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    On the way home from work late at night, Jamie and Moses hit a lion, nearly totaling Jamie s car Moses comes home to find his mother missing and wanders the bleak Ontario town of Larkhill looking for her Meanwhile, Jamie finds himself homeless and discovers a body in waste can at workWaste is one gritty read, the tale of two losers and their respective circles of friends in Larkhill, a dying city of filthy hotels and abandoned buildings An undercurrent of hopelessness runs through it, making it seem like a much longer book than it is.The dead lion turns out to be incidental, although it does bind the fates of co workers Jamie and Moses Jamie has a daughter with a former co worker but little else Moses has a circle of wannabe skinhead friends and a brain damaged mother, former bowling champion Elvira Throw in a couple brothers with ZZ Top beards and a power drill fetish, a drug dealer named The Lorax, and the lion s cancer ridden owner, and Waste becomes a powerful stew of violence and despair.The book jumps back and forth in time, showing Jamie and Moses as kids before returning to their present predicaments Poor Connor Condom The first half or so of the book moves really slowly and I contemplated shelving it However, the second half was a page turner and was almost strong enough to lift the book up to four stars.This isn t a book with a lot of likable characters Everyone seemed coated in blood and shit by the end Jamie s boss was the only one that seemed like a good guy but he was probably hiding something hideous under his benign veneer, like virgin snow covering up a thousand carcasses.Sullivan s writing was right on I felt grimy reading part of this and he has a great eye for detail I felt pretty tired by the end of the book.Waste is one brutal read, part Donald Ray Pollock, part Trainspotting Three out of five stars.

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    Read 1 21 16 to 1 23 163 Stars Recommended to readers who don t mind a slow start and time spent on secondary charactersPages 256Publisher DzancReleases March 2016In his debut novel Waste, Andrew F Sullivan drags us down the dark and desolate streets of Larkhill, Ontario, where we meet Jamie, who was once a high school bully, and Moses, a half hearted skinhead two angsty dudes who live shit lives in a shit town working shit jobs Moses hitches a ride home with Jamie one night and the two of them end up hitting, and killing, a lion on a back road Rather than report the freak incident, they drag the body into the snow covered ditch and take off into the night What they don t know is that some men are looking for that lion, large men with long beards who carry power drills as torture devices, who take orders from a man who will stop at nothing to punish Jamie and Moses for what they ve done.After a pretty powerful opening, Sullivan seems content to back things up and takes his time introducing us to secondary characters But stick with it While it may appear unconnected at first, your patience will pay off after the groundwork s been laid out and you start following the trails of bread crumbs, each of which ultimately lead back to one of our original two bad boys, Jamie and Moses From there, the book quickly becomes a page turner as everything begins to converge.This is a bleak book, you guys Larkhill is home to a bunch of down and outers, extended stay motelers, and drug king pins Nothing good will come of these wasted lives and the entire town is about to go through some serious pain and suffering, all on account of Jamie and Moses and that goddamn gored up lion.Yet something tells me they were damned from the get go Happy endings seem to have no place here.The book doesn t release for another month and yet it s making all kinds of waves, already appearing on some Most Anticipated lists Will it make yours

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    Disclosure Andrew Sullivan and I are internet friendly, but, to quote Nick Hornby, I don t know him so well that I had to read his book, if you see what I mean Waste is great, dark grit lit, and it s no surprise that it s blurbed by Donald Ray Pollock and Craig Davidson this is Canada s answer to Pollock s The Devil All the Time and Knockemstiff Or, if you like, an ultra dark version of the film Burn After Reading there s that same sense of piled up incompetence and people with their own agendas colliding view spoiler Logan s murdered father ending up in the bin at the slaughterhouse, to be discovered by an utterly bewildered and terrified Jamie the fact that the lion is in the novel at all because of a hilariously stupid misunderstanding hide spoiler

