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    Aaargh, I love this book so much The writing is excellent, the setting is just wonderful, delightful, funny, authentic with an author s licence , I run out of superlatives and best of all the characters lived, breathed, laughed and loved on the page and directly into my mind s eye I didn t want this book to end I wanted to rush out to buy Bara Brith I wanted to proclaim my 1 16th Welsh heritage.The best romance that I have read this year, bar none If you want effortless and witty romance then buy this book now Please Clare, please say that you have another book in the works.Fangirl forever restraining order permitting D Mags

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    Poppy Jenkins is gorgeously written, evoking the lushness and warmth of late spring, green hills, and love both old and new The town of Wells is so vibrant that it s its own character, waking up as spring turns to summer and coming back to life as Rosalyn shares her business knowledge with the locals There s a brightness to the language and writing style that reflects Poppy and her attitude, which is perfect as the book is told entirely from her perspective There isn t much in the way of plot, and yet it s entirely satisfying because the characters are the book in the case of Poppy Jenkins.Full review TLR review SBTB to the Les Do Books podcast episode

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    Forgive me for indulging for a moment or two in moving into the review notes on what I read indirectly For those who have read my reviews some may or may not recall something that I find myself mentioning once or thrice when writing reviews for Melissa Brayden books the simple fact that I came to the party late Most of those who I know follow friended at the very least really liked, or loved Brayden s books So, I entered somewhat nervously only to find that I loved them as well.So, why am I saying all this in a little box set aside for a book by Clare Ashton Simple enough really when I started reading this book, the book in question, Poppy Jenkins you know, the book this review is taking place on , had a rating somewhere near or above 4.6 I think it was actually at 4.64 at the time I started And my friends, 17 of them actually, only six have rated the book , had combined to give a rating of 4.83 Did I think of that at all No Because I d read something else by Ashton first, something I gave high marks to, though also something that isn t listed at the end of the book in the other works by this author section maybe because it s a short story Perhaps because it involves dildos both as the main thing of the story, and in the title So, I went in expecting to not be in the place I feared to be when I jumped into Brayden s work the place of being the odd ball out There s some lovely writing here Some great scenes I really felt like I a came to know the characters b came to know the area Wales It s a nice lovely little story, eh I admit that, it is I just it just didn t hit me right, I guess There was a mixture of me giggling, sometimes sounds louder than giggling, then other times of me whimpering with a mix of either boredom or frustration I m sure Dai is quite lovely and all, but he annoyed me greatly He got on my last nerve, he did Poppy, the main character and point of view, is quite lovely Even just being in the same room near her would almost guarantee happiness for all, even me Yet, her somewhat dreamy state, her somewhat inability to move past her kind of passive state frustrated me.She, Poppy, had several things that she was annoyed about in regards to her friend, former, who poofed on her unexpectedly That horrible little scene that occurred in school when both were 16 whereupon Rosalyn said some very nasty things to Poppy The part wherein she, again Poppy, was pissed because view spoiler Rosalyn never told anyone that she was a lesbian and fancied Poppy Except she, here Rosie, had She had told Poppy Course Poppy was drunk at the time, so that really shouldn t count but most importantly The part where Poppy is pissed at Rosie for not telling her this deep dark secret when Poppy never said anything like that to Rosie Hypocrite much hide spoiler

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    This book is a true gem For the very first pages you are taken by the beauty of the Welsh village as much as the main character Poppy You become invested in the characters, rooting for their triumphs, and sharing their sadness Poppy Jenkins is not the book to pass on This one will steal your heart Good luck on getting that back Poppy Jenkins is one of those rare people that are almost too good to be true This beautiful woman has a heart of gold, always seeing for the best in everyone and finding treasures among the mundane Poppy has settled into her life into her birthplace, a small Welsh village, working in the small caf above her mother s store, walking her young sister to school most days, spending time with her cantankerous grandmother, she finds joy in doing the things most 30 year olds would shun You feel Poppy s delight page after page, but also the undercurrent of sadness as she knows this is most likely the pinnacle of her life While it s a fantastic life, Poppy feels as though she will never find her one true love, she knows everyone in her village, and let s face it, those resources a null and void Rosalyn Thorn has come back to village of Wells to care for her ailing father, riding in on her black sports car, looking too good for words Rosalyn, Poppy childhood best friend left her in the dust never looking back She was like a ghost tormenting Poppy s memories There is so much happiness and fused with sadness and despair hovering over the past between the two former friends When Rosalyn comes back she stirs up Poppy s emotions, her longing desire for true love and a heartache that has lasted nearly a decade This is a classic tale of opposites attract, and Clare Ashton does it with heart wrenching emotion that will quickly turn into a smile Rosalyn and Poppy were made for each other and their journey through hell and high water to get back to each other is quite well done This book is fantastic and you will not be disappointed My reviews can always be found at theromanticreaderblog.com

