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    There is something about these anti hero s that I find so fascinating I am a great fan of this author there is just something about the main male characters that really engage me even when I feel like punching them The ending was totally unexpected and I was shocked The only thing I would complain about is the editing of these books and even though it did not detract from her books i just felt a bit let down by it Still a good series.

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    I did not care for how it ended I understand why the author did that way and it did complete the story, but I personally I did not care for it Otherwise, it made for a complete conclusion.

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Prime (Robberies #4) summary pdf Prime (Robberies #4) , summary chapter 2 Prime (Robberies #4) , sparknotes Prime (Robberies #4) , Prime (Robberies #4) 9e78a23 A Journey Of Four Years And Over Four Hundred And Fifty Thousand Words In The Making Reaches Its Shocking Conclusion In The Final Book Of The Robberies Series Since The First Day Entin Kidnapped Tara And Forced Her Down A Dark Path Of Crime And Violence, She Has Endured Impossible Cruelty And Sadistic Torture At His Monstrous Hands Time And Again, She Has Clawed Her Way To The Very Brink Of Freedom, Only To Be Snatched Back By The Man Who Has Claimed Her For His Own Only With The Help Of The Man She Loves, Matt, Has She Ever Tasted Freedom He Has Sacrificed Nearly Everything To Be With Her And Still, She Keeps Slipping Through His Fingers But No This Time, Everything Is On The Line Matt Will Pay Any Price To Save Tara, And Entin Will Cross Any Line To Keep Her Read The Dramatic Conclusion To The Robberies Series Today

  • Kindle Edition
  • 397 pages
  • Prime (Robberies #4)
  • Leona Keyoko Pink
  • English
  • 06 October 2019

About the Author: Leona Keyoko Pink

Leona Keyoko Pink originally started writing fan fiction Her stories weren t necessarily fluffy or sweet She felt drawn to love triangles, angsty good boy, bad boy damsel in distress, and .Through many years she worked on fan fiction as well as stories of her own She was surprised by the feedback, and decided to pursue her love as her career.Since then, Leona has enjoyed writing erotica in