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The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts chapter 1 The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts , meaning The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts , genre The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts , book cover The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts , flies The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts , The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts 2ab9b04cb455f She Tried To Ignore Them But Some Things Won T Be IgnoredKat Preston Doesn T Believe In Ghosts Not Because She S Never Seen One, But Because She Saw One Too Many Refusing To Believe Is The Only Way To Protect Herself From The Ghost That Tried To Steal Her Life Kat S Disbelief Keeps Her Safe Until Her Junior Year At McTernan Academy, When A Research Project For An Eccentric Teacher Takes Her To A Tiny, Private Island Off The Coast Of ConnecticutThe Site Of A Grisly Mystery, The Isle Of Acacia Is No Place For A Girl Who Ignores Ghosts, But The Ghosts Leave Kat Little Choice Accompanied By Her Research Partner, Evan Kingsley, She Investigates The Disappearance Of Cassie Mallory And Sebastian Radcliffe On Their Wedding Night InEvan S Scientific Approach To Everything Leaves Kat On Her Own To Confront A Host Of Unbelievables Ancestral Curses, Powerful Spells, And Her Strange Connection To The Ghosts That Haunt Castle CreightonBut That S All Before Kat S Yanked Through A Magic Portal And Evan Follows Her When The Two Of Them AwakenYears In The Past With Their Souls Trapped Inside The Bodies Of Two Wedding Guests, Everything Changes Together, Kat And Evan Race To Stop The Wedding Night Murders And Find A Way Back To Their Own Time And Their Own Bodies Before Their Souls Slip Away Forever

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    Celebrate the release of THE GIRL WHO SAVED GHOSTS with K.C Tansley Enter her giveaway to win a SIGNED copy and fabulous Swag International Ends Oct 27 Click on Banner to Enter Do you believe in ghosts Do you like ghost stories with haunting legends, poorly formed curses, old castles, mysterious murders and disappearances How about if it were all in the name of love and the clock is ticking for another death one hundred and twenty nine years later Only one girl can unlock the mystery and break the curse, but it means revealing a secret she has kept hidden for years, or does someone know her secret already Will the ghosts Kat has been ignoring finally break through her shields and drag her into their realm of darkness The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts by K.C Tansley takes us on a journey through time and dimensions to reveal the truth of a curse crafted long ago that seems never ending Tragic, haunting and filled with witchcraft, one unlikely group of students find than great firsthand information for a paper they are working on Mixing like oil and water, Kat and Evan are forced to work on this project together along with others hand selected by their professor, but when their very lives and souls are on the line as they are tumbled back in time and into the bodies of a newly married couple, only their eye witness account of what happened that fateful night and a friendly ghost can help to unravel the truth and end the curse.K.C Tanlsey has brought all the atmosphere of ghost stories to life in a riveting read that promises to entertain from start to finish There is a steady flow, lots of mystery and, of course ghosts, the only things missing are the campfire and the marshmallows I received this ARC edition from K.C Tansley in exchange for my honest review.Series The Unbelievables Book 1Publication Date July 31, 2015Publisher Beckett Publishing Group Genre YA Fantasy Sci fiPrint Length 256 pagesAvailable from Reviewed for

