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  • Worth the Wait (sexy nerd boys, 1)
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  • 07 February 2018

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    PlatypiresAs soon as I read the synopsis, I knew I had to read this one As hard as it is to believe, I am a Whovian and there are really not enough books that exist which use such an awesome group of people to base a romance around.As glorious as a romance between two lovers of Doctor Who is, this was only a small aspect of the story So, if you haven t watched the show or you and it pains me to say this dislike it then you can still read this book without any issues Both Anna and Ethan have a lot of baggage, and much of this story is how they two of them learn to cope, overcome, and become better people despite their pasts.I related to Anna mostly Both of us come from an abusive relationship, and many of her struggles are ones I ve been through myself There were times I felt like I was actually watching clips from my past.There s a lot of laughs, a good deal of intensity, many bits of sexy times, and a few WTF moments I love a book that gives me a broad range of emotions.My issues with this book were mostly editing related I felt it needed some work It s not bad, but it is noticeable Also, there were a few parts that seemed a little rushed and not fully explained An example of this would be the entirety of the character Sarah.Mostly though, I enjoyed reading it It s a powerful love story about overcoming past hardships with Doctor Who references

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    I loved Abby and Ethan.

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    Worth the Wait Sexy Nerd Boys, 1 by K.M Neuhold 4 Stars Abby has a seriously dark painful past so she is guarded She has sworn off men so the last thing she needs is meeting a sexy Ethan who happened to be Abby s new roommate s brother Ethan is gorgeous and he knows it He is always looking to add knots to his bed post and he s got his eyes on Abby Abby knows his intention are completely dishonorable But the pair eventually become friends and surprisingly Abby finds Ethan hard to resist Like wise, Ethan for the first time is attracted to a woman who he finds interesting, fun, beautiful and a little feisty he finds himself slightly obsessed with Abby I really enjoyed the characters in this book especially Ethan Abby is a little quirky, she has been through a lot and it was great to see her fight and take back her spirit and her life Ethan came off a womanizer at first but I was pleasantly surprised how he changed and became a different person for Abby caring, patient and kind Abby was closed off with men but with Ethan sparks fly and the tiger comes out to play in the bedroom There were definitely scorching hot, explicit bedroom scenes I enjoyed the angst, the intensity and build up between Abby and Ethan There is also plenty of cute friendship, lust and love basically ALL the FEELS I also like the storyline I was addicted to the story right away because I was desperate to find out what happened next and if they will have an HEA The author did a great job with the characters, the banters were witty The plot, the narrative and the dialogues all flow at a nice pace from beginning to end I also enjoyed the secondary characters Abby s roommate Lee and Asher which is a nice addition to the whole story My only complaint is that the ending seems a bit too fast compared to the entire story But all over all, I enjoyed this love story with very clever Doctor Who references The story does touch on some sensitive matters but I welcome the background story which gave depth to the characters Contemporary adult romance, dual point of view my favorite Very fine debut novel Love it

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    A solid and fulfilling love story I m surprised by how much I enjoyed this debut novel Worth the Wait is a romance that is almost an erotic New Adult it s that HOT Even though there s some drama and angst, the author was able to make it not only sexy, but also fun and sweet.I consider myself a nerd, so I couldn t pass this one I loved the characters and the fact that their romance started with a friendship that developed into something Ethan deserves the hero title I was very happy with how the author penned their growth, they decided to finally face their issues and deal with them in healthy way Often what we see is how the significant other is able to fix everything, while realizing they have the strength to overcome their obstacles or look for professional help creates a much fulfilling and believable ending The cover doesn t do this book justice The plot flowed really well and K.M Neuhold wrote delicious dialogue and scorching dirty talk This story gripped me until the end, I couldn t put it down I can t wait to read the next book in the series Asher, here I come I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    OMG where do I start Absolutely loved this book Abby and Ethan are great and real Both have their issues for not wanting relationships and have to find a way to move past that I really enjoyed all the characters in this book Every character is strong and you can see growth in not just the two main characters but in all of them I loved watching the growth in Abby and Ethan so much, with everything they, particularly Abby, have gone through I saw them not only move past their pasts but face their past as well This story had an amazing flow Everything from beginning to middle to end I couldn t help but love this book and this characters and This is definitely a story that will pull you in and hold you there until the very end I could not put this book down This is one of those great stories with the writing that is so great that you literally picture everything in your mind and it becomes like watching a movie in your head I am so glad I jumped at the chance to read this book when the author offered it to me Thank you K.M Neuhold I don t think I could have loved this story and characters any I received this book from the author through The Next Great Read Book Reviews.

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    Worth the Wait by KM Neuhold Worth the Wait is my first book from this author I liked the book but I didn t love it and here s why I found it somewhat difficult to connect with the main characters, Ethan and Abby, I thought some of Abby s actions and reactions were a little far fetched, and finally, there were numerous errors typos and grammatical that detracted a little from the reading experience Ethan is quite the player, has a heavy dose of sarcasm, and is completely uninterested in anything than a one night stand until he meets the unattainable Abby Abby herself is a complicated young lady who has been through than anyone ever should I like that she worked on improving herself and her physical strength What I didn t like was her attitude and demeanor after certain events I felt like it just oversimplified and made light of the trauma she d experienced The story itself was really good I just wish there d been a bit work on character development and better attention to detail copy provided in exchange for honest review Reviewed by Melinda from JoIsaLoveBooks Blog.

