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上海宝贝 [Shanghai baobei] explained 上海宝贝 [Shanghai baobei], review 上海宝贝 [Shanghai baobei], trailer 上海宝贝 [Shanghai baobei], box office 上海宝贝 [Shanghai baobei], analysis 上海宝贝 [Shanghai baobei], 上海宝贝 [Shanghai baobei] 8fc7 A Story Of Love, Sex And Self Discovery Banned In ChinaPublicly Burned In China For Its Sensual Nature And Irreverent Style, This Novel Is The Semi Autobiographical Story Of Coco, A Cafe Waitress, Who Is Full Of Enthusiasm And Impatience For Life She Meets A Young Man, Tian Tian, For Whom She Feels Tenderness And Love, But He Is Reclusive, Impotent And An Increasing User Of Drugs Despite Parental Objections, Coco Moves In With Him, Leaves Her Job And Throws Herself Into Her Writing Shortly Afterwards, She Meets Mark, A Married Westerner The Two Are Uncontrollably Attracted And Begin A Highly Charged, Physical Affair Torn Between Her Two Lovers, And Tormented By Her Deceit, Her Unfinished Novel And The Conflicting Feelings Involved In Love And Betrayal, Coco Begins To Find Out Who She Really Is Here Is A Beautifully Written Novel With A Distinct Voice That Describes China On The Brink Of Its Own Social And Sexual RevolutionI Was Looking For A Voice Of My Generation The Gap That Divides Those Of Us Born In The S And The Older Generation Has Never Seemed So WideWei Hui, Reuters

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 311 pages
  • 上海宝贝 [Shanghai baobei]
  • Zhou Weihui
  • English
  • 11 August 2019
  • 9781841196848

About the Author: Zhou Weihui

Zhou Weihui simplified Chinese traditional Chinese is a Chinese writer, living and working in Shanghai and New York She is known in the West also as Wei Hui.Her novel Shanghai Baby 2000 was banned in the People s Republic of China as decadent Her latest novel Marrying Buddha 2005 was censored, modified and published in China under a modified title.Wei Hui has been regarded b

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    A lot of my Chinese friends encourage me to read this book, not because they think it s cool or that it s fantastic, but because the main character is a Shanghainese girl.Well, duh, you can read the title, right It turned out, my Chinese friends who are not from Shanghai begged me to read this book to prove their points that Shanghai girls are cough a bit unruly on the sex and wild side They have this prejudice that Shanghai girls are only after white guys and that they would do anything to sleep with a lot of guys Now, now where have I heard that statement before, eh Anyway, putting bad prejudice, stereotyping and generalisation aside, the book does describe the life of a Shanghai girl named Coco her nickname, obviously who chose to abandon her previous profession as a journalist to be a cafe waitress She did it mainly because she wants to have time to write since she dreams to be a renowned writer in the future.In the meantime, she has also a relationship with an unemployed, mommy boy, lazy guy named Tiantian, who apparently couldn t get it up due to amount of the drugs that he has consumed in all his life This guy who receives a healthy sum of money monthly from his mom who lives in Spain is hopelessly in love with Coco and chose to abandon the fact that Coco is having a purely sexual affair with a German expat named Mark.This creates a hopeless love triangle between these three people and it gets complicated when Tiantian is trapped under the evil net of drug abuse and Mark s wife and kid come to visit to Shanghai.After reading the whole book, I certainly don t know why my friends urged me to read this book in the first place I found it rather dull and the theme is rather unimpressive I believe that the kind of life that Coco led is so common these days that you will be able to find girls like her everywhere on the surface of the planet The fact that an Asian both wants sex and love from two different men, perhaps is no longer taboo and unspeakable and that this case certainly does not limited to Shanghainese girls only.It s a modern world, baby when love and sex are two different things.We just have to deal with it.

