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What You Wont Do for Love txt What You Wont Do for Love , text ebook What You Wont Do for Love , adobe reader What You Wont Do for Love , chapter 2 What You Wont Do for Love , What You Wont Do for Love 703ecf Eden Price, An Unlucky In Love Nurse Finds Herself In The Midst Of A Heated Love Triangle Globe Trotting Missionary, Gabe Clark Ignites Her Soul Who Doesn T Want A Man With A Connection To God Hard Working, Nemo Gates Speaks To Her Heart His Past Has Caused A Rift Between Him And God And Eden Wants To Help Him HealShe Ultimately Chooses The Man That Makes Her Passions Come Alive But Did She Make The Right Choice Eden S Marriage Is Blissful And The Newlyweds Are Happy, When Her Husband Stuns Her With A Desperate Plea To Prove Her Love For Him In The Most Unthinkable Way To Help Him Die With Dignity What Would You Do For The Love Of Your Life The Freshest Voice In Christian Fiction Delores Garland, Ladies Of Light Bookclub Like An Artist With A Paintbrush, Keleigh Is Talented At Creating Stark Visual Images Through Words Her Unique Wit And Uses Of Metaphors Promises To Make What You Won T Do For Love An Enjoyable Read Michelle Lindo Rice A Touching Story With Language That Makes You Want To Savor Every Word Keleigh S Work Always Makes You Ask Questions That Don T Have Easy Answers Starting With This Title Alone Michelle StimpsonVictoria Christopher MurrayReshonda Tate BillingsleyKimberla Lawson RobyEric Jerome DickeyTerry McMillanMichelle StimpsonRhonda McKnightChristian FictionInterracial RomanceBW WMMama S BoyStand Your GroundUltimate BetrayalMary MonroeReverend Curtis BlackTD JakesJoel OsteenMary B MorrisonNakoBlake KarringtonNikki SimmsTreasure BeeZuri DayLutisha LovelyCurtis BunnKeyshaIvy SimoneDenora BooneJenica JohnsonWanda B CampbellJacqueline ThomasPat SimmonsBrown Girls BooksBrown Girls FaithSherri LewisShana Johnson BurtonLacha MitchellCherlisa Starks RichardsonCassandra DurhamColette HarrellLeslie SherrodVivian KayPricilla C JohnsonNicole Scott TateStacy Hawkins AdamsKeshia DawnKem Smith

About the Author: Keleigh Crigler Hadley

I love running with scissors and other ill advised pursuits When asked why I write Christian Fiction, my only answer is I write from what I am Christ influences everything I do.

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    Love Will Make You Do Some Things Eden Price is days away from marrying the love of her life Desmond until reality sets in and the picture perfect marriage she has imagined is not destined to be Desmond has done the unthinkable and Eden calls off the wedding She decides to take a one person honeymoon to paradise Keleigh Crigler Hadley s What You Don t Do for Love was a wonderful novel I enjoyed it from beginning to end I cheered for Eden all the way I wanted her to have her happily ever after How I thought it would end was totally wrong but in a good way This novel was engaging and a true testament to the power of love and prayer I recommend this novel to anyone who really needs a pick me up It falls shy of a 5 star rating because there were a few grammatical errors They, however, in no way diminished the message or the lessons learned along the way I look forward to future novels by this author Great job, Keleigh Crigler Hadley Reviewed by Lisa M 4.5 stars

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    Just days before her wedding, Eden Price discovers via Facebook that her fianc has been cheating on her She cancels the wedding, the skiing honeymoon to Switzerland and heads on her own to sizzling Mexico to get over his betrayal Within days of her return she has not one, but two men vying for her attention and very much likes them both.I liked the quandary that Eden found herself in trying to decide between the two men she liked Both had very admirable qualities One would have been able to help her with one of bucket list goals Her difficulty in figuring out what she should do was very realistic as any reader s decision making would be.I didn t like her friend s advice about keeping that personal information she had about herself a secret from a potential spouse I thought that was something that was important to discuss before marriage.What You Won t Do For Love had some very surprising twists and turns in its plot Just when you thought the story was going to go one direction, you d be surprised and it would go another way sometimes I thought the twists were unique but realistic.I was not surprised by one of the twists presented in the book, but likely that s because as a reviewer I read so many books that I am able to pick up on the small clues that authors plant in their stories to lead up to these crises I suspect that many readers may have been as surprised as Eden was at that event It was very emotionally charged Ms Hadley has a beautiful way with words that helps the reader to experience the emotions of the characters in the book as they experience them.Eden was faced with one of the most difficult requests ever made by a loved one to do something out of love for that person that was illegal and according to the Bible, morally wrong, yet could bring much relief This is a contemporary issue today, hotly debated in many states and provinces and among many churches, believers and nonbelievers.I thoroughly enjoyed the way the author handled this story with this theme The characters were believable and interesting Their dialogue was realistic The whole book was very engaging and difficult to put down I gave this book 5 stars out of 5.Thank you to the publishers for providing a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review A positive opinion was not required All thoughts are my own.To see my complete review visit Shelf Full of Books

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    Have you ever been reading a book and you knew it was something special That s how I felt when reading What You Won t Do For Love by Keleigh Crigler Hadley I don t even know where to begin with this review because this book was that darn good May the fleas of a hundred dogs hold a festival in your beard May you have the headache of the morning after without benefit of the night before May your condom be the playground of a thousand crabs.I laughed for about ten minutes after reading that line and for me it perfectly exemplifies why I love Keleigh as an author Sure, she is a Christian fiction author, but she is edgy and realistic than most Christians get upset and say some foul things like what is quoted above and it is about time that authors of this genre stop trying to sugarcoat how complex and complicated the Christian walk can be Eden s character is no different than the rest of us She is a woman hurt by love and she goes through all of the different emotions and experiences necessary to achieve her breakthrough Along the way she meets Gabe and Nemo Both of them have positive characteristics and speak to a different part of Eden s heart Books like other works of art start out like a blank canvas and Keleigh has found the secret of how to turn the pages into a real masterpiece.Oh, and for the record I am TeamGabe and am so happy and honored that Eden had a friend named Tiffany Tyler that made a brief cameo

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    An excellent read Really makes you think what would you do when you love someone so much and they asked you to help them end their life due to terminal illness Seldom a book makes me cry, but this story brought tears to my eyes because it hit close to home for me.The main character Eden Price had been through so much in her life and at the same time trying to hold on to her faith in God and live a godly life I saw her as a female version of Job.I love they way Keleigh Crigler Hadley written this storyline You can really feel the characters and what they are going through.

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    Great book I will definitely recommend to others.

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    First time reading anything from this writer and it will not be my last The book was well written with all the elements to keep the reader anticipating the next page.

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    Love multipliedGreat read So many emotions whirling Dealing with loss and sadness but realizing that God is the ultimate healer and sustainer of life and relationship Love unconditional

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    Emotional roller coaster I have felt every emotion possible with thus bookjoy, pain, hurt, confusion, love, anger, happiness, relief, serenity, you name it When you find a book that makes you feel all of that, you know the author did their job.

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    We have had some phenomenal authors for our Facebook book club, and this one was no exception This book took me through a lot of different emotions, and I was so glad as to how it ended I think the best part were some of our mutual facebook friends had comments on the main character facebook page, and I could see these people saying those things Excellent job.

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