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    Young readers ages 8 and up will appreciate a memoir of adventure, following Bibi and Babu Swahili names for Grandma and Grandpa in a color photo enhanced read about a couple s experience traveling in Tanzania and Kenya.This journal of the authors travels is designed to be used as an attention getting, revealing saga for a younger age group which normally receives African information only from geography treatments, and it does an excellent job of juxtaposing facts about the country with personal observations capturing the cultural contrasts of the countries.Young readers won t anticipate this candid blend of geography and personal experience, but the observations pull no punches and succeed in capturing the realities and various nuances of modern Africa Add question and answer sessions designed to make kids observe and think and you have even added value than a typical travel story alone would offer.Packed with color photos of wildlife and people on every page, Bibi Babu in Africa provides a rare expos capturing Africa s world in just seventy two pages for an age group that rarely receives a traveler s view of Tanzania and Kenya, and is a lively, educational, and fun leisure read all in one certain to incite an interest in African peoples and their cultures.

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    Bibi Babu in Africa was entertaining, educational and beautifully documented with photos My son, age 8, and I read it together as a bedtime story We both enjoyed the story of Bonnie Bibi and John Babu traveling to Africa, the animals they encounter, the people they met and the food they ate We learned about customs, meaning of the clothes, dancing, and language of the Maasai village people We enjoyed Bonnie telling us about the orphanage in Africa and the work she did during her visit We also learned interesting facts about Africa s highest mountain called Mount Kilimanjaro that John climbed This book was a page turner at the same time teaching my son and I about Africa After my son and I were done reading this book together, he said, Mom why couldn t God have made me in Africa I laughed and asked, Why did you want to be made in Africa His response, So I could live there and sleep in the boma, see the animals and climb that big mountain I told him when he is an adult that he can travel to Africa so he is really excited He wants to start saving money now for his future trip to Africa Then I told him the best part that Bonnie and John are writing three books about new adventures they will be taking My son and I are looking forward for the next book to read about where Bonnie and John will go next.

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    When Bonnie Toews and John Christiansen decided to take their first holiday to Africa together in their 70 s, the experience was not only amazing, but life changing I read this book with my Grandsons and before they opened it, the first thing they wanted to know is Who are Bibi and Babu Of course I couldn t tell them, however we soon discovered that they are the Swahili names for Grandma and Grandpa.Sitting together, reading the story, it seemed as if we were sitting with Bibi and Babu, looking at their 2013 Africa holiday album, it was lovely to see so many natural photos.The book starts with an introduction to Africa, and then Bibi and Babu set off for their adventure in Tanzania and Kenya As we worked our way through the book, the children loved seeing and learning about other children who live a totally different life, on the other side of the world They were especially fascinated finding out about the Kilimanjaro Orphanage Centre in Pasua, Tanzania and the work which goes on there Being children who are bought up with animals, seeing the amazing African animals in their natural setting was a part of the book they loved, and I was pleased that it gave me the opportunity to explain how important conservation is for their continued survival.This is a lovely book for children For me, the most important part of it was that there were no cartoon animals and imaginary places which don t exist, this couple s journey was real By being presented as it is, it makes Africa, it s peoples and wild life come to life in a believable way, and teaches children, whether they are read it, or read it themselves, the wonders of the real world Oh, and Babu won the respect of our two little boys, but you ll have to read the book to find out why

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