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A Collar and Tie (Ganymede Quartet #4) pdf A Collar and Tie (Ganymede Quartet #4) , ebook A Collar and Tie (Ganymede Quartet #4) , epub A Collar and Tie (Ganymede Quartet #4) , doc A Collar and Tie (Ganymede Quartet #4) , e-pub A Collar and Tie (Ganymede Quartet #4) , A Collar and Tie (Ganymede Quartet #4) c2f6d298605 A Collar And Tie Are Than Just Clothes To Henry Blackwell, They Represent Freedom And Choice They Don T Mean As Much To Martin, But He Wears Them To The Metropolitan Ball, An Exhilarating Rite Of Passage For Masters And Slaves Alike At The Party, Drunk On Champagne, Henry Convinces Martin To Act Against His Better Judgment With Devastating Results Fearing Martin Will Be Taken From Him, Henry Does What He Believes Necessary To Keep Martin By His Side, But Martin Doesn T Agree With His Methods, And They Re At Odds When They Most Need To Act In Concert Henry Feels He S Been Wronged, But Can He Find It In His Heart To Forgive Martin Perhaps Importantly, Does He Deserve Forgiveness Himself This Is The Fourth And Final Installment In The Ganymede Quartet, Continuing The Story From A Willful Romantic Ganymede Quartet Book

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    Upon finishing this book I immediately thought about where it all began, how far they ve come and what the future holds for Henry and Martin then I felt bereft.I m not ready to let them go wails They re only 17 They ve got a whole life in front of them and I want to sit side saddle for their adventures, see Henry grow into himself and run his own household So many things he s going to do and see and feel and discover that I won t be privy to any I believe this is what s known as separation anxiety.Honestly, I have to hand it to Darrah for making these characters so authentic they have elicited surprising and sometimes irrational emotions from me It s been well established that I m TeamHenry, but the possessive and protective feels I have towards him caught me off guard Case in point, I was perusing some of the other reviews comments and someone called Henry dumb and I bristled and started defending him A fictional character Despite my reluctance to let go of Henry and Martin this was a rewarding end to their story in so many ways Henry grows up a lot and learns some hard lessons He realizes his father may be intimidating, but he cares for him deeply and will look after him come hell or high water, if in a brusque and efficient manner He also begins to test his wings in society and comes to realize he has some influence over his peers He and Martin solidify their relationship, though they do have to go through the wringer to get there Henry makes a rather impetuous decision that brings with it some pernicious consequences Henry is devastated Martin is devastated Everyone notices that they re devastated It was really quite devastating But still, I sided with Henry and wanted to make him lemon cake and tell him everything would work out I know, I know I don t even have a defense My brain logically knew Henry was in the wrong, but my heart told my brain to fuck off because Henry s so completely besotted with Martin and he felt the betrayal acutely They do have a lot of fun before and after their conflict and an abundance of vigorous sex with pockets of poignancy like Martin choosing to sit at Henry s feet I loved that Henry s education at Martin s capable hands expands exponentially They re sickeningly in love with one another and can be saccharine which I think is brilliantly executed by Darrah in its teenage authenticity Henry has been sheltered and is naive so the intensity of his feelings rang true Henry is still adorably bashful and persistently blushing which everyone seems to comment on He s still the quintessential dandy and so wants Martin to share in his sartorial interests, but Martin has no designs on dandihood He wants things from Martin that Martin doesn t want for himself and Henry coming to grips with these differences and learning to communicate and compromise is heartbeat of this final installment I attribute 95% of Henry s blossoming to Martin s unwavering devotion, support and love Without it Henry would likely wend up being a shell of a man.The writing, world building and historical references are all exceptional, as always Darrah Glass is a skilled storyteller and how much devotion and time she s spent building this world and these characters shines through not just in this installment, but all of them The secondary characters are just as richly vibrant as the main characters from Jesse and his ebullience to Cora and her strange morbidity they all added to the experience I did miss Reggie, though I was certain he was going to have a larger role in this book But at the end of the day what I liked best was the message of generosity of the human spirit and how it can affect the recipient and just how easy it is to extend.A lovely series that is sure to become a comfort read in the future and has wormed into my heart and onto my favorites list along with its predecessors, all of which are highly recommended.I ll continue to hold out hope and offer shameless bribes In the vain hope that Henry will come back to me one day Until we meet again xoxox A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    Anyone who knows me, knows that this is one of my all time favorite series everrrrrr I loved this final installment and appreciated the culmination of their difficulties and romance I loved Cora I loved all of Henry s friends I loved Jesse I loved that Henry remained willfully romantic and that he was a dummy I loved Martin for being smart, loving, and a better person than anyone could expect, basically I loved Father and Mother and the ball parties and Nurse and Baby Ann D I loved that this series was entirely immersive It s not for casual readers who want to breeze through a story and move on to another It s a long wallow in a world completely different from our own with a couple of boys who are growing into young men It s full of characters that you ll grow to love and want to know about It s just the exact sort of thing I love If you haven t started this series, I urge you to give it a try It s not for everyone, but when it reaches the right audience, you can t help but love it with your whole heart I hope that Darrah isn t done with this universe I want to know so much About Cora, about Tom, about the Louis, about Henry s other friends I want to know about Henry and Martin s future I want to know EVERYTHING

