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    These books are one of my first experiences with shifter stories I m hooked, what can I sayFrom Silverback Shift, a short M M story to Trancing the Tiger, an awesome Chinese Zodiac Spirit Animal story, these books are amazing I was given these books and asked to give an honest review I loved this box set of 10 shifter stories and I m off to read the second set You will not be disappointed.

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    50 Shades of Grrr 1Another good collection of shifters stories I read almost the entire collection and I m pleased with all the stories There is something for everyone Good way to meet new authors at a very good price Received the ARC for an honest reviewSilverback Shift by Artemis WolfeLyle Harris, CEO of SoftShift, was a silverback gorilla shifter Only his family knew about it He had been lonely for many years He had not found someone special for him Now there was a breach in his company that needed to be fixed fast so, he hired an intern, Gunnar Gray to deal with the problem During the job interview each on was eyeing each other and they were liking what they was seeing To deal with his mother hospital bills he had an extra job, landscaping Talia gave him the opportunity to make a little money doing the boss landscaping and he went for it but he tripped and fell in the yard seeing what he was not supposed to see The attraction between Lyle and him was strong They make out with a steamy sex encounter and talked about secrets but friends and a drunken night were his enemies The Loss of Gunnar struck Lyle hard Would they fix Lyle lack of trust Interesting and entertaining story New kind of shifter this gorilla silverback Bearly Hanging On by Wednesday RavenHolden Ryder was looking for someone to fall in love with He was a bear shifter and had his shop Bearskin Tattoos He made a bet with one of his partners to stay celibate for six month because was tired on the cheating women in his life Emily had six, plus or minus month a few weeks of life And there were a lot of things that she wanted to do before her departure First thing in her list was a tattoo and she went to Holden shop Holden was impress with the fragile woman He felt that she was his fated mate and wanted to know about her but he had to wait for her to call him back Emily was interested in Holden but hesitating she had not called him After the tattoo Emily was thinking in her second point in her list, a one night stand Holden seemed like a good candidate and she felt bold, so she called him for a date They were making out and suddenly Holden retreated and Emily left Then she decided to do drastic changes but something happened This was a short story with emotion, romance and sex There is a second part where we will know what happened with Emily and Holden.Cinder Wolf by Terra WolfJake had been camping in Muller LC Campgrounds with his pack when a fire had consumed the property They were in the bar thinking about what to do when Harper Muller entered to the bar Immediately Jake felt she was his mate, sensed she was in distress and went to her But she was very sad and drinking a lot She tried to get him to bed her but he rejected the advance That was not the way he wanted his mate Almost falling to her feet she went to another man in the bar and make an advance Jake didn t tolerate that almost fight the other men in the bar and she left Harper had lost everything Muller LC Campgrounds was hers and all gone with the fire because some irresponsible camper had caused the fire Everything had burn and to top things the bank had declined her mortgage application Jake knew it was his and his pack mates fault, felt responsible for the loss and made everything they could to restore the property He needed to fix things immediately or he would lose his mate Could Harper accept him after all Could he protect her Interesting story about fated mates Good characters and seems the other pack mates would be searching for they own mate soon Rogue Bear by Amelia JadeCalan Winters was returning home, set on finding a mate He had bad memories about his parent murder but he didn t want to be alone any He was ready to settle, find a job and a woman with enough meat to hold onto and mate with her He saw Haley in the bar and knew she was the one for him Harley Hammond