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    I read this for an upcoming reading experiment video I really enjoyed it I will say that I didn t find it as compelling as her previous book, LITTLE MONSTERS Which if y all haven t read little monsters get with the program that book is where it s at fam Something that kind of stuck out to me were the reactions the characters gave A lot of times in YA books I don t feel like the characters react to the situations they re in, in a realistic way This one you could see the mental affects of the situation the characters were involved in.

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    An okay young adult mystery Honestly, not my favorite, but still enjoyable.The CheerleadersCW suicide, murder, death, statutory rape, sexual assault, substance abuse, abortionOne of the things I really like about the story was it s attention to controversial topics that aren t often approached in young adult literature They were approached VERY realistically which was much appreciated There were some story lines I wish had been deepened, such as the theme of substance use throughout the story, but it was satisfying enough to see them getting some additional focus The Cheerleaders was an interesting enough premise, but the plot didn t full follow through I m tired of mystery thrillers being entirely formulaic with no attempts to break the boundaries of what can be expected The revelations were either expected or unsurprising I can t think of a moment where I said Wow, that was really shocking and clever My greatest grievance with this story is it was so PASSIVE There is virtually no action throughout the story I m not saying I need police shoot outs and kidnappings to be placated, but than internet stalking and conversations with side characters would have been nice There is one singular scene that I would consider to be traditionally investigative and that was great But alas, for the grand majority of the novel, information is only gathered through the dialogue between other characters and there were few significant scenes that provided a sufficient build up For my personal reading preferences, I sometimes need less conversation and action from the characters.Additionally, the ending wasn t shocking or slightly realistic This is a novel that I think really could have been saved by a wicked conclusion, but it fell super flat.Overall, The Cheerleaders was alright If you are ravenous for young adult mysteries, give it a try But if you re a little picky with what books you spend your time on, this one might be one you can skip I have yet to read Kara Thomas s other works, but I m still interested based on rave reviews of Little Monsters so I I hope to read in the future

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    I am a victim, whether or not I feel like one I wanted to include of this quote, but it contains spoilers, so I ll let you experience the rest of what Monica has to say there when you read the book for yourself I know some readers like to write off any type of YA novel as cheap and unworthy of the same type of attention that adult literature receives, but I m here to tell you that s a load of BS I ve always tried to review each genre of book that I read based on the target audience that it s marketed toward, so when you see a review I ve written for a book created for teens, it s those readers that I have in mind That said, Kara Thomas has a way of taking YA thrillers and turning them into an experience that is appealing for both youth and adults alike, or at least those who are interested in reading about characters in that age range I thoroughly enjoyed reading Little Monsters last year, so much so that I finished it in one sitting during our annual expedition to Alabama, and knew this writer has something special going for her While I m sure I could have read this one in similar fashion on our trip next week, I simply couldn t wait that long to dive into The Cheerleaders I just have so many questions still I do too, Mrs Ruiz says But after a while, searching for answers felt like grasping around in the dark At some point, you have to choose to live in the light Even though I flew through this book due to it s compulsive nature and easy readability, I feel it necessary to state that this story is anything but light and cheesy It s heavy, it deals with real issues that plague teens currently, and absolutely nothing is sugar coated Content Warnings will be listed below in spoiler tag. Most of the story is told from Monica s present day POV, but we also get some sections from 5 years prior narrated by Monica s deceased sister Jennifer Also, we have one section narrated by a character I ll leave nameless to wrap up one section, which was classic KT and absolutely brilliant Tehehehehe The idea is that there are many working parts that come together in the end think of the old saying of how a butterfly flaps it s wings and causes a tsunami halfway around the world We have three separate mysteries here the car accident that killed Bethany and Colleen, the murder of Julianna and Susan, and the suicide of Jennifer It seems overwhelming at first glance but trust me, it works well Clearly Jennifer s death is what drives Monica s initial investigation, but I adore how this rogue journey slowly brings Monica back to the land of the living When the book starts out, she s not in a good place We learn early on how she s spent her summer and what she s been going through, and my heart just broke for her She makes a bosom buddy in Ginny along the way, and I love how the author chose to focus on this blossoming relationship without ruining Monica s other relationships sure, they have to work through some things but it s refreshing to see an author choosing to build up female relationships with characters who overall support each other, rather than only showing us the backstabbing, catty nature of teenage girls If you ve enjoyed Thomas s books in the past, I can t see you feeling any differently about this one I had pieces of this one figured out before the reveal, but man if Kara didn t get me on that last one The tiny details she chose to use to connect various aspects were so clever and engaging that it s easy to see how much she grows as an author with each book she writes Highly recommended I m off to grumble and complain about having nothing good to read until her next novel is published All hail the queen of the YA thriller Content Warning view spoiler Abortion, Suicide, Murder, Alcohol and Drug Use by adults and minors, Domestic Abuse verbal and physical , Statutory Rape, Infidelity, Thwarted School Shooting, etc hide spoiler