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    I received the copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Bustle and noise didn t distract me any I was much likely to be disturbed by quiet Or, at least, what the quiet conjured up This was a very good and enjoyable read I was not just reading the book, I was discovering and unraveling a 129 year old murder mystery together with Kat, Evan, Morgan, Seth and Josua The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts was of a mystery rather than frightening as I initially thought it was going to be, which I liked better.Anyway, I just read Haunted Echoes which is also about spirits and I liked it a lot, but that s the only similarities between the Haunted echoes and The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts Abby from Haunted Echoes can hear voices of the dead people but she seldom sees the ghosts This voices has became her nightmare and she sees this ability of hers as a cursed, she has become isolated from her peers Kat Preston on the other hand can see ghost even when she was young She s known about the ghost from the very young age and they were a constant presence throughout her childhood unlike Abby Some became her friends and they tell Kat things in their realm Kat also help them for their reckoning But that good harmony changes when a particular spirit tried to possess and take over her body Good thing another ghost drove the spirit away from her body Toria the name of the ghost that helped her said that she have to stop believing the ghosts so they can t come near her From then on, she has to keep saying to herself that ghost aren t real so they won t come near her, we don t want to have another possession now don t we Now, in present time, Kat has to work on a research project that threaten her peace They have to work on a 129 year old double murder case and prove if the curse, that affects the first born sons in the Radcliffe family is real The setting will be on Castle Creighton that sat in the middle of an isolated island Sounds very ghostly right Kat, needs to work on the very things she has been avoiding for the past eight years if she wants to make this project work.The only problem I had with this book is the idea of stop believing ghost to keep them at bay Kat has to keep telling herself that the ghost aren t real and they leave her alone, I found that really unbelievable I mean, how can you BELIEVE that something isn t real when it is standing right in front of you Exactly you can t You can only ignore them but you are lying to yourself when you say you don t believe that a ghost isn t real when it s waving right in your face They should have used the concept of ignoring as the title suggest instead of not believing , those two are 2 different words with different meanings.Overall I did enjoy The Girl Who Ignored Ghost There were magic, curses, witchcraft, time traveling, ghosts and lore included in the book that readers will definitely enjoy I would love to read the sequel of this book in the future I mean, we didn t really get to see a lot from the modern kids, because the story focused too much in the past I think that after the time traveling, the story was somehow rushed Evan s and Kat s character and relationship wasn t given much of a chance to grow Although it was hinted that there might be a bit of something between the two their souls are reincarnated from a 129 yr old couple after all that I know we ll get to see in the sequel of this book Your work is done Mine is just beginning He put his arm around my shoulder We are in this together until the end

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    I am taking part in the blog tour for the second book in this series The Girl Who Saved Ghosts For participating in the tour, I was sent copies of both books for review via an invite on NetGalley This is a YA Paranormal Mystery involving murder, time travel and lost love The main character Kat has seen ghosts since childhood but when she is the only person that can crack the secrets of a 129 year old mystery, her life drastically changes She and three of her friends along with her professor travel to the Castle which is haunted by bloodstained events of the past Her exploring takes her back in time to 1886 where Kat witnesses the actions of her ancestors My personal thoughts are that this was super close to being a 5 star read for me, I love time travel novels and this one was very well written, the imagery strong and was terrified at times don t read this book when you are alone Throughout the story, Kat switches between bodies when she travels back to 1886, the experiences with that at first were a bit confusing but once you get into it, I found it bought an element to the story I loved the historical aspect, plus the romance isn t the dominating factor in the story woohoo DThe ending for me was what let the book down a little, I found it was wrapped up very quickly which did feel a little disappointing to me but by then, my love for this story had been sealed If you are looking for a great, spooky read for Halloween, look no further Overall rating 4.5 5 starsAdd me on Twitter www.Twitter.com MarriedToBooks3

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    Actual rating 3.5 I received this book via the publicist in exchange for an honest review Video review will be posted on book s release date I was a little nervous going into this book because there was a lot of information being thrown at me in the synopsis and then I got the book and it is relatively short, not reaching 250 pages But plot and story wise, I felt like it followed and arc and told a story which is good.This story follows a girl named Kat who can see ghosts, but after a near possession when she was nine, she is forced to stop believing in them But, now she is seventeen and working on a summer project for college credit investigating a over 100 year curse on a family where the first born son always dies during his honeymoon or when he turns 23 years old Kat now has to confront her ghost riddled past even though she doesn t want to Further, Kat travels back in time with the student project leader during the time when the curse was cast Now, Kat and Evan have to figure out how the curse started and if they can break it before the current heir dies.So, I started reading this book at 12AM I thought to myself Few pages before bed Page 3 and I was kind of unsettled about ghost possession and decided reading this in the morning would be better for me What I liked most about this paranormal esque book is that we really delve into the ghost spirit lore, and as much as that freaks me out, I was completely intrigued Especially because Tansley comes up with her own ideas to add to the lore that I found made sense, especially when it came to souls, reincarnation, and ghost possession I enjoyed the spin on it and liked learning about it in a well lit room, of course The whole tone reminded me of a New England Gothic ghost story You know, like those classic ones everyone has heard of like The Woman in White etc And I loved this kind of atmosphere that the author created My favorite part was when Kat and Evan traveled back in time It totally reminded me of my favorite episodes of Charmed whenever they had a time travel episode What happens is we are transported back in time into the bodies of two wedding guests The curse was created on the eve of a wedding that resulted in a double homicide So as Kat and Evan, we are trying to unfold the mystery of what happened, who did it, and what s going on at the wedding It was like the board game,Clue, which I enjoyed I just love an actual mystery storyline and this one definitely fit the bill for me Moving on to some of the things that prevented me from rating it higher I felt that the last thirty or so pages were extremely rushed and as a reader, I was being told and summarized things when I should have taken the journey with the characters in the end, especially because I found that to be the second climax of the story It was kind of dismissed and rushed over even though I considered this to be rather important I sort of lost interest in the end, but that could be because I was so invested in the 19th century storyline as well.When it came to the characters, I felt like the modern day kids were a little two dimensional and flat Versus the characters from the 19th century which I found very lively and round I preferred them over the others Kat was an ok heroine, but I feel like I don t really know much about her even after this story that takes place in her perspective most of the time All the characters from the 2015 storyline were just OK I didn t hate them, but I also wasn t attached to them Another thing I had a problem with was the concept of Kat simply not believing in ghosts to keep them at bay I found this to me very impossible If you know something exists and it s standing right in front of you, you can t say to yourself this doesn t exist several times for it to go away Since this is how Kat gets the ghosts to leave her alone, I found this to really unbelievable I think it would have been very easy for the author to come up with a different way Kat had been able to keep the ghosts away for eight years Saying she stopped believing in them while mentioning them multiple times in her narrative just didn t make sense to me.Overall, I enjoyed this book I will also probably be continuing with the series because I liked where possibly this book could be heading and maybe see development with our main characters.