didn t want any to do with men She had been cheated and deceived too much and that was enough She knew the men were not interested in a curvy bear shifter When she saw Calen she felt draw to him but she didn t trust him and rejected his advances Harley s father, the Chief, knew Calen and gave him a job at the Fire Station where Harley worked He was taking it slow trying to gain her confidence and got intimate with her but Harley was doubting his intentions She left his cabin and got directly to danger This story was about trust and healing Good characters, good plot development and scenes with hot sex.Alpha Shot by Jacklyn BlackJelal was running from the assassins He had been working as coach in a youth program and the accountant had told him his concern about laundering Jelal told the Program Director about this and things turned against Jelal The Program Director was involved in the scam and wanted to get rid of him Boone Singleton, wolf pack alpha and Jelal s unknown mate, was following the assassin s movement Jelal and Boone had been buddies in high school but Jelal left to play football Leaving Boone behind had been very difficult for Jelal and now that he was back he didn t want to endanger him But Boone was a wolf and he would protect his mate A male human and a wolf that reunited after ten years to bond Interesting short story with action, suspense, and sex Bear and Broken by Mercy MayKalvin Dare, he had become into a successful and very rich entrepreneur That was his personality during the day But he was a bear shifter and he can t let his true self out in the open, although it was common knowledge, so at night his bear was out and he was a cage fighter After a treacherous lion shifter wounded him in the ring Megan Holt found him bleeding in an alley She was a med student with four years of medical training so she could help him After patching him she convince him to go to her apartment to rest and recover Kalvin was thinking he had some difficult changing to his bear in order to recover quickly He was feeling nevertheless defenseless but he was feeling a strong attraction for Megan, his mate He told her who he was and she knew Kalvin Dare was a bear Suddenly something had happened with his company and he had to leave and attend to it Strange forces were working there and he had to fix the problem immediately Megan was waiting for his return but instead she received another visit and it was so bad Hers and Kalvin s lives were in danger This story was interesting, entertaining, loved the characters and the plot This bear shifters story are full of action, suspense, romance and steamy sex that made a good add to my shifter libraryShifter Grizzly part 1 by Emerald WrightCassie needed an editor for the last three chapters of her new novel and Abe McKeon was referred to her The attraction was immediately and she already thinking to take him to her bed Just met him and already lusting for him He accepted to do the editing and left thinking in the gorgeous curvy woman he had met Cassie went to the gym and when she was ready to swim a man made a nasty comment about her She lost it and decked him The police came and took her because the man was pressing charges She had nobody in town to help her so, she called Abe to bail her Abe, the grizzly bear shifter, liked her so much and realized she wasn t sure of herself He decided to take it slowly with her and tried for something In this book they are knowing themselves and developing further interest in each one This was the first part of three books.Accidental Mate by Shelley ShifterBrett had received an ultimatum from the leader of his bear shifter clan He had to return with a wife and present her to the clan for approval by the end of the week or they will chose one for him While skiing he had an accident and ended in the hospital where he saw a woman, his mate She was a medicine student in distress and Brett left the hospital to search for her and made a proposition she can t reject because her present situation She had a not healthy relationship with her fiancee and Brett s proposition caught her eye She was feeling cherished and developing feelings for him Thing with Charles, her fiancee, were getting worse and Brett took matters in his hands because danger was around the corner This story had different plot with mystery, intrigue, suspense and sex.

