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Cold Reign summary Cold Reign, series Cold Reign, book Cold Reign, pdf Cold Reign, Cold Reign 43fda7ff51 Jane Yellowrock Is A Shape Shifting Skinwalker And The Woman Rogue Vampires Fear Most Jane Walks Softly And Carries A Big Stake To Keep The Peace In New Orleans, All Part Of Her Job As Official Enforcer To Leo Pellisier, Master Of The City But Leo S Reign Is Being Threatened By A Visit From A Delegation Of Ancient European Vampires Seeking To Expand Their DominionsBut There S Another Danger To The City When She Hears Reports Of Revenant Vampires, Loose In NOLA And Out For Blood, Jane Goes To Put Them Down And Discovers There S Something Unusual About These Revenants They Never Should Have RisenJane Must Test Her Strength Against A Deadly, Unnatural Magic Beyond Human Understanding, And A Ruthless Cadre Of Near Immortals Whose Thirst For Power Knows No Bounds

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    4.65 A buddy read with the Wednesday UF group at BBB Holy Magical Bloodsuckers Batman, this was something We have been waiting for those European Suckheads to get to New Orleans for several books now and it was beginning to feel like a fake out lately, but not any Although the details of the diplomatic envoys were not decided on yet, the EU Vamps started invading the US lands without permission and in secret It didn t take long for total anarchy and disruption of the basic structure of the city to follow in their wake Revenant twice dead Vamps were arising from their graves, responding to the call of the Europeans A magical storm pelted the city and thunder and lightning messed with all time and shifter magics All the preparations, all the training and protection, everything seemed to be coming apart at the seams, fast spinning out of controlThis book was non stop action, adrenaline overdosing, high power infused battle after battle, skin, blood and bone cracking, life fluids sucking, unbelievably and beautifully savage, hipper protective and completely mind blowingly satisfying read I wanted and and It hit all my bloodthirsty buttons and satisfied most of them It also was completely angst free and if there were emotional moments, they were just the right type of emotion Jane was finally able to find some closure with Ricky Bo and gave way for a better, free of fear and hang ups relationship with Bruiser You touch my Bruiser and I ll take your head so fast you ll still be blinking as you fall in two Anything happens to my Bruiser by an outside force or person, and I ll take your head My Bruiser disappears, and I ll take your head He stubs his toe and I ll make you pay Are we clear The Yellowrock clan has taken a very appealing, than acceptable shape and I expect for things to get even better there Jane really needs to get a matress for the wolf, or he will keep on ruining her nice sheets with wet dog smells Ghhhhrrrrrr And Eddy needs to upgrade from the Harry Potter room So, there were many things that came to light, many sleeper cells working for the UVs and awaiting the moment of their visit so they can turn on Leo and his clan I felt a bit sorry for the Suckhead, since it is very disturbing to find that people you love or count on are betraying you to those who seek to destroy you I was also pleased to see the Dragons drop by for a bit everything is always better with Dragons The Younger brothers were cool as always and getting even better I really need to adopt a Grindelo, just an FYI, in order to keep company with my collection of cute and unusual magical creatures like the Rose goblin and the Flitzby And Gregoar, I feel your pain dude, you had the right idea with the 1000 cuts So, after feeling like Faith Hunter poured gallons upon gallons of blood and guts on top of us and collected enough severed heads to make Lady proud, I have to admit to a Savage intoxication seeing our guys kick some serious ass Unapologetically so, and I feel wonderful about it And I want to know about that houttttt Angel dude and what is his angle In the end, after bringing the adrenaline levels in my system to acceptable levels and being able to think rationally, I came to the conclusion that I can t wait for the next book, since it should deal with some of the things this book set up for the future And if it continues in this way, this series is going to take a prominent spot on my favorites shelf I recommend it to all who are not squeamish to violence and rivers of blood It is a very fast and furious Adventure Now I want to wish you all Happy Reading and may you always find what you need in the pages of a Good book

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    Here s what happened and why my review of my own book changed Mom is on my account for books I bought CR for her to read on her e reader She loved the book As she closed teh book , she accidentally hit a one star With her permission, I fixed it LOL

