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Sugar Daddies pdf Sugar Daddies , ebook Sugar Daddies , epub Sugar Daddies , doc Sugar Daddies , e-pub Sugar Daddies , Sugar Daddies 281974b871a A Sugar Daddy Website Doesn T Seem A Sound Basis For An A Life Plan, But I M A Small Town Girl With Big Dreams, And There S This One Advert, This One Crazy Advert I Can T Stop Thinking About Two Hot Guys Seeking Their Little Miss Right Someone Who Can Entertain Them, Amuse Them, Fit In With Their Corporate Schedule And Sex They Want Sex Lots Of SexBonus, Right One Major Dose Of Epic Win Of Course, Guys Like Carl And Rick Have Their Conditions One Being That They Come Together, Or Not At All Hell, I Can Live With ThatAnd There Are No Skeletons In Their Designer Closet, None That I Can Find Just Two Hot Sugar Daddies, With Particular Tastes, Nothing To Worry AboutUntil Carl And Rick Spill The Big One, The One That Sends The Girls Running A Whole String Of Them Before Me, Running To The Hills Without So Much As A Backward Glance Maybe I Should Run, Too Thanks But No Thanks, See You Around, Guys, Nice Knowing You But I M Already In Way Too Deep For That Warning As With Every Other Jade West Book, Reader Discretion Is Highly Advised This Novel Contains Vivid Depictions Of MMF MM Relationships, And Jade S Characters, As Always, Have Very Filthy Mouths Mature Readers Only, Please

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    WARNING This is a threesome story One woman, two men If you re under 18 years old, I wouldn t recommend this book to you So PLEASE, PLEASE STAY AWAY I LOVED IT I FUCKING DEVOURED THIS BOOK DOkay, this is going to be another hot and wet review. So please be ready for a lot of finger fucks or licking them D Sugar Daddies was my first book of the author but I can assure you this won t be the last because that woman knows how to write sex scenes so damn well D I really enjoyed this story and I felt it all the way down of my body and now I need couple hours to pull myself together Cause you know my vagina need some rest Oh yeah, I m not overreacting. I m really, really, really satisfied with this book Btw I almost forgot I loved Carl Rick a lot but Rick is my guy I really loved your piercings baby Especially that special one, down there Ahem ahem moaning P You said you had piercings, you didn t say which He poked his tongue out, showing it in its full glory Tongue, nipples He paused Cock OH DEAR GOD D

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    Integrity and consideration and communication, honesty and genuine care, compassion, support those are the things that make a worthwhile relationship, whether that s two people, or three people, or ten people Two bi men in a relationship One girl with a dream of riding two dicks horses Whole lot of steam and whole bunch of secrets This book sure was one exciting ride see what I did there So now that I ve told you everything this book is about in my very descriptive manner, let me share my feels Two dicks in one pussy Sure sounds exciting, doesn t it Do they go for it What do you think So I m reading it and I have a sudden urge to do it on my This girl was obsessed with stretching her vajayjay, I kinda found that unnecessary Not to say it wasn t hot but I might have cringed a bit Talking about cringing lol OTT cumming at the end was a bit over done for my tastes, but oh well I might or might not have bawled my eyes out at the end Cuz I love horsies So my outburst had little to do with the big picture here and I kind of dislike Jade West for making me go through that p jk The book is told from 2 POVs, the heroine s and one of the guys I felt a bit disconnected from the second guy s character because he didn t get a POV I almost wished he would go away But NO The two guys come as a unit Or don t come at all Recommended for those who like M M F, really naughty reads with a decent plot line.

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    Let me start off by saying that I was pleasantly surprised by this book I was expecting unadulterated smut and while I did get quite enough for the dirty girl in me to be satisfied, there was an actual story under there A good one to boot Rick and Carl are bi and in a relationship together They are looking for a woman to complete them and make their dreams come true Not just a threesome partner, but polyamorous relationship Katie has some daddy issues and hang ups she has to work through but I liked her right away The guys really won my heart Rick and Carl were very different from one another but all the better for their contrast Katie seemed to have great chemistry with one of the hunky men right from the start and it was great to read as she grew to like and eventually love the other as they opened up The plot was very interesting The characters layered and flawed They experienced significant growth as individuals, and in their relationships within the polyamorous circle and family units The love scenes and the dynamics were quite interesting and hella sexy All in all a very enjoyable book Safety No others outside of the 3 way relationship No rape or abuse MMF, MM, MF intimacy I ve got to say, I don t really have a lot of experience with MM scenes Really no than a few in total in my reading history, but I really enjoyed these and the emotional depth to it.

