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    The opening of Just Juliet was so stellar I would ve rated it four stars We have a cute f f pairing where the readers could actually see them as a couple There s also an older teen m m couple who has a healthy functional relationship What made this an incredibly disappointing read is the terrible characterization of the supporting characters of color Lacey is the best friend of the protagonist, Lena She s black, carefree, liberated and are often painted as the unlikable bitch because of her strong persona We also have another teen of color who is Asian She s so bland, a fade into the background character I cant remember her name, though I faintly recall she s Japanese dont quote me on this Sounds familiar This reminds me of that dumbstruck Asian character in Pitch Perfect This isn t the icing on top Lacey was seen several times saying homophobic things While the Asian character is also lowkey homophobic I m not saying homophobic poc doesnt exist My point however, is given how this is being promoted as progressive, I hoped the poc would get a decent treatment Nope, they were botched Aside from the lack of LGBT of colors, the narrative also implied that the white characters are inherently socially aware than poc They are here to teach us a lesson This is white savior complex and I noticed it s damn right thriving in this genre You can t hide this thinly veiled racism Verdict This is an LGBT book written for white readers, not readers of color I m not recommending this to anyone.

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    I received a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Wowza, this book was awesome Lena is a high school senior who has sort of drifted through life so far, unsure of what she wants to study, unsure of why she doesn t love her boyfriend, and unsure what her future looks like But all of that is before she meets the new girl, Juliet, who makes her realize the one major way her life isn t what it seems that she s bisexual.What I loved about this book is that it was so real Often, LGBT romances are either very dark or very warm and fuzzy While those both have their places, it s something like this book that I found most important growing up because I can actually relate to the characters.Lena was an awesome MC Getting to explore her development of her sexuality was the main plotline of the book, but everyone around her was just as fascinating to read Her best friend was a lovable jerk, Juliet s live in cousin was sassy but not a stereotype, and Juliet, oh Juliet What a perfect romantic lead She was an edgy, artsy, Jack Skellington wearing manic pixie dream girl, but isn t that exactly what we all would have fallen for back in high schoool Not to say that there wasn t seriousness to the story or that Lena s journey was a cake walk, but it was a refreshing change to see an LGBT book that had engaging characters and not just a political agenda I look forward to seeing from this author Read this review at

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    Free copy provided by the publisher for an honest review I knew from page one that I was going to enjoy this book I didn t know the storyline or anything about the characters but Charlotte Reagan s style of writing is like slipping on your favourite pair of jeans, you don t know what the rest of the outfit is going to be but you don t really care because you feel comfortable There are many authors who fail to find that sweet spot in their writing and have you cringing with how awkward their writing is but Reagan doesn t have that problem Just Juliet isn t just a sweet coming of age young adult book, it is an honest and real representation of a modern day teenager Some who might read that will automatically think angst and self pity but they would be wrong because this book has none of that but that doesn t mean that it is just a shallow fluff piece either This story deals with real issues that many youth face and the issues range from extremely serious to trivial but all of it is handled excellently by the author.The characters in this book are written in such vivid terms that it is not difficult to start building a picture of them in your mind as you read A well developed character is essential to a good story because it allows the reader to become attached to the characters and fall in love with their stories, Reagan has done a fantastic job in this regard and her story isn t just good, it is excellent She has created the b % y best friend that you just love to hate and hate to love, the socially awkward gay boy who is sassy and smart without being a walking stereotype, the sweet puppy dog gay boy who just happens to be a jock and the best main characters in Lena and Juliet to join this band of misfits.At first I knew I was going to give this book 5 stars because anything that has me laughing out loud and sitting with a stupid grin on my face is definitely 5 star material, but then I started having doubts because the euphoria wore off and although I still thoroughly enjoyed the story I wasn t feeling that extra something any I hate when that happens because it usually just goes downhill from there and there is just no going back I expected the same to happen here but instead of getting worse the story maintained its same level of entertainment throughout and although it wasn t as good as the fantastic start, I was coming to terms with having to give it a four and move on but then something unexpected happened Yup that s right Just Juliet earned it s 5th star.The last few chapters had me on a euphoric high only to throw me in a nose dive that had me wanting to cry while a rational side of me was saying , they did the right thing , I didn t want to be rational and I didn t want them to be rational but that is what is so amazing about this book The characters don t do what we have come to expect from the stereotypical fictional teen, they do what most real teens do which is funny because you just don t expect it The epilogue was the cherry on the cake and although I would love to know a bit about Juliet and Lena s futures, I didn t feel like I had been left hanging because although it was only seventeen chapters and an epilogue, the emotion and connection you build with these characters makes it seem like so much .