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    Cinder Wolf Terra Wolf I love Terra wolf and Amelia Jade s books They do such an amazing job They are truly creative when it comes to writing You always think about how if a shifter has the magic and ability to shift why can t they use that magic to make their clothes to disappear or to hide when they shift Thanks guys loved the route you took on this.Jake Jefferies and his friends are on a quest looking for their true mate During this journey they are staying at a Muller Lodge Campground when it burned down to the ground He never dreamed during this time he would meet his mate The shock it must have been to find out she was a human It was very rare for a human and a shifter to mate I love how he did not hesitate to jump in and be her protector He would do anything to easy her burden, hurts, and fears Harper Muller owner of Muller Lodge Campground was a beautiful plus size woman She was very strong willed and worked hard to build the campground from the ground up Ever since the moment she had woke up that morning everything had been going wrong Now everything she worked so hard for was gone How would she pick up the pieces of her life Reading shifter books you find different ways shifters discover their mate I love the approach that these authors took It was a pull that was so strong that you could feel it from the top of your head to the souls of your feet Something you felt deep within Jake did not get to choose his mate, his wolf is the one that got to choose Jake s wolf saw something in Harper that make her worthy to be chosen to be Jake s mate Problem is her being a human how will she take to finding out Jake is a shifter Can she accept who he is or will she judge him The two of them had somethings in common Both were longing for someone to love and both knew what it was like to be judge Loved Jake and Harper s story Rogue Bear Amelia Jade Calan Winters has been running for 15 long lonely years After the death of his parents he had to get away Now 15 years later he finds himself headed back to Bear Bluffs to settle down and find a mate Sure he could have any woman he wanted He was sick of all the one night stands with the barbie type of woman No, in a mate he wanted a real woman One with curves and one that had some meat that he could hold on to He did not believe in Fated Mates They were something you found in fairy tales, at least that was what he thought until he meet Harley Harley Hammond had not lived in Bear Bluffs for very long She had suffered so much pain and decided to go to Bear Bluffs to find her dad and settle down For 2 years she stayed away from men She did not want to be abandoned or hurt any I actually loved the character Harley She was not ashamed of being a beautiful plus size woman She had so much inward strength that I do not know if she was aware how much she truly had The last thing Harley thought she would find is her mate The thing about Harley and Calan is they had in common then they realized and I am not referring to them both being bear shifters They both have been seriously hurt and needed healing and not knowing what they needed was each other Calan thought he had to be strong for Harley That he need to be her rock so that he could help her heal What he didn t know is he would find healing in her love and strength There is a part in the story where Harley s life is in danger It is amazing how when your back is against the wall things that matter come into focus You can see thing so clearly This is an amazing story and very heart warming If you love shifter books you will love this one You can not help but fall in love with Harley and Calan What an amazing journey it was Shifter Grizzly Part 1 Emerald Wright It was actually a great book I have recently got into Bear Shifter books So I was super excited to receive this book The fact that the author wrote a book about an author who writes about shifters and meets a shifter in real life I found interesting and amusing.How my heart broke for Cassidy If you ever been over weight in your life you will relate to this book She had to put up with criticism concerning her weight It caused her to be self conscious My heart truly broke for her.Cassidy who was wanting to make some new changes to a book she was writing had approached her editor about the changes Her editor did not like it at all for she did not have the time So her editor referred her to a new editor who might help her out.Cassidy was excited when she received the email from the new editor agreeing to meet Wow how Abe the new editor took her breath away when she saw him He was like mouth dropping, panting melting sexy.Cassidy who gets herself into trouble has to rely on Abe to help her out Want to know what trouble she got herself into How about if things heated up between Abe and Cassidy Well read the book.I would recommend this book to anyone who loves shifter books It was a great read.Bear Trapped Eve Hunter Ada Hasting was a beautiful plus size woman She was out enjoy her hike in a place that should not have seen any bears Oh the surprise she must of felt when she saw a bear in the river The journalist in her had to want to know but the woman in her had to be freaking out just a little Ranger who was a handsome bear shifter was surprised to see this woman while he was playing the in the river in bear form He knew the moment he saw her she was his mate He had to wonder how he was going to win this beautiful curvy woman and how he was going to explain the bear shifter within Ada had a hard time growing up Things that would cause issues in a relationship with a man that put his life on the line Ranger who was part of the Bear Forces found out this was something that was going to drive them apart He had to be shocked when Ada walked away How can he win her back Both their hearts are breaking with no hope in sight This is a great shifter book that I think you will enjoy.

