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The Alien Club chapter 1 The Alien Club , meaning The Alien Club , genre The Alien Club , book cover The Alien Club , flies The Alien Club , The Alien Club 23abc0f09c6a4 When Everything Is Your First, You Re An AlienThe Feelings, Sensations, Decisions And Ramifications Of Your Actions Are Uncharted Territory An Alien Landscape That Stretches From Your Front Door To Your First Love Can Be Bizarre, Beautiful And Unforgiving Than Any Other Planet In The Universe With No Handbook And Nowhere To Turn, You Re Forced To Blaze A Path To Greatness You Re Not Even Sure Is Your DestinyA Rich Tale Of Love And War, And The Interpersonal Relationships That Forge Them Both The Alien Club Follows The Path Forged By A Ten Year Old Boy, Blindly Clawing His Way Through The Confusing, Frightening And Utterly Fascinating Life Afforded Him Via A Magical Neighborhood Situated In Suburbia USA, During The Summer Of Wrought With Heroism And Hilarious Happenings, The Alien Club Is A Truly Mesmerizing Journey Created By A Series Of Tragic And Fanciful Events That Are Thrust Into Motion By Seemingly Mundane Issues That Grip And Alter The Trajectory Of An Innocent YouthThe Alien Club Is The Crossroads Of The Goonies, The Outsiders, The Lord Of The Flies And Stand By Me The Body

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    I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway.There is some violence and some sexual content that would be a little uncomfortable to read aloud with young children and explain the content It is a very good choice for readers 14 , but I think it would likely hit home with adult readers But it reminded me of The Outsiders which is one of my fav book I m really excited to see what comes from this author next.

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    This book is an 11 out of 10 Every chapter ended on a cliff hanger and made me want to read the next chapter Every chapter was better than the next I read the whole book over two days Couldn t put it down Had to in order to eat and sleep I haven t read a book this good in years The dialogue to was rich and the character development was incredibly deep and distinctive I think the book is definitely an instant classic.I strongly recommend this book for someone looking for a coming of age book that has a lot of drama, suspense and intrigue I had no idea where this book was going and was very pleased with the ride and final destination CDThe Alien ClubThe OutsidersThe Body

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    Best book in a long time The Alien Club was an emotional rollercoaster for me It made my laugh and get somewhat teary eyed Touching on topics I felt relevant without shoving them in my face I was a victim of both parental abuse and bullying The Alien Club weaves the themes, along with other pertinent topics, such as sexuality seamlessly I cannot recommend this book enough I think the book is going to be a classic and I can see myself reading this book several times throughout my life I have read the other reviews on the book and though I appreciate their issues with the beginning, I found the first couple of chapters necessary in setting up the characters, theme and plot I do not think 40 pages not 50ish as some have stated as being too long to get going The book tells a story with each chapter getting not only better than the previous, but intense in every aspect.I believe it s referred to as excellent story telling The Alien ClubThe OutsidersLord of the FliesCarrie

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    The Alien ClubThe book was than I thought it was and luckily for both the book and myself, I didn t give up on it by page 40 Chapter 3 starts it for me I ve read enough reviews stating it was a slow read, but to be fair to the book, it s two kids talking kid smack basic babblings I think it was necessary after reading the entire book, but if there s a flaw I d say the Author could have tightened shortened the first two chapters up I m still giving it a 5 out of 5, because even with that one flaw, The Alien Club is still the best coming of age book I ve ever read and it s not even close The dialogue makes all the characters jump out at you.The story line is the most original I ve read maybe on any book in twenty years I can t compare the book to anything, which is to its credit It s a Coming of Age book, but I think someone in their 30 s 40 s, possibly 50 s could enjoy Heavy subject matter, that doesn t shove the points in your mouth, but rather lets you digest them on your own terms Beautifully written Walt

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    This book was the best book I ve ever read, and I m an avid reader Starting out a bit slow but ending with a cant put down, I read this book in 2 nights because I couldn t stop reading it The amazing characters, settings, wordy descriptions and funny pieces of this story make it the Alien Club I have already read this book twice and I will continue to read it again and again Whenever books come out by this author I will be the first one to buy it.

