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Rewind (Rewind #1) explained Rewind (Rewind #1) , review Rewind (Rewind #1) , trailer Rewind (Rewind #1) , box office Rewind (Rewind #1) , analysis Rewind (Rewind #1) , Rewind (Rewind #1) b3fd Sixteen Year Old Alex Is A Spinner She Has The Ability To Rewind Time To Review Past Events Hated And Feared Because Of Their Ability To Find The Truth, The Small Population Of Spinners Is Restricted To Centers Compounds Created To House And Protect Them Alex S Society Uses The Spinners Skills To Solve Major Crimes, But Messing With Time Comes With Consequences No Spinner Lives Past The Age Of Twenty At Sixteen, Alex Is In Her Prime Until Time Sickness Strikes Early When She Is Offered An Experimental Treatment, Alex Sees A Future For Herself For The First Time But The Promising Medication Offers Than Just A Cure It Also Brings With It Dire Consequences

  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Rewind (Rewind #1)
  • Carolyn O'Doherty
  • English
  • 05 November 2018

About the Author: Carolyn O'Doherty

Carolyn O Doherty lives and works in Portland, OR, where, most disappointingly, time moves only at a very predictable pace When not writing, she uses her free time to develop affordable housing Carolyn earned degrees in both psychology and urban planning so she figured the best possible use of an expertise in both people and places was to make up entirely new ones Rewind is her debut novel.

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    ARC provided by the publisherAlex has the ability to rewind and freeze time There are a few children like her, but the public fears them, and they are raised in a group home and trained to help solve crimes Alex works with Mr Ross, going to crime scenes and rewinding time until she can see what happened When the two work on a bomb incident, they manage to get the bombed diffused and identify the bomber who is found dead soon after Alex has a bout of time sickness, which worries her Few spinners live past the age of 18, despite the drugs that are available to manage their chronitin levels, and Alex has see too many deaths to think she will be exempt Ross thinks that she should try a drug trial, and there are lots of things that are irregular about the treatment she has been receiving and how she feels on the different drugs There are also some problems within the police force, and these become complicated as well Can Alec survive long enough to both solve the crimes and save herself Strengths While the sci fi time freezing element of this was interesting to me, the thing that my students will like is the murder mystery aspect of this Well done, and nothing too gruesome for a 6th grader, which I appreciate Plenty of action and adventure, and some good relationships as well Weaknesses I kept thinking that at any moment something NOT appropriate for a younger reader would happen, so I was kept on the seat of my chair as much by that as by the suspenseful plot What I really think Definitely purchasing and adding to my list of Ferguson s The Christopher Killer, Giles Fake I.D., Morgenrother s Jude and Sorrels First Shot as good MURDER mysteries that are also appropriate for eleven year olds.

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    This was not the non stop heart pounding adventure that I had anticipated based on the synopsis However, in this instance, I think it only added to the story and really set up a series that has a lot of interesting potential I won t give you a second synopsis of the book because O Doherty did a great job of snapshotting the premise I will say that Alex was an incredibly likable and endearing character and I m excited to see how she grows and faces the interesting challenges that this story has set up She s charming, innocent if not at times naive the way most 16 year olds are while also being incredibly strong willed, and a genuinely good person grappling with choices any human being would struggle with.The twists and turns felt, in the end, fairly predictable but I thoroughly enjoyed them none the less I d love to see a lot character development for Ross in future books This is not a spoiler it is information given freely when we first meet the character Carson Ross in the first chapter or two of the book How did he grow to make the choices he did Was he this way before Sal s death I d also like some development of his relationship with Sal and how that appears to be a pivotal event that set in motion this story I really enjoyed O Doherty s use of time in this story as well and I look forward to seeing it in the next book Time was often written as if it were a living thing, a secondary character that you forgot about until the most pivotal moment.All in all, while this is a young adult book it did not waste time on a frivolous romance or the angsty thoughts that many YA books dwell on O Doherty created an incredibly unique and complex storyline that I think anyone would enjoy It was an easy and fun read with a lot of promise.

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    I loved it It s beautifully written and a real page turner Each chapter ends with a cliff hanger and I could hardly wait to see what happens next A lot happens This is the story of Alex, a 16 year old girl with a rare gift she can stop time and then rewind it to reveal events in the past Her ability is such a boon to the Portland police department that Alex lives in the city s Crime Investigation Center So do other teens who help the police solve crimes by freezing and rewinding time But while Alex cherishes her relationships with the folks at the Center and the police force, she slowly realizes that many of the people she trusts and admires are in fact her enemies and that her very life is in danger.Mixing heart racing episodes with tender passages for a sweet romance runs through the story the book is hard to put down At the end you realize that the title refers not only to the kids ability to rewind time but also their need to reexamine nearly everything they had believed about the people around them, both good and bad.

