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Tigers Catch chapter 1 Tigers Catch , meaning Tigers Catch , genre Tigers Catch , book cover Tigers Catch , flies Tigers Catch , Tigers Catch f5d65265bf389 Amoy Tenir Is No Longer A Prince Among Tigers, Because The Hunters Have Claimed His Lands He Is A Rebel With A Single Cause, Until, On The Precipice Of A Covert Strike, His Rag Tag Group Of Shifters Rescues A Woman He D Thought Dead She S None Other Than Neera Spring, A Human Who, Even As A Ghost, Ruled His Heart A Forbidden Lover Who Believed He Sold Her To Slavers The Mother Of His Only Son The World Has Changed They Could Be Together But Do They Dare Reconcile Their Savaged Past With A Hopeful Future, When A Common Foe Stands Ready For War

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    I love romance novels that involve some level of fantasy to them This book looked pretty exciting based upon the description, so I decided that I wanted to read it I hadn t heard of the author previously, but I do really enjoy checking out new authors works The cover is also very appealing and sexy, so that added into my want to read this book as well I have read many shifter novels, but this one seemed to be a lot better than the other ones that I have read Cera Daniels has created an original piece of work that really inspires the reader I didn t have any trouble getting into this story.I would say that the book is well written and it s appealing to those who are not usually into this genre The book follows the main character of Amoy He is a very powerful tiger shifter who has been known to be a rebel His group of shifters rescue a woman that he thought was dead and she is no other than Neera Neera is a human who he has loved, but she doesn t trust him because she thought that he sold her away to slavers Neera is the mother of his son and Amoy still has a strong and powerful love for her I liked the love story between the two characters as they tried to set aside their differences and come together again I think that this book stands out in this genre, just because it was so fast paced and the characters were likable This would be a book series that I would recommend and can t wait to read the rest of the series.

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    I received Tiger s Catch as an ARC version from the author The gifting did not determine the review rating, which reflects my honest opinion I ll admit up front, I didn t really connect to strongly to the main characters until the last quarter of the book On the flip side, I immediately enjoyed the world building and the unusual touches the author added to the shifter races There were a few levels of plot and sub plots going on at once, and on occasion I got lost in the segue, but the major threads were neatly tied up, leaving a few loose to inspire anticipation for a continuation of the story line This book was slower paced, placing emphasis on drawing the reader into the fantasy world My rating is 3.5, but I rounded this one up due to the detail and imagination used to create the world.

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    Gifted copy in exchange for honest review Tiger s Catch is a fantasy world where paranormals are ruling the world and humans are nothing than slaves I truly enjoyed the descriptions and development of the characters I was involved in the plot and then boom It felt as if the last couple chapters were rushed and didn t offer as much detail or facts to unanswered questions Still a good book and the end result was good but I really would have liked a bit in the ending which is why it got 4 stars instead of 5.

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    So this is not my typical type of read, but once I started the book I was hooked I couldn t wait to see where things ended up for Amoy who believed that his true love, a Forsaken human named Neera, was dead And for Neera who believed that her love, a tiger was the one who had given the word for her to be sold into slavery The two end up back together again with a secret that could change everythinga son Will these two be able to put the past behind them and work together to put an end to the hunters Or will she take her son and leave him again Read it to see what happens

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    If you love romance shifters and adventures You have it here Amoy is a tiger princeling who out on one of his runs comes across a forsaken soul One who can not chance She saves him and so begins their tangled story of love Neera is a forsaken soul, never to be free if caught by slavers of shifters Either or is bad for her But coming into contact with the prince sets her soul on fire with love and vise versa for him Will they live happily ever after or will they always be worlds away from each other.

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    I got this in exchange of an honest review,I love shifters and this shifter was one hot sexy damn great characters I loved it so much nice plot events were great the writing as well it was very captivating and hope to read of this nice series

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    I enjoyed this book very much I found the characters engaging and the story line interesting I did have trouble figuring the mages into the story as there wasn t much background for their part in the story I still found the book a great read for a summer afternoon or two.

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    Won this on GoodreadsLove Shifters..Amoy is a tiger princeling who out on one of his runs comes across a forsaken soul Neera is the forsaken soul.

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