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Must Love Kilts chapter 1 Must Love Kilts, meaning Must Love Kilts, genre Must Love Kilts, book cover Must Love Kilts, flies Must Love Kilts, Must Love Kilts a85f8cd1ab3aa The Jacobite Rebellion Not The Best Time To Get Drunk, Hook Up With A Guy, And Lose Your Sister A Drunken BetWhen Computer Game Designer Traci Campbell Gets Too Close And Personal With A Bottle Of Glenfidditch While Vacationing In Scotland, She Whisks Her Kilt Obsessed Sister Back To To Prove Hot Guys In Kilts Are A Myth Hello, Hundred Bucks But All Bets Are Off When She Meets Iain, The Charming Playboy In A To Die For Kilt Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong NameIain MacCowan Regularly Falls In Love At The Drop Of His Kilt The Mysterious Red Haired Lass With The Odd Accent Is No Different But When His New Love Is Discovered To Be A Campbell, The Most Distrusted Name In The Highlands, His Dalliance Endangers His Clan S Rebellion Against King William It S All Hijinks In The Highlands Until Your Sister DisappearsTraci Thinks Men Are Only Good For One Thing Thank You, Iain But When She Awakens Once Again In Ye Olde Scotland And Her Sister Is Gone, She Must Depend On The Last Person She Wants To Spend Time With He Wants To Win A Heart, She Wants To Keep Hers, But Can These Two Realize They Re Meant For Each Other Before The Jacobite Rebellion Pulls Them Apart

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    MUST LOVE KILTS is the third book in the Must Love Time Travel series It can easily be read as a standalone, but there is no way you will be able to stop at one Angela Quarles takes her heroines on trips through time to find their one true love no matter where in history they may be and you as the reader get to enjoy the entertaining, fun and sexy read.Traci Campbell, a computer game designer is on vacation with her sister, Fiona, in Scotland She has never felt any love of her roots like her parents and sister As the sisters try to reconnect, they get drunk on Glenfiddich and make a bet Traci bets one hundred dollars that hot, Scottish men in kilts is a myth And then she meets, Iain, a hot Scottish man in a kilt in the Highlands in the year 1689 She wakes the next morning with a severe hangover, back in the present, and her sister still in the past.Iain MacCowan is treated as a joker and flirt by his uncle who leads his clan since the accidental death of his father and he does nothing to change that perception When Traci returns to the past to find her sister, Iain feels something than he ever has before for this stranger he vows to help, but his uncle distrusts this Campbell as the Jacobites are about to revolt Iain has to help Traci, protect his clan and maybe reveal his true self to Traci and hope she wants to remain in the past with him after Fiona is found Ms Quarles has written a time travel romance that not only has the hero and heroine conflicted over the differences in their times, but both are also hiding their true selves behind false, flirting masks Both have been hurt in the past and neither believe in true love any The sex scenes are hot and the flirtation is fun The historical people and places in this story are well researched and written and the author does state that some historical license was taken for the plot I am looking forward to Fiona s story next, which is alluded to in the last paragraphs Written for and posted first on The Romance Reviews.com

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    Must Love Kilts by Angela Quarles is book three in the Must Love Time Travel series I can easily say this is a standalone book if by some chance you are jumping around in the series Traci and her sister were in present time in Scotland on vacation when they started drinking and making a bet that Highlanders were or were not that hot if they met them in person Traci didn t think they would be that it was just a mythbut her sister disagreed Which wouldn t be such a serious bet if they hadn t been drinking and they didn t have an actual way to go back in time to see what a highlander would look like Now it has turned very seriousbecause Traci wakes up the next to find that she doesn t have her sister back with her Then Traci remembers that after meeting two highlanders they were drinking with them and the next thing Traci knew she was being chased and ended up leaving her sister in the past time Now Traci is having to go back for her to find her Traci runs back into Iain who was one of the men she met last night Not to give anything away but he has some news for her but he does agree to help her find her sister Iain has also been tasked by his clan to keep and eye on Traci as they think she is a Campbell spy so Iain aft first isn t acting at face value with Traci I enjoyed this story and can t wait for the next installment which I am hoping is dealing with Traci sister I received this book in exchange for an honest review.Please follow reviews at the below sites

