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Fatal Thunder pdf Fatal Thunder, ebook Fatal Thunder, epub Fatal Thunder, doc Fatal Thunder, e-pub Fatal Thunder, Fatal Thunder 31fc4b0457d Jerry Mitchell Returns In Fatal Thunder, A Gripping Thriller From New York Times Bestselling Author Larry Bond India And Pakistan Are Stalemated In A War That India Launched To Remove The Threat Of Terrorism, Once And For All But India S Early Successes Have Stalled, And With The Coming Spring, The Tide May Turn Against Them A Small But Powerful Group Of Indian Senior Military Officers And Civilian Security Officials, Without The Knowledge Of The Rest Of The Indian Government, Have Decided To Strike At China, Pakistan S Backer And India S Recent Enemy In The Littoral Alliance War Shattered Trident The Conspirators Plan A Bold Attack That Will Leave Pakistan Without A Patron And Protector India Could Then Finish Their Military Campaign Sure Of SuccessTo Avoid Any Blame For The Attack, The Group Has Obtained Russian Made Nuclear Warheads From A Renegade Russian Arms Merchant With Access To The Stolen Weapons Fitted To Standard Russian Torpedoes And Delivered Covertly By INS Chakra, The Warheads Will Shatter China S Economy

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    This story does not live up to many of Mr Bond s other writings It is little than a long, bickering, meandering political story around stolen nukes 1 of 10 stars

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    I like submarine stories and I have read everything from Larry Bond His story telling mixes well with the highly detailed technical backdrop of every modern weapon system used I had read the previous four Jerry Mitchell books, believing that the ending of the fourth would spell the end of series.I jumped at the opportunity to pick up the fifth as soon as I could While the others were focused on submarines, potential future capabilities and decent characters, _Fatal Thunder_ isn t much of that It is amateur spy thriller class reunion Characters from the first, second and fourth books are brought together Submarine captains, on shore, uncover a dastardly plot It takes 250 of 365 pages until the submarines actually leave the dock This time around, the submarine bits are lightweight Not much in the way of hunting Some of the solutions in the finale feel rushed While technically accurate, the plot isn t what I wanted out of a Larry Bond, Jerry Mitchell book submarines.

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    A disappointment after the prior books in the series Another example of a series that should have been allowed to end but was continued so that the author s could make a buck On the cover, W.E.B Grriffen is quoted as saying guaranteed to keep you up all night He must be a light sleeper

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    Good readI hope this is not the end of this character or series You have a winner here keep them coming.

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    This is the fifth book in the Jerry Mitchell series and whilst like the others it is really a standalone story it does reference back to earlier books in the series for certain elements of the plot Dangerous Ground for the source of the nuclear weapons and Shattered Trident for the Littoral Alliance Not having read previous books won t stop a reader from enjoying the story you would just be missing some of the back story Two former submarine captains stumble on what they believe is a plot to put nuclear weapons on an Indian submarine they are unsure of who else might be involved in the conspiracy, so they report to Jerry knowing he will pass the contact on to the National Security Advisor Joanna Patterson Initial investigations indicate that theory might actually have legs and when an nuclear explosion in Pakistan is traced to the same weapons recovered by Patterson in Dangerous Ground the race is on to trace the scale and scope of the plot and to stop the submarine from leaving with the weapons on board Can the US convince the Russians and the Indians that the threat is real What are the aims of the plotters and where are the planning on targeting with the weapons Time is short as the threat of nuclear exchange moves inexorably closer

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    Very pleased to see Larry Bond extending this series This novel offers the same strong writing and an engaging story like those before it There is strong continuity here with familiar characters and events that transpired in the first series entry I liked that the author created a scenario where former adversaries worked together for the benefit of all That is the kind of hopeful idea we all need in these times.

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    This book is a great follow on to Shattered Trident My only complaint is that these last two books in the series are political thriller than submarine warfare adventures This one in particular was 300 pages of diplomacy to get to 50 pages of the big underwater battle It s obvious that Jerry Mitchell is headed for the Pentagon, and evidently an end to a great submarine series.

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    Kept this book on the back burner as I had others to read I thought the plot was somewhat believable and enjoyed the book Thee could have been submarine tactics maybe his next one I just love reading submarine strategy.

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    Very much enjoyed this book and the whole series I like how this connected with the first book This book and the previous book get away from Jerry and the submarines too much which is what I enjoyed most about these books.

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    Interesting story about nuclear war excluding the USA.

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