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    This was my first Jade West book and I was not disappointed In fact I was extremely turned on Not only was it extremely filthy sexy, there was also a story behind the reasons Katie decided to join Carl and Rick They definitely pushed the limits in the bedroom and just when I thought they could not get any kinkier, I was proven wrong I will admit that some things made me cringe, in a good way My fave scene though was when Rick was inside Katie and Carl was inside Rick from behind, watching in the mirror So hott I usually stay away from books with m nage relationships especially when a female is thrown in the mix I just really love my MM books It worked though

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    Genre MMF, Erotic RomanceType StandalonePOV First Person DualRating Katie Smith had a dream to live her passion of all things equine by opening a riding school But that dream didn t come cheap especially when she barely had enough to live with She found a solution by singing up with Sugar Daddy Match up.Carl Brooks and Rick Warner had been together for a while They wanted and had been using Sugar Daddy to find the last third of their perfect equation, but none was an ideal fit until they found Katie However their dream and her dream might not merge as well as they wanted.If I want to compare this book to the rest of the author s books, I d say this one is Goldilocks approved The Dirty Bad series might be too much for some while Teach Me Dirty might be too tame Sugar Daddies is definitely just right D Carl s hot, and smart, and funny even if he doesn t always seem that way He s determined and he always gives his everything He s loyal, too Carl was the serious alpha He took his job and responsibility very seriously But behind the rigid facade, he had a softer side.Rick was the complete opposite The tattooed one and pierced appropriately ahem was fun, artistic and carefree Needless to say, he s my favorite My only wish is that I get of him in the story I dropped to my knees, gave them both a lick, one after the other, feeling like some kind of porn star, opening wide for two big dicks. Katie was very ambitious, but bitterness from the past tend to hold her back But when it came to the men, I love how open she was with what she wanted and willing to give.Where hotness is concerned, this one is a scorcher M M F is my favorite combo ever and the trio left me all squirmy and needy hahaha I can t decide which one is hotter the men playing alone or when they all play together Wait, that s not true When they all play together for sure pBesides the sexiness, there was also heart in the story The issue revolved around family matters ranging from hurt to acceptance and it added something extra to the story.Sugar Daddies is a scorcher that would warm your heart and melt your panties at the same time Do not read in public for risk of indecent behavior due to uncontrollable urges.For reviews reveals giveaways visit

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    4.5 Stars Second Read 8 13 2018 4.5 Stars First Read 8 12 2016 Wow That was the word that kept popping up as I read this, because I really wasn t expecting to love this as much as I did.This was my first M M F read, but it definitely won t be my last I consider myself a pretty liberal person especially when it comes to matters of love I think everyone has the right to love whoever the hell they want But truthfully I d never given much thought to polyamorous relationships And, regretfully, when I did think about them, I thought they were strange and I assumed that there was jealousy and manipulation and just generally unhealthy things going on And I m sure there are some polyamorous relationships like that, just like there are M F, M M, and F F relationships like that That was my mistake and I m very annoyed with myself But that s why I love reading That s why I loved this Because it showed me a new side to something, it proved me wrong and expanded my mind There was love in this relationship than some of the normal ones I ve read These characters were so dedicated to one another, and even though this isn t a traditional safe novel I know people don t always like the hero wanting to share the heroine with another guy , it still just felt very natural and right, if that makes any sense I am so incredibly grateful for all my Goodreads friends who loved this and got me interested 3 3 3There was so much emotion and such a strong storyline that I wasn t expecting I entered this thinking I was just going to get a very steamy read, but I got so much It had heart and humor and a lot of depth Now, don t get me wrong, there was also a ton of heat in this book.Maybe not the steamiest I ve ever read, but there s definitely a variety between the scenes And can you ever really go wrong when there are two book boyfriends My answer is hell no And while I did like Rick, I freaking LOVED Carl Maybe it s cause we got his perspective, but he was by far my favorite character, and I just loved everything about him He was very serious and no nonsense, always speaking his mind, and not sugar coating the truth But he was also a deeply caring person He put in a 100% effort into taking care of those he loved, and his past just shattered me because he was just such a good person who really didn t deserve any of the shit that happened to him.There was one thing I didn t really like, and that was the way some of Katie s family was portrayed It felt a little forced to me Verity half sister was extra bitchy and then all of a sudden she grew up in the span of a few weeks And Katie, while her reasons were understandable, was a little too harsh on her absentee father IMO It was a crappy situation, I totally get that, and it s not so much her attitude that bothered me, but the fact that it just felt inorganic to her character Other than that the only thing I wish were different was that we got Rick Since the relationship was between the three of them I would have really loved to get all three perspectives I understand why we got Carl s over Rick s but I think even just two or three chapters from Rick s POV would have been preferably to me But these were minor things that were easy to overlook because of how much I loved it It was unique and very different for me I can t wait to read from this author and in this genre D

