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The Biggest Story chapter 1 The Biggest Story , meaning The Biggest Story , genre The Biggest Story , book cover The Biggest Story , flies The Biggest Story , The Biggest Story 51c0e020be0e4 Once Upon A Time There Lived A Man And A Woman They Were The Happiest People On The PlanetTrue, They Were The Only People On The Planet, But They Were Still Terrifically HappyUnfortunately, Things Didn T Stay Happy And Wonderful For LongThe Bible Is Full Of Exciting Stories That Fill Children With Awe And Wonder But Kids Need To Know How All Those Classic Stories Connect To Scripture S Overarching Message About God S Glorious Plan To Redeem His Rebellious PeopleIn The Biggest Story, Kevin DeYoung A Best Selling Author And Father Of Six Leads Kids And Parents Alike On An Exciting Journey Through The Bible, Connecting The Dots From The Garden Of Eden To Christ S Death On The Cross To The New Heaven And New EarthWith Powerful Illustrations By Award Winning Artist Don Clark, This Imaginative Retelling Of The Bible S Core Message How The Snake Crusher Brings Us Back To The Garden Will Draw Children Into The Biblical Story, Teaching Them That God S Promises Are Even Bigger And Better Than We ThinkAges Read To Me Ages Read To Myself

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    I probably would ve given a little weight to the creation mandate, but I do so like DeYoung and the illustrations were simply fantastic.More important than anything I might say my children asked for .

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    I love Kevin DeYoung and have been looking forward to this book since I heard about it earlier in the year It was what I expected Though in some ways, I was surprised.I was not surprised with the text DeYoung has been a favorite write of mine for quite some time I was expecting excellent, deep theology distilled in a manner that would allow me to share the great truths of Scripture with my boys of various ages and various spiritual and intellectual levels This is what Pastor DeYoung has provided and it is great I love teaching the big picture of Scripture to my kids It was such an aha moment for me when I realized that the Bible tells one, unified story I had to wait until I was in my late twenties and was exposed to the works of Graeme Goldsworthy, via Vaughn Roberts, to see that the Scriptures are a unified whole I am than thankful that publishers and writers are making resources available with this truth in mind I loved James Hamilton s The Bible s Big Story, but DeYoung s work will replace it as my go to on this topic with my kids in part because this book is really good and in large part because DeYoung s work is aimed at an older reader, of which my kids qualify So, I was expecting an excellent overview of the Bible s grand narrative and I received that What I was not expecting was to be wowed, time and again, by the illustrations I tire of kids book illustrations often and pay them little attention for the most part Don Clark s illustrations made me audibly gasp on a couple of occasions Beyond being beautiful which should not be minimized , these illustrations complement the text beautifully They aid in the telling of the story and improve the reading experience exponentially I am interested to see these in printed form I am working off of a pdf review copy from the publisher when this book releases I can only imagine that I will look even better.DeYoung and Clark take the reader through The Biggest Story to show us How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden It is a beautiful book telling the most beautiful story that there is that what was corrupted will be made right, that what was broken will be fixed, that what was lost will be redeemed by the victorious One who reigns forever.Go check out some pages here

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    So beautiful

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    First book I read to Lily I think she liked it

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    I read everything DeYoung writes He s always clear, witty, convictional, and simple in his writing, even when branching out to write an illustrated children s book DeYoung delivered this first as a Christmas sermon for his church He writes, I wanted to tell the familiar advent story in a way that was fresh and faithful to the biblical text I tried to deliver the message like I was reading a book a book for children sitting by the fire on Christmas morning 118 With creative and colorful illustrations by Don Clark, this book beautifully presents the storyline of Scripture the Biggest Story of them all Consider it a crash course on biblical theology for young hearts I think many parents and kids will treasure this book as they time and again read of our snake crushing King and destined to die Deliverer.

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    I loved the idea behind this book to show children the big picture of the Bible instead of telling them about different events that may seem disconnected to them And the illustrations were very intriguing, most of the time going beyond the book s text and requiring the reader to be knowledgeable of the Bible But while I ve enjoyed DeYoung s writing style in other books, the tone here, almost sounding flippant in some areas, just didn t always feel quite right for children.

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    Gush, gush, gush, gush, gush DeYoung is one of my favorite authors and bloggers, and he does it again with this beautiful book We have read The Big Picture Story Bible to the kids over and over The Biggest Story takes the biggest story to the next level with engaging prose and whimsical artwork I cannot recomment this highly enough.

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    The illustrations in The Biggest Story are absolutely stunning.The text Eh, it s alright Obviously the story is good, but it just felt a little awkward and a lot rushed It s hard to fit this much epic narrative in 125 pages.Stick with The Jesus Story Book Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones instead for easy reading, gorgeous illustrations, and a powerful message.

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    Wonderful Beautifully told and always pointing to Jesus and the faithfulness of God the Father The illustrations are fantastic, vivid and full of imagery that affirm the story in a powerful way.

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    Personally, my favorite kids Bible book Super artistic Can t wait for the video series and the audiobook.

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