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    3.75 StarsI received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review I have to say I was pretty surprised by this book, I went in having never heard of the author or the book and only quickly skimming over the synopsis This is a debut novel for K.M Neuhold and I have to admit I really enjoyed the writing and the premise of the story The only problem I had with the book was Abby, I understand she has baggage and has been through some awful events in her life but I found her character tremendously hard to like I loved Ethan, he was so sweet and such a dork that you couldn t help but feel an instant bond with his character The background characters also peeked my interest and I can t wait to see what comes next This was a really good debut and I have to say I will definitely be jumping straight into Naughty Angel and also patiently waiting on any new books from this author.

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    K.M Neuhold s debut book brings forth a wide range of emotions, delves into some deep and serious issues and fits right into the New Adult genre Don t miss out on the start of this series I love that this book essentially takes on the concept of Don t Judge a Book by It s Cover the whole hot sexy alpha man Ethan who is a womanizer but is always upfront about it actually is going for his PhD in philosophy, works at a book store and loves Dr Who The heroine Abby is the prickly and sassy roommate to Ethan s sister and is totally an enigma she doesn t like to be touched but wants to cuddle, she has no confidence and tons of insecurities with her life and appearance but she took up kickboxing and is teaching self defense classes, and she has the sass and witty comebacks but there s also a softness to her A lot of this book deals with personal demons and may be a trigger for some readers Most of the events are told in flashbacks as Abby is trying to figure out how to get on her own two feet and figure out her way in life and relationships Abby s past is revealed slowly throughout the book and it s as if the author is slowly peeling away each layer or knocking down the walls around her heart and soul As a reader, you slowly get to know her the same way Ethan does and understand her fears of love and sex and qualms with people touching her Ethan has not been ashamed to be known as a womanizer until he happens to run into his sister s roommate He s never really cared about a woman and he admits that kissing is not an act that he will commit because it s too personal He s always upfront with his intentions but with Abby, he genuinely cares for her and his feelings are different than they ve ever been He tends to blow through his rules and bend break them with her He wants to understand her and help her but he also wants to overcome his own fear His fear of commitment comes from his past as well and it s touched on lightly throughout the book But their journey makes them face their past and demons They have to decide if they want to live in the past or take a leap of faith and learn to overcome it I have to give Ethan props for being so patient and kind with Abby I also have to commend him for making a very hard and tough decision when he s faced with either choosing himself or being walked all over and used I want to applaud Abby for finally dealing with her past and demons and seeking professional help I cheered excitedly when she decided it was finally time to stop holding back and taking the leap to find something truly happy and joyous in her life Here s a few things that I had issues with wanted about and why I chose to give it only 4 stars First, the grammatical errors are numerous throughout the book and noticeable as I was reading Sometimes I would stop myself and correct the word in my thoughts so it deterred from the pace With that being said, the story was still amazing and I kept reading I just wish there was time spent on editing Second, the one secondary character named Sarah that is in Abby s self defense class is very odd and something happens to Ethan regarding her and then she finally confesses to Abby I feel like this whole thing is somewhat glossed over and how Ethan feels about it is never really addressed I feel like there could have been a moment between Ethan and Abby where they connect over Abby s past and Ethan s situation with Sarah And how it felt for Abby to find out the revelation and where her mind was at Third, the ending leaves me hanging somewhat I wanted I hope that we get to see this couple in the next book and find out what s going on with them Definitely a great book

