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Captive (Beautiful Monsters, #1) summary Captive (Beautiful Monsters, #1) , series Captive (Beautiful Monsters, #1) , book Captive (Beautiful Monsters, #1) , pdf Captive (Beautiful Monsters, #1) , Captive (Beautiful Monsters, #1) 13173fb800 Matthew Callahan Has Spent Seven Years Struggling Against The Insatiable Hunger For Blood Consuming Him Unable To Stop The Vampire Inside From Preying On Humans, He Keeps Himself Confined To A Lonely Existence Everything Changes The Night He Is Lured Into A Trap And Taken Prisoner By High Lord General Tarrick A Seductive Incubus Who Feeds Off Sexual Energy Forced Into The Middle Of A War Between Vampires And Incubi, Matthew Is Used As A Weapon Against His Own Kind Although He S Desperate For Freedom, He Is Unable To Deny The Burning Desire Drawing Him To The Incubus General He Now Calls Master This Book Is Intended For Mature Audiences

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    This was SO addictive I don t think it is for all audiences, but I ll give all the warnings when I talk about the book in my Youtube Channel What I loved THE ACTION, it was on point The final battle had me literally shaking with fear and excitement no but really, I was shaking.

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    buddy read with Lo

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    4.5 StarsDamn I can t believe I enjoyed it that much It s been a while since I read a fantasy book Yes, I had had read a vampiry book recently months ago but a story with vampires, damons, witches, shapeshifters I can t even remember when was my last fantasy book I loved this one I was hooked from the first chapter and with each chapter it got better I loved Matthew so much he was brave, smart, curious, caring and I hated Tarrick At first I had a mild hatred for him but chapter by chapter my hatred increased He doesn t deserve Matthew I know he had reasons for what he did to Matthew but still I can t accept them I hope Matthew choose someone better than Tarrick, someone who really care for him and deserve his love and someone who chose something other than torturing as a help to him maybe if there was Tarrick s POV I could have understood him I hope I like him in book two Told in single POV, 3rd person It was well written and a bit slow but I didn t mind it It s the first installment in the Beautiful Monsters series and it s cliffy but not a huge one Overall, loved it and hope you enjoy it as well Onto the second book

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    Suddenly, I m transported to an alternative universe where vampires, incubi, demons, gargoyles and uncountable supernatural species exist Or may be not We still don t know if they don t exist for real or not So let me tell you one thing, this is not a romance novel It might seem it is but it really is not For all to start, there s only one MC here, Matthew, the creature of both a vampire and an incubus And this is about him and how he became what he is Matthew, a 7 years old vampire, who died for the first time when he was 32 Abandoned by his sire, he s been on his own for 7 lone years One day, he was attracted by an unusual thumping sensation and he was drawn to it like a moth to a flame Little did he knew, he fell to the grasp of Tarrick, the high lord general of Incubi, and became a slave And thus his story began Along his journey as a slave and a prisoner of Incubi, he learnt that he s not only a vampire but also a born incubus He doesn t wanna kneel in front of anyone but Tarrick broke him slowly and deceptively He s in a dilemma, does he belong to vampires or incubi Whom should he pledge his fidelity to And while Matthew is being very careful not to fall for handsome, irresistible General Tarrick, he belatedly realized that he s already hopelessly fallen in love with Tarrick While he once wanted than anything to kill and destroy Tarrick, the man who broke his body and his soul, now he d do anything and I mean anything to please and pleasure his lover But his endeavor and loyalty were not appreciated and the High King of Incubi decided that he shouldn t be than just a tool in the centuries long war of vampires and incubi And to worsen his misery, he realized that Tarrick never cared for him and manipulated him all along to achieve what he wanted Broken, abandoned, lonely and miserable How is Matthew going to survive and overcome everything I love Matthew obviously His character is really fascinating and mysterious There s so much mystery about his past and how he became what he is to be A true creature of enigma and puzzlement And his mind is always in a battle of being a vampire and an incubus Despite being a vampire, he doesn t enjoy kill and he s afraid of the monster that he has become While, I m not a big fan of how he got cheated, played and manipulated by those goddamn Incubi, I m proud of the man Matthew has become He was just a man who wanted someone and a society to belong to He has a long journey ahead and I can t wait to read of his adventures And surprise, surprise, surprise, that bastard Tarrick, I wanna flay him alive and kick him in the nuts How could he break my poor Matthew s heart After everything he has done for him and saved his sorry ass Grrrrghhhhhhh So frustrating And so many interesting side characters I m especially intrigued by Lady Rosaline I can t wait to read about her in the next issues in the series This was a very enjoyable read There were occasional MF scenes in the book but I didn t mind since they were super erotic And although this is particularly not about romance, you are in for a treat of those delicious erotic smut since those Incubi rut like mad Love it Favorite excerpts from the novel They fought They screamed They begged They died And he loved it And he hated himself for loving it.He was made to be a conqueror, he could feel it in his bones, and one day they would all see it when he forced them all to their knees before him I know my position might seem harsh, but always remember that even I have people I kneel before and must give my allegiance to Collar or no, we all have our masters One day, that would be different for Matthew One day, others would kneel before him Because love is the easiest way to control someone and I needed a way to control you 4.5 super sexy wings and tails and horns and fangs stars

