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Dear Layla chapter 1 Dear Layla , meaning Dear Layla , genre Dear Layla , book cover Dear Layla , flies Dear Layla , Dear Layla c33883411beb6 Q What S This Novel With The Long Table Of Contents About Anyway A It S About Umm Safi It S About Epistolary Ecstasy It S About Broken Hearts Whichever Way You Look It S About Murad Saying, Let S Not Waste It It S About The Power Of A Theatrical Performance It S About Olives It S About Getting A Little Taste It S About El Derecho De Vivir En Paz It S About Sumud It S About Satyagraha It S About Postcards In The Era Before Tweets It S About Walt Whitman Saying, Journeyers Over Consecutive Seasons, Over The Years, The Curious Years Each Emerging From That Which Preceded It It S About Life Under Military Occupation It S About Life Under Neurotic Preoccupation It S About How Grades Aren T Everything It S About Letting Go, Letting Go, And Letting Go It S About A Certain Spanish Word

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    This book is an assault to the ego, an invitation to authenticity, a rabbit hole, an epic tiny tome Anyone who works with refugees should read this book Anyone who s felt the oppressive weight of never being able to do enough should read this book It s a playground of words, plus permission to use your own Thank you, Dr Chmiel, for the courage to share this with the world.

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    A book of many chapters, filled with love, suffering, injustice, inspiration, emotion, and sincerity A book that I know I will pick up again and again Thank you Mark for this book and so much .

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