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    enjoyed the different takes on shifters Though a little variety in the sexuality preferences would be good Over all, the stories were great.

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    Given to me for an honest review I dislike reading stories with cliffhangers when I have not been told that they are serials Invariably, most of these stories are good ones, but I still prefer to know before reading.Silverback Shift by Artemis Wollfe Lyle is the CEO of SoftShift His fixes for the software is not going well so he asks Talia to get a cheap intern to help him She found him one that she thought was just perfect Lyle has secrets that need to be kept but it is hard He had a house that was too big for one man, but he had to choose his mate carefully.Bearly Hanging On by Wednesday Raven Holden is done with his lifestyle Secretly he had been trying to find the ONE who would be truthful and good hearted Emily came in to have a tattoo She has a bucket list and this was on her list Holden and his bear were concerned about her because she was quieter than most women having a tattoo She was pale when she came in and at times she was paler than when she came in Holden thinks this might be the ONE.This is one of the stories that has a sequel, Bearly Hanging On 2 Available as a single at for 0.99 as of this posting.Cinder Wolf by Terra Wolf Jake and his friends go back to the campground to sleep But there is practically nothing left after the fire They wonder how it started Since they couldn t get to the campground, they decide to go to a bar where Jake meets his mate She s very upset and drunk When Jake refuses to take advantage of her, she throws herself at a man who decides she is all his Jake goes over to get her away from the guy Will Jake save Harper from this man Why is she so upset Rogue Bear by Amelia Jade Calan is coming back home Ready to settle down with a mate and cubs He meets his mate in a bar, but he is not sure that she recognizes it She had a bad experience with a human and she still thinks all men want a skinny female with big breasts That is so not her Will she ever feel that her curves are beautiful to male shifters Alpha Shot by Jacklyn Black This story starts with the action and doesn t stop until the end Jelal is running to an old cabin in the woods in his hometown This gives him an advantage over the 2 men hunting him As a wolf, Boone is watching Jelal run the men all over the woods With everybody shooting, Boone thinks it is time to help Jelal Will Jelal be happy to see his friend Will the men chasing Jelal get what they want Bear Broken by Merry May Kalvin is an underground cage fighter, who is a shifter As Megan walks to her home, she sees this man badly beaten in an alley She treats him as well as she can since she is studying to be a doctor He won t let her call for help He agrees to go home with her The next morning his company s stock tanked and he has worked all day fix the problem Will he fight his opponent from last night to get his business and Megan back Shifters have been outed, so Megan knows he is a bear Will she take this relationship further Trancing the Tiger by Rachael Slate There is a plague going around named Red Death Lucy is going to stay with her only relative she has left and lives in an area that is clear of the Red Death She gets her own apartment in her uncle s high rise The driver that brought her to her uncle is a neighbor with a large tiger tattoo Lucy thinks he may be a bodyguard As they talk, Sheng wants to see her dragon, but it turns out that her animal is the Rabbit How is a rabbit going to help with their problems Shifter Grizzly Part 1 by Emerald Wright not a standalone Cassidy wants to change part of the book she gave her editor Charlene says she might be able to get Cassidy another editor who wants clients Abe sends an email to Cassidy and they meet for a late breakfast.Accidental Mate by Shelley Shifter Brett looks at the snow on the mountain and takes off He had promised to return to his clan this week with a wife or the clan leader will pick one from the clan If he survives the avalanche, he won t have much time to find a mate He was trying to shift but only had one leg shifted before he was covered in snow He wakes in the hospital and knows he needs to leave Simone is late for her test She sees the xray and tells the doctor that xray is an animal leg The doctor giving her the test doesn t look at the xray The ending was a little rushed, but I can live with that since it is a standalone story.Bear Trapped by Eve Hunter Ada has gone on a vacation and right now she s watching a bear diving into the waterfall Can t be a bear There are none in New Zealand While she is trying to remember what to do when a bear wants you She decides backing up while eyeing the bear might work until she trips on a rotting log and fall to the trail below her She curls up into a ball waiting for the bear to eat her She faints When she wakes, a naked man is worried about Ada having a concussion She is still worried about the bear, but Ranger tells her to not worry How could anyone not worry about a loose bear How did she get on private property

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    Lions, tiger and Bears OH MY you can get all of this and in this set of shifter books You get 10 novella books for one great low price Each book is good on it s own but together they create a really growling set.Let me share with you a few of my favorites My number one favorite and a new author for me one I plan to go and read the next book in this series wasTrancing the Tiger which you get to read the entire first book of the Chinese Zodiac Romance Series by Rachael Slate This book was really exciting It is set in a time where the Red Plague has killed many people in America and when Lucy s parents die she goes to Malaysia to live with her father s brother Once there weird things happen where she discovers many new things about herself This is not your typical shifter book and deals with Shengxiao Or Chinese Zodiac spirits Choose people to live in and do their work This story was so good I could not put it down Lucy and LI OH YES Silverback Shift Artemis Wolffe is a MM story and one that is good and different at the same time Catches your attention and draws you in.Bearly Hanging On Wednesday Raven this is a two parter and was so good I stopped reading and went to my trusty Kindle Unlimted and read the second part then came back to the collection to read on Let s just say this one is about a human with a bucket list, bear smells his mate Have lots of tissue it had me crying like a baby but good tears too.Cinder Wolf Terra Wolf ON Terra Wolf you sure can write a good story I am so hoping we hear from the pack as they continue on their journey This story has me shaking my head, wanting to shake Harper all over the place and wanting to snake Jake everyone knows the first rule of camping is to make sure all the embers are out right Well some of them were not and they burned down the campgrounds were Jake and the pack were staying Just so happens to be the campgrounds Harper built from the ground up pun intended AND of course Jake scented Harper and she is his mate Think life will be smooth sailing think again and read this novella.These are just a few of the 10 books in the collection that are my favorite I received this book for free for a honest review and you are getting it from me Grab it and read it and think about leaving a review yourself.