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    This is the FINAL book sighs from the loss of the Ganymede Quartet, and the books need to be read in order.I have faithfully followed this series, loving every second of Henry s angst and Martin s solicitousness The books are set in an alternate historical period, NYC circa 1901, but in this world slaves are still present, and Companion slaves are purchased by wealthy families for the personal use of their teenaged children Martin is a Companion from the House of Ganymede who was purchased for Henry Blackwell, scion of the industrialist Hiram Blackwell, seven months ago Henry s darkest secret is that he loves Martin, even though it is unnatural and unacceptable gentlemanly behavior Henry is a romantic fool, wishing that he could change the world so that his love for Martin could be shared with any, and every, one He has no desire to marry a woman, even though he knows this is expected He fears his father will take Martin away if he learns of Henry s proclivities, and yet he cannot contain his ardor swoon Henry is a desirable partner for the ladies, because he is wealthy and handsome, and his lack of interest is almost catnip for some of the girls of his acquaintance Still, Henry s impulsiveness is bound to get him into trouble when he steals private moments at the Metropolitan Ball with Martin His indiscretion leads to a falling out with his best friend, Louis, and a hasty retreat into the bowels of NYC s seedy gay society.I was so enad of this part of Henry finding common folk with whom to share his joy over being with Martin Being that he s still only 16, Henry s compass doesn t necessarily point in the proper direction Martin s attempt to steer him rightly is unwelcome, and leads to further discord Oy vey, Henry It is meant to be, child, just not the way YOU want it to beI had my heart broken along with Henry, though I knew he was being petulant and rotten to Martin I awaited reconciliation and, like Martin, was rewarded for my patience As a romance, this book and series hits all the marks It is sexy and sweet and sad and joyous I have angsted alongside these boys for the better part of a year and I could go ten years hearing their wondrous tales All the main issues are accounted for Hanry and his parents have a better relationship Henry learns to deal with his love for Martin in private People want to be around Henry, despite his invert issues Martin is fantastic and lovely and wonderful and Henry will be a better man for loving him This book ends with a satisfying resolution, but I m still not satisfied I m a little bitter that this is the end, in truth I need Henry and Martin in my life I want to know how their lives change I want to tag along to college, and to see Henry attempt to court a lady I want he and Martin to live long happy lives together, filled with adventure and love I know I won t see them again like this, and I am melancholy over it Sign of a fantastic series.

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    Oh this series its just wonderful, ahhh dreamy sigh There is going to be plenty of babbling in this review, so just know that this book was sweet, sexy, heart wrenching and frustrating and if you haven t read this series I d urge you to give it a go.I think what I love most about this series is the depth of the characters Every character is realistic, there are no straight up bad guys and no straight up good guys except Martin just people with good and bad points Take Hiriam for example, he s cold and distant with Henry, has no patience for his family or things going wrong but in this book he was generous, thoughtful and just a tad affectionate.So obviously people have guessed that Henry screws up pretty big in this book, but for my love of Henry I feel the need to defend his honour just a tad because he really was a bit of a bitch Henry is a character that feels every emotion strongly, anger, fear, jealousy, betrayal, love Henry felt breathlessly emotional, quite overcome with the surety that no one was admirable than Martin, deserving of love, or physically perfect Looking at Martin stretched out all pink and white on the rumpled sheets, his hair in loops and tangles, it seemed obvious that anyone would fall for him that no one could be faulted for doing so And with love for such a creature being inevitable, why should that love need be a secret Its beautiful and romantic but its also his biggest flaw Also he is 16 and its easy to forget that, but teenage hormones and all that Because of these reasons I forgave Henry s impulsiveness and his initial reaction, however it dragged out to long and Henry said some truely terrible things to Martin for this I had to deduct a star Also while Henry s apology was sincere and beautiful I felt his epiphany came too suddenly.Another amazing part of this series is the sex And this book had some hot hot HOT sex I LOVE Martin s dirty dirty fantasys and the bad slave role playing was so much fun and crazy hot Also we got some voyeurism in this one, but I really want to see that drawing session.

