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    I won this book in a giveaway and here is my honest review I decided to leave my reading comfort zone of YA Thriller Suspense etc and enter the Sci fi genre after being away for a few years Oh how I wish someone had stopped me From the very first page it was as if I stepped into Stephen Kings Under the Dome book Makes one wonder which author wrote about the dome first hmmmmThe story drags on and on at a slow pace The characters are whiny and I couldn t connect with them at all.I am happy to report that I am leaving Sci fi and returning to my comfort zone

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    2017 grade A A very good hard SciFi novel with good world building, character building, and story telling Manhattan is extracted like a tooth by a large alien ship and taken aboard Can the residents figure out what is going on and save themselves and everyone else I could have used a little wind down at the end and a little less of the fanatic preacher but I m only being nit picky The opening chapter s of the extraction can seem long and a bit gory but most of the characters are being introduced and it gets a lot better after that.The novel was pretty fast reading and hard to put down I learned about this one through a suggestion by Goodreads.

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    What a cool sci fi book a quick read that I could hardly put down Plenty of twists Stith gives humans a lot of credit for ingenuityperhaps too much at times, but it really helps the story along I subtracted a star for the ill considered insertion of a religious wacko stereotype It was quite obvious that the author had absolutely no sympathy for this character, which made him seem lifeless and robotic a hopeless token in an otherwise exciting book.

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    Wow This is hard SF the way it should be written I m going to be extra careful not to add any spoilers, because this book is actually worth reading unspoiled A lot of the surprises had me genuinely surprised.What I liked in this book that so much other SF does badly We meet a team of people that actually works as a team to solve problems There s no drama or tension or other extreme emotions on display They know people are counting on them to do their job and they do it What a concept A lot of SF is about the social consequences of certain inventions or perceived problems of the present are magnified in a future setting Once in a while that can make for an interesting story, although it usually reads as a social manifesto i.e We have to stop Global Warming or we ll all have to live on rafts in the future But in this novel, science and the scientific method of trying stuff out plays an integral part in everything that happens These people use believable science and common sense i.e logic to figure things out and solve their problems I ve read a lot of SF from the bad old days when speed and wordcount were very important to a lot of writers Stories written like that often read like the writer began with an interesting premise and just started to write Inevitably, he then ended up writing himself in a corner where only an unbelievable coincidence or a supernaturally capable scientist could get the story back on track Such stories often end rather suddenly and have a bit of a deus ex machina feel to the ending I found none of that in this novel The ending was very satisfying and believable.No book is perfect, of course, but if the story sucks me in, I barely notice the problems The only problem I remember noticing was that the guy who lost one of his hands at the start of the book died resting his head in his hands I m not sure whether the writer missed that one or I just overlooked the guy getting a prosthetic or something, but that was pretty weird.

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    As a lifelong fan of SciFi this book delivers everything a good science fiction story should.Combining alien invasion with apocalyptic survival dependent on engineering skills, with enough characterization to support the story line.A thoroughly enjoyable read.

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    Terrible writting I don t think I will ever again read this author.

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    John Stith s Manhattan Transfer was first published in 1993 and has been reissued this year by ReAnimus Press My copy was a free copy for review on Goodreads The basic plot is fairly straightforward Manhattan is abducted by aliens and those living in Manhattan decide to do something about it Or, as the jacket says, Aliens just kidnapped Manhattan They messed with the wrong city.Stith s take on this is pretty straight up if not downright overly technical Consequently, the book seems to plod along until about the two thirds way point when it picks up speed and begins to move along with some excitement The twists and turns are coming fast and furious providing some pace, but often with such speed that development of plot or character that would explain the events is lost.Probably not on my top 10 list of what I would like to see brought back into print, but ReAnimus Press should be applauded for bringing back into print older sci fi.