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    WORTH THE WAIT BY K.M NEUHOLD Worth the Wait was a great contemporary romance I absolutely love the nerding out that was happening in this story Even though I have never actually seen Dr Who I know, I know, it s on my to be watched list, people I can totally respect the level of fandom Abby and Ethan had for their beloved show Prepare to be bombarded with some Dr Who goodness in this review, in honor of Abby and Ethan Abby was pretty prickly in the beginning of this story, she could come off as kind of callous at times There were a few different occasions where I wanted to shake her a little and tell her to just stop As her demons were slowly revealed you did get a better understanding of why she was the way she was, and it made a lot of sense She was someone I didn t really fall in love with right away, but as she started letting down her walls, I started to come around I felt really terrible about some of her circumstances, and ultimately I wanted to see her find happiness in life Now lets talk about Ethan Ok, there was so much to him than that, but it had to be said I loved so much about Ethan Although in the beginning, he did follow that familiar man whore, New Adult trend I will say that in this instance I actually pitied him though, he was like a piece of meat to these women Pretty quickly you start to see there is much to him and you really can t help but falling for him He was so gentle, patient, and sweet with Abby I loved how he treated her, even when she wasn t the most deserving of his kindness The fact that they really bonded over their shared Dr Who nerdom was just too freaking cute The secondary characters were also pretty awesome in this story, which is always a HUGE plus for me I loathe a bunch of bland filler characters whose sole purpose is to make the main characters look better in comparison This was definitely not the case here I especially liked Ethan s sister, Lee I actually enjoyed seeing Lee dealing with some heavy stuff of her own It was clear this author spent a lot of time cultivating these multi layered characters, it really came through brilliantly in this story Worth the Wait dealt with a lot of serious issues and struggles, and I really dug that Everything felt very realistic and I appreciated the care she took in talking about these issues, and also how each character handled their problems I loved that no one fixed anyone with their love Each issue was meet with a realistic solution, that took bravery, tons of self reflection, and work No true love bandaids here Hooray I thought there was a pretty diverse set of struggles that can easily be relatable in one way or another to most people, which is also pretty cool Besides the heavier aspects of this book, there was a lot of sweet moments, and quite a few laugh out loud moments, which I ALWAYS appreciate in a story So be prepared to basically feel a wide range of emotions while reading this story All in all this was a great start to a series that I am really looking forward to reading of Bring on the Sexy Nerd Boys I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    I m not a Doctor Who fan, but I am a total nerd about some other things so I was excited to read this book and see how the author did with nerdy characters She did great Even not being a Doctor Who fan, I was never lost in what was going on I m sure legit fans of the Doctor would enjoy that aspect of the book even It s always fun to see one of our nerdy fandoms show up in a book.We get to meet Abby, Lee and Ethan all almost immediately when Abby moves in with Lee I love the dynamics between Lee and her big brother, Ethan and also between Ethan and Abby These are characters that won me over quickly and I wanted to root for them and know about them.Abby is a scarred, emotionally distant girl with a tragic past that has no interest in much that campus life has to offer beyond completing her education While she seems to have formed an attachment to her roommate, Lee, she hasn t opened up to her about anything personal.Ethan is Lee s older brother and a local Casanova among the ladies on campus He s known for ahem getting the job done Every time This leads to a couple awkward moments, as you can imagine He is just a good time guy Laid back, ready to have fun in all areas of life and not interested in settling down.When Ethan first meet Abby, he sees her as nothing than a potential new conquest He thinks she s sexy, and she doesn t seem to be interested in him at all, which piques his interest even until he s warned off by baby sister Then it becomes a bit of an obsession The time he spends around Abby, however, the he realizes how much they have in common and how much he actually really likes her, as a person Soon, he wants to hang out with her even above hanging out with his guy friends.These two bond over a love of Doctor Who Ethan can let his nerd flag fly when he hangs out with Abby It s cute It also draws Abby out of her shell and helps her learn to trust Ethan and eventually open up to him These two together make perfect sense MILD SPOILERS BELOW Okay, the things that kept me from giving this a higher rating.Given Abby s past, I thought that their first couple sexual encounters would have been traumatic for her than they were Or, at the very least, would not have gone as easily as they did Also, once they started, it seemed like they were going at it at every available opportunity No easing into things for them That seemed a little out of character for someone with her traumatic past.We were told about Ethan s Casanova reputation than we were shown Aside from a couple of very brief encounters, there really isn t anything to show us his history He doesn t even seem to have the personality of a playboy.I would have liked of Ethan s and Lee s back story We get glimpses of it here and there a couple of times but it s never really fleshed out It left his story feeling a little unfinished.Even though Ethan and Abby get their happily ever after, it seemed like it ended a little abruptly to me.Overall, a solid first book from this new author and I really look forward to reading from her See at

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Worth the Wait (sexy nerd boys, 1) characters Worth the Wait (sexy nerd boys, 1) , audiobook Worth the Wait (sexy nerd boys, 1) , files book Worth the Wait (sexy nerd boys, 1) , today Worth the Wait (sexy nerd boys, 1) , Worth the Wait (sexy nerd boys, 1) dec07 Abby I Have Issues Like, Serious, Major Issues And, The Last Thing I Want Or Need Is A Man In My Life To Make Things Complicated Unfortunately For Me My Roommates Drop Dead Gorgeous Brother Seems Hell Bent On Seducing Me And, What S Worse Is That He S Kind Of The Perfect Guy Resisting Him Just Might Kill Me Ethan I Don T Do Relationships I Prefer To Keep Things Casual, And I M Always Up Front With Women So That No One Ever Gets Hurt But, My Sister S New Roommate Yeah I Might Have A Small Obsession Or, Maybe I Should Say A TARDIS Obsession Because There S A % Chance That It S Bigger On The Inside What The Hell Is A Guy Supposed To Do Though When He Meets A Woman Who Is Not Only Beautiful But Also Feisty, Fun, And Way Into Nerd Culture I May Be Doomed This Book Contains Themes Of Domestic Violence, Non Consensual Sex, And Explicit Sex Scenes Not Recommended For Readers Under

About the Author: K.M. Neuhold

K.M.Neuhold has long since been a romance junkie When she s not writing she s reading or spending time snuggling with her husky or her husband She fell in love with M M romance last year and hasn t been able to turn back There s nothing she loves than love in all its forms.