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The Castaways summary The Castaways , series The Castaways , book The Castaways , pdf The Castaways , The Castaways c1b091dfb1 The Castaway Carnival Fun, Mysterious, DangerousRenowned For Its Infamous Corn Maze And The Kids Who Go Missing In ItWhen Olive Runs Into The Maze, She Wakes Up On An Isolated And Undetectable Island Where A Decades Long War Between Two Factions Of Rival Teens Is In Full SwingTrapped, Olive Must Slowly Attempt To Win Each Of Her New Comrades Hearts As Will Their Mysterious, Stoically Quiet, And Handsome Leader Steals HersOlive Is Only Sure About One Thing Her Troop Consists Of The Good Guys, And She Ll Do Whatever It Takes To Help Them Win The War And Get Back Home

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    Olive Maxi Gagmuehler lives everyday in fear of being tortured by a trio of mean girls at her school causing Olive to suffer from anxiety attacks Olive in a way blames her parents for her name that is just asking to be made fun of in her opinion But as much as Olive wants to avoid the torture of the trio she loves her little brother and promises to take him to the Castaway Carnival that is visiting town The Castaway Carnival however comes with it s own stories that would put fear into anyone Over the years there have been kids that have gone into the corn maze only to never be seen again with no clue of where they had gone Olive had vowed to go nowhere near the maze but when her trio of tormentors again attack Olive finds herself running for safety into the maze only to find herself far from home on a strange island with other kids that tell the same story of running away from something only to now find themselves trapped The Castaways by Jessika Fleck has been described as a young adult fantasy that is a bit of a mix of Mean Girls meets Lord of the Flies Now when starting out this read it was clearly obvious how it was compared to Mean Girls, the trio that are bullying Olive in the story are completely despicable and even tested my gag reflex with some of their torture I felt so sorry for poor Olive having to live with this daily and couldn t help but wonder just where the adults or anyone for that matter were that could help her Now as far as Lord of the Flies I haven t read the book myself but I do know enough about it that I can also see the comparison there too In my mind though being a huge Peter Pan fan and having read tons of retellings there I kept thinking of the island as a sort of Neverland The kids that have traveled there never age and have split into two groups that are at war with one another Olive finds herself with the group of good kids and determined to help them win the war and find a way home During the story I got to see Olive find herself and grow from the bullied scared girl that she had been before arriving on the island The author also did a wonderful job of making the entire group of characters on the island come to life and make you care about what happens to each of them unlike some stories that the side characters never really stand out In the end this was one young adult fantasy that was fast paced, which I enjoy, and full of great characters and an action packed, intriguing plot I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit

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    Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review I had a bit of fun reading this I don t generally read a ton of YA fiction, but this was permissible for the most part The Castaways is sort of a cross between Lord of the Flies, The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, with even elements of Carrie The idea was kind of neat and exciting children, from different decades, end up on The Island Each of them was running away from something, usually fear of another person, which has caused them to run for safety And in the blink of an eye, they end up in safety on The Island, only to realise it has all the very real dangers of the real world There is a struggle to survive, there are bullies, and there is a war going on between two different groups of children The metaphor here is clear you cannot run away from your problems, they ll follow you This is a good lesson, especially if teens and younger readers pick up this book I noticed a lot of cliches in there, though, that perhaps ruined a bit of the magic for me Olive main character , is a bullied girl who is frightened even to go to school every day I don t take issue with that, I actually found that incredibly profound, because I could relate to it The bullying is where we see elements of Carrie esque things happen But the magic ruining cliche for me was that, yes, Olive falls for a boy that she can t shouldn t fall in love with insert finger down throat Perhaps I m being naive I m sure adolescent readers enjoy seeing that, especially if you re a young girl But for me I find the idea tiring For once, I d enjoy seeing a young female heroine not fall in love with a guy because it s an obligation of the genre Or perhaps, give us a twist she falls in love with agirl However, out of the cliches, I picked up a message The message is that, than anything, love wins Eventually you need to tap into self love and love with those around you if you want to make it out of a crummy situation I enjoyed the characters They were believable enough for me, and experience the real heartbreak and pain children feel And Jessika Fleck is a good writer she writes simply and I think it is well tailored to the audience On the whole, I was entertained I found some points rushed, others dragged out But the idea was cool and the execution was good enough Not sure if this is a planned series the ending makes me think it might not be but I think this could be better if the novel was shortened, and spread out into two or three shorter novels as a series 3 Stars.