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    There s a reason Clare Ashton is a must read for me Every time I pick up one of her books, I get this feeling of delicious anticipation, of never knowing what to expect She doesn t write to a formula or stick to a single genre Not even the all important HEA is a certainty Let s see There s a claustrophobic psychological thriller, a comedy of errors, a romantic comedy, and an impossibly complicated romance I seldom see such versatility in lesbian genre romance Having said that, I did eye Poppy Jenkins with a bit of skepticism, because the cover and the blurb seemed to imply a rehash or some variation of her earlier rom com, the cute and fluffy That Certain Something I m happy to report that while Poppy Jenkins reads like a rom com, it is so much There is an undercurrent of big city vs small town class war A culture clash between rude but efficient modern and polite tradition Between cynicism and innocence Between head and heart And it s all perfectly embodied by the two main characters, Poppy and Rosalyn These two characters feel like subtle metaphors for the places and values they represent big city vs small town Juxtaposing their troubled relationship against the larger community conflict works well as a clever social commentary or accurately, observation on small town community life.Poppy is an impossibly sunny and cheerful woman living in a small and sleepy Welsh village Family and a fondness for the simple country life had pulled Poppy back from university after graduation, and she has stayed here since Unfortunately neither were appealing enough to entice any city girlfriends to stay behind with her At 32 and with nary a lesbian in sight in Wells, she has pretty much resigned herself to spinsterhood and devoted her life to raising kid sister Pip, taking care of her folks, and running her own cafe Trouble waltzes in one day in the form of Rosalyn, childhood BFF and author of Poppy s biggest heartbreak The adult version of Rosalyn is even enticing than before, and Poppy finds herself completely smittenagain Against her very own and everyone else s better judgment For Rosalyn isn t just the prodigal daughter coming home and settling back into small town life She s brought her big city smarts and attitude, and stirring up trouble in a parochial Welsh town where everyone knows and respects everyone else, and no one likes an outsider, especially a very English outsider, to butt into their small town business Poppy has to reconcile her physical attraction to and admiration for Rosalyn with her fierce love and loyalty to her town mates, some of whom Rosalyn may have labeled as stupid.I love the utterly charming depiction of the village of Wells and its inhabitants Snippets of Welsh, vivid descriptions of the countryside and local customs evoke images of an idyllic, blissful and laid back world No one embodies it than Poppy Jenkins Eternally cheerful, neighborly and always thinking the best of people, she doesn t have a mean bone in her body She s Miss Wells in the flesh Rosalyn, on the other hand, is all business and smarts Sharp and discerning even as a child, she doesn t suffer fools gladly The exact opposite of Poppy s trusting and open nature Despite or because of their differences, these two had been thick as thieves as teens The mystery of what drove them apart, and whether these opposite values and outlook in life will keep them apart for good is the main premise of the book.The book starts with a fairly common trope childhood heartbreak adult reunion And proceeds to trot out device after plot device e.g miscommunication, misunderstanding, wrong timing, wrong assumptions, Sam the boss to stretch the relationship conflict to improbable lengths and maximize the angst, which, btw, I m embarrased to say, worked exceedingly well on this jaded reader who should have known better than to be taken for a ride like thatagain and again I guess we can chuck it all up to the author s ability to put a spell on the said reader, though judging by the number of 5 star reviews, it seemed to have worked on others as well Even so, I did wonder at some point why no one seemed to use cellphones in Wells, especially Poppy Modern technology can be such a pesky inconvenience to plots sometimes Of course, the reason why I was so absorbed in the story was because the author crafted such beautiful, endearing characters that are so easy to fall in love with She s also really good in setting up atmosphere And then there is all of that unresolved angst between the two main characters as well as all that pent up sexual tension and frustration whenever their paths cross I also loved the humor This is a rom com first and foremost, and the author doesn t forget that But that doesn t stop her from giving us a good cry or two, which by itself would be worth several stars in my book, because I ve noticed, its gotten harder and harder to move this reader and those tissue box emptying books seem to be a thing of the past For me, the best takeaway from this book is Poppy s entire life plan view spoiler I m paraphrasing but basically it s What is the point of running the whole rat race just so you can get away to and eventually retire in an idyllic village when I can enjoy that idyllic finish now Everything I want is here hide spoiler