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    I ve enjoyed the author s Prep School Confidential series, so I had high hopes for this one I wasn t disappointed It did drag on a little, but overall, this is an excellent addition to the YA mystery genre.This isn t a fluffy murder mystery, despite what its title would imply It deals with some very dark issues Abortion, suicide, murder.Its title and description scream TEEN HORROR MOVIE It s nothing like that No campiness and slapstick here.Still, it reads like a YA novel, and I don t mean that in a bad way We get the sense that the character is in high school, and the people in the book rings true There s not much about cliques, no overt stereotypes We get the teenaged attitude without the oh my god I want to strangle the characters NOW feeling It had just the right amount of angst and childishness that teenagers of that age would portray.The investigative part wasn t outrageous The main character wasn t a fool The book, the setting, the characters felt realistic, and even if the book felt like it was too long, I enjoyed reading it.

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    Page turning mystery 5 cheerleaders in a small town die, in 3 separate incidents, within a month s time Is it a coincidence or is there something sinister going on in the town of Sunnybrook Some people say a curse fell over our town five years ago The Cheerleaders is a compulsively readable YA mystery with a strong, intelligent female lead When Monica Rayburn finds her sister s phone hidden in her stepfather s desk, she begins searching for clues about what might have led her sister, Jen, to commit suicide 5 years ago No one in Monica s family likes to talk about what happened to Jen, so she begins to look for answers on her own As she begins to put the pieces together, not only does Jen s death seem suspect, she realizes something is off about the deaths of 4 other cheerleaders Told primarily from Monica s POV, as she finds clues about the deaths of the girls, perspective shifts to Jen in the weeks that lead up to her death Monica s character is dynamic she s appropriately angsty but at the same time sincere I thought Thomas did a good job of painting a realistic picture of a high school junior struggling to find out who she is and what she stands for, while at the same time capturing small town dynamics The Cheerleaders is a dark, traditional mystery that uses social media to enable Monica to gain a glimpse into her sister s life before her death This a tension packed read filled with some inappropriate and creepy characters I figured out some events early on, but I didn t know the why of what happened The ending felt a little a rushed and the final chapter had me groaning For me, this would have been stronger if some loose ends remained unsolved With that being said, I still recommend to those who love a good mystery I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and Random House Children s Delacorte Press in exchange for an honest review.

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    Hmm.I get it YA is a genre that caters to everyone But YA Thrillers, in general, are the outcasts lot of the bunch because..they just suck in general Sure there are a few hidden gems but these are far too few and too rare to count I just.when it comes down to it.kids in thrillers aren t that great High school kids trying to solve these mysteries bigger than themselves when seasoned detectives or police couldn t even be much of a help to begin with.The kids who solve these mysteries usually have a n ex boyfriend who may or may not be shady OR a love interest who was suspected but in the end gets with the main character The thing with YA Thrillers.they re too predictable in my taste and most of the time, unrealistic I may be going to deeply into this but I m just at cap level with these aspects Yes I know adult thrillers aren t realistic either but I can believe them than I can with these teenagers running around solving these cases while going to parties, doing three AP papers, sneaking into a fucking police department to steal some information HAHA.With The Cheerleaders, the only amount of mystery I got was to whodunnit and what happened The surrounding mystery itself revolves SO MANY DAMN RED HERRINGS with just basically shit ass high school drama jesus these 15 year olds I just can t and some fluff.However there were some really heavy and deep points addressed in the book that I thought were handled with care and respect TW sexual assault, statutory rape, abortion, suicide, depression I didn t think any of the topics covered were glorified or used as plot devices in any way This whole aspect was very realistic and well done Writing was fine I enjoyed Thomas writing style but here it felt a little disjointed with certain events jumping unevenly from A to B And it felt very YA so than her other books The other books had a grittier and realistic tone about them this book read so straightforwardly and less like a thriller Probably would categorize this as a mystery drama Wow this was a lot but I d say if you re a seasoned thriller reader than skip this one This was like an episode Pretty Little Liars right before the anticipated season finale 2 STARSTwitter Bookstagram Youtube