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    Manhattan transfert est un roman de John Edward Stith qui part de pr misses patantes En effet, dans ce r cit largement inspir par l antique quatri me dimension, Manhattan se retrouve emport de la surface de la Terre par d tranges extraterrestres une fois le transfert effectu , plus de communication entre l le et le reste de la terre, un sol d sesp r ment plat, une bulle entourant ce quartier, sont tout ce que les new yorkais voient de leur environnement Bref, a part tr s bien Pour tre franc, le tout d but est sans doute la partie la plus authentiquement jouissive du r cit, rappelant par certains c t s le m pris affich par les extra terrestres de Mars Attacks Cependant, rapidement, on change de style pour aborder les rivages d une survie d un groupe humain dans un environnement pas forc ment convivial, mais en fait plut t Et l , les d fauts commencent arriver, d abord sous la forme de personnages plus beaux que nature un colonel de l arm e capable d improviser peu pr s n importe quel plan en deux battements de cils, son ancien lieutenant, devenu chef des services techniques de New York lesquels services sont prodigieusement quip s , et d autres encore, dignes d un superman la manque, et sans doute repr sentatifs d une Am rique urbaine et encore, j esp re que non, parce que dans ce cas, le miroir tendu donne de la mari e un portrait assez laid Ces d fauts se concr tisent ensuite dans un environnement plus hostile dans Manhattan qu en dehors, quoique cette esp ce de mati re m lasso de ait sans doute un sens cach Et ils se concr tisent enfin dans les rebondissement, souvent tir s du chapeau d une esp ce de David Copperfield la manque, qui ne sait mon sens pas trop o il va Ce c t approximatif de l intrigue devient, fort logiquement, de plus en plus visible, pour tre une g ne partir de la rencontre entre les humains et les extra terrestres Car bien videment, les extra terrestres sont l , et ils sont rudement laids, m me s ils ne sont pas aussi m chants qu on pourrait le craindre Et une fois mis en contact avec nos gentils h ros, ils se laisseront manipuler comme les enfants qu ils ne peuvent qu tre face la subtilit d habiles n gociateurs, prompts balancer le vaisseau spatial dans lequel ils sont droit dans le soleil en d truisant au passage toutes les esp ces extra terrestres h berg es Quand enfin il est question de faire des manoeuvres dignes d une guerre des toiles la manque, alors l , plus de doute, ce roman peut tre qualifi de m diocre, malgr certaines excellentes id es du d but Et je remercie malgr tout Bernard pour m avoir conseill cet achat je le dis avec d autant moins de g ne que c est un change fait chez une bouquiniste ce bouquin contre les h raults de Valdemar Malgr tout le mal que je peux en dire, il vaut mieux que ces histoires zoophilo SM.

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    Won this novel in a Goodreads give away I am a sucker for science fiction stories that are not overly complicated This offering fit the bill Great story and plot kept me reading non stop My only problem was that the characters were a little bit too ordinary and cookie cutter Other than that, a very good read.

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    I purchased a copy of this book after another reviewer at wrote that my own novel was reminiscent of it The story is a survivalist tale of Manhattanites who are whisked away from earth underneath a plastic dome and to a vast alien space ship, where they find the same has happened to many other cultures from various planets.The story centers on former military man Matt Sheehey, who leads a group of engineers and scientists working to figure out the problem They make contact with several of the other bubble cities and their unusual inhabitants, many of whom they cannot communicate with The fear is that they might be part of an intergalactic zoo exhibit or worse, the sole survivors of planets due for destruction.The action unfolds a little too leisurely at times, especially when Stith shifts back and forth between what is happening with Sheehan and his investigative team and what is going on back in Manhattan It is the former scenes that left me on the edge of my seat.Another intriguing aspect is the encounters between earthlings and others and how they must learn to communicate At times Stith s technical descriptions are convoluted, which tempts the reader to skim over some of the narrative For once, we find an alien race that breaks the stereotypical mode of earth invaders who are lecturing do gooders and who are given an atypical appearance compared to what is found in most sci fi fare However, the conclusion serves up a smooth twist that I never saw coming and is not some logic defying ending pulled out of thin air It is a well thought out piece of cloth that may not provide full closure, but leaves the reader satisfied While I haven t read any of Stith s other works, and this won t make me rush out and by them, Manhattan Transfer is a likeable enough story and earns three and a half out of five stars.

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  • Paperback
  • 326 pages
  • Manhattan Transfer
  • John E. Stith
  • 11 October 2017
  • 9780967298429

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