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    As someone that could not finish After Mrs Hamilton I was wary going into Poppy Jenkins I loved this book, though I simply loved it.Poppy Jenkins and Rosalyn Thorn you see what she did with her name there , as well as the rest of the cast, are really well defined and the characters are all so very likable The story captured the heart of a small town or village in this case with all of its charms and set backs And the story, overall, just seemed alive to me.Poppy Jenkins is about love lost and found again, in ways than one There are many moments where something was about to be said but wasn t which gave me frustration as a reader but also made the delivery of resolution all the satisfying There are a lot of touching moments throughout the story and many stand out in my head and will for some time.Really great read Recommend Yeah, Rosalyn Thorn is beautiful yet biting, prickly, and if you touch her you can get hurtthere s a reason for the name.

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    You don t forget your first, even if you tend to romanticize the hell out of it.Okay so this was my second read of the book which was my first ever lesfic read back in 2017 I inhaled the book in 6 hours and moved on to the Goodmans and then to other authors and Poppy Jenkins remained a book that opened the gates of lesbian literature for me with a very enjoyable read Now that I m a jaded reader, with well past my 300 lesfic books under my belt mark, I decided to give it a longer time to really immerse myself and see why everyone who is anyone on Goodreads and my good friend MJ swear by this book The Good oh the setting, the characters, Wales, the castle, the dog and everyone in this book is just so freaking cute It does make you relax, feel good, get a cup of tea You want to cuddle this book, it s so cute and fluffy Poppy Jenkins Yes, she s annoyingly good hud Yes, she s almost too sunny and too sugary to rot your teeth, but when it matters, she has a spine of steel and she stands up and is nobody s doormat and it s beautiful that this character is indeed such a joy The coming out struggles are presented with such poignancy, such ache and the repercussions that the closeted existence have caused for Rosalyn are so utterly devastating that they reverberate throughout the book The author skillfully shows how absolutely each life was marked by the fear of coming out and how families are almost torn apart by it Choosing courage over fear is very hard The Bad why did I think that this was a steamy book I guess because it was my first one and I have not yet read Diana Kane or Telanu or EJ Noyes Cause Poppy Jenkins is not a steamy book at all Did anyone else want to absolutely murder Dai or what Every time he went on his little crusade to defend the bullies simply because they were good ol boys I wanted to strangle him He s such an endearing character, made even charming by his rather delightfully enlightened views on homosexuality and women, yet he is such an oaf when it comes to seeing through the men who have been deliberately callous and cruel throughout the book On the same note why was there no comeuppance for the good ol boys Justice has not been served and I was left rather seething, as Rosalyn made every effort possible to unmask them only for them to walk away whistling almost The Special You don t forget your first, even if you tend to romanticize the hell out of it Which is my case It s a great book So well written and well edited It has its flaws, but it s my first so I ll always remember it very fondly.

