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The Hunted (The Abandoned Series, #1) summary The Hunted (The Abandoned Series, #1) , series The Hunted (The Abandoned Series, #1) , book The Hunted (The Abandoned Series, #1) , pdf The Hunted (The Abandoned Series, #1) , The Hunted (The Abandoned Series, #1) e036806dfc Just Your Average Boy Meets Girl, Boy Kills People StoryThe Native American Navajo Tribe Has Stories Of A Monster So Wicked, So Blood Thirsty, That They Are To Be Hunted Down And Slaughtered But Are They Just Legends Or Is Something Sinister Lurking In The Shadows The Yee Naaldlooshi Skinwalkers Have The Ability To Transform Themselves And They Can Be Anyone AnythingThe Hunters A Group Dedicated To Tracking The Creatures Are Hot On Their Trail And They Won T Stop Until Every Last One Is Dead But Are They All As Evil As Foretold Seb, Alpha Of The Taylor, Arizona Reservation Pack, Begins To Question The Acts Of Their Kind But He S Broken A Rule And Must Choose Between Killing The Girl He Loves Or Risking Everything To Save Her Cassie Must Fight For Her Survival The Pack Is After Her And They Re No Joke Cass Is About To Find Out How Sadistic They Can Be

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    book starts out pretty great It was captivating and I was quickly pulled into its world I absorbed the first chapter, because it was hard to put down.And then everything changed There is just so much contradiction regarding skinwalkers that I couldn t keep up with what was going on How can someone who is terrified of them at the beginning, blow them off like they re nothing over and over again There s along those lines, but I m not getting into spoiler territory.There are a couple moments of redemption, but they re quickly over.I really wanted to like this one, and I tried But there s just too much about it that took me out of the story and frustrated me.Although this one ends on a cliffhanger, I have no interest in continuing.

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    Book The Hunted The Abandoned Series 1 Author C.J HartPublication Date 3 31 2015Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook Nuts My Rating 5 Stars REVIEW This is a new to me author In this story we have a young guy named Seb who is a shifter The tribe he is from has many varied shifters from Puma s to Wolves and Although called skinwalkers as they are a navajo tribe There are hunters who do not want these beasts within their towns and homelands Cassie is a human who has been raised by her dad after the death of her mom She has a pull towards Seb and she is not sure why Although they know they should not be friends or anything else These 2 young people are drawn to each other But when humans start to go missing of course its the tribe of shifters who are taking the fall or are they Seb is Alpha of his pack but that will not stop them from wanting to kill Cassie Can he save her from his own kind Why is Cassie s dad in on this And just who is Marcus really The story was well written, very detailed, we have action as well as heart Really good book for young adults or even us older adults The book does leave us with a big cliffhanger so I can t wait already for the next one I was gifted a copy of this book for my honest reviewC.J Hart

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    Seb and Cass felt the pull the minute they met, but what will happen when his pack and her father find out This story makes you feel like you are part of the action almost I really enjoyed it.This book will pull the young reader in right from the beginning It s full of mystery, suspense and love For me being an older woman, I actually really enjoyed this read and will be waiting for .

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    You can find this review and like it on my blog, Declarations of a Fangirl I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.The Hunted was a great, quick read It read like most YA novels, quick and full of delightfully snarky and corny wit I really enjoyed the joking back and forth and mushy talk between Seb and Cass Sometimes it seemed a little too sweet, like give me a cavity sweet, but on the other hand, it fit the story I spent at least half the time looking like this while reading They were seriously adorable.And let s stop for a moment and appreciate the wonder that is Seb He is the epitome of book boyfriends Now, I will admit, there is a wicked case of insta love So beware if that s something that bothers you I m a helpless romantic so I didn t mind one bit I dream of being with you forever, no matter the struggle or consequence. Her brow puckers I d hate to be forced to choose between my family and you I already have I chose you I was really intrigued by the skinwalker mythology I wish that part of the story was fleshed out and hopefully there will be about it in the next book They sound absolutely terrifying They re nasty, dangerous creatures Born from witchcraft and raised as pure evil They ll stalk you and taunt you Then, when you re alone, they ll rip you to shreds A quick note about the ending.HOLY CLIFFHANGER BATMAN I can t wait to read book 2