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    It happened It finally happened, I m going to give a book in this series 5 stars FIVE of them Are you amazed I m a little amazed actually.Why you might ask does this book finally rate 5 stars for me when all of the others clearly didn t Well there are a few reasons There was no love triangle And I know you are sitting there thinking well that has been solved for a little while now right Robin And the thing is that yes a few books ago it seemed like we worked it all out and there was a definite winner BUT, when a character showed back up I was really worried that our Jane would go all wishy washy again and be stupid But our girl womaned up and got to say her piece and finally I think that chapter of Jane s life is officially closed for good and there is no going back You touch my Bruiser and I ll take your head so fast you ll still be blinking as you fall in two Anything happens to my Bruiser by an outside force or person, and I ll take your head My Bruiser disappears, and I ll take your head He stubs his toe and I ll make you pay Are we clear Finally you stand up for your man It is about time Jane for you to lay a bit of a claim on him The EVs finally showed up and did something.I don t even know how many books it has been since the introduction of the European Vamps or EVs, it seems like 5 at least though so I was getting really bored with the impending doom they are supposed to be bringing when haven t even shown up yet But finally something happens on that front and it was full of all kinds of deceptions and masterful moves.It was finally exciting and we got to see how someone other than Leo plays the long game There were plans within plans and it seems like a lot of them had been in the works for centuries Jane got to be a little sneakyJane isn t the same semi trusting girl that she used to be and I loved how she maneuvered a few people in this book She finally got one over of Gee and Leo too come to think of it They didn t even see it coming The Scooby Doo SquadOkay so Eli, Alex, Edmund, Brute and Bruiser aren t really much like Scooby Doo you guys get the gist of it I live that Eli and Alex become and like brothers to Jane all the time Jane is really starting to pick up some family ties when you add Bruiser into the mix But the two characters that developed a little in this were Edmund and Brute Edmund has fallen far from the clan head that he used to be He used to run an entire clan and now he lives at Jane s house and not even in a good room he is in the cupboard under the stairs He s living in a Harry Potter room Long fall for a master of his own clan The other twin said, No windows There is no room with no windows but this one Still Long fall I for one and desperate to know why Edmund gave up so much I m pretty sure he has some long term goals in mind and after this book I was a little clearer on part of the game he is playing Still I really like Edmund and so I m glad that he is in Jane s life As many times as she has been near death she needs a vampire in the house if just for the extra healing.Brute on the other hand got to be part comic relief and part hero For a werewolf stuck in wolf form he is really useful and seems to be making friend in all of the right places I m wondering if he will ever make it out of that form or if he is going to require some divine intervention to do so Still he is racking up some points for team good so maybe he will get out of his furry prison eventually The Plot, The Surprises, The Long DeceptionsFinally we find out what who the EVs really want and who is on team EV There were some surprises in this for me A few people I thought were playing for one team ended up being in the pocket of the other There were a few betrayals that I didn t really see coming that made for some extremely interesting opportunities for those who stayed loyal Are you thinking that is really vague.well it is and for good reason We got our first taste of the EVs and the type of high stakes games they will be playing I believe this is just the first move of many and I look forward to some Overall While not perfect there is still excessive descriptions of mundane stuff and clothing throughout there is better overall pacing and cohesion of this story I ve complained in the past that sometimes the transition of scenes from regular conversation to fighting comes out of nowhere for no reason But at least I felt like this was written better overall Also I didn t feel like this book was just filler material had some major progression on the overall arc of what I assume will be the final story That said I am starting to wonder how long FH is going to drag out Jane Yellowrock I like her but I m actually growing to be interested in where Angie s future storyline could go I m almost ready for the Next Generation so to speak.

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    Sooo I didn t actually give myself any stars And I am laughing my butt off over this Mom is on my account and I bought CR for her She read it and loved it and somehow it ended up with one star as she closed the book on her reader With her permission I changed it to 5 stars, which is the best Not one star LOL

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    Next book, 2018

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    The Europeans are coming, the Europeans are coming, or they might already be here Once again, Leo s tight lipped policy causes all kinds of head aches, heart aches and just general mayhem for Jane, everyone she holds dear and the NOLA in general Revenants are running wild.A bunch of key New Orleans vamps have gone missing.And a ghost ship has docked off shore.It is what manages to make it ashore that puts everyone at risk.I flat out love this series Faith Hunter never fails to bring a high octane adventure that keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat and reading into the wee hours of the morning I love watching the dynamics between Jane and her family by choice grow and evolve COLD REIGN is packed full of this character growth and new and exciting developments that I ve come to expect and love from Hunter.I knew before I even clicked on this ebook, I was going to be hooked it of course, is another Jane Yellowrock adventure what s not to LOVE With every installment, I am amazed by the fresh, new and exciting twists Hunter manages to throw our way and of course, new perils Jane and the gang must face.I do admit, I m a little concerned about the possible complications in Jane s love life and hope that directions might be taken to just make heart ache for Jane.In the end, I found myself completely immersed in Cold Reign Faith Hunter had me hook, line and sinker and I didn t want this experience to end And that is just what this was, an experience in another world, the amazing imagings of Faith Hunter.Sure to delight any urban fantasy fan, check out COLD REIGN.I received this copy of COLD REIGN from Berkley Publishing Group Ace This is my honest and voluntary review Click Banner for link to Giveaway for 5 chances a Copy of COLD REIGN and totes featuring Beast Open to US residents only Runs April 17 May 7, 2017