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    I found this book on a sale and it kindled my interest because i had heard about the scandal and the banning it had been involved in in china well, it s very explicit about sex, but doesn t break any real taboos in the western world Ok, there s sex with an impotent man, there s sex with a German with an OOOOOOO SOOOOOOO HUUUUUUUUUGE penis, there s no sex with a vibrator and there s a little bit of flirting with other women the only thing which really made me swallow in an unpleasant way was the female narrator imagining her german lover wearing a nazi uniform and being highly aroused by her sado masochist fantasies not my cup of tea, really, but well there s no accounting for taste i don t know enough about china to make a thorough evaluation, but if this novel about a sexually liberated woman sparked such huge media interest and controversy, then that s definitely a sign that the role of women in society is still traditional in general than in our western world In general, I just didn t like the narrator who s all too easily recognizable as the author herself at all She comes across as totally narcissistic and self indulgent She s so incredibly beautiful that everyone she meets instantly wants to f her, but besides her style and charm she s also an intellectual and a great writer The whole novel is impregnated with the author celebrating herself in every aspect, so much that i needed to check out her picture on the net and yes, Wei Hui IS gorgeous and has style and i m sure she s attracting many men and women One thing she s unfortunately not right about is her writing skills maybe the translation is partly responsible for not getting across the lyricism of her language, but she just didn t make me care for any of her characters, even though some of them would have had lots of potential She just doesn t seem to scratch the surface of any of them and their destiny left me cold The style of the book reads poetic at the beginning, but when the exotic touch of some of the similes and metaphors wore off, it was often tiring to read Each chapter is introduced with one or quotes, very often coming from western pop culture lots of songs from the Beatles to John Denver and wisdom from personalities like Marilyn Monroe and I found this intriguing until I tried to find a connection between the quotes and the chapter there it got rather thin, and at one point I thought that these quotes should rather have been printed on one of the shirts painted by the narrator s drug addicted lover Tiantian One thing she does better and that s the second star for is the portray of Shanghai and modern young China The parts of the book I ve read with interest were those describing her city and the relations of her and her chinese friends with expats and westerners in general especially one scene impressed me The narrator and her friends are enjoying the sun on a meadow, they play frisbee and have fun and then an elderly american asks them politely, but arrogantly to leave as she and her husband live in the building next to the meadow not belonging to it, though and have bought the house exactly for the quiet so hard to find in Shanghai and generally in China The conversation held in English which is not understood by all the Chinese friends of Wei Hui and the reaction of the narrator to it she s frustrated, but feels compelled to leave as the foreigners might have powerful positions in the city were very revealing There s this deep fascination for the west which is mixed with some inferiority complex defiantly suppressed that also seems to influence her relationship to Mark from Berlin Not uninteresting from a cultural point of view, but not great literature for me Maybe I m also already part of the wrong generation, but Wei Hui didn t even entertain me really well Not worthwhile in the endI m sure there s deeper Chinese literature out there.

