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King's Man pdf King's Man, ebook King's Man, epub King's Man, doc King's Man, e-pub King's Man, King's Man 9ad15faa932 Beloved EnemyLord Nicholas Spencer Feared No Man Empowered By King Henry S Royal Might, He Set Out To Uphold The King S Justice Wiping Out A Nest Of Pernicious Smugglers Would Be No Trouble For His Stalwart Troop As For Himself, He Longed To Come Face To Face With The Brawny Seaman Rud To Be Their LeaderWidowed Rosalind Barlow Plotted To Win At A Man S Game By Day, She Ran A Quiet Inn By Night, She Defiantly Captained A Band Of Smugglers Rosalind Had Sworn To Outfox The King S Man, Only To Find Her Woman S Heart Had Played Her Falseinto The Arms Of Her Enemy

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    I can t handle King Horrid Henry references on every other page Another one bites the dust.

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    I have a bunch of older romances sitting in my TBR, so Old School Romance month is always fun I was in the mood for a historical, so I started digging nice and early My first choice, Knight Dreams by Suzanne Barclay, featured a hero raping the heroine before we even get 40 pages into the book So, that one was a no go Thankfully, my second choice, a 1991 Harlequin Historical called King s Man fared much better Written by Caryn Cameron aka Karen Harper , this novel set in a struggling seafaring town during the days of Henry VIII was as much historical fiction as romance and I rather enjoyed it.The heroine, Rosalind Barlow, is a young widow who inherited than just her family s inn to run She also finds herself heading up the rough and ready local band of smugglers hauling in French goods for sale With no market license, the small village of Deal on the English coast struggles for survival and without their smuggling, many would likely starve As with many in Deal, Rosalind is no admirer of the king In fact, her one connection to the larger world came when locals saved the passengers on a sinking royal vessel only to have all of their own boats later destroyed by the government.After living under these conditions, Rosalind isn t too thrilled when Nicholas Spencer rolls into town As with the last visitor from the Crown, Nicholas vessel runs into the trouble in the rocky waters and he has to be rescued However, things are different this time Even though Nicholas comes to Deal with a mandate from the King to oversee the building and fortification of Deal Castle to protect from threat of the French, he treats the people of Deal fairly They are paid a bounty for their efforts in rescuing him and his crew, and his men are living, working and spending their coin in Deal rather than simply occupying the town.Even so, Rosalind is suspicious of this agent from the King and treats him initially with the disdain she reserves for all things associated with the government Given what has happened in Deal over the years, I initially couldn t blame her However, initially would be the key word here Rosalind goes on hating anything and everything having to do with the King and his government for way longer than seems rational A kind and goodhearted craftsman sent by the Crown to work on the building project falls in love with her sister He must be up to no good and the two must be separated Nicholas treats her and everyone in town decently Rosalind wonders what his game is and you get the picture.This is a partial review You can find my complete TBR Challenge column at All About Romance

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