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    Utter delight and rapture wrapped in a perfect package of books The Ganymede Quartet In his vast ignorance, he had believed love would be an easy thing.It wasn t easy, but it was worthwhile It was vital and joyous and necessary THIS is my favourite series of books from anything I have ever read If I was able to take one set of desert island books, it would be the Ganymede Quartet I could read them again and again and each time delight in something new.The writing is exquisite and spellbinding, clearly the author has a love of language and an eye for details, the story sweeps me into the rich and sensuous world of Henry Blackwell, heir to a great fortune, and depicts his growing relationship with his companion slave and lover, Martin The Ganymede Quartet series has been a feast for my senses, as it weaves both the complexity and the simplicity of everyday interactions The layering is absolutely delicious On the surface is a coming of age story as Henry struggles with his sexuality and his wish to be accepted and valued in a conformist society.Underneath this is an exploration of friendship and belonging and of self identity and first love as well as societal and familial expectations, culture and manners told with wit and vivacity I can t imagine a girl being unhappy at the prospect of marrying you Mr Blackwell You don t know me very well, Henry pointed out I have my bad points He rather thought being a little repulsed by the idea of sex with a woman was a negative trait in a husband The Ganymede Quartet covers a year in the life and loves of young gentlemen and their companion slaves It follows them from sixteen through to seventeen, on the very cusp of adulthood, whilst they negotiate friendship and social standing.The final instalment, A Collar and Tie takes place in the months preceding Henry s seventeenth birthday, from March 1901 until June 1901 The setting is an alternative New York where slavery is still in existence.Henry struggles with whether Martin can ever truly love him as a person, when there are limited choices within a master slave dynamic He wishes desperately that Martin could be free and that in being so, he would choose Henry.Henry makes some rash choices and forces Martin to accompany and indulge him This ultimately causes a rift between them and both he and Martin are desperately unhappy.This particular episode was both equally enchanting and troubling, the exuberance and joy of the hedonism tinged with worry at the potential dangers Indeed, the consequence was painful to read Henry does a great deal of self reflection as well as brooding He comes to realizations that will set him on a path towards a fulfilled and successful life, and makes several life changing discoveries Love He had it in abundance, in variety I know it is ridiculous, but it took me weeks to read A Collar and Tie simply because I could not bear for it to end Then it dawned on me that actually reaching the end is not insurmountable Even though I feel bereft at saying goodbye to Martin and Henry ideally I would like to follow their story through their life rather than a glimpse at their formative year actually, I know I will re read the Ganymede Quartet again and again.It has been a truly enriching experience with Henry and Martin, it feels like P.G Wodehouse for the twenty first century, full of beautifully crafted words and characters and enormous social insight however the sex is rampant and hot and full of creativity, fun and passion, with the stamina of two teenage boys head over heals in love with each other The series has been spectacular and this book is no exception Despite never wanting it to end, I know that in the year I have spent with them both, Martin and Henry have grown and matured and that they are set to lead a happy and glittering life They will be able to navigate difficulties as they arise, and importantly to protect and keep each other safe Martin was quiet a moment, absorbing this declaration Well, he said slowly, I think we can take care of each other, can t we We can make each other happy That s fair isn t it It doesn t have to be one or the other of us after all I feel inordinately fond of Henry, even when he behaves badly Martin and he are lucky to have found each other, and their love helps them both strive to be the best that they can be for the sake of the other This book than any other in the Ganymede Quartet series shows how they learn to value and embrace difference view spoiler Wherever they went, he wouldn t make Martin disguise himself, wouldn t make him pretend to be free Whether sporting an exposed tattoo or a black tie it would be clear Martin was a slave, just as he wished Henry did worry that even queer fellows would frown upon a free man being affectionate with a slave, but he would just have to face whatever judgments came his way with fortitude and resolve hide spoiler