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    How this book ever became a bestseller is beyond me However, in a world where Fifity Shades of Grey is a bestseller, that really ought not be so surprising At least this novel has a few good passages I didn t actually read Fifty Shades of Grey but I read quotes from it and they were, by far, the worst and most idiotic thing I have ever read in my life However, those lyrical passages to be found in Shangai Baby don t exactly make for a good novel Don t be fooled by lovely quotes like these ones, they are few and far between Death s shadow only fades little by little as time passes There will never be than a thin glass barrier between your present and the wreckage of your past Zhou Weihui, Shanghai Baby What I saw was a face which couldn t be called pretty, but one also not easily forgotten pointed features, oblique eyebrows, pale skin with slightly enlarged pores, and expensive lipstick that threatened to drip off her lips Once beautiful, but now a dream in which willow branches have withered, clouds have scattered and drifting petals have fallen to the ground A face that has been corroded by pleasure, impetuosity and dreams, each of which has left scars on it, leaving it sharp yet worn, capable of hurting, yet vulnerable as well Hui Wei, Shanghai Baby Kissing with the tip of the tongue is like ice cream melting It was he who taught me that a kiss has a soul and colour of its own Zhou Weihui, Shanghai BabyI read this novel a long time ago, but as my memory is pretty good alas only when it comes to books , it shouldn t keep me from writing an objective review What is my personal story with Shangai Baby I remember that back then I kept seeing this novel everywhere and its cover being insanely beautiful, naturally made me want it even I felt a great sense of satisfaction when I got it in my hands The opening to this novel looked promising and the prose seemed lyrical I was all set and ready to go I divided into story, but very soon I found myself weary of certain things and concepts As the novel progressed, my feelings became increasingly mixed Some elements of it seemed like it was written by a sexists to me I know that author is a she and that only makes it worse There were moments when I hated the narrator protagonist Coco is not very likable at all, feels like the author created her only to celebrate herself and couldn t have cared less for what happens to her, but then there would come a passage that I would like What was my final opinion I gave this novel two stars on goodreads grated via my old account, I haven t uploaded a new this review there yet Two stars out of five means that it wasn t a complete disaster, but not a good book either To be honest, I think that much of the praise this novel got is undeserved Its raise to popularity has to do I strongly believe mainly with the fact that it was banned by the Chinese government It s human nature, when we hear that something was banned, we assume there must be something to it Not in this case, trust me on that I actually agree with what the Chinese government had to say about it, and I think that the degree of shallowness of this novel can possibly be morally corruptible I can see why the some in USA would jump at change to publish it, because you know, they re not too happy about China being the new world superpower I think you can count on getting yourself publish if you write bad things about the country you originated immigrated from in a country that wants to paint your original country in a bad light Politics However, our author doesn t really paints China in a bad way not in a good one either but she does make some interesting and honest reflections , she mostly uses her protagonist as her ego trip and that s this novel s ruin The protagonist is this Shanghai girl nicknamed Coco whose idol is Coco Chanel You could say that the two have something in common While Coco Chanel was famous for her relationship with a Nazi officer and her work for the Nazis, yes, Coco Chanel was actually a Nazi spy and collaborator , Coco in the novel fantasizes about her German lover dressed in Nazi uniform Yes, there are so many things to make you sick in this one That one was the deal braker for me Maybe she was trying to reference Sylvia Plath her daddy song or something it did not work out Now, that I think about it, I doubt she would had read Sylvia Plath I know that was mean, I m sorry but is what I thought Anyway, back to the story Coco is beautiful but she is also cultured and intelligent writer, or so we re lead to assume, not really witnessing her genius in the text, but oh well Coco is cheating her loving but impotent drug addict boyfriend with this German guy and it creates the love triangle much of the story is focused on One really annoying detail the epigraphs at the beginning of every chapter had nothing to do with the chapter and just sounded silly It is like the author believed she will be a good writer if she quotes famous writers It doesn t work that way baby, someone should tell her so In addition, if you re looking for hot scenes, you won t find any The sex descriptions felt dull and rather demeaning to women again I know this book is written by a women, but that only makes it worse I was thinking about giving it one star again but then there were little bits I did like Things that were written about the writing process for example, they did make some sense That s what makes me mad, I suppose I have this gut feeling that this writer is capable of so much and I m almost angry at her for not trying it, for choosing the easy way and writing a book that is basically a white man fantasy about Asian woman She has potential, I can feel it and that is why I can t honestly say I hate this novels I can see its flaws there are many of them and I pointed some in this review , I can say that the novel wasn t, on the whole, a success but I can t say that at times it didn t feel like good writing There are moments when there is beauty in the prose of Wei Hui I did like some descriptions and metaphors It s tricky to write semi autobiographical novel, especially if you can t control your ego I had a feeling that this could be the case I think that the main problem of this novel is that the protagonist Coco lacks depth Coco is supposed to be an artistic soul with a liberated sexuality but she comes off as being selfish and uncaring about anyone but herself On the surface we re two utterly different types I m full of energy and ambition, and see the world as a scented fruit just waiting to be eaten He is introspective, romantic and for him life is a cake laced with arsenic, every bite poisons him a little But our differences only increased our mutual attraction, like the inseparable north and south magnetic poles We rapidly fell in love Zhou Weihui, Shanghai BabyI did feel that it had potential The main problem is that there is no real dept to it, it s or less a shallow book Not as shallow, trivial and boring as The Sex and the City but not far off It is not unreadable but I was disappointed Wei Hui might have some talent, but she didn t manage to show it in this novel Perhaps she had set to write something controversial, but all she managed to do was to shock Writing for shock sake, now that is not literature, is it I can t say that I would recommend this novel to somebody, I really can t I don t regret reading it, but I can t recommend it I think our Wei Hui might be interested in writing a book that will sell, than in writing a book that could be classified as literature Seems like she got what she wanted, a book that has no literary significance but has sold quite a few copies Good for her Doesn t mean you need to waste your time with it.

