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Branded (Wolves of Drifters Fen #1) chapter 1 Branded (Wolves of Drifters Fen #1) , meaning Branded (Wolves of Drifters Fen #1) , genre Branded (Wolves of Drifters Fen #1) , book cover Branded (Wolves of Drifters Fen #1) , flies Branded (Wolves of Drifters Fen #1) , Branded (Wolves of Drifters Fen #1) 3c417019c32e5 Branded Wolves Of Drifter S Fen Is The First Mm Gay Werewolf Mpreg Or Male Pregnancy Romance By KY SheltonNews Room Worker Andy Is Down On His Luck He S An Omega, His Job Sucks, He S Overweight, And His Beta Boyfriend Is A Control Freak He Just Wants A Happy LifeBut When An Inheritance Gives Him The Opportunity To Turn It All In For A Country Property Near A Quaint Village Called Drifter S Fen, He Quits His Job And Leaves His Beta To Chase His Lifelong Dream To PaintBut When Andy Lands In His New Locale, A Tall, Rich Man Called Jordan Grabs And Holds His Every Fibre He Wants Him, Bad But There S To The Man Than Andy Thought A Primal Darkness That Threatens To Take Andy S Peaceful New Life Away And It Could Tear Him And His New Alpha ApartBranded Is A , Word Story It Contains Adult Material Suitable Only For Mature Audiences

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    So bad The prose is completely purple and this is one of the worst cases of chick with a dick writing I have ever seen The fact that he is overweight is constantly and grossly described doughy thighs , fat toes , swollen ankles , rounded stomach , among others What is most strange are the feminine names for his body parts cunt , pussy , tits , breeder s behind , and true pussy boy Jordan has a meat stick and fuck stick Everything is over the top such as when Jordan simply picks him up to set him on the table but we are told the wind rushed through his hair I guess this is a sign of how quick or powerful Jordan is Just too much I had to stop I can t believe this is supposed to be a five book serial Thank God I got it on Kindle Unlimited.

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    I enjoyed and liked reading this book though it was a little confusingI enjoyed and liked reading this book it was a little confusing to read though I like the beginning relationship between Jordan and Andy I like the twists and turns in this book I will recommend this book to everybody I know and to all my friends too.

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