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    Oh, dear I hate to do this I loved the first book I loved it enough that when the author made overtures to include me in her email newsletter and offered me this next book in the series I was happy to accept I followed her on Facebook and everything This, however Let s see What I loved about the first one Must Love Breeches was A The narration That s one obvious difference between the two that was audio, this is not Still, even an excellent narrator shouldn t make so much of a difference in my experience of the story Right I wonder.B The time period I can t think of very many if any time travel stories in which someone goes back to the Regency period I can t count high enough to tally up the number of Scottish Highlander time travel romances there are in the world dammit, Diana Gabaldon C The heroine was smart, and didn t do a completely awful job blending in to her new environment to help with that, she confided in someone even smarter.The fact that she knew a bit about the period she jumped to helped as well although not as much as I thought it should In Kilts, the heroine is a self admitted idiot, who jumps drunk to a period she knows nothing about, gets hammered, sleeps with a guy, then jumps back to her own time leaving her sister behind. I m sorry there was a bit of justification for this action built into the story, but not enough Not nearly enough She goes back to try to find her, but good grief She had me distracted for a good chunk of what I read wondering what she did with the little silver case that allowed for the time travel, her only means of getting home I was worried about it than she was, though I have a very, very low threshold for stupidity I have no patience for it, whether it s mine or someone else s And I don t enjoy spending my valuable reading time with a moron Traci is a moron I used to always hate my name It always seemed overly fluffy to me But at least out of all the various spellings out there I did, and do, prefer mine One of my very least favorite variants is that used in this book Apologies as warranted, but it always had for me the connotation of airheaded bimbo It s not a fair prejudice no one has control over what her parents name her But, unfortunately, this Traci perpetuates the notion I mean, who travels in time back to 1689 and says Anywho in conversation D In Breeches the hero and heroine didn t jump into bed right away They actually knew each other pretty well before they slept together In the meantime, I really enjoyed the fact that in keeping with the period s s the mere touch of her bare hand on his arm drove him crazy it was sensual, and sexier than all the graphic sex scenes I ve read in recent days put together In Kilts, the hero and heroine don t make it a chapter before they drunkenly swive The fact that this is not entirely abnormal behavior for the heroine just makes me want to back away slowly the fact that she was self admittedly stupid enough to behave this way in a foreign country and a foreign time period And that her usual rule is Never interact with insatiable flirts after they slept together Put it this way It did not make me want to spend time with her E I didn t pick up on any glaring anachronisms in the period characters They might have been there, but they didn t smack me in the face In Kilts Oh, dear One thing that did annoy me a little with Breeches was that the heroine was either incapable of or uninterested in maintaining a period guise, and was constantly saying period inappropriate things Here it was not only the time traveler but the Highland laddie whose bed she bounded into He d screwed up this morn Could he be any of a cock up If it doesn t work out His attention was stretched to its max Like, totally Make a play for the chieftainship Let s do this Surely you know I m gone for you This is starting to hurt He d been set up Obsessed with Scotland I know I ve had to point out before that obsession in this context didn t come into usage until Freud and 1901 or so And I sincerely doubt that pseudo Gaelic torr caca is period I made note of one anachronism with a deep sigh, and only afterward realized just how heinous a mistake it was Iaian s buddy Duncan says their men are drunk as skunks I highlighted it and sure enough, two minutes research confirms my gut instinct it s probably of 20th century origin But then I realized And I double checked Sure enough skunks are New World mammals they come only from the Americas Given Columbus, and then given the colonies, it s not impossible that a couple of lads in the Highlands of Scotland have heard of skunks But I think it s damned unlikely that a southern New England Algonquian word would be in their casual vocabulary There was just so much that made me either roll my eyes or grumble under my breath or in Kindle highlights notes Funnily enough, though my first name is used and spelled differently and I could go on a tangent about the origins of the name, and won t , my last name also gets a mention spelled correctly for me, but not for the context Can you tell me if we put the Stewarts back on the throne Nope game show Wrong Answer buzzer It s Stuarts The whole sidesaddle thing made me want to hurl something You can t you really can t just pop a sidesaddle on a random horse and hop on with no practice and canter canter off Traci I really hate that spelling rode a tiny bit one summer, so she buys a pony apparently developing role playing games is quite lucrative , buys a sidesaddle where the hell did she find a sidesaddle in twenty minutes And holy crap, on the first website I looked at they range from 850 US to over 3000 , sticks it on the pony s back, hops on, and off she goes No.I ve never ridden sidesaddle, but I ve read up a bit on it in the past, and this sent me off down the research rabbit hole It s not a matter of I know how to ride astride, no problem I can only imagine trying this for the first time the balance issues alone would be scary Once on, your right leg is basically useless, trapped Although then I read that it s actually your left leg which feels useless, and I m even intimidated Canter Five minutes after getting on for the first time With one stirrup Oh hell no.One of the first things I learned in my research is that you can t just plop that random sidesaddle on to a random horse Well, you can, but it s stupid, and could be dangerous to you and uncomfortable to the horse The saddle has to be fitted to the horse There might be two cinches, for stabilization, and figuring it all out is not intuitive The next thing I learned is well, how the hell did she mount all by herself Just getting your left foot into that one stirrup is a challenge I feel uneasy I feel uneven is a comment from a woman, an extremely experienced rider, learning sidesaddle on her own About halfway through not long before I quit comes Traci eased off the pony How Dismounting is no simpler than mounting.OK Enough of the sidesaddle Another thing that got thoroughly on my nerves almost immediately was Iain winked Iain is the main hunk, of course, and he seems to have had a tic, because the bloody man winked at least once in nearly every scene he appeared in Once, it was twice in one paragraph She glared at him, and he winked Up ye go He grasped her waist and lifted her onto his pony, sitting sideways Ready for me, lass He winked I did a count There were 18 instances of he winked or Iain winked The book isn t all that long I don t care how handsome the idiot it, that s nauseating.The language, while it had a few good moments blushed clear up to St Peter s gates I like that , was often uncomfortable Obviously the confidence level was low in the period s rhythms and vocabulary, but even just plain old narrative is at times clunky Curves she d rather not have someone know their extensiveness What Iain had just finished catching her up on what the chief had said in Gaelic, when Iain strode to her, knelt, and gripped her shoulders He didn t wink I m shocked His baldric containing his sword And so on And that s not even taking into account the odd moments at which bawdiness breaks out The story goes from sober and even grim to talking about someone s balls Characters go from discussing serious matters to giggling like fools in a sentence Whiplash ensued Possibly the worst thing about the book, in a way, was the initial bet that sent the two sisters traveling back to 1689 Scotland Traci is tired of traveling Scotland and seeing only guys with red chapped, knobby knees and a kilt The myth over which the two of them make a bet, which needs to be settled by going back to 17th century Scotland, is That hot men in kilts existed I mean I just She s obviously been looking in the wrong places The vast majority of men I ve ever seen in kilts are automatically an average of 23 68% hotter She must have some very odd standards One of the last notes I made on the book before I quit, about halfway through, might have something to do with what Traci is looking for in a man, and why Iain is one of the few hot guys in kilts she can point to He is lying beside her, camped out in the midst of their hunt for T s sister, and of course his body is reacting to her closeness, as the hard evidence at his hip could attest At his HIP Wow Either he s lying on a rock, or he must have to wear one hell of a long kilt.I feel badly about this negative review because I was given a copy of the book free for review I m sorry I couldn t like it Or finish it.

