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Station Alpha (Soldiering On #1) summary Station Alpha (Soldiering On #1) , series Station Alpha (Soldiering On #1) , book Station Alpha (Soldiering On #1) , pdf Station Alpha (Soldiering On #1) , Station Alpha (Soldiering On #1) a8fada0877 A Single Phone Call Shatters Her Life Christine Ramirez S Phone Rings In The Dead Of Night A Man S Voice Unfamiliar And Urgent Tells Her To RunShe Flees, But Deadly, Unknown Assailants Pursue Her Through The Night Her Only Saviour Is The Gruff Stranger On The Other End Of The LinePaul Has A Secret He S Been Watching Her Maybe A Little Than The Assignment Strictly Requires He Shouldn T Reveal Himself, But He Can T Let Anything Happen To Christine Even If It Costs Him The Job That Means The World To Him With The Mysterious Villains Still Pursuing Christine, Paul Whisks Her Away To A Soldiering On Safe House There, Passion Flares Between Them, Hot And Undeniable And They Are Powerless To Resist Its Lure, Even As The Villains Get Ever Closer To Finding Them Word Count , No Cliffhanger

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    This book has one of the best opening chapters I ve ever read in a romance novel it was action packed, original and just top notch really The author drops the reader in the middle of an exciting scene our heroine is awakened by a call in the middle of the night telling her that she needs to get out of her house because she s in danger What follows is a thrilling escape I don t think the subsequent chapters were AS great Don t get me wrong they were good, very well written but I found myself hoping that the author had kept up the exciting, fast pace for just a bit longer When Kearns is writing suspense she does so amazingly, but in this novel I found myself wanting just a bit chemistry, just a bit of a romantic connection Nevertheless, I would still recommend this book to readers The plot is interesting and the characters are well thought out Just make sure that you don t mind a bit of a slow burn when it comes to the romance.

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    Ainlinn Kearns starts her book with a thrilling chase leading to a total surprise Christine Ramirez is awakened with a warning call that she is about to be killed The voice directs her through a hair raising escape where she will eventually meet the person who saved her life Paul is ex military who has taken a job with a security company Together they will try to unravel the mystery of who is trying to kill her.Not your run of the mill romance, Kearns hero Paul is not what Christina was expecting They end up fleeing together leading to a slow burn of a romance Kearns writes with a clear voice that create realistic characters It was an entertaining read.

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    This was recced to me on Twitter by a couple of people and I m so glad I picked it up It has an explosive start that drew me right in The story moved quickly but believably The romance was of a slow burn yet still moved along quickly I loved the respect and care that Paul and Christine had for and with each other The secondary characters were also engaging and I can hardly wait to read their stories.

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    Analysing Station Alpha from the reading pleasure perspective, the book was awesome I can t remember enjoying so much reading a story, just for the fun of reading it and getting to know the characters This book started very high what a memorable entrance and ended with the same rating The characters are one of the strongest point of the book Aislinn Kearns does wonders with characterization in my mind s eye I have an image of how these people look like, what they feel, who they are Dialogue, interactions and relationships in general are also very realistic Further, the characters the main couple and the secondary characters are lovable and have or grow strong bonds between them, to which one can relate There s an innate kindness in them that is very strong and manifests itself in many ways throughout the book.There are other things that create a very enjoyable story, for example the fact that the author seems to have some knowledge or done her research about, for example, the subtleties of corporate business world or the sexuality of paraplegics there s a very good scene portraying this aspect.Of course the writing style is also very good, crisp and effective And the humor.I can t praise Aislinn Kearns enough for the great beginning of the story and the way she builds the suspense withholding information until we, readers, and the heroine finally meet the hero Wonderful beginning, wonderful book and wonderful characters So, after having read this one and the prequel, Soldiering On , I m waiting for Guarding Sierra Book 3 and I hope Kearns keeps on writing about these men and women it s romantic suspense at its best.

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    I read Soldiering On Soldiering On 0.5 first, and I m so glad I did It gave me such great insight into the characters in this book This book mostly features Paul and Christine, but you do get snippets of other people and I already knew the background on them, so it made the story that much enjoyable I do highly recommend you read the prequel first just for that reason I really adored Paul, gruffness and all He was a great guy, even as closed off as he was Christine was his perfect match She was also a very strong female character, which I love I can t wait to read the next book

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    I think the heroine could have been a little disturbed by the violent attacks on her life but otherwise fun suspense and a nice romanceReview to come

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    Fantastic readThis is an great, fast paced adventure full of intrigue and suspense, romance and love, overcoming adversity and moving past physical disabilities The characters are achingly charming and it is easy to get caught up in their story as they discover their affection for one another It is beautifully written with witty, humous and authentic dialogue that draws both smiles and gasps A wonderful book and highly recommended.

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    It really started off with an exciting bang Paul is a wonderful hero and I loved reading his story Plus his SCI was handled well, with enough little details you could tell the author had done her research Well written with a nice mix of excitement, mystery, sweetness, and romance I m looking forward to the next one Also I love the cover The way he is looking up at her is so damn sexy.

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    First of all, I wasn t sure what to expect from this book In the opening chapter, the reader is thrown into a late night raid of Christine s house She has no idea why people with guns are after her only that a man on the other end of her phone is trying to save her life.So the book proceeds to follow through Christine s new life in hiding, giving her perspective along with that of the man who saved her The pair try to solve the mystery of her attack.I think if this book had remained a mystery thriller and nothing , I wouldn t have enjoyed it as much But the hint of romance seemed to start right away In the beginning, it didn t make sense that Christine would attach herself to Paul so quickly when she knew nothing about him maybe she should ve been freaked out by him She d had quite a shock, but something in his voice drew her in.Paul was a wounded veteran bound to a wheelchair, but still able to save Christine s life over and over He was great with a gun and smart At first, I wondered if a man could really care as much as he did while playing the part of gun for hire Turns out it didn t matter since I ended up really liking him He was a rare find when it comes to guys who truly know how to appreciate a good woman.The buildup to the romantic scenes did take awhile, but I could understand this based on his injury and the fact it had been years since she let anyone in Just as a caution, the love scenes are explicit Hate to give too much away, but overall it turned out a satisfying read.

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    Nicely intriguing storyline, sweet couple4.5 starsAfter reading the prequel to the series, Paul was one of the characters I most wanted to learn about I was happy to see him get his HEA, and especially that his is the first in the series It s rare to read about the H in a romance being in a wheelchair, and it was great to read a book that wasn t your stereotyped bad boy alpha billionaire pro athlete story, but one with characters that have faced real challenges He and Christine were both very sweet they make a lovely couple and seem to be a good match for each other I enjoyed seeing Duncan and Mandy both having their own scenes in this book, also.The book is well written and the characters very likable and interesting The entire cast of characters was very true to the personalities portrayed in the prequel I m definitely planning to read the rest of this series.

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