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    This unusual and challenging debut novel, set in 1989 in fictional Larkhill, Ontario, has an urban apocalypse, post civilization vibe It s written as if its characters moral signposts have been obliterated by some cataclysmic event, and all that s left to guide these people through their days are their immediate needs, urges and appetites Andrew Sullivan begins his story with a scene of torture and murder, followed by a lethal encounter between a car and a lion on a road that runs through an industrial wasteland After this, anything goes and pretty much does The plot blends characteristics of two classic forms the revenge tragedy and the quest, though sometimes it s not entirely clear who s seeking revenge against whom and why, and who is in quest of what exactly To be fair, logic is or less beside the point and absurdity abounds in these pages The laughs, when they come, are of the horrified, dropped jaw variety, usually in response to some intricately detailed scene of mayhem or dismemberment Sullivan has peopled his fictional landscape with criminals, psychopaths, down and outers and lowlifes With the sole exception of our hero by default Jamie Garrison because he s just about the only one left standing at the end the characters are damaged, deformed, wounded, toothless, addled, addicted, obsessed, homicidal, suicidal, bigoted, stupid, unlucky, morally bankrupt, or some combination of the above At least Jamie has a goal, which is to get through these catastrophic events in one piece many of the characters don t seem to even care about surviving Not only does Waste not shy away from the vile and repugnant side of human nature, it revels in it If there was ever a novel that the faint of heart should avoid, this is it Andrew Sullivan s literary impulse resides in the abandoned byways and shadowy backstreets of blighted America and takes inspiration from society s dregs The novel that he has written is gory and violent It will turn the stomach of readers who prefer their fiction refined and polite But anyone who toughs it out will agree that the story they have read is a powerful and unforgettable one narrated with verve and great confidence Throughout the book, Sullivan stays true to his vision The result of his efforts is noteworthy and quite possibly unique in Canadian literature.

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    I wrote a review of WASTE at Alternating Current This is a portion of said review Despite Waste s lowbrow trappings, Sullivan has written a deeply moral tale The plot is secondary The A to B, above, is not what s important What is important is to consider every life in this book every life spent, abused, trashed, and burned This is not a farfetched book It s our world, with a slight bent to the sinister These lives are possible indeed, much of what Sullivan has written comes from records of actual events And like real life, sometimes you don t learn from events so much as you witness them That s what Sullivan has done here He s stood witness to people lost and forgotten, the dross of capitalism, the runoff of greed.Waste asks of its reader what it asked of its author See what happens in the everyday grinding of the gears of this world Remember it Be sickened Just don t be okay with it In the early pages of the book, Moses is relaying the contents of a TV show to Jamie, on their way home from work In puffed up racist fashion, he describes a fire at a school for the mute, and a girl caught in said fire, melts her whole mouth shut Her skin burns like candle wax Jamie, sleepily aghast, says, Moses, why Why is this something you would tell me And Moses answer is, essentially, that things can always get worse The rest can be found here

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    This charming little tale set in 1989 Toronto will warm the cockles of your heart just kidding This is brutal, wildly inventive prose The gore factor is very high with this novel, nonstop carnage The mood is one of absolute desolation and hopelessness Sullivan masterfully layers in detail and there are set pieces which employ brilliant pacing techniques that I definitely plan to appropriate for my own work Just the kind of nihilistic novel I love to come across Reminded me of Red Cavalry by Isaac Babel at times Anyone who s ever spent a winter in a frozen industrial wasteland with deteriorating buildings and lives will identify with this novel I expect to hear great things from Sullivan in the future A devastating tour de force I will definitely read his debut story collection now, ALL WE WANT IS EVERYTHING.

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    The author has stated in that the scenes of violence in the book are based on a lot of research, and one can imagine that he also received some knowledge of breaking and cutting bone and tissue during his time working at a meat plant This shows The book takes place in the fictional city of Larkhill, Ontario But so many have commented that this city is based on Sullivan s home town of Oshawa, Ontario, that he may as well have named the place Oshawa in the book Larkhill is a wrecked town Economically bereft, decayed not decaying Sullivan does a very good job evoking a mood of perpetual doom and gloom It is as though when the sky in Larkhill is not grey,it is raining a muddy rain This is the mood The characters feel doomed, even those who survive the novel s events A large cast is introduced They are given enough character that they are not complete blanks when it is their turn to die, but none are very deeply developed One of the main characters, Moses, is a skin head Another, Astor Crane, is a gangster Both these groups are willing to deal out some pain and when put in opposition they do so with zeal The gangster is meant as the menacing baddie But to be the big fish in a small muddy pond like Larkhill is just sad, not threatening There isn t much story, and what is there does not seem particularly realistic Jamie and Moses accidentally run over Crane s pet lion, and hide the body He finds them Violence ensues The ending falls flat Sullivan tried too hard for some resonant pathos in the final scenes and that messes up his conclusion This novel isn t an action story, despite the violence What we see is brutal death but it isn t action writing Neither is this a thriller There is too much universal gloom for that It isn t realist It isn t nihilist Nihilism is the belief that life is meaningless, that nothing in the world has real existence That isn t quite what is portrayed here I think most accurately Waste is existentialist All three male leads, Moses, Jamie, and Astor, must create their self , then live in accordance with this self Their choices lead to existential angst, in which they experience negative feeling arising from their choices, and every choice creates dread The dread in fact is a constant theme The novel could be seen as a metaphor for dread and decay The author s strengths are creation of mood and an ability to depict violence I would like to see him use these skills in a gritty, realistic novel, or a suspense thriller.