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    I wanted to dislike this so badly going into it, but it was lowkey kind of a good read Don t get me wrong, this kind of reads like a dusty paperback you would find on a high school bookshelf, but I m not mad about it I thought the plot was interesting, if not a little predictable, and that Alex was a great character to view the story through I think the relationship between her and Ross was super interesting and the view spoiler power imbalance between them was built up very smoothly hide spoiler

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    2.5 starsMaximum Ride meets Divergent meets Michael Vey Kids with extra special powers who are feared but used and controlled by their crafty, conniving captors but said kids don t realize they re being manipulated and used despite basically living in a prison with zero personal freedom Oh, and there s the small matter that they die young too until

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    In her debut novel, Carolyn O Doherty has created a fascinating world where time isn t as set as we believe REWIND is a solid YA science fiction with a heavy dash of suspense that will keep readers on the edge of their seat.Alex Manning was born with a rare gift Known as a spinner, she can freeze and rewind time She and others like her are feared and hated in equal measure for their abilities Tested at birth, spinners are taken from their parents as infants and raised in secure Centers, where they can be monitored and tested The only time they re let out, is to work with law enforcement to rewind crimes.Each spinner is paired with an officer and Alex hit the jackpot with Agent Ross He values her skills and treats her like a real partner His real goal is to hunt down a prolific and dangerous killer who has managed to evade capture for years It s a case that will take time Time that Alex doesn t have, since no spinner lives past the age of 20 Ever.When Agent Ross offers Alex a chance for experimental medication, she suddenly sees a possible future for herself But when this new treatment produces a side effect in her abilities that would terrify the public and put all spinners at risk, Alex has to ask herself if it s worth the risk.Within the first chapter, O Doherty skillfully shows us what life as a spinner is like She takes us through a rewind She lets us see how people treat Alex, and how different Agent Ross is in that regard We learn that spinners are leashed and that controlling time has side effects It s a concise and important introduction that allows the reader to fall completely into the story immediately While there is a lot of information, it is written into the story fluidly, so it doesn t feel overwhelming or take away from the reading.Even though Alex is a spinner with abilities we don t actually have, she feels very real as a teenager Her reactions, thought processes and decisions all feel normal and within the spectrum of how a teenager would behave I really liked that she felt like a 16 year old It makes her character relatable and realistic Which makes this an excellent coming of age story Alex has to face situations and unravel some difficult truths about people she trusts Her choices propel her forward and change her, taking away some of the innocence and naivety of childhood She has to put her own thoughts, feelings and desires behind her in order to move forward.I love the blend of science fiction but with the fast pace and suspense of a thriller The ideas and world building are easy to grasp and understand, making this very approachable science fiction However, there is a very sinister undertone throughout the book, not just in the plot twists, but in how society treats these kids in general Which makes it read like a dystopian, but instead of some distant future, we re in an alternate present reality This merging of genres works really well, making for a highly entertaining read.Outside of Alex, the entire cast of characters are complex and believable We see a wide range of personalities in the kids and the adults around them We also see a broad spectrum of reactions to the kids themselves, which feel depressingly real I really enjoyed that while there are definite bad guys presented, O Doherty wasn t afraid to offer an exploration of the murkier grey area where good people make bad choices.REWIND is the first in a series ending in a bit of a cliffhanger I m very anxious to read the next book to see where Alex, Agent Jones and Dr Barnard go next The ending is satisfying with enough room to explore both the plot and deeper societal world building O Doherty has created an interesting world with a cast of compelling characters This is an imaginative debut that is solidly entertaining, and will find an audience within a wide range of readers.Reviewed by Jena Brown

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    I enjoyed the book, but scored it lower because of its ending It s an interesting premise, the ability to stop time for everyone except yourself, that s been used a number of times throughout the science fiction genre Personally, John D MacDonald s The Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything makes better use of the conceit The book and the characters were well written, although the secondary ones could have been a little fully developed It was a quick, engaging read.My problem lies with the ending, which really isn t The book ends with no resolution for anything There are multiple storylines that have no finish, characters abruptly stopped in mid action It s obviously intended as a series, but there is no conclusion reached in the final pages While not a cliffhanger in the traditional sense, the reader is left wondering why the next chapter isn t in the book.