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    Oooooooooooo I loved this All of it Everything It was so good The writing was so easy to read that I flew through this hardly putting it down long enough to pee The characters, the setting, the conflict, the development, the romance, the cover EVERYTHING was done so well It s going straight on my favorites list.Notes I ve added this to my abuse shelf because it contains intense bullying at the start No sex of any kind, just kissing

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    The Castaways First things first I received this book through NetGalley Summary The Castaway Carnival fun, mysterious, dangerous.Renowned for its infamous corn maze and the kids who go missing in it.When Olive runs into the maze, she wakes up on an isolated and undetectable island where a decades long war between two factions of rival teens is in full swing.Trapped, Olive must slowly attempt to win each of her new comrades hearts as Will their mysterious, stoically quiet, and handsome leader steals hers.Olive is only sure about one thing her troop consists of the good guys, and she ll do whatever it takes to help them win the war and get back home Holy mother of everything, I loved this book so much I didn t expect that at all.There will probably be some vage spoilers cause I need to write about this book and some things that happened The story is seriously amazing and really creative The writing is so great and really transported me in the middle of this world I loved Olive, the main character, right from the start She got bullied REALLY bad Like, the trio of girls that bullied her, took things to an insane level.Later on the island we get many characters Characters that I loved from the first moment they showed up, Bug, Tilly I didn t pick up the book for a day after THE THING happened and Charlie The rest of them were all just there and I didn t care that much I also didn t care much about Will and Olive as a couple Cause I cared much about the family dynamics Before the island I loved the relationship between Olive and her little brother Lucky On the island I loved Olive and Bug and Charlie, cause it reminded me so much of her moments with her brother Also the whole family feel of the group, that just found there way on the island and who had to figure out how to life there I loved the character growth in the story, cause that was what I really cared about in the book They all had their history, they all went through something terrible They all grew so much on the island I just I m getting the feels just talking about it Especially Olive, cause we got the story from her point of view, so we could really see her growth The thing she did at the end of the book, back in school I just I felt like a proud mama To make things really short, I loved the book and I highly recommend it.

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    Really beautiful writing amid a cinematic story with perfect pacing This book was a YA version of Lost, in all the best ways a mysterious island with a brain of its own, characters with compelling backstories, infighting among different factions of those who landed there under mysterious circumstances yep, I loved it

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    What a great read Amazing imagery and character descriptions, who, by the way, are impossible to not fall in love with I loved every character and there was such much emotion and background behind each and every one Along with such a unique plot, this book was impossible to put down.

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    Wow An imaginative, thrilling book The bullying in the beginning is soul searing the violence on the island shocking and riveting Olive is transformed through friendship and love and stands up for herself and others when it matters most Well done

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    A gripping story that held me until the final page The concept is so unique and wonderful, and the writing is beautiful When Olive runs from a horrible bullying incident, she sprints through a cornfield and transports to The Island, where she discovers other kids from different times who are also trapped there with her What unfolds feels very much like the LORD OF THE FLIES Olive is such a great main character She starts out bullied and timid, but becomes strong by the end I loved the romance between Olive and Will They were just so sweet All the characters were distinctive and felt real, but Tilly and Bug were amazing Fleck really knows how to write a compelling story, full of mystery and heart

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    Oh my gosh, this book I m not sure what I expected, but it chewed up all my feelings and was so, so, so good I adored the characters and there are a lot of them, but they re so distinct and real, that I never found myself confused about who was who The pacing is perfect, and the romance between Olive and Will is probably my favorite part of the book I also really loved the theme of learning to love and accept yourself A fantastic, exciting, romantic read and get your tissues for the last few chapters

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    What a fun and thrilling read Full of vivid island imagery and characters who will grab your heart, and a knockout concept, make this an absorbing read Kids tested to their limits and how they resolve conflicts and how cause and effect created their present situation They also learn about the gift of sacrifice Good stuff I was sure the characters were fully conscious Jessika s deft writing is lovely and at times poetic I look forward to reading the author s next work

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