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    Jade West never fails to deliver the heat Sugar Daddies was tame than her usual books, but it definitely didn t lack the sexiness that I ve come to expect from her And after finishing this one I began to question why all romance books didn t have two Heroes I think it should be a lot common than it is Carl and Rick were amazingly hot together, and with Katie I loved how they kept pushing the boundaries and every time I thought they reached their kinky limit they went even further than I was expecting They were filthy in the hottest way possible and I just couldn t get enough of it I love how this author can always surprise me with the going ons of her stories, and I will never not be a fan of hers Of course the big seller about this book is the sex and the kinkiness But there was also a lot of story brought into it, and I really liked that We got to see Katie and Carl grow closer, which wasn t easy with his personality And of course Rick was there to help pave the way for the future he wanted with both Carl and Katie The romance between them was kind of slow, and built around the sexual chemistry they had and it was great to see those feelings coming together to form the strong bond they all had If you ve read this author before you know not to take her warnings lightly, and that her books are definitely out of the norm Sugar Daddies is no different and if you ve liked her past books I think you will definitely enjoy this one While it s not as crazy as the Dirty Bad series, it s just as sexy in my opinion And if you ve never read Jade before you absolutely need to give them a try This is the perfect book to start with because it gives you an idea of how kinky she can get, and if you like it, move on to her other books.

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    UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT DNF 20%I really tried to like this, to continue this But I just can t I was so excited to read M M F first time, it was exciting to read but I just couldn t get over the writing and all But I loved Carl than Rick And I love them with eachother, not with Katie Katie was a bummer for me.Sugar Daddies is M M F book The hype forced me to give it a try, but it was all in vain Rick And Carl found Katie on a Sugar Daddies website Sex for money, No but still not Whore 3 grands for a months still not whore They don t want to have girlfriend but still love eachother They are so perfect and gay well maybe Bi but still want Katie so badly This book was Extra long This book should be short maybe 200 pages But no this book was extra dragged out At one point I just got to last 10 pages and read the ending and that was enough for me Still this book didn t bond with me well I wanted to read this book but I can t I didn t even read the first threesome sex scene for God s sake That s how much I was not in this book But again Rick Carl will be my favourite ships No mater how much i dislike this book.

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    Arc provided for honest review 5 Awesomeness Stars This book surprised me the whole way through and I just could not put it down Yes this book was all types of HOT with some freaky kink chucked in for good measure, there were m m scenes, m m f and m f m so you get a variety LOL The book was about so much , it was about Understanding, love, compassion, friends, family, dreams and happiness Katie the heroin is open minded and strong willed however a little emotionally derailed This book is here emotional journey to find family and Love, she discovers that things from her childhood were not what she thought and we read how mature minded people can repair a lifetime of emotional turmoil Carl the main Hero is the strong brooding type who lives for work so he can build a safety net for his dream family He is big, hot and he has all the right moves He also has a boyfriendMeet Rick the other Hero he is the Hip, tattooed, arty type and for some reason none of the book is told from his POV but do not worry he is still in the book as one of the main characters I Strongly suggest giving this book a read.

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    Now that s how to write a threesome Conflict, angst, emotion, dominance, good sex and lots of heat The story has steaming hot erotic scenes and a lot of tender moments The characters are realistic, each with flaws and strengths, and each one also has their vulnerabilities which make them appealing for different reasons You definitely get the hot sex, with all partners touching, tasting, giving and taking This is a book that doesn t just focus on the kinky side of a polyamorous relationship, but rather on the emotional development of such a relationship It gets 4 stars from me because I felt that Rick got less character development than Carl He didn t get what he deserves, he was neglected and Carl clearly stood out The author has written a well thoughtout story, a very good read with thought provoking ideas and sex scenes that fit well in the story It s clear that Ms West s writing style is the most mature yet.

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