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    Este es de esos libros que te dejan un sentimiento agridulce al acabarlo Y es que mis sentimientos han sido una aut ntica monta a rusa durante toda la novela Hab a momentos en los que me sent a asqueado y otras en los que me sent a comprendido momentos en los que odiaba a los protagonistas y otros en los que empatizaba con ellos incre blemente en ocasiones me parec a todos super artificial y otras super natural Como digo un libro extra o que, curiosamente, he disfrutado bastante Y es que esos libros que te hacen sentir cosas, sea lo que sea, son los que merecen la pena La historia de Wei Hui tiene tintes semiautobiogr ficos y nos ser narrada por su protagonista Coc , que vive en el Shanghai de finales de los noventa, luchando por su sue o de convertirse en una escritora de xito Tambi n nos encontramos con su novio, Tian Tian, un joven pintor acomplejado, deprimido e incapaz de manterner relaciones sexuales, y con Mark, el amante alem n de Coc Aunque a priori, todos creer amos empatizar con Tian Tian, me ha gustado mucho ver como poco a poco vas sinti ndote m s y m s en sinton a con la protagonista y no terminas de entender a Tian Tian Me pregunto si esta parte ser real de su vida y nos muestra su propria incomprensi n.Uno de los puntos fuertes de la novela es sin duda la ambientaci n Ese Shanghai nocturno, peligroso, pero deseable, donde todo puede pasar Me hizo recordar mucho a las pel culas de Wong Kar Wai, que siempre tienen ese halo de oscuridad, mezclado con la tristeza, la soledad y la melancol a Y, sin duda, lo m s interesante es la valent a de la autora para expresar una libertad sexual tan poco vista en la literatura china Tanto es as que le vali la censura y la destrucci n p blica de 40 mil ejemplares Pero, oye, no hay mal que por bien no venga y al final fue la autora m s le da del pa s, convirti ndose el libro en una obra de culto Maravilla absoluta Me ha dado pena acabarlo, pero hay segunda parte 3

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    why is this book so hated 3.21 according to GR statistics makes it one of the most despised books on the websiteShanghai Baby was famously banned in China, and although failing to reach any huge level of greatness, clearly illustrates the character s self centred after every expat nature but this seems to be Shanghai in general a complete destruction of this city would not turn it into Jerusalem to some degree, criticism of the book is deserved in that it reflects the sort of worst stereotype of the economically disadvantaged, low class Shanghai girl, who is, as the repeated criticism goes oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, a german guy, a german guy, a german guy, his d k is soooo big and my chinese boyfriend is soooo unable to satisfy me and separately, Zhou reveals her lack of social awareness by her idea that the Shanghai American School is where true classiness resides her new york equivalent would of course not hang out at, say, brearley or chapin her usage of english idiom is in many ways a reflection of mandarin speakers english.however, narratologically speaking, Shanghai Baby does not deserve the 3.21 it is taut its flaws are telling and amusing and the writing is never vague or unnecessary it gets the 3.21 to some degree from the Western female audience members who despise that perpetual entrant to social circles, the green card chasing, white male chasing chinese girl, and that s not really fair to blame the book for the girl in other words, most readers are female for every book, not just this one , and there is a recognized social phenomenon, that in a group of thirty people in the west, there may be one chinese girl whose father does not make that much cash, but whose social status is pretty high because she s slim and pretty, and that disrupts the dating market so to speak whereas without this chinese girl, western girl 1 would