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    Trek Canadian icy way where the frenzied moon begins to draw the light away from the tundra a fantastical phenomena playing out with incredible speedsilver rays of light are retracted skyward as if being jerked by an unseen spring joined in ascent to form greatiridescent shafts, slamming into the moon with devastating ferocity and it seems that the moon will be pushed from the night sky into another cosmos, never to orbit the earth again but, she holds her ground and burns a bright platinum heat that causes the eyes to burn.Chris Roberts

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    Sullivan weaves a great mise en scene with this book by going from descriptions to thoughts conversations of one of the characters In taking one s time in reading the book, we get a feel of a general situation and understand why the characters are pushed into doing what they do We are forced to ponder each situation and reflect on it later on The language is simple and frank at times but that adds to the colourful story.http tinyurl.com hv9mqoq

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    Larkhill, Ontario, 1989 Late at night two teenage friends, Jamie and Moses, hit a lion crossing a darkened back country road They throw the carcass in a ditch and make a promise to tell no one about it Moses goes back to the hotel where he lives with his eccentric mother and discovers she is missing and begins to look for her Meanwhile at his job in a butcher shop, Jamie discovers a decomposing body in a can of bone waste All the while this is going on, there s a pair of sadistic, bearded ZZ Top looking brothers who love to kill people with power tools, searching for the person who killed their pet lion, Falcor.Overall, this book is a very dark tale about the goings on in a small Canadian town From the first to the last page it never lets up in its bleakness dirty hotels, filthy jobs, abandoned buildings Everyone in this book is some version of a loser, stumbling through their wasted lives as addicts, dealers, wannabe skinheads, or just assholes in general There s a healthy dose of black humor that breaks the emptiness every now and then, but the bleakness drags this book on much longer than it should The first quarter moves moderately fast, but the middle was a snooze fest I considered DNF ing but wanted to get to the end, which was pretty decent For a book that s so keen on violence, the only acceptable end is a violent one Waste certainly delivers that Three out of five stars Read if you re into Donald Ray Pollock or Irvine Welsh type stuff.

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Waste summary pdf Waste , summary chapter 2 Waste , sparknotes Waste , Waste 8e5558f Larkhill, OntarioA City On The Brink Of Utter Economic Collapse On The Brink Of Violence Driving Home One Night, Unlikely Passengers Jamie Garrison And Moses Moon Hit A Lion At Fifty Miles An Hour Both Men Stumble Away From The Freak Accident Unharmed, But Neither Reports The Bizarre Incident Haunted By The Dead Lion, Moses Storms Through The Frozen City With His Pathetic Crew Of Wannabe Skinheads Searching For His Mentally Unstable Mother Jamie Struggles With Raising His Young Daughter And Working A Dead End Job In A Butcher Shop, Where A Dead Body Shows Up In The Waste Buckets Out Back A Warning Of Something Worse To Come Somewhere Out There In The Dark, A Man Is Still Looking For His Lion His Name Is Astor Crane, And He Has Never Really Understood Forgiveness

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Waste
  • Andrew F. Sullivan
  • English
  • 28 September 2017
  • 9781938103407

About the Author: Andrew F. Sullivan

Andrew F Sullivan is from Oshawa, Ontario He is the author of the novel WASTE Dzanc Books named a Best Book of the Year by The Globe Mail, The Walrus, CBC Books, and The Writers Trust in 2016 His short story collection All We Want is Everything ARP Books was shortlisted for the ReLit Award for Short Fiction and named a Best Book of the Year by The Globe Mail in 2013 Sullivan s