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    I was contacted by the publisher, and was provided a free digital copy in exchange for an honest review.Lena is a senior in high school, and she s pretty satisfied with her life she has a boyfriend who s sweet, has friends she loves and unproblematic parents But when Juliet James, the new girl, comes whizzing into Lena s life, everything she thought she knew about herself is turned upside down Lena is immediately drawn to Juliet, and finds herself feeling things that she has never felt for her own boyfriend Lena knows she s falling in love with Juliet, but she also knows that she likes boys too Friendships and familial relationships are tested on Lena s journey of self discovery and love.Just Juliet was my first read with a bisexual main character, and I m glad that it was my first Reagan touches on some important topics often brushed aside and labeled social justice warrior drivel by bigots Topics such as the dangers of heteronormativity, the prevalence of token diversity the term token heterosexual is used throughout the novel , and how many books utilize an entirely heterosexual cast of characters, only adding one LGBTQ character and then try to pass the story off as diverse Just Juliet plays with these tropes intelligently Here, we have a cast of main characters mostly from the LGBTQ community, with minor characters who are straight The reversal of roles was both refreshing and eye opening refreshing because I ve never seen it done before, eye opening because my experience with one book is perhaps how LGBTQ individuals feel with most books.Having said that, I did not enjoy this book as much as I thought I would For starters, despite an interesting, diverse cast of characters, none of these people were fleshed out enough to seem real Reagan introduces characters with their outward appearances, describing their physical features and how they dress To me, that is the least efficient way to introduce a character since it leaves no room for movement in the reader s mind This is perhaps personal preference, but if characters are introduced with their mannerisms, gestures and facial expressions instead of appearance facts, that in its own adds a layer of dimension to them Moreover, none of the main characters seemed to have flaws, which is a huge pet peeve of mine People are imperfect, and that should be reflected in stories The minor side characters were another point of contention for me Lacey, particularly.Lacey is Juliet s best friend She is a black character, who I was immediately drawn to because she was fierce and opinionated, and I wanted to see how Reagan maneuvered around her headstrong personality and gave her some development But much to my dismay, Lacey was reduced to the school bitch, without any reasoning, without any motivations for her bitchy behavior We were told she was a bitch, and we were supposed to take that as fact The problem of telling not showing was constant throughout the entire novel we were told Lena and her friends are sarcastic, but that sarcasm is never shown Juliet was described as someone who had dark humor, but that never showed Lacey s character was a caricature, and the fact that the angry black girl stereotype is something that s so prevalent made it a little hard to digest the scenes where Lacey was lashing out for no apparent reason Also, phrases like She had gone so pale she could almost pass as Caucasian just made me cringe was that necessary That wasn t the only offensive thing in the book either Lena decides to make a snap judgment about a character she has never seen before, who is only present in the book for two pages, but is called a Skank Princess for no reason This was a glaring form of slut shaming, but micro aggressions such as calling sexually active females whores were common throughout.You may know this about me, but I very rarely like contemporaries That s usually because contemporaries claim to be realistic, but turn out to be some of the most unrealistic books out there Contemporaries should be wholesome and cohesive We are rounded creatures, whose lives involve than one or two aspects at any given point in time Just Juliet falls prey to one of the most common pitfalls of the contemporary genre it focuses too much on one thing, and ignores the others I have no idea who Lena s parents are and they only come into play towards the end, which made their interactions with Lena seem inauthentic I know Lena has friends, but her friendships were used as filler rather than important aspects of her life What were Lena s dreams and aspirations What did she want to do after graduation Focusing too much on romance which was also too perfect considering Juliet and Lena had zero problems in their relationship and ignoring the many other aspects of someone s life makes for an incomplete story, in my opinion.I had many issues, but despite all my reservations, I admit that Just Juliet is an important book I don t regret having read it In fact, I would recommend it to anyone who s looking to diversify their reading, simply because it touches on so many important topics in an intelligent, sometimes brutally honest way But it s also not something that I will re read or rave about in the future.Find me elsewhere Bloglovin Book Blog Twitter Bookstagram Tumblr Facebook