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    Vacationing in Scotland, Traci and her sister find themselves swept back to the 1700 s Her sister and family have always had a fascination with their Scottish heritage which frankly Traci doesn t get Her sister pushes her into a pub where they find themselves drinking with some drop dead gorgeous men in kilts.Drinking in excess is never a good idea, when you happen to be time traveling you don t know what you ll find when you wake up Traci finds her sister missing and vague memories of intimacies with her kilt wearing hottie, Iain.Traci panics and zaps herself back to the future where she discovers she left her sister behind the past She realizes she must go back and her only connection to finding her sister is Iain Upon finding Traci gone, Iain assumes Traci to be a Campbell spy Thinking himself a fool for hand fasting a spy, he is shocked when Traci shows up at his clan home looking for her missing sister.Let s just call it a case of extremely mistaken assumption and call it a day which ends up becoming a highly entertaining and very intriguing plot Although this is part and parcel to a series, it stood well on it owns only without the confusion of not understanding past characters and plots That being said, Quarles pulls in those cameos we all love.Sizzling chemistry, sexy Scots and kilts, you can t go wrong with Must Love Kilts.I received this copy of Must Love Kilts from Unsealed Room Press in exchange for a honest review.My Rating 4 StarsWritten by Angela QuarlesSeries Must LoveSequence in series 3Publication Date July 2, 2016Genre Historical Romantic FictionBarnes Noble itunes

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    3.5 starsThis book was so cute and fun I love the time traveling aspect of this series I have to go back and read the first two books soon After a bet send two sisters back in time to Scotland, 1689, our main character Traci meets a very hunky Highlander, Iain I really enjoyed the flirtatious tension between them There are melt your panties off moments between them so make sure you have a cold glass of water near you Traci is really funny and puts her modern day humor into her adventures It did take me a little while to get into this story but once I did, I was very interested in how they were going to find Fiona, Traci s sister after Traci loses her back in time Iain has his insecurities He is a outrageous flirt but wants to be taken seriously Traci is very cautious in having any sort of long term relationship so the idea of being very serious about Iain causes her to hesitate in getting too close to him They find ways to support and take care of each other even when they have their own responsibilities I enjoyed this romance and plan to get to the other books in time I will say I can t wait for Fiona and Duncan s story Fiona has her own mission in the past that deals with one of her ancestors so I will be waiting for her story but there is no release date yet I received this ARC via Netgalley