date western boy 1, and so on down the line, instead, western girl 1 still dates western boy 1, but western girl 2 has to date western boy 3 because the chinese girl is taking the 2nd western boy, with the power differential cascading down the rank and leaving the final western female fat, lonely, and eating ice cream out of the carton on friday night.to the degree that one s social category defines one and sort of a reclusive writer myself , this supposed pattern is clear to me without eliciting any sort of rage or desire to punish the chinese girl who conforms to the stereotype I don t punish this book because the author buys plainly into the stereotype of chinese female behaviour in western social circles apparently the chinese government itself is outraged, but that is just a reflection of the chinese government, not an actual analysis of the book on literary merits, and much, of course, in life is happening below the surface finally, of course, seeking to be the enfant terrible of shanghai society can only be encouraged by numerous hate reviews, you are buying into Zhou s desire for attention by pouring out the hate all over this GR entry.instead, what is useful is to analyze the book on its ability to weave plot and detail, as well as provide insight into the thinking of the Chinese bar girl mentality it s a good book turn off the hate

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    nije ni eksplicitno ni okantno kao to pi e u opisu romana ini mi se da je po etna ideja dobra, ali autorica jednostavno nije kvalitetno iznijela pri u s dobrom podlogom zhou weihui pi e as kli eizirano i banalno, a potom zasja ponekom spretnom i jakom re enicom kao da bi cijeli roman trebalo isjeckati pa ponovno preslo iti ali samo s kvalitetnim dijelovima teksta, izbacuju i und u centru je kineskinja coco i njena veza s impotentnim tian tianom s obzirom na njegovu spolnu nemo , ona tra i u itke sa strane i tako se upu ta u strastveni ljubavni ki odnos s nijemcem markom koji se u potpunosti brine da bi njezin seksualni apetit bio namiren kroz dvjestotinjak stranica prolazimo kroz svojevrsni bu kuri njenih seksualnih do ivljaja, kojih, opet, nema u onoj mjeri koliko ih korice knjige reklamiraju tu i tamo neki flert, poneka masturbacija, jedan lezbijski poljubac blabla ni u to ne ulazi duboko, a coco ostavlja dojam nesre ene, smu ene i nestabilne osobe koja, zapravo, ne zna to ho e.mislim da ideja o odnosu izme u ene sa zdravom seksualnom eljom i impotentnog mu karca koji se duboko vole srodne du e ima potencijala i da se mogla razviti estoka pri a ovako je ostalo nekako blijedo i suho.

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    Privileged Shanghai twenty something nicknamed Coco after Coco Chanel loves her artist but impotent boyfriend but engages in torrid affair with married German expat businessman.Wei Hui s attempts to contrast hedonism and the search for authenticity within the lens of the post Deng Xiaopeng China and such weightier themes East vs West, capitalism vs imperialism doesn t work This is Cosmo that Keroac, gossip column than Henry Miller Notable largely for its overblown sex scenes leading to a predictable ban on the novel by the Chinese government which was primarily responsible for its surge in popularity.

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    Wow What an utterly uninspired piece of writing The main character apparently based on the author is totally unrelatable and lacks depth While I believe the character was intended to be this revolutionary and shocking women she came off as a shallow and uncaring character with no redeemable human quality The writing itself was boring and uninvolved A depressing attempt at shock value.

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    Crap Self indulgent, narcissistic, unabashedly ignorant, poorly written crap It s a shame that Chinese literature is being represented by such an atrocious wanna be.