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    Things are not going to be OK Time, that invisible essence I control with a twist of my mind, always takes its revenge. A very small part of the population can be identified as spinners, people with the ability to freeze and even rewind time Feared and often seen as abominations, spinners are locked away at birth and raised in group homes, only allowed out to help solve local crimes For sixteen year old Alex, it means that her life has a meaning, no matter how small She loves solving crimes, and is pleasantly surprised with her police partner, Agent Ross Ross respects Alex s abilities and values her opinions, leading her to want to help him solve his biggest case ever The only problem is that for all the spinning she can do, Alex has no time no spinner ever lives past the age of twenty With her clock clicking down, Alex agrees to secretly take part in a new drug trial that might lengthen her life But the new drug has scary side effects, spurring Alex to uncover secrets that she never would have thought possible Rewind is a short, fast read that has a strong and interesting basis I have a thing for supernatural type mysteries psychics, superheroes, and what have you are my dream and I really thought that I was going to love Rewind. It wasn t necessarily a bad book, but for me, I feel it was rather forgettable and had its own share of problems, so I m giving it 2.5 stars.I guess the number one problem I had with this book is that there was nothing that really stood out for me Alex and her supporting cast are extremely average. The ability to freeze and rewind time was pretty cool, and its application as a crime solving tool was unique, but for some reason it didn t fully feel realistic to me Not that time controlling people are realistic at all, but the explanation behind the whole things feels very shallow and simplistic, and I m not sure it worked the way the author intended it to.I consider this book thriller than mystery, as I don t really care what Alex and Ross were searching for Alex s realizations about what was going on around her were much interesting, and even that struggled to truly hold my attention All of the bad guys are pretty obvious from the start, so it really lacks any tension in terms of a mystery.Excluding the unnecessary love triangle, I honestly can t say that I remember much of what happened in the book, and I blew right through it not that long ago Unfortunately, I felt like much of it was unmemorable, and it s likely that I ll forget that I even read Rewind in the first place.Combined with the rushed ending, Rewind left me wanting Honestly, I m not sure if this is a series that I ll be continuing with For me, this book was simply average at best, and I think I just expected too much out of it For those that like the time sensitive, mystery thriller atmosphere, I d suggest Night Speed, which seemed to be much action packed, in my humble opinion.

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    Rewind is Ms O Doherty s debut novel It is a sci fi story set in what seems to be current time or perhaps a bit in the future The main character, Alexander Manning, is a spinner That is the name they give to children born with the ability to control time Alex, as she is called, works with Agent Carson Ross Most spinners work with an agent, such as Ross, to rewind and freeze time helping the police catch the criminals or in this first case Alex is on in the book, she rewinds time to allow the bomb squad time to locate the hidden bomb Spinners are kept on a leash which is taken off only when they are with the police officer and are being allowed to control time Since most people are afraid of what spinners can do, they are kept in the center where they are trained in their skills and monitored by Dr Barnard and his staff In addition to being locked away, they are kept there to be medicated Dr Barnard medicates them to keep their Chronotin levels in check Chronotin is the enzyme which spinners are born with that allows them to control time Dr Barnard regulates their Chronotin levels with medication called Aclisote When spinners get older, about 18 or so, they often get time sick When this happens, death is typical within a year or so Once they get time sick, they are no longer able to work with the police, they tend to hallucinate, and other symptoms take over In this story, Alex, Agent Ross, and her fellow spinner friends learn that Dr Barnard might not be as good and helpful to spinners as they were led to believe Is Aclisote really helping them keep their Chronotin levels in line Are high Chronotin levels really the cause of time sickness Why do no spinners live past the age of 20 Are Alex and her friends safe at the center or would they be safer away from the center and Dr Barnard Would society be safe with them not on their leashes I really enjoyed this story and hope this is only the first book in the Rewind series There is a lot of potential to have at lease one or two stories about the spinners and how they adjust to life outside the center, if there is life outside the center The character development was very detailed giving the reader a nice connection with the main characters I want to know what happens to Alex, KJ, Agent Ross and the others Is Dr Barnard evil, is he doing what he feels is best for society, is he killing the spinners This book is indicated as a teen YA book The main characters are all teenagers, so I tend to agree with this age grouping Pre teens might enjoy this also There is nothing graphic and there is no sexual content.

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    Alex is a spinner, one of the few people in the world born with the ability to rewind time There are many rumors surrounding spinners, so they are immediately made wards of the state as soon as they are discovered to have the ability, closely watched, and trained to use their powers for good And they inevitably die in their teens Alex has been recruited to use her spinning ability for the police She s had a couple of police partners who treated her like she had the plague, but her latest partner, Ross, treats Alex like a human and together they are hot on the trail of a serial killer Alex hopes that before time sickness claims her she can make her mark on the world by helping catch Sikes with Ross But there are secrets that Ross is keeping about the case and that the center who cares for the spinners is keeping from the spinners And Alex and others will soon realize that these secrets could be very deadly.Kasie West s Pivot Point is one of the most checked out books in our library, so I m always on the lookout for something I can recommend those readers to try next I thought the premise of this one sounded similar enough it might interest those readers It is decidedly different the main character in Pivot Point can see futures based on choices, spinners can only rewind or freeze time But I do think it will appeal to those readers It will also appeal to those who like twisty mystery thrillers and stories about teens with special powers There is not a whole lot of resolution at the end of this one just the unveiling of deep secrets so if you can t stand staying on a cliffhanger for a while, you might want to wait and read this one closer to the release date of the next book Notes on content If there was swearing, it was just one or two minor swears I don t remember any No sexual content beyond some kissing Alex and Ross are investigating murders, so there are a few murders on page described a bit There s also a beating and a bad car accident with some blood and wounds described.

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