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    This YA mystery really surprised me It was a bit dark with some mature themes and it proved to be one heck of a twisty, captivating page turner Five years ago 5 cheerleaders wound up dead in the span of a few months One of them was Jenn, Monica s older sister Monica has never believed that her sister s death was a suicide and she is determined to connect the dots and find out what really happened to the Sunnybrook High cheerleaders This one definitely has that suck you in factor I found myself wanting to crack the case as much as Monica did and was coming up with some crazy theories throughout I was right about some things but others completely fooled me and I loved it If you are looking for a fun, dark YA mystery I definitely recommend picking up The Cheerleaders

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    More like 2,75 the ending kind of ruined everything for me It was so anticlimactic I don t know, I thought it would be smarter than that I m pretty sure though, that most people who like dark young adult temporary thriller type of books will enjoy this It was written very well and it deals with a lot of interesting and problematic topics I personally was just let down by the conclusion PS The description on the back that says A little bit Riverdale is definitely accurate lol

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    The Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas is a young adult mystery that I ve been anxiously awaiting having read this author before Before I get too far into this review though I need to warn yet again that this one is going to be for the older crowd with a lot of darker content that may be disturbing to some.As the book begins readers are introduced to Monica who is now in high school and battles the memories of her older sister every day since she s been gone Five years before Monica s sister was a cheerleader at Sunnybrook High when tragedy struck the town in three different incidents First an accident took two of the girls then a murder took another two leaving Monica s sister who then took her own life.As one can imagine it s been a rough few years for Monica and now that she is in high school and on the dance team since cheerleading is no longer an option Monica lives with the memories every day While searching for some pain medicine Monica finds letters sent to her step father insinuating there was to the girls deaths than mere coincidence so Monica couldn t help but begin to look into the past and try to find some answers.It honestly did not take but a few pages for me to become completely engrossed in this book after I picked it up Monica immediately became someone I needed to know about when it became apparent this girl was bordering on spiraling out of control herself A hook up with an older man has Monica recovering from an abortion so already the dark content seeped into the story and I became engrossed in getting to know her and learn her sister s story.The majority of the point of view comes from Monica but occasionally you get to also go back and learn Jennifer s situation from her point of view as Monica uncovers just what happened five years before Really, anyone that knows me at all can see a 4.5 star review for an almost 400 page book and know that it had to be pretty intense if I m not complaining of the story dragging Instead with this one I thought it flowed rather nicely with plenty of things happening to hold my attention so I d definitely recommend checking this one out.I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit

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    This was a decent YA thriller I definitely did not like it as much as Little Monsters, but it was still a good time There were quite a few things I liked about this book but ultimately the mystery was just sort of meh to me.

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The Cheerleaders download The Cheerleaders, read online The Cheerleaders, kindle ebook The Cheerleaders, The Cheerleaders 6c283e436cd7 There Are No Cheerleaders In The Town Of SunnybrookFirst There Was The Car Accident Two Girls Gone After Hitting A Tree On A Rainy Night Not Long After, The Murders Happened Those Two Girls Were Killed By The Man Next Door The Police Shot Him, So No One Will Ever Know Why He Did It Monica S Sister Was The Last Cheerleader To Die After Her Suicide, Sunnybrook High Disbanded The Cheer Squad No One Wanted To Be Reminded Of The Girls They LostThat Was Five Years Ago Now The Faculty And Students At Sunnybrook High Want To Remember The Lost Cheerleaders But For Monica, It S Not That Easy She Just Wants To Forget Only, Monica S World Is Starting To Unravel There Are The Letters In Her Stepdad S Desk, An Unearthed, Years Old Cell Phone, A Strange New Friend At School Whatever Happened Five Years Ago Isn T Over Some People In Town Know Than They Re Saying And Somehow Monica Is At The Center Of It AllThere Are No Cheerleaders In Sunnybrook, But That Doesn T Mean Anyone Else Is Safe