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    About the Book Wei Hui calls the novel a semi autobiographical account of her spiritual and sexual awakening.semi autobiographical influenced by American writer Henry Miller , close resemblance to the author s life, but partially fiction to make it entertaining or use it for one s conclusions, could not find out banned in China for its sexual content, its bold depiction of China s New Generation , especially that of women swas a local bestseller, after the banishment which is probably also a reason for its success published overseas and became international bestseller, translated into 34 languages, sold over 6 million copies in 46 countries which is than any other contemporary Chinese literature sex sells, right About the Author born 1973, lives in Shanghai and NYCstudied Chinese Language and Literature at Fudan University, Shanghai1994, published first short story at age of 211999, Shanghai Baby is her first novel2005, there is a sequel, Marrying Buddha , which was censored, but published in China Book Discussion Summarythis is the part I usually omit, since I think everyone is able to read the blurb but here we go I ll make it quick, though.The setting Coco and Tian Tian meet, fall in love, and move in together Coco is an author and is writing a novel Tian Tian is a painter, is depressed and impotent, which, despite loving him very much, prompts Coco to start an affair with a German expat called Mark.Names of the protagonists very subtle Coco, named after Coco Chanel, who is, among other things, seen as a women s liberator Tian Tian, probably , meaning everyday Mark, the German expat, after the roman God of warProminent Topics Shanghai Baby contains a lot of different topics, so many that I can t discuss them all and have to make a choice I will look closely into the themes of love and Sex, gender, and identity I won t go into the relations between China and Westeners, although they are very interesting On the subject of generation, I will put everything in the light of The way we think is just too different We re separated by a hundred generation gaps We d best respect one another rather than arguing our cases, I said.DiscussionBefore I can get into detail, please know that this review contains spoilers It is also nearly impossible to distinguish between the author Weihui and the protagonist Coco, since they are somehow the same If I talk of the one, the other is never far away.Love and Sex Making love with a woman and sleeping with a woman are two separate passions, not merely different but opposite Love does not make itself felt in the desire for copulation a desire that extends to an infinite number of women but in the desire for shared sleep a desire limited to one woman Milan Kundera in The Unbearable Lightness of Being This quote can be found twice in the book, so it seems to be of great importance to the author.While Kundera speaks of men in the text, Weihui spins this definition of love and sex around her protagonist Coco Judging by this definition, Coco loves Tian Tian and wants to share sleep with him every day see the meaning of his name, too , but only has desire for Mark with whom she copulates.I think this was the theory with which Coco started into the story, since texts like, Tian Tian was my only love, a gift from God, throughout the most part of the book imply this She also devalues the sex she has with Mark in musings like, The boy I love can t give me sexual satisfaction, and worse, he can t give me a sense of security He smokes drugs and is disengaged from the world Meanwhile, a married man is giving me physical satisfaction, but has no impact on my emotions., while she describes the love between Tian Tian and herself with, Tian Tian uses his unique closeness and his affection to get to a part of my body Mark couldn t reach.In the end, though, when Mark has to leave for Germany, Coco comes to see that she had fooled herself, that somewhere down the road she had fallen for Mark I finally realised I d fallen into the trap of love and passion set by this German man who wasn t supposed to be anything than a sex partner I discovered through my own body a woman s inherent flaw I d fooled myself.I want to add another important thought here.The first sex scenes with Mark are a disaster on several levels for me and left me feeling extremely upset, which of course comes in part from the fact that Coco is cheating on her boyfriend The description is slightly explicit, but felt not erotic to me, because it was emotionally rather detached Since Coco is trying to make a point of there being a difference between love and sex, this was mirrored in the writing, too Now, what personally makes me sick, though, is that Mark s huge German expat dick is hurting Coco when penetrating and she tells him to stop, than once, which he ignores That is reason for insult enough, but what really tops this all off is Coco s meaning the author s try to excuse such behaviour, for example with this quote from Sylvia Plath Every woman adores a Fascist