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    4,25 STARSWow this book This story Jex Lane created such a unique and fantastic world with vampires, incubi, witches and so many scary creatures And all together gave us a great story I ve started this book right before going to sleep Wrong choice I just couldn t go to sleep until I finished it, at 5 AM And now I m at work, exhausted but I m still thinking about this story That s how much I enjoyed it I ll start by saying I m NOT a fan of fantasy But I ve read some stories with vampires and I absolutely loved The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R Ward Actually my first MM book was Lover at Last I was SO hooked Then I read MM and later I discovered I don t ever want to stop Now I d really want to stick to only MM.Back to this book As I was saying I really don t like fantasy or paranormal, but I grabbed this one because it was free on and I checked it on GR and saw all the high ratings for all the books in this series and so many of my friends loved it While scrolling through my MM books to read on my Kindle, something about the title and the cover made me open it Well let me just tell you how sucked into the story I got I kept reading and reading and I just couldn t put it down This author s writing is very captivating to say the least Vampire Matthew is captured by incubus Tarrick The General Tarrick reveals many things Matthew didn t even know about himself There is a war between their kind and Matthew is forced to help those who kept him captive But he falls desperately in love with Tarrick This would be all I can reveal, because what happens in this book should be discovered by every reader on his own I hate spoilers and I m glad I haven t stumbled upon any before starting it What I loved here would be the uniqueness of the story, the flow and lightness of the reading, the suspense and also the unexpected hotness Oh and there are SO many hot scenes The incubi feed on sexual energy and they could also enchant others to fall for them or even do anything they want Scary, right What I really didn t like would be the ending Tarrick disappointed me big time Oh and all that sleeping around with females too put me off It s not something I expected to find here I was even considering giving it less stars, but I was too glued to the pages and awed by the unique world this author created So I m sticking with 4 stars.We get a lot of fighting, blood, but also super hot scenes I would have loved for Tarrick not to break Matthew s and my heart, but I hope he ll redeem himself in the next books Off I go, jumping into the next one

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    Not so bad, I guess Usually my gut is right Usually However, deciding to go against my already decision to read the book wasn t really a mistake as I had already shelved this book as a checked won t read book This is a first, I believe First that I actually enjoyed somewhat after going back on my decision Also, I thought this series was YA O Boy was I wrong The book centers around vampire Matthew Callahan 39, turns 40, though changed at 32 struggles with his need to feed on humans For seven years, he s been keeping to himself, all alone, until one night, he is lured into a trap and taken prisoner by High Lord General Tarrick thousand years old who is a seductive incubus who feeds off sexual energy He is then forced to called Tarrick his master and trained to become a weapon as Matthew is not only a vampire, he s also an incubus This makes him dangerous, powerful and he can help stop the war between vampires and incubus Matthew is determent to get free, but first he needs to learn everything he can I have been fighting vampires for nearly a millennium I have every possible means to kill a vampire at my disposal, but I have yet to decide which way your death would please me most A sinful smile crossed the man s face and it was Matthew s turn to be stunned Just how old was he Had he been fighting vampires for his entire life If so, that placed him at nearly a thousand.Suddenly thirty nine didn t seem so old Matthew stopped aging the night he had been turned and wondered if other vampires counted their human years in their age If not, he was seven No wonder the man had been so shocked Matthew could break away from whatever he had been doing to him. Overall, I m surprised that I actually liked it Sure, I didn t love it, far from it, but the plot was interesting and the characters had some potential I like Matthew to a degree, but I still struggled with Tarrick He is a cruel man, and not in a hot way, and I also found him weak as a person Not my type Story wise, I liked that the timeline is for a period of time months at least However, the story was also predictable, and I wanted from it Also, I do hope that if there ever comes a time when Matthew gets together with for example Tarrick for real like as a couple, they will be monogamous I m not all that into having multiple lovers I into power couples On to the next one I guess A slave to his hunger, he was still unable to sate his thirst The first year had been terrible for him and he d taken a life nearly every night.All it took was for a human to pass too close to him and his world would melt into the wonderful fragrance of blood the flow of it pumping through their veins the thud of their heartbeat Whenever he d hunted, Matthew would silently beg for his prey to escape, but they never got away from him By the time a human realized what he was and understood the danger they were in it was too late.They fought.They screamed.They begged.They died.And he loved it.And he hated himself for loving it. Other characters view spoiler I ve put these in a spoilers tag simply because it s a long list contains spoilers Silva sixty three years old, though she looked as if she was in her mid twenties , lieutenant Cullip, commander His team is called the Wardens They re Tarrick s personal bodyguards and the highest ranking hunters currently at Ashwood Ashwood is both the estate and academy Lady Rosaline, a succubi Emilia, vampire with the rare ability to give humans nightmares while they sleep Stolus, her defiant protector vampire Both in cages by the incubus Emilia and Stolus is Lord Ascelina s kids High King Malarath, has ruled longer than Tarrick been alive There are other kings and queens all over the world but they all kneel to him Lillian Lily Callahan 18 , as her father is incubus, she is then a succubus Her mother, Alyssa Callahan, died two years ago because of a rare brain cancer Lily is staying with Lord Teleclus twenty five hundred , a friend of Tarrick He lives in a safe territory on the east coast that rarely sees vampires He s older than Tarrick, a retired Spartan warrior actually, but he ll fight if he has to He s powerful and can protect her Lord Tane, an incubus and Tarrick s son Tarquin, Tarrick s eldest son He was a general in his own right, favored to replace Tarrick should he ever fall He had the near impossible task of trying to fight the vampires in Russia Tarrick has six children that still live five males, one girl Talena Lena , the daughter Tarrick has lost eleven children as he raise warriors and it has been a long war Lady Dennith nearly eight hundred , an incubi and she is Tarrick s right hand She fights as Tarrick s eyes and ears in battles and if he fall, she becomes the temporary High General until a new one is promoted Lord Vassu just over three hundred , an incubi and he is one of Tarrick s best warriors and usually fights in vampire territory According to hunter gossip, he had recently gone through his third transformation He had come out the other side of it as one of the biggest incubi around Fendrel, the knight hunter as Matthew calls him, he s a special brand of hunter that specialized in taking down different monsters besides vampires a dragon slayer However, because dragons were sleeping and rarely woke, he was sent to join just about any fight happening Some cadets had told Matthew that Fendrel was once a true knight during the middle ages, but Matthew was skeptical about that Hiroto of HouseK ki looked 18 , commander and hunter view spoiler He s called a kitsune A fox spirit He s also older than Tarrick hide spoiler