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    You have my heart Cold Reign is Jane Yellowrock at it s best This was another fantastic addition to this series If you want a definition of Urban Fantasy, you have it in Faith Hunter s work After eleven books she has not lost her touch if anything I want to read about her characters and their evolution Jane Yellowrock started as a solo heroine Now, she is part of a family which includes the two Younger brothers, Ed, Bruiser, Molly and Co, and now Brute It seems some home renovations are in order She might consider a bigger home too since she keeps on adding people to her clan So what evil is Jane fighting this time Well, it seems like the Revenant Vamps are back They are popping up in different places in New Orleans and killing humans without a care The European Vamps might be behind their attack Jane as Leo Pellisier s enforcer is responsible for cleaning the area of the nasty revenant vamps She s also Leo s security team and of course, Leo never makes things easy by hiding so much from Jane I do agree with her, she must show him some manners He pissed me off big time here Or maybe, she should let Beast do the talking He s really asking for it.In regards to the romance, If you had read my prior reviews you know I m a huge Bruiser lover He s still perfect for Jane in my eyes I m very happy Mrs Hunter makes it extremely clear who deserves Jane in this book I love you than bacon Cold Reign is an unstoppable action packed book From the moment it begins, poor Jane and her friends don t get enough sleep or good food I was devouring the pages in a desperate attempt to find out what Janie was going to encounter I feared for everyone s lives in this one No one seems to be safe My heart was in my throat too many times.I can honestly recommend this book 100% to any UF lover Cliffhanger No5 5 FangsA complimentary copy was provided by Ace Penguin via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    Source Publisher Blog Tour Genre Urban Fantasy Rating 4.0 My Thoughts In the Eleventh installment of author Faith Hunter s Jane Yellowrock series, Cold Reign, Jane and her Clan Yellowrock family have their hands full right out of the gate Revenants walk New Orleans, and as the official Enforcer for Leo Pelissier, the Master of the City of New Orleans, it is her job to put these rogues down But, as the European Mithrans are making noises on their way to a parley with Leo, it becomes very clear that something even dangerous is in play After all, Mithrans love to play the long game, and if Jane and her allies aren t ready, it might mean the end to everything that Jane holds dear Full Review Gizmos Reviews May 1, 2017 as part of the Cold Reign Blog Tour

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    There are few, very few, books that let me at squeeee level Well, cough, this is one of them.In Jane Yellowrock s New Orleans, the European Vamps have finally arrived well, funny factor here Anita Blake old times nostalgia aside they really arrived As you can expect, bad bad things occur almost simultaneously There is a ton of action packed scenes I m really impresed when authors can show they thought their books way ahead and the argumental arcs converged to leave you impressed.1 Cherokee rituals.2 Magiks, and angels, and scheming vampires, onorios, primos, emperors, and witches, and dragons, and Beast, and storms and rain.3 And Alex and Eli I looked out into the living room I was thinking you could find and replace the fireplaces with gas ones No Wood, Alex said That way, when the zombie apocalypse comes we can have wood fire for heating and cooking When the apocalypse comes, Eli corrected, we ll grab gobags and head for the hills Some little holler Janie tells us about Also3 Jane hit RickyBo.4 Jane defends her love I dropped my voice, so low even a wereleopard had to tilt his head to hear Understand this, you foul piece of scum You and I are done I m with George Dumas, I said, using his real name to make sure there could be no confusion You touch my Bruiser and I ll take your head so fast you ll still be blinking as you fall in two Anything happens to my Bruiser by an outside force or person, and I ll take your head My Bruiser disappears, and I ll take your head He stubs his toe and I ll make you pay Are we clear Yeah, our Jane is a big softie I slid my arms over his shoulders and pulled myself into him The kiss deepened and I sighed into his mouth When he pulled away, we were both breathing harder, and Bruiser was still smiling, a strange light in his eyes He said, If your bed weren t bloody I would have peeled your clothes away and taken you right now If the floor wasn t bloody I d have taken you on the floor Bruiser spluttered with laughter and the moment was broken, though the sweetness remained as he dropped his head and laughed into my shoulder His hold around me eased And that, my darling War Woman, is why you have my heart But Still, some serious issues to worry about it all the Beast doing it seems view spoiler meaning, all that DNA that Beast had incorporated into Jane, as vamps, and weres, and arcenciel and other beasties that worry me b c it changes and our Jane And b c what ha ppen with Immanuel and think to much changes can t be good hide spoiler

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    Another top notch instalment of this urban fantasy series with its unusual heroine of Cherokee skin walking Jane Yellowrock Jane may be an enforcer for Master of the City Leo but she hasn t forgotten her human roots no matter how many Vampires she walks amongst It s her job to put down those who cannot be controlled but that s not always easy as Leo believes he can utilise all his resources be they his Vampires or not So when rogue Vampires start killing its up to Jane to dive in but these are no ordinary Vampires no these are revenant the most feral of all and someone is deliberately raising them to undermine Leo s authority The author has been leading up to this book for quite some time now as we ve been expecting a delegation of European Vampires Mithrans to visit the city Well perhaps all that preparation won t be going as planned because you just know there s something very fishy going on and yep it s all pointing to those from across the ocean Problem is perhaps not all Leo s enemies are far away Vampire politics aside it was fabulous seeing how the dynamics within Janes own happy family are changing The two brothers that work with her are shown to be pretty awesome in this story with Eli being his usual bad ass although his personal life is going through changes The Kid aka Alex is really growing up and pretty much proving invaluable plus there s quality time for Jane and Bruiser Best of all though is Beast making her presence felt numerous times which adds so much humour to this story Oh and there s someone back and there s no way Jane will let him walk all over her again Yes a fabulous edition to this series with twists , magic and of course bloodthirsty action Enjoy This voluntary review is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts are my own honest opinion

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