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    Haunted Halloween Book Trigger Warning Sexual assault Ghosts don t exist They can t touch me They can t hurt me They aren t real The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts is one of those books that has everything you want and all the stuff you didn t even know you needed, and yet it doesn t feel cluttered Intelligent female main character that loves to read and doesn t have a perfect body 129 year old murder mystery to solve Intergenerational multi family curse Ghosts, AKA, I see dead people Library in a castle on its own island with signed and first editions galore Time travel without a flux capacitor Bacon, eggs and coffee Secret passageways Sparkly gemstone jewellery Magic Kat grew up believing in the unbelievables Ghosts were her childhood friends until something so scary happened that she had to stop believing Fast forward eight years and Kat, now a junior at McTernan Academy, surrounds herself with people especially unbelievers , animals, plants and stones, and recites her mantra to protect herself.Kat accessorises with metal and stone earrings, necklaces, bracelets, you name it, for additional protection I loved that her knowledge of gemstones carries over into her descriptions of people whose eyes aren t boring colours but instead are aquamarine, larimar, hematite and iolite.Assisting Professor Astor with his research into the mysterious events 129 years ago at Castle Creighton, Kat knows she is delving into dangerous unbelievables territory Along with best friend Morgan, Evan the Terrible and serial flirter Seth, Kat winds up at Castle Creighton to investigate what really happened there and to study the Radcliffe Curse Now Kat is stuck on an island with a hurricane approaching and there s no escaping the unbelievables.I loved the way Castle Creighton s creeptastic secrets unfolded throughout the story This story had friendship, forgiveness, hope, secrets and betrayal It also had love, lots of love Now, you ve heard of a love triangle, but have you ever heard of a love pentagon As a bit of a summary of how a love pentagon works and for the sake of not ruining who everyone is in love with, we won t use their real names A is in love with B B is in love with C, is friends with A, is jealous of D, is using E to make D jealous C is marrying D but has history with and also still loves B D is marrying C but has history with E E still wants D but is having fun with B, is using B to make D jealous.Did you get all of that Beginning The Girl Who Saved Ghosts immediately I would ve gone mental waiting for the sequel if I d read The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts when it was first published.Tip to readers Make sure you have the sequel on hand when you finish this book While a lot of plot lines are wrapped up other questions are raised and you re not going to want to wait to find out what happens next I received a copy of this book from NetGalley thank you so much to NetGalley and Beckett Publishing Group for the opportunity in exchange for honest feedback.