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    I recieved a free copy of this title in exchange for my honest review.Star crossed teenage lovers one is the daughter of a Hunter, the other is a shapeshifting wolf boy Both are members of tribes that pass this legacy through their male descendants.First of all why male It s never explained The only way that females can become shapeshifters is if they are bitten But why can t the hunters been girls This is never really explored, and it bothered me throughout the book but not as much as the shallow, whirlwind, soul mate romance of these two kids.That part is very Romeo and Juliet, but still this is supposed to be contemporary paranormal The slapdash nature of them seeing each other and immediately being head over heels, disregard everything else ever for the sake of this person I barely know did not feel authentic ESPECIALLY when focusing on the girl Bad role model there sane people don t fall in love with creepy wolves that stalk them and peep on them through their bedroom window.The balance between the Impending Doom and the everyday Yay We re In Love bits seemed off as well If an entire gang of shapeshifters is ready to eat you or worseare you really going to go dinner and a movie By and far the most jarring thing for me was the occasional British ism dropped in by either Cassie or her father Nowhere does it say they are from England They re living in Arizona I just no So many nos It doesn t make the writing original or well crafted It just rings as off.Usually the saving grace for me with books like this is that no matter how bizarre or off the characters or writing is, there is enough plot to keep me going and even make me want to know what happens to the characters in the inevitable sequels In this case I don t care I don t have any reason to like the characters whatsoever, because they are so incredibly flat Sorry, C.J Hart This one just flopped for me.

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    I was provided a copy of the book by the Author for an honest review.I just finished reading this book, and I have to say that when I started reading this book, for a moment I felt like if I was reading TWILIGHT I was so close about not finishing reading the book, but I gave it a chance, and I m so glad that I did, I love the characters, I just don t like the ending cause now I have to wait for the second book I m going to keep this short since I don t want to give anything away.This is the story of Cass and Seb, Cass is a high school student, while Seb is a shifter he turns into a wolf, when Cass was just a little girl her mother die, and her father took care of her, she grow up hearing story about the skin walker, and she did not believe to much into the story, but all that change when she saw Seb for the first time, she saw him as a wolf, but once she saw him as a human she couldn t stay away, Seb felt for her since the first time that he met her, he knew that his life and his way where gone change, that s when they started to spend time together their world turned upside down.I really love the way how Cass and Sen are with each other, love their attitude.I really love and enjoy reading this book, Author C.J Hart THANK YOU for introducing me to this awesome book and Amazing Characters love them.

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    I got an ARC from the author CJ Hart for an honest reviewI received my copy of The Hunted several weeks before it was released, and I was amazed I got my copy that had was not perfect and even with the few mistakes that I found, it did not take from the story.The Hunted is a YA paranormal It is about humans that shift into animals such as wolves or cats But this has an American Indian twist to it, which made it even better I love the stories from the Navajo Indians.Cassie is an ordinary teenager living in a small town in Arizona She goes to high school, has decent grades and is just a typical teenager Seb is the same age as Cassie and is everything but ordinary He can turn into a wolf.Seb comes across Cassie one night while out hunting He knows that stories that have surrounded his people forever Seb is not like the pack He doesn t enjoy killing and Cassie gives him one reason to prove that the Yee Naaldlooshi skinwalkers can be like just everyone else To his amazement, he falls in love with Cassie.Seb and Cassie s relationship already has the typical teenage problems, but when the pack and Cassie s people start hunting them it takes the teenage relationship to another level.The Hunted is a great book for all ages I truly enjoyed this book from page one I can t wait for the next book to come out.

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    First, let me say that I loved the cover for this book It was a great representation of what the book would be about Today, the cover can lure you in and drop you down a rabbit s hole The author has a simple writing style that was easy to follow I felt the characters in general were developed well The main character, While I loved the main love interest, Seb, I found myself pulled from the story itself on many occasions I think at times the pacing threw me off either the story moved to fast and didn t give me time to catch up with what was going on or exist in the moment with the character or there were scenes that lead to nowhere There were scenes that did nothing to advance the plot and actually proved to frustrate me a little The love story is nice though And Seb is a sweetheart So the big question is, would I recommend this book I would Just because it wasn t my favorite book, I could see how others might like it And I might just pick up the sequel myself because I m all kinds of nosy and I want to know what happens.

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    My main interest in this book was the Native American legend of Skinwalkers I was interested in seeing this author s interpretation of the legend I feel that the author was able to stick true to culture and still expand the story to interest all readers The love story has a West Side Story feel, without all the singing Cassie and Seb are from opposite sides, yet they fall in love With mounting drama and fear of a fallout with the families, they stay strong and show that their bond can not be broken The author did a fantastic job in creating a YA story that is appealing to any age group Without relying on copious amounts of violence and foul language, Hart is able to create a story that has solid and wonderfully written This is a book that is a must read, even for those who have never read shifter books before The author did a great job and i look forward to work from her I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review.

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    I received a free copy of this in exchange for an honest review, and I was really impressed with this author The first thing that jumped out is that it s extremely well written I love the writing style, and I d love to read from her Even though shifter books aren t really my thing, the story and characters really drew me in The world the author has created is well detailed and believable I like the little details of Cass s life that make it realistic It s a good love story, but there are some really sad moments Cass, the other characters to an extent, struggle with a major event the fallout from their grief about that And the bad guy, Ash, is EVIL, especially in some intense moments at the end The ending was really surprising, there was a twist I didn t see coming Sequel maybe

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