The boot in the face, the brute Brute heart of a brute like you No No No Not every woman adores a brute No Scenes like this enable rape culture After the second time they have sex, Coco even has the audacity to say that Mark shouldn t be sorry, because he hadn t raped her, because she would never allow someone to do that to her What in the actual FUCK I mean Are you fucking serious Nooooo It is not the woman s fault when she get s raped, she doesn t allow that That is the anti definition of rape, you silly cow.Gender, Misogyny and Misandry Men will pursue the object of their desire even in front of another woman They will say, Loving you and being faithful to you are two different things Most men can t adapt to monogamy.This is only one example of how the author uses stereotypes about or less everything, but especially women and men She is openly misandrous, like in this quote, always judging and devaluing men as a whole species Don t accept rides from strange men and remember that all men are strange as hell Maybe she sees the irony in the first text here herself, but isn t this exactly what she is doing herself She isn t faithful to Tian Tian, although she loves him If it weren t for all the other text passages, I could believe that this is her pointing out very subtly the similarities between men and women, but in general I feel, that she still doesn t get it, that, despite wanting men and women to be equals, she views and values them differently In this the misogyny is a lot subtle It s not openly phrased, but you can see it in how she still defines the roles of women, or in how she can t really accept her body and sexuality, or in her subconscious view on rape, like I wrote above.Some examples The Shanghai winter is wet and disgusting, like a woman s period Yes, my satisfaction is always accompanied by a hint of disgust Be careful not to over exercise Your whole body ll become rock hard That s worse than a divorce, I joked.Apart from that, there are several statements about how men and women relate to each other It seems to me that there is a huge gap that divides them And this is something I can t really validate 99.9 per cent of men don t want to get involved with a woman who thinks too much In public when one notices and unknown woman, one needs only to check out her three key measurements one needn t consider what she s got upstairs Why is is that when a woman wants to leave a man, he assumes it must be because she s having an affair Can t a woman make a choice based just on her own feelings Do they actually believe that a woman can t exist without them Tian TianI also want to spend some time on Tian Tian, the next important character after Coco I despise you Because you make me despise myself He began to cry I can t make love My whole existence is just a farce Don t pity me I should disappear.Tian Tian is a very tragic figure I believe he can love and I believe he loves Coco than anything.The thing with Tian Tian s impotence was way too vague for me It is obviously a taboo topic, but if you only hint at everything and leave me to guess, that is nothing I really appreciate Things I concluded by the end of the book are that he does not have a physical, but a mental problem, that he can t have penetrative sex, but that he can burst when getting a hand job Seriously, that must be painful I was very much surprised about that revelation near the end of the book, because before that bursting scene it was never mentioned that he can get an erection or have an orgasm or even wants to Apart from that The definition that sex is only sex if you have penetration is something I do not agree with And if you favour penetration, why don t you use a toy like your friend wanted to give you, Coco The book s and author s answer for Tian Tian s impotence is laying blame on Tian Tian s mother, because she abandoned him when he was a teenager Now this just seems not plausible to me.That is probably why I was searching for reasons myself I was wondering several times when reading if Tian Tian was actually gay, if that was the reason he couldn t have sex with Coco Again, I am sure he loved her, and that she was essential to him I did not see any physical attraction, though Coco says somewhere in the book that Tian Tian is wary of gays and bisexuals, and I believe this can be quite common if you oppress that part of your identity I dunno, this might be also very far fetched and I am not saying it is so But the reason giving in the book is just as unproved.I believe, the author wants us to think that the reason for Tian Tian s death finds it s origin in his impotence, that he couldn t cope with it, was depressed, took drugs and finally overdosed In the male world being able to perform sex normally is as important as life itself, any shortcoming is an unbearable pain.I believe that this might be true, but that the author somehow does not lay any blame on herself She showed him exactly that That he could not satisfy her, that he was less of a man And maybe she blames herself, but all I can see is that she