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    Few people, even those familiar with western America, will know the Salinan people They were among a considerable number of tribes that were forced to live at the California missions, forced to give up the old ways and adopt an alien lifestyle, including worshiping the invaders god Over time, the Indians living at the missions virtually lost their tribal identities and became simply Mission Indians.Anne Schroeder has written a thoughtful, wrenching story of Maria In s, raised in the Missions, devoted to her padres and their god Her only attachment to the old ways is the occasional appearance of a departed Grandmother, who counsels and comforts her The story of alienation and loss, experience by Indian tribes throughout early American history, is doubly tragic here since most Indian people who were forced to live at the Missions, like Maria In s, embraced the invaders culture without being accepted into that culture.Most Mission Indians were reasonably content with their lot until secularization under a newly independent Mexico changed everything Padres became parish priests, and mission lands were distributed and sold Maria and other Indians whose lives were intimately tied to their Mission, were adrift Bandits preyed on the helpless, and Maria sees her husband murdered In desperation, she gives up her son to be cared for by another woman.This is a well written story of love and loss A chronicle of a woman, strong in her devotion to family and to an alien god that seemed to have abandoned her Meticulously researched, a good read.

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    Ann Schroeder s latest novel, Maria In s, is rich in the history on one woman s quest for survival and of the Salinan people In 1818, Maria In s was born in the California s Mission San Miguel de Arc ngel Maria struggles with hostile transgressions to her faith, womanhood, and culture by the Mexican invaders, Readers follow Maria s life through harrowing and unconscionable trials as she strives to find her life and merely survive Marie Inez includes a glossary of Salinan words which were helpful and fun It is apparent Anne Schroeder s research was stellar, and her voice authentic Maria In s is a must read for those interested a rich early California history of Native peoples.

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    Maria Ines is a historical novel about a Salinan Mission Indian woman who fights to regain her family, her faith and her safety during the Time of the Troubles that follows the Spanish, Mexican and American conquests of her native California Her struggle is so heartfelt and vivid that we feel like we are there As the author, I worked with Salinan women to write the heartbreaking story of their ancestors The book is available in both hardcover and ebook.

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    As I read Mari Inez, the well researched details made the real world disappear My intrigue grew as the story of the Salinan people unfolded I was entranced by the glimpses of brutal history as Maria Inez struggled to survive It is obvious that dedicated research has made this a story rich in early California culture and language and the complications of life An enjoyable read and inspiration to all.

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    This book touched me because of the time period it covered, a time when the Spanish came to California and set up the mission system They brought in cattle that destroyed the local habitat, thereby forcing in the surrounding Yokut tribes in the cause of saving their souls, but turning them into slaves to perform the work of the missions Abused by the Spanish soldiers who left many of the women diseased, their treatment by the padres was only slightly better This was the world into which Maria In s was born In her lifetime she sees the change as Alta California changes from Spanish rule to Mexican rule, the missions desecularized, casting Spanish soldiers, Catholic priests and Yokuts into chaos Then, came the Americans after the Mexican American War Through it all, the Yokuts lost the most of all.I could tell quite a bit of research went into this book It covered so many of the dramatic changes that came to California during the 1800 s Also, the Yokut culture and beliefs were shared by the author in detail.Just as her parents sacrificed for her, Maria In s sacrifices for her son, once when he is quite young, and again when he is an adult and chooses to not acknowledge she is his mother because it is better to be Mexican than to be Indian.This book is very well written I couldn t put it down until I finished I highly recommend it to those who love historical fiction, especially anything doing with the history of California.

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    Maria Inez is a Salinan Indian woman born in the Mission San Miguel in 1818 Her people are live in laborers for the Mission s upkeep and grounds Very few people who live there, or visit, are compassionate towards them, including the Spanish, the Mexicans, and even other tribes Mostly they are looked down on and abused Some of the Padres try to intervene on their behalf, but most are ineffective in improving their lives, and yet many of the Indians love God and call out to Him for deliverance Anne Schroeder s writing is pure, simple and true, but the truth it holds is hard to read Even though this is a fictionalized account, Maria Inez s story socks you in the gut because this really happened during the settling of California when the Missions were built I was first introduced to Maria Inez in Anne s novel Cholama Moon, when Maria is older and no longer living at the Mission, but even with that insight to her later life, I still cried when I read her story Anne has done an excellent job researching the people and the history of the San Miguel Mission and the tribes of California s Central Coast It would make a great gift for anyone interested in California s Missions, and the history of the California Indian life and language Also this novel can be read by teens I personally would read Maria Inez first before Cholama Moon which is about the settlers who began ranching east of this area but either one can be read alone 5 stars

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    Maria Ines, by author Anne Schroeder, is a gripping novel set in the first half of the 19th century The reader follows the life of little Maria Ines from infancy to age ten, when she is taken from her mother to grow up in a monijerio then into adulthood where she is in a continuous struggle to survive This is a well researched tale about the Salinan Indian experience during a time when missions were being destroyed, the gold rush was starting and California was on a path towards statehood The landscape, characters and manners of speech drew me right into the center of almost incomprehensible changes the Salinan indians are facing The time period, the variety of characters, and the landscape demonstrates both Schroeder s research and her skill for turning a history lesson into a great read I thought I knew the history of the mission life during this era but I was wrong And while I waited and wished for deeper characters I came away with a new interest in and respect for the native american trials and struggles in California Although not labeled a Young Adult novel, I would eagerly recommend it to any young woman for pleasure reading or to enhance any studies of pioneer life she might be doing in school.

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    To read the story of Maria Ines is to find yourself transported two centuries back in American history by Anne Schroeder s skillful use of authentic, impeccably researched detail and her exquisite empathy for the Indian people You ll share the heartache of a proud culture caught in the power struggle between Mexico and Spain over the land that would become California You ll feel the pain of each generation that tries to preserve beliefs and customs in the face of hardship and oppression And you ll see how hope still manages to blossom like a cactus flower in a harsh environment A moving must read for fans of the Old West and of Native Americans legendary history.

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    Beautifully written and researched Great for anyone who loves history.

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Maria Ines download Maria Ines , read online Maria Ines , kindle ebook Maria Ines , Maria Ines 33aae56124b0 An Indian Girl Born Under Padre Serra S Cross At Mission San Miguel De Arcangel Witnesses The Political Intrigue And Greed Of Spanish, Mexican And Yanqui Invaders Who Plunder California, Destroying Everything She Loves A Refugee In Her Own Land During The Time Of The Troubles, Maria Ines Struggles To Survive While She Reclaims Her Family, Her Faith And Her Ancestral Identity A Moving Must Read For Fans Of The Old West And Of Native Americans Legendary History