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    Must read for Startup in early phasesCarlos, kudos to you for providing a thought framework for a novice or a start up in early stages The case studies and pertinent links to external resources and examples are invaluable Should be a must read for every entrepreneur.

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    A good book on fundraising A basic manual on everything from valuation to incorporation recommend

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    This is an excellent book Exactly as the title suggests, Carlos takes the reader through all of the key steps, concepts and processes in the challenging but extremely important task of finding the financial fuel to power the motors of their startup companies i.e fundraising.Well written, based on Carlos extensive experience as a partner in Seedcamp, one of the world s premiere early stage funds startup programs, the book is highly readable although the topics are not trivial at all If you want to find out about Carlos and Seedcamp well, he and his partner, Reshma Sohoni, are featured via interviews in my own book The European Startup Revolution Let s just state all of this briefly if you re a startup founder looking for funding which one isn t you would be an idiot not to read this Sorry for the harsh expression but that s just the way it is.Happy reading and make sure to thank Carlos by donating to one of his charities of choice.

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    Carlos Espinal cover the basic steps to understand a fundraising process for early stage startups It s a great and simple introduction to newbies, but also a good and fast review for experienced entrepreneurs.

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    Well written and based on Carlos s experiences with new companies investments Good start point for someone who is working on fundraising plan either US or Europe UK, France, Germany Insightful.

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    Insightful and well written Captures well the essentials of fundraising a good read for an aspiring entrepreneur or established founder looking to raise capital.

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    Must read when new to fundraising Goes through all the main aspects of fundraising and important terminology in the VC industry.

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