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    Looking back, remembering when.How many commercials, and songs do a throwback to earlier times when life was simpler and supposed to be somehow better To many This book does a throwback to an earlier time, but it brings back a different Once Upon a Time , this one does not paint the picture with all roses, sunshine, and sweet tea This is a different kind of remember when.There are things I want to say about this book without giving a spoiler First of all, I think it is very important for the reader to be aware of the context of this story It is done as a recollection Because it is a narrative it is very important to realize that this is an adult telling the story of a childhood experience This is important to be aware of because we are hearing the story of the protagonist at the age of 10 but within the scope and language of an adult The best example of a similar case I can give is Stephen King s The Body The reader must understand the story is being told in this context or it will trip you up thinking no 10 year old talks that way LOL for example the use of the words like propitious and epicenter rarely make it into the average 5th grader s vocabulary, it took me a little time to realign my thinking that it was an adult doing the talking and not a 1st person account at the age of the protagonist Second I cannot emphasize enough that though the main characters are very young, this is not a book I can recommend for young readers There is some violence and some sexual content that would be a little uncomfortable to read aloud with young children and explain the content It is a very good choice for readers in the 14 category, but I think it would likely hit home with adult readers The story that comes to mind as a parallel to the situations in this book would be S E Hinton s The Outsiders There are a few emotional moments both funny and sad If you are familiar with The Body and The Outsiders then you will be able to use them as a guide as to whether this book will be appropriate for your child reader, or for that matter yourself What made those two books powerful is that we all knew people that resembled the characters in those stories It is easy to find yourself relating to the characters in this book Let me introduce you to people you know 1 Trel A young man struggling to find his place within his friends, his comprehension of his world, his understanding of girls including his sister He is brave, has a strong sense of right and wrong, and occasionally caves under the pressure of the extraordinary events that make up the story of this book 2 Kring A child living up to his role as sidekick to Trel He is still living in the adventure of the game when abruptly confronted by reality but takes it all in stride He has pride and strength He is bright and funny and charismatic.3 Jim More friend than foe to Trel They face some of the social separation that is so much a part of middle school, trying to figure out where they are going to fit, in which cliques, which groups In the end, they bond back together with the strength that comes from youthful bonding.4 Sean Jim s older brother He is protective, and admirable in his stand Your brother is your brother He will not stand back when someone has harmed his younger charge.5 Libra Wow what a force She reminds me a little of Jeannie, Farris Bueller s sister in Farris Bueller s Day Off Anyone remember that movie Libra is Trel s older sister Well anyway she might be a brat She might on the whole want to stir up trouble with Trel, but no way is she going to let him down I was proud of her.6 Gwen Gwen is Trel s love interest It is clear they both agree that with Gwen being 3 years older there is no chance of a real romance It is also clear that she is torn between social rights and wrongs She is attracted to adventure, and she is attracted to good This is something I completely related to in this book 7 Derrick Derrick is our antihero Because he is strong he has followers Because he has followers he is a force to be reckoned with He is everything that mothers fear their sons will grow up to be or their daughters will encounter Of course, there are other supporting characters, but these are the ones that stand out These are the people that we all recognize from our own lives This book is told with a rich cast of characters It is written with a fair mix of reality and fantasy It is written with a great deal of situation and dialog that keeps the reader moving forward through the story As is noted in some other reviews the set up takes a couple chapters, but I highly recommend the reader work through the set up This story is completely worth the read I would recommend this story for individuals that are old enough to really look back on their childhood, and see the people they know in the cast set by Trel Sidoruk.

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    I received a copy of this for free through Goodreads First ReadsThis was a good book about the lives of young boys I think I would have understood it and connected to it if I were a boy and had those same types of memories I really did enjoy the kids showing so much imagination, as I don t think that really happens much any Overall a very good read.

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    I think it was really good For me it was really hard to put down for me.

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    I enjoyed this much than I was expecting to.

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    We loved it

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