justifies her cheating because she is sexually frustrated for which she blames Tian Tian I believe that a modern woman owns her sexuality, her pleasure, and that it is her task to find satisfaction, in her relationship She expects Tian Tian to satisfy her and since he can t, she let s herself be satisfied by Mark She is still relying on a man to give her pleasure and satisfaction.Writing, Being an Author Once my writing had become part of our shared life, it was no longer purely an act of writing It became associated with our passion and fidelity, and with our unbearable lightness of being too.For some reason, not only with Tian Tian, the author draws an inherent connection between her writing and her relationships Of course, your job has an impact on your life, but when it gets essential to your own and your relationship s existence, I think that something is off This might have its origin in our different cultures, but I have a hard time to understand this and this logic is rather foreign to me.I am adding this here, because I believe it is part of Coco s identity, which I will come to in my next point.IdentitySo I could just add these quotes here and move on Let s see I ve always believed that writing is like sorcery Like me, my heroine did not want to lead an ordinary life She is ambitious, has two men, and lives on an emotional roller coaster Narcissism is probably my dominant vice The woman in the make up mirror was a stranger Even know I don t understand Who am I, indeed Who am I These are the words that conclude Shanghai Baby It feels somehow weird to judge someone s life, but I don t see how I can review this book without reviewing the life that lies behind it.In these quotes we find a lot of truths and even self awareness, but it the book ends on an open note The question of identity does not get solved, and this is something I actually like, because identity is fluent and blurred.However, I chose to end with Her life would always be a revolver of desire, capable of going off and killing at any moment., because I think that is what she did She went off and someone is dead Am I taking responsibility out of Tian s Tian s hand I don t think so, since I am not talking about him I just want to point out that Coco is responsible, too.Final Evaluation All we need do is pick up a pen and tell our own stories The desire to pour one s heart out to others is a spiritual need common to every human being.I would have liked an autobiography, to read a witness report of that time, of the author s life.But this is what I got instead I reached beyond the limitations of my own life and tried to write about grander, even universal themes.And this is exactly what killed the book for me Shanghai Baby is a book full of assumptions, judgements, and pretended truths That makes it absolutely useless in my eyes The author draws conclusions, based on her own life and limited experience, that I would have liked to make myself or often made not Writing StyleI m adding this part just for fun This has really nothing to do with the rest His penis moved like a corkscrew. Um Really I have a hard time picturing that without LMAO my clitoris like a sticky, swollen jellyfish gross Silence There was an odd spaciousness to the room, like a wide meadow We kissed, and our bodies grew increasingly lighter and smaller until the fantasy of a tiny flower bud occupied every inch of our brains. lol, sure thingHehe, okay It looks like I always choose weird sex quotes, but seriously It s just the easiest way to find funny things.The writing was a bit flowery and repetitive for my taste Coco herself describes her writing as Asian, narrow and delicate, melancholy as well as comic and naive, and I think she is right.My ratingSee This is complicated I had to read this book for my sinology studies, and I was actually thrilled about this I do, however, not finish books if I don t like them I do so wish I could have done this with Shanghai Baby While I can see all the things I have written in this review from a somehow distanced point of view and see the good and interesting stuff, I did not enjoy the book, I hated it So, I am giving this book a selfish rating of 1 star, based on the simple statement that I did not like it.And this could have ended here, were it not for the possibility to give a 0.5 star rating on leafmarks This quote here I don t care about how it might be fitting and authentic for the time I just LOATH homophobia At the airport Flying Apple yes, that s a name and I kissed a hasty goodbye that left my lips wet Many gay or bisexual men have a special, fuzzy sort of tenderness that one finds in small animals, but I m always aware of the Aids risk As Alanis Morisette put it I m sick but I m pretty, baby.And maybe if the author wouldn t make this a habit and preaches everything as a true fact, I could forgive her If she had said that she personally was feeling that way, maybe But to make a stereotypical truth out of this No That is were I draw the line O.5 stars it is LOATH

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