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    This is a great box set, which has introduced me to some great new authors There is something for everyone with cliffies, novellas and fully fledged books I haven t read all of them as yet and will update review as I get through them Here is my review for the books I ve read so far Trancing the Tiger by Rachael SlateRather than the usual shifters, we have animal spirits from the Chinese Zodiac, hosted within humans.We join the action in the aftermath of the red death, which decimated the worlds population Lucy is a survivor from the USA, who sets off to live with her remaining relative On her arrival she is met by a mysterious driver, who grabs her attention We later find out that this was not her intended driver but the enigmatic Sheng Sheng, host of the tiger spirit, meets Lucy to gain her loyalty and induct the spirit she carries, the Dragon, into his Kongsi However, his plans come adrift when he realises that Lucy carries not the Dragon but therabbit Sheng make a great alpha It is so nice to have a hero who does not fit the stereotypical hero shifter mould He is alpha to the core, but carried a sense of vulnerability and a sparking sense of humour Lucy, to timid and submissive, but with an inner core of strength that even she does not reckon she possesses When they join forces they become an unique and well balances force of nature, one that I totally fell in love with.This was a cleverly crafted and unique story and all the characters were fully fledged and involved in the story in their own way I m gonna love reading about Mei Other reviews will follow.

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    I received an ARC eBook in exchange for an honest review I will update my review as I finish each book 1 SILVERBACK SHIFT by Artemis Wolffe This is a gay paranormal romance and doesn t interest me at all I appreciate the blurb beforehand so that I didn t discover this as I read it 2 BEARLY HANGING ON by Wednesday Raven A sweet and sexy face pace romance between Holden, Bear Shifter, and Emily, a girl with nothing to lose This is the first part of their romance and continues in another book I enjoyed it 4 Stars 3 CINDER WOLF by Terra Wolf I thoroughly enjoyed this fast paced romance between an Alpha male wolf shifter, Jake, and a feisty, independent, plus size human girl, Harper I loved how they met, the circumstances that tried to keep them apart and finally her acceptance of his wolf Deliciously HOT and sexy 5 Stars 4 ROGUE BEAR by Amelia Jade What could be hotter than bear shifting firefighters I enjoyed Harley and Calan s story Another sexy shifter treat 4 Stars

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    I was given this ARC for an honest review A box set of 10 shifter books with approximately 900 pages and not too many editing issues, which is always a plus.OK, well the first thing I have to say is that usually I really don t enjoy short stories they take longer to get on the Kindle than to read lol However, maybe because these are all together in one box set, I enjoyed reading them and although some are quite short I didn t feel cheated.Some I enjoyed than others to be honest, but there are plenty of steaming hot adventures with a variety of shifters from Gorillas to Rabbits finding love all over the world A couple of the stories are M M but that just gives a little bit of something to everyone I found a couple of Authors I ve never read before and thoroughly enjoyed their writing and I will be reading their work in the future.In conclusion a good bargain for only 0.99 or free with KU I m looking forward to reading the second volume later today

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    A Grrreat collection of shifter book s I enjoyed mostly all of them, some were cliffhangers driving you to want much and others were just simply cliffhangers while others were captivating complete book s, wonderfully written works of art Bravo and many thanks to all of the Authors who have graciously put this 10 book collection together.A couple of book s were a bit tricky with regards to reading each of the characters roles, but eventually I was able to muddle through it to achieve the results of the story Otherwise I found this collection great.I would recommend this bundle to anyone who loves shifter romance novels Warning due to some of the sexual content, I recommend this for adults only 18

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50 Shades of Grrr 1 download 50 Shades of Grrr 1 , read online 50 Shades of Grrr 1 , kindle ebook 50 Shades of Grrr 1 , 50 Shades of Grrr 1 182a4c235ef4 Book Set, Books Included Are Silverback Shift Artemis Wolffe This Selection Is M M Bearly Hanging On Wednesday Raven Cinder Wolf Terra Wolf Rogue Bear Amelia Jade Alpha Shot Jacklyn Black Bear And Broken Mercy May Trancing The Tiger Rachael Slate Shifter Grizzly PartEmerald Wright Accidental Mate Shelley Shifter Bear Trapped Eve Hunter