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    This book was beyond amazing, I was transported to another universe and I do not want to leave It reminds me of the feeling I had when readingCaptive Prince, the character felt alive and I just wanted to know about them You ll think with a book with sucubbus, incubbus and vampires it would be a sex galore but it wasn t, sex played a part of it but did not completely overshadow it as it usually does with books like these My friend Shin recommended this,this goes to show you how brilliant she is because this is earning a spot amongst my favs.

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    3.5 Monsters yes Beautiful I don t think so.I m still not sure whether I liked this book or not What I do know is that it seriously messed up my head There were times when I loved it, but equally, there were times that I didn t, but it is very, very addictive reading see my head is still messed up.The word building was phenomenal, my head is clear on that one.The chemistry between Matthew and Tarrick Not so much and I think we know the reason why that was, but it was another factor that messed up my head Now many may disagree, but for me, it was Tarrick s book all the way I loved the complexity of his character it went hand in hand with him being such a totally devious bastard , but I still have high hopes for him which of course, messes up my head even So with my messed up head, will I be reading book 2 Of course I will be I HAVE TO KNOW HOW THIS IS GOING TO PLAY OUTl.

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    Jex Lane s Beautiful Monsters series, starting with Captive.Like your vampire with a dose of incubus This series is for you That said, I hesitated to recommend is because as of writign this review it s not yet finished It really is a series, so I don t know if Lane will stick the landing So far as I can tell, Lane is a new author so I m not sure what we are in for, in the end But I did find the Beautiful Monsters books riveting Everything is pretty darn graphic though, from the violence to the sex, so all kinds of trigger warnings on these puppies The main characters and most of the side characters are pan sexual so yeah ALL THE THINGS in ALL the places.

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    4 StarsExcellent story and I love the Incubus vs Vampire story line.Would have been closer to 5 stars if not for the pages and pages of graphic MF sex in a book purported to be an MM romance I didn t bother to count but I think there were , and graphic, MF scenes than there were MM scenes Yeah, not interestedso after that first one with Tarrick and the two succubi I skimmed the rest Two long, descriptive scenes with Matthew and another succubus I mean, I get it incubi succubi are creatures of sex and need take it from anyone regardless of gender I just didn t appreciate that we were shorted on the scenes with Tarrick Matthew IMHO, it would have made Matthew s attraction and dedication to Tarrick believable and his heart ache understandable if we d gotten of them as a couple in order to feel that emotion Instead, the emotional turmoil and sense of betrayal at the end feels scripted, forcedlike we re being told this is how he feels instead of being able to see it I skimmed bits of the Matthew Rosaline scene but even only reading snatches here and there it felt like they had of a connection than Matthew did with Tarrick, so that imbalance really did the story an injustice I ll still put the sequel on the TBR because the entire arc is interesting Sentient Gargoyles FTW I d like to find out who Matthew s parents are, and who sired him Also, what started the war and why it s ongoing Maybe even how the shifters have almost been wiped out And while part of me thinks that Tarrick s actions were a kindness to sever ties and allow Matthew to move on, the way the book is written really makes that questionable if he actually did manipulate Matthew like that then I totally want Matthew to get some righteous revenge on that fucker.

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