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    Alas, the intriguing love story of Henry and Martin comes to an end Well, there is still Martin s novella 4.5 in the series to read, but that takes place during the time period covered in this one.In the first three books, Henry went from suppressing his homosexuality to outing himself to his companion slave Martin, from falling for Martin to expressing his feelings, and finally being proper lovers behind closed doors Throughout the series Henry longed to love Martin out in the open as free men and proper equals This longing gained momentum in book three, leaving me highly anticipating the final book as it was clear that something big was going to happen to upset the status quo And book four delivered, Henry makes his bid for freedom, except it doesn t pan out at all the way he hoped Instead, he finds himself questioning his relationship with Martin, and doubting his companion s love and loyalty, resulting in an emotional separation that is hard to come back from When the series started, Henry was a reserved and lonely boy, a dreamer and romantic who desperately wanted to love and be loved, but once he found it never quite believed he was worthy of it or that Martin would choose him given the choice Henry remains true to form in book four the self absorbed worrywart who fails to treat or trust Martin as a true equal, no matter how sincerely he tries, endangering their relationship Martin is forever the enchanting and dutiful companion who never abandons the morals and principles that have been instilled in him in Ganymede slave school, estranging Henry from him in the process I ve been intrigued throughout the series by the dynamic between Henry and Martin Martin is the perfect slave any owner could wish for he s loyal and devoted almost to the point of self sacrificing A hard working pragmatist who wants nothing from life but to serve 24 7, and who never forgets his place He doesn t even want a day off These are the same character traits employers list in their description of the ideal employee the same traits that put that ideal employee on a highway to a burnout in this day and age Not a bone in Martin s sexy little body wants freedom, while the wish and birth right to be free is innate in every human being whether they acknowledge it or not One has to only look at all the refugees currently spilling into Europe Is Martin that rare free spirit who is unaffected by a life without free choice or has he been conditioned from infancy into being the good boy without really knowing that there is to who he is Instead Henry is the captive, Henry is the one who passionately dreams of freedom, longing to break free of his disconnected family life So it s very much a role reversal in that sense Since the series covers only one school year in which the boys turn seventeen, this dynamic can t play out or evolve much Yet there is some character development for Henry in A Collar and Tie, who makes his first steps toward adulthood in the final chapters, and seeds are sown for positive turns for Henry and his family It felt satisfying for this stage in their lives Henry is still in the process of finding a backbone even though the first signs are there towards the end and an awareness of true self His gaze has yet to turn to the outer world The life goal he formulates in the conclusion is befitting a na ve romantic, but at his age he s allowed It felt authentic.No epilogue is offered other than the follow up freebie A Free Choice, which gives a few hints for the future , by and large it s up to our own imagination whether Henry will find the confidence to break the mold and go his own way Will Reggie and Jesse his unconventional and likeable uncle and cousin help him embark on this path Will he find a spark of talent or ambition to pursue a career of his own choosing or will he obediently follow in his father s footsteps Will he marry a woman to satisfy society s conventions and like his father with a lover on the side or will he choose differently Will Martin tap into the untamed man he is beneath the good boy Will their relationship ever be truly equal Will slavery be abolished and Martin become a free man The way the story ends it s still too early to tell, and I don t mind that it ends this way Far too often m m stories give all the answers so no one has to leave without a solid HEA I don t mind not knowing and imagining my own bright future for our young lovers They deserve one Thanks to Darrah, who generously let me beta read this series 3

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    Henry Henry, Henry, Henry, HENRY WHAT ARE YOU DOING deep breaths Sorry I had to get that out This is my favorite series, and upon finishing it I have to ask myself What am I going to do with my life now I love all of the characters in this series, and the entire world that they live in The world is remarkably well fleshed out, and is is very easy to accept But anyway, back to the book itself This book is very active, and very, very eventful I don t want to spoil too much, but it did have me yelling aloud at some points Characters made some good choices, and some BAD choices I think it was a wonderful ending to the series, although not personally satisfying But, to be fair, I personally don t believe ANYTHING could have been a satisfying ending to the series, it s so amazing It is a very emotional ride that I am glad I have been able to take part in.

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    four points for Henry being a little shit with a proper review to follow in a few days after a reread because I am still mad at Henry.

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    I will review both A Collar and Tie and A Free Choice as one book because the events overlap The latter is narrated by Martin the slave while the former is narrated by Henry the master Free Choice fills in the gaps of A Collar and Tie between the last chapter and the epilogue.I am sad that this series is ending, because I can see it going much further I love all of these characters.What I don t like are the long passages where they are reading another book To me this does not move the action forward at all, and I skimmed until I saw one or the other making remarks.Also difficult is the tension between the two for much of A Collar and Tie I was literally miserable the entire time I was reading that part I dreaded it from the moment Henry makes a rash decision, knowing that there would be an eventual reckoning Henry handles that extremely poorly and everyone suffers for it.Of course this is complete fantasy set in a similar world to our own with a different history and a seemingly familiar but distinct society In this world slaves are usually content with their lot, proud even, and they are mostly white.Henry is a spoiled son who is quite sheltered, lazy, unrealistic, immature, and needy His slave Martin constantly has to keep him in check, and when he fails there s trouble.For all that you root for him and admire him a bit The central theme is the love between Martin and Henry, and that is what I enjoy.

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    More Henry MartinThis is one of my favorite series Being back in their world is like meeting up with dear old friend It s comfortable and brings an easy smile to my face This one did bring a few hurt feelings, but their was a resolution Please Henry and Martin

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