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    I would like to thank Netgalley and Beckett Publishing Group for giving me the opportunity to read this ARC I liked the book, I thought it was a good ghost story It s not really creepy or anything, some of the ideas are creepy, like ghosts taking over your body for good, but that s about it Every since Kat was a child she could see ghosts, they rocked her in her cradle, sang her to sleep, became friends with her Until one day she finds a very creepy ghost around her all of the time and she starts missing chunks out of her day Another ghost named Toria comes to her and says this ghost is trying to take over her body Well as you can imagine, this freaks Kat out, but Toria says she will help her get rid of her I won t go on about all of that, I will just say it worked Years later. she is on a project with her class to go to Castle Creighton in CT to try to find out what happened many years ago There seems to be a curse on the family and all of the children die at some point There is one heir left, Joshua Radcliffe and they are going to see if they can find the curse and help him out The group includes, Morgan, Kat s best friend, Seth and their TA, Evan It turns out Kat can t seem to fight all of the ghosts in this castle and they find her again She finds Toria again, whom she loved and wanted to see again anyway It turns out Toria and the evil ghost, Leanna is involved in the castle business Kat and Evan get pulled into a mirror that takes them back to the time frame of the first murders and they have to solve the crime This they succeed in doing after coming back through the portal with the help of Toria, their friends, and the Radcliffe s I thought it to over all to be a very good little ghost story with some good characters and background www.melissa413readsalot.blogspot.com

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    Mystery and intrigue, love and magic Will she lose herself before she finds the answers that could save them all Kat Preston will have to travel back in time to find out.To save herself, Kat Preston had to become an Unbeliever Now, in college, she surrounds herself with others, including her best friend, Morgan, who helps keep the ghosts at bay.The Unbelievers makes me think of Ghost Whisperer I watched the TV show all the time, and can sometimes catch reruns even today.These ghosts call themselves the Unbelievables Good ones Bad ones And all those in between.Kat and her friends are going to Castle Creighton for a school research project She is worried because it s like stepping out of the frying pan and into the fire They will be researching the murder and curse in the Radcliffe family.I was quickly caught up in this ghostly mystery The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts has all you need for a great ghost story, a castle, a curse, some romance and possession, travel to the past, and danger and intrigue There are many suspects and the mystery was harder to solve that I thought it would be I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts by K C Tansley.See at fundinmental

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    This was a short and fairly quick read It wasn t exactly what I was expecting I thought that Kat who could see, but ignored, ghosts and Evan would be sent back in time to solve a mystery That part was pretty accurate For some reason I was not expecting so much to hinge on magic Overall I enjoyed the story but it wasn t wonderful The unbelievables and Kat s interactions with them could be confusing at times The switch between Toria s and Kat s thoughts was also a bit abrupt at times I liked the murderer mystery curse aspect of the novel Full review on my blog here

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    The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts is the first book in The Unbelievables series, and it was an interesting enough read In all honesty, my feelings are rather mixed Some parts of this book I really enjoyed whereas other aspects I wasn t as crazy about Whilst I have given it a three star rating, a three point five star rating is actually accurate.This book is one of those stories that manages to mix a few different genres into a single book It s young adult supernatural read, mixed with some mystery and time travel If it s a combination that leaves you thinking what the hell , such a response is understandable Although the logical part of my mind argues it shouldn t really work all that well, it did.The supernatural aspect is well done simple but efficient We have the basic ghost element at the start of the book, and as the story progresses the supernatural element grows Little things are added at a time, new elements slowly introduced, resulting in a much complex supernatural system than you initially realised There is plenty within the story to ensure you understand the supernatural happenings, but still enough mystery left to ensure you come back for those answers.The mystery element is much like the supernatural element, in the sense it is simple yet efficient I m a mystery aficionado, meaning I m never quite as taken in by young adult mysteries as I would like to be, but for such a story it was well done Hints are given throughout, the details slowly build, and you get to watch as everything comes together Mixing knowledge of the past and the present together, it makes for an enjoyable read.Although I found the story to be interesting, despite being pulled it, it didn t quite pack the punch I had anticipated It interested me, I was turning page after page to see how it came together, but I was never on the edge of my seat The story intrigued me, but the action failed to get my heart pumping Hence my three point five star rating It was fun, but it could have done with a bit of a push.Well worth the read, though, and it certainly leaves you interested in book two.

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    Author K.C TansleyPublished 01 08 2015I received this book for free through GoodReads FirstReads competitions.I thought that this book was absolutely brilliant I absolutely loved reading it and found it very hard to put down even for a second This is the first book in The Unbelievable series and I will definitely be reading books in this series This series features the wonderful Kat Preston who is trying to not believe in ghost and refusing to believe is the only way that she can stop the ghost that tried to steal her life This is an amazing and magical book that takes you on a journey with Kat, with the powerful words that the author uses it creates a unique and mesmerising world in the readers mind I think this is perfect for readers who enjoy books with a bit of magic and fantasy in it This book isn t a particularly long book to read 256 pages but it is one that has a very memorable space in the readers mind and I am sure it will become a firm favourite with a lot of readers and it is suitable for young adults and older readers.

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