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    I have words for this book, and they re words I ve seen in other reviews delightful, charming, pastoral, idyllic It s all of those things and This novel felt decidedly British to me, in the best possible way Clare Ashton is a master of bringing settings to life and, just as she made London spring off the page in That Certain Something, she does so again here with the small Welsh village of Wells It s a place full of quirky characters and memorable locations that form the color palette with which Ashton paints a sea of rolling green hills and sparkling personalities, the brightest of which is Poppy Jenkins herself.I ve often described my partner as the brightest spot of light in every room she enters because she is , and that s certainly true of Poppy, as well She s a character that, despite being in her 30s, is still something of an ing nue Her heart is as big as the world is small, and her guile iswell, missing and presumed dead But you don t make it to your 30s without picking up some baggage, and Poppy s baggage drives a black Jaguar.Enter Rosalyn Thorn who, despite the fact that we never see the story from her perspective, is still a well drawn and richly detailed character She is the little black dress to Poppy s worn overalls actually, a blue sundress, but whatever , but the fire and ice dynamic is far complex than that I never felt as though I were reading two archetypes here As sunny as Poppy may have been, as sleek and sophisticated as Rosalyn may have appeared, these were two deeply textured best friends who, through a series of unfortunate decisions, fell away from one another This is the story of how they build a path back, and it s a lovely, quaint tale that moves at a pace which suits its setting slow and gentle.If I have any complaint, it would be that the pace, slow as it is to begin with, seemed to drop off even further around the middle Additionally, there were a few too many miscommunications and interrupted declarations of varying kinds Poppy, I m crash knock etc , which I have absolutely no tolerance for, because I m an unforgiving hard ass The delayed gratification from such devices seemed a much smaller payoff than the direction the story might ve taken if those declarations had been made earlier and the remaining time spent building the present relationship.But I love this book The only books I keep on my Kindle are the ones I m reading and the ones I plan to read again Few books make that second category, but this is one of them This book is dappled sunlight on a babbling brook That s right, I just said that, and it s totally true.4.75 stars A delightful, charming, pastoral, idyllic novel in a living, breathing, and decidedly Welsh village Seriously, keep Google Translate s Welsh English up on your phone Also, sunny, babbling brooks and stuff.

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    , well done Ms.Ashton.What a beautiful read, what a book to spend my day off with accompanied by my favorite opera classic playlist Poppy Jenkins, what a lovable character, beware, she ll steal a piece of your heart and Rosalyn Thorn will steal another piece I hated Rosalyn at first, what she did to Poppy when they were in their teens was really unforgivable However, Ms.Ashton waved her magic fingers and changed my hatred to Team Rosalyn This is one of the best lesfic book ever, thank you to www.thelesbianreview.com for highly recommending this book and most of the lesfic that I have been reading these few weeks and also to the other goodreads reviewers.If I am not mistaken, this book cost about USD6, worth every dollar Does it sound weird that I plan to hug my Vader Jr aka Kindle when I sleep tonight because I am so totally in love with this book

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    Well crap Apparently I have a love of UK authors whose first names start with a C First Cari Hunter, now Clare AshtonNow I m officially spoiled for anything else Humph.

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Poppy Jenkins summary pdf Poppy Jenkins , summary chapter 2 Poppy Jenkins , sparknotes Poppy Jenkins , Poppy Jenkins 8d8b5ae Two Old Friends, One Hot Summer, A Whole Load Of Confusion Poppy Jenkins Makes Everyone Smile She S The Heart Of Wells, A Beautiful Village In Mid Wales, Leaving Light And Laughter In Her Wake She Has A Doting Family, An Errant Dog And A Little Sister With A Nose For Mischief But She S The Only Gay In The Village And It S A Long Time Since She Kissed A Girl The Chance Of Romance In Sleepy Wells Is Rarer Than A Barking Sheep If She Doesn T Think Too Hard, Life Is Cosy, Until A Smart Sports Car Barrels Into Town With The Last Woman Poppy Wants To See Behind The Wheel Beautiful Rosalyn Thorn Was Once Poppy S High School BFF Even Though She Was Trouble Then One Day She Abandoned Wells And Poppy Without Explanation Now The Highflier Is Back And Bound To Cause Fresh Havoc In The Village And With Poppy S Heart Folk Are Not Happy Wells Needs To Wake Up To The St Century And Rosalyn Can Help, But Old Prejudices Die Hard If They Can Be Friends It Could Be The Chance To Make Everyone S Happy Ever After Couldn T It

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  • 17 March 2018

About the Author: Clare Ashton

Clare Ashton is an award winning indie author of lesbian fiction and f f romances, with German translations of her work published by Ylva Publishing and Verlag Krug und Schadenberg.Her dark romance After Mrs Hamilton is a Golden Crown Literary Society Goldie award winner and her first foray into romantic comedy, That Certain Something, was a Goldie and Lambda Literary Award finalist Light roman