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    The young adult authors are really knocking their books out of the parkSiera Maley, Zoe Reed, Kelley York, and now Charlotte Reagan.This was a really well written romance about two girls in their senior year of high school Lena falls for Juliet and is forced to explore and comes to terms with her bisexuality The story takes place in the recent past in a setting that isn t super conservative so there are a lot of resources available to Lena In other words, it s not a dire, self hating, how could this be , I m gay and on my own , everyone will hate me type of narrative There s a lot of compassion Lena receives from different characters and, despite any darkness the story touches on, there s a really kind and loving feel as you read.Lena is strong in knowing herself and there are a good number of players in the story that are all well defined Reagan was skilled enough to make the entire story feel immersive and true to life This one stands out for having a bisexual lead, religion without condemnation, several gay characters with different experiences, non gay characters with their own struggles, no shame, slow but natural evolution in the Lena Juliet relationship, and an overall maturity for everyone involved.Really well done Recommend.

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    This is basically a coming out story A very long unnecessarily coming out story Unfortunately, very little happens in this book until the epilogue 2.5 stars rounded to 2.

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    This was such a cute f f romance I really wasn t prepared for how much I d enjoy this one Not only did I love Juliet and Laney but I loved all the secondary characters too I was especially soft for Scott and Lakyn who are so freaking cute together I need to read their book because I fell in love with them As per the usual in f f, things did seem to move kinda fast in terms of the oh snap I have a huge crush on this girl department but for some reason it didn t bother me as much in this book I think it has to do with the author s writing style, which I really enjoyed This book also handles talks about coming out, figuring out your sexuality much and I thought it was all handled really well and I think that this book would be so important for any teenager or person trying to figure out where they fit in with their sexuality, telling the people you care about, etc The reason for 4 stars and not 5 is the epilogue I get why things happened the way they did view spoiler in terms of their break up and separation for 3 years, in which they both moved on with other girls boys hide spoiler

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    This is the sweeter type of lesbian story I was looking for when I read Keeping You a Secret. The characters were relatable to me and I loved the added addition of the adorable m m couple Juliet s dad is an awesome character and definitely the kind of person I aspire to be if I ever become a parent How wonderful that he would open his heart and home to Lakyn and Scott, and be so accepting of his daughter It really warmed my heart I don t usually care for most contemporary romance but this one won me over.

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    This entire book was 5 stars all the way through until the epilogue, where it quickly shot down to two stars And then the last two pages shot it right back up to five stars At one point I was so depressed that I was crying and felt physically ill which is not a good look while attempting to work , but thankfully Reagan fixed it all or I was going to be absolutely pissed This is one of the best Teen LGBT novels I have read.

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    Highly Recommended

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Just Juliet summary pdf Just Juliet, summary chapter 2 Just Juliet, sparknotes Just Juliet, Just Juliet 1cb0779 The Coming Out Story That Will Completely Change The Way You Look At Love Juliet Represents The Road Less Traveled Will Lena Take It Lena Newman Is , Her Best Friend S A Cheerleader, Her Boyfriend S A Football Player, And As Far As Everyone Is Concerned, Her Life Is Sorted But That S Before She Befriends The New Girl Juliet Is Confident, Slightly Damaged, Drop Dead Gorgeous And A Lesbian Lena Realizes That Her Interest Goes Beyond Just Friendship She Sets Off On A Path Of Self Discovery Where The Loyalty Of Those Closest To Her Will Be Tested

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About the Author: Charlotte Reagan

Charlotte writes young adult romances focusing primarily on the LGBT community She hopes to have lighthearted stories that bring about hope, laughter, and maybe even a few tears She lives in a small Texas town with her cat, and can either be found writing or off traveling.