional Lifestyles Although The Movement As A Whole Flamed Out Quickly In The Early S, Replaced By The Onset Of The Hippie Counterculture, The Beats Made An Indelible Mark On The Nation S Consciousness And Left A Long Lasting Influence On Its Art And Culture This Book Details The Movement Its Works, Creative Forces, And Its Legacy

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    The Beat Generation FAQ All That s Left to Know About the Angelheaded Hipsters by Rich Weidman is a grouping of the Beat history in a FAQ type format Weidman is a travel writer based in Central Florida He is the author of The Doors FAQ All That s Left to Know About the Kings of Acid Rock Backbeat Books, 2011 Rich received his B.A in English from Stetson University and his M.A in English Film Studies from the University of Florida.I am not much of a fan of FAQ style books I can appreciate the ease of looking up information by subject rather than trying to find it in a timeline Weidman does make good use of subjects to divide the book into sections Main players of the movement are covered as well as Beat influences Historical events and places are covered like the Six Gallery and Ginsberg s first reading of Howl Kerouac is given a fair share of the book along with Burroughs I was disappointed by the coverage of women in the book Lenore Kandel is just given a passing mention This is not really a book to be read cover to cover It is meant as a reference, like a FAQ, to answer questions or interests you might have on the subject The information is not groundbreaking or new, but it is plentiful The chapters are broken down to allow easy reference, but as an ebook the search function is a greater help A good reference and convenient book to have when reading or research the Beat period and its major players.

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    Books in Backbeat Books FAQ series are a little different to review than a conventionally formatted book By definition books in the FAQ series are of a resource guide, like the internet analog of a series of common questions on a subject with a quick fact filled summation of the question at hand, and Rich Weidman s provides exactly that some succinct information in The Beat Generation FAQ.If you re a fan of The Beats such as I am and their writings you may think you know everything on this literary movement, but Weidman has done his homework and has information that is previously unknown or lesser known, such as the influence of hobo writers such as Jack Black, author of You Can t Win 1936 There are chapters on both the major and minor players in The Beats story, the major personalities such as Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William S, Burroughs, Gregory Corso et al, as well as minor characters such as Herbert Hunke The Beat Generation FAQ delves into the mostly overlooked group in The Beats, the women Weidman gives them equal time with the men and which were as important to the group as the men, albeit in ways of supporting the men and their ambitions but these group of women would later write their own books, not only of their time with the men of The Beat Generation but also their own artistic works.Weidman also explores the process behind Kerouac s, On The Road , which brought up some things I hadn t picked up on before Ginsberg s, Howl , and Burroughs , Naked Lunch It also takes a look at the obscenity trial the publication of Howl elicited It also delves into these writers body of work as a whole, if you need a quick overview of their work here it is Weidman also gets into the reaction to The Beats from their detractors to those they influenced, i.e., Bob Dylan, The Doors, and their influence on other mediums of the day from exploitation movies made promising to expose the inside story of The Beat Generation , to the present day, which has seen films that are historically accurate on incidents in The Beats world as well as films made of Kerouac s On The Road and Big Sur.A couple things that are minor shortcomings is that reading straight through and not as a reference source there are some redundancies The other is that Weidman omits the death of Gerard Kerouac, Jack Kerouac s older brother who died at age nine and affected Kerouac in his perspective on life and writing.Overall The Beat Generation FAQ is a well written and informative look at The Beat Generation and whether you re already an aficionado or are just getting into The Beats this is a book you ll want to read Rich Weidman is also the author of The Doors FAQ.

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    This a great reference resource for the Beat novice and expert alike.

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