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    A drunken bet with a sister that goes missing in the past and leaves Traci with a hottie in a kilt who thinks she s a spy I have come to anticipate each release in this fun, spicy, and heartwarming series that takes each heroine on her own special time travel adventure In this case, the adventure is to the 1689 Scottish Highlands This is the third book in the series and has light connection to the previous two, but can definitely be read standalone or out of order.Traci Campbell is always screwing up, but this time she s done a real humdinger In her efforts to reconnect with her younger sister, Fiona, she and Fiona take a vacation in the Scottish Highlands together, get drunk on Scottish whisky, and Traci reveals to Fiona the secret about the magical card case that allows people to time travel Just as drunk as Traci, Fiona makes a bet that men in kilts are hot and they ll go back to the past so she can prove it.Yeah, so that s why she now has a hangover back in the present and no sister She has to go back and rescue Fiona Traci s biggest ally is a flirty Highlander who brings her along to his clan and agrees to help her find her sister She doesn t trust herself around Iain because she has fallen for light hearted men before who just want to have their fun and move on Sometimes she feels like Iaian is different, but then again Besides, she doesn t belong here Or does she Iaian is looked on as nothing but a clown to his chieftain and his fellow clansman For once, he would like someone to take him seriously and wishes it were Traci He has fallen for her, but he doesn t dare let her know it because she ll be like all the other women who love him and leave him Unfortunately, his promise to help her comes right when the Highlands are staging an uprising against the English and his uncle, the chieftain is convinced that Traci and her missing sister are Campbell spies He has to protect Traci, keep his promise to find help her find her sister, and keep her out of the crosshairs of the situation going on around them As time goes on, he starts to dread that moment when Fiona is found and Traci will leave.Alright, so this was a blend of lightness and passion as Traci and Iaian flirt and dance around each other, but there is also a deeper story as two people who have been hurting from their pasts are able to understand and help heal each other The historical backdrop is painted in with vivid color and authenticity while not taking over the story I loved the sightings of real life people, places, and events with the fiction to make it a stronger story.The romance has the conflict of the two being from different time periods, but also both trying to protect their hearts from hurt after being burned in the past This doesn t stop them from the spicy hot passion that builds up between them I liked this pair and was really hoping they would figure it out.The secondary story about Duncan and Fiona that there were glimpses of had me interested as well I look forward to their story and hope it comes next.In summary, this was an engaging story that I easily read in two sittings I definitely agree with Traci that its worth seeing a hot Highlander like Iain in a kilt Light Time Travel Romance fans should definitely give this one a try.My thanks to the author for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.This was a very good book Enjoyed it alot It is the first time travel book I have read and I liked it It is a nice romance book as well I liked the change of it, compared to others I have read I found it to be humorous, and it kept me wanting to read as often as I could I found the characters got along really well for one being in the future and one being in the past.I was so surprised when Traci told Iain she was from the future and he didn t seem to think it was crazy It was nice he was so understanding about it and I liked the part when she showed him her cell phone and how it takes the pictures I liked his reaction And I loved how the story ended for Iain and Traci I m not too familiar with Scottish language or heritage tho I would like to read books such as this one and ones with Scottish heritage in it I enjoyed this book alot I sure would love to read another one about Traci s sister Fiona and see what takes place with her and Duncan Many thanks for allowing me to review it I just wish I had of reviewed it sooner , but life has a way of getting in to reading time for me certainly would read of the author s books tho

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    How to describe Angela Quarles latest treasure Must Love Kilts is part The Hangover, mixed with Back to the Future and Braveheart then sprinkle in a little bit of Romeo and Juliet and you have a unique concoction of dramatic storytelling that is fun and over the top but works well together Traci finds liquor, Scotland and adventure to be than she bargained for when she and her sister are thrust back in time during a time of chaos and danger With her sister missing and a strong attraction to a mysterious stranger anything can happen I received an ARC of Must Love Kilts by Angela Quarles in exchange for an honest review No words can describe this read except for unforgettable.

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    Oh, dear I hate to do this I loved the first two books in this series I really loved them This, however Let s just say I didn t like the heroine, Traci talk about a TSTL heroine or the hero, Iain and the story barely kept my attention Before the halfway mark I was skimming in hope of getting to something interesting again I tried, I really tried but this one just wasn t for me I really hope the next book is like the first two because I really enjoyed this series up to now and I m still very much looking forward to reading it.

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    Although the beginning starts off with two irresponsible sisters using a powerful object to travel to the past because of a ridiculous bet, the rest of the story was very good I loved Traci s reaction to being handfasted to Iain I felt horrible for her to also be missing her sister I am interested to know Mr Podbury and the people he works for The ending was enticing so much that I just had to buy the next book about her sister.

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