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Socks chapter 1 Socks , meaning Socks , genre Socks , book cover Socks , flies Socks , Socks 26245cee3cb76 Socks They Are A Serious Business Socks Are The Glue That Binds An Outfit Together, The Telling Detail That Shows That A Man Understands What It Is To Be Stylish But They Are Also A Minefield Of Potential Fashion Disasters And Style Pitfalls What Style Of Socks Should You Wear With A Brogue Are Patterned Socks Permissible With Sneakers How High Should You Roll Up Your Trouser Leg Are Socks And Sandals Ever Acceptable But Fear No Socks The Rule Book Will Solve Your Hosiery Dilemmas Laying Out The Ten Fundamental Rules Of Sock Wearing With Fashion Conscious Advice And A Knowing Sense Of Humour, This Book Answers Hitherto Unanswered Questions And Establishes Clear Guidelines For Every Aspect Of The Sock World No

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    Some may think that this book is not worth the reading Others may consider it to be only a coffee table folly But, they would both be so wrong I am a sock aficionado I am a single brand sort of a guy Happy Socks I have about 40 pairs of socks, with a few kept new for emergency occasions The best thing I can say in this Review is what the author says himself Our parting words are probably the most profound ones in this book have fun with your sock game After all, they are only socks And, just like life, socks should be fun And, as far as I am concerned, I enjoy my socks immensely

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    Some funny witticisms, but largely toe in sock humour helps pull this book through Yet I felt it lacked imagination and some serious style points have been lost for the high praise dolled out to camouflage socks The images also seemed to be an afterthought, often with little relevance to the finer and harder to grasp parts of the text Sock aficionados should use this book as a starting point, but no .

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    I loved this book It was so, so funny while also being extremely informative.

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    Surprisingly, it was an amusing read.

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    I have often wondered as I meander along the sunny beaches of my home town Luton in my little white shorts whether it is appropriate to be wearing these thick socks with my sandals Now thanks to this book I know the answer.I have also often wondered to myself what socks I should wear when I grace the top quality park maintained tennis courts of my home town Luton in my white sports t shirt, white training shoes, white sweatband and little white shorts not to mention my fancy racquet And thanks to this book I now know.What s I have also often wondered to myself as I ve traversed the gold paved streets in my home town Luton during coldest winter when even the snowmen are going indoors to get out of the cold what socks I should be wearing to compliment my winter costume of polar bear fur hat, coat and little white shorts made from the polar bear s face , and thanks to this book I now know.Yes, this book has changed my life Gone are the days when I walked into parties only to be shunned by all and sundry because my novelty Tinky Winky socks were simply not fit for polite society These days I can stride in with my head held high knowing that, after many hours of deliberation beforehand, my sock game will be top notch and that all the ladies will soon be swarming towards me urgently wanting to hear about how I moved up the sock ranks so quickly to become the true sock aficionado I am today.True I needed to chuck the kids and wife out to make room for my suddenly expanded sock collection, but that doesn t matter because I now have the finest merino wool socks money can buy And even though I had to remortgage the house and max out all my credit cards I know that when I slip my foot into that hand linked toe sock with the argyle pattern my worries will just slip away.However there is a part of me that wonders if this book hasn t just duped me, as if in this book isn t just one big advert for Sock Club London and their cult where anonymous members live by the motto No apologies, no regrets When I think these thoughts I become morose, stop ironing my socks and start throwing them around the room instead before also emptying my sock drawers in a massive rage before breaking down just like a girl wondering just why did I let my wife and children go.Overall then this is a great book, but please bear in mind the small caveat as mentioned above.

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    I enjoyed the tongue in cheek humour, making it a rather fun read while I also got a few good tips for how to up one s sock game.

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    A good guide for wearing great socks

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