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Need pdf Need, ebook Need, epub Need, doc Need, e-pub Need, Need cb06533f18b As Brianna Comes To Terms With The Realization That She Is No Longer A Slave, She Must Figure Out What She Wants For Her Life Forgetting Her Past Isn T An Option It Is An Integral Part Of Who She Is Now, And It Will Forever Shape Her View Of Life The One Thing She Knows Is That She Cannot Imagine Her Life Without The Man Who Saved Her, But Can She Be What He Needs Stephan Never Imagined Falling In Love With The Woman He Rescued, But The Thought Of Her No Longer Being Part Of His Life Is Physically Painful The Scars From Her Past Continue To Haunt Her, And He Is Helpless To Stop Them All He Can Do Is Try To Help Her Work Through The Traumas Of Her Past Can He Be Everything She Needs And Help Her Move On This Is The Nd Book In ABook Series

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    Lmao I finally decided to finish this 3.5 stars.DNF around 25%This book is slow and requires a lot of patience and I don t have that kind of patience I m bored and waiting for some spicy action to happen, but nothing interesting is happening for me I m tired of Anna and Stephen and this book is too long and I JUST CAN T READ ON I d like to go further into detail, but like spoilers

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    Interesting It is not what I was expecting, but I liked it It is different.I am glad I read this series Very little happens in each book, and yet it evolves The developvent goes slowly and in a monotonous way, but this is a good thing In fact, that sameness, that repetitiveness is what diferenciates it from other books It gives the series its own personality, you come to expect the routine and it is gratifying.I can t deny either that I am conflicted morally about the things that go on here And that feeling of conflicted conscience adds on to the appeal of the story Is this right or not Is there really harm Would it have been better for the parties involve to have follow the current morally accepted society rules I don t know, it s what it is.Book 1 Slave Book 3 Truth Book 4 Trust

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    Need is the second instalment in Stephan and Brianna s story with Brianna taking yet baby steps down the road to recovery.In Slave, Stephan had rescued Brianna from enforced and brutal sexual slavery and taken her to live at his apartment Slowly, through tender loving care from Stephan, she s managed to move on from absolute terror of him to trusting him and feeling safe with him Slave ends with Stephan explaining to Brianna that he bought her to rescue her and that she is free to leave any time she wants but that he would like her to remain and become his submissive We were left with her considering her decision.Now, in Need, Brianna has taken that brave decision to remain with Stephan and slowly, very slowly, learn to become his submissive.At the end of Slave, I was convinced that Stephan was absolutely doing the right thing Brianna has experienced the very worst that the BDSM lifestyle has had to offer she s had her virginity brutally taken from her, been beaten and repeatedly raped and is left scarred both physically and emotionally Stephan feels that the control he has as an experienced dominant will give her the structure and security she needs to begin to recover from her ordeal.Not everyone agrees and I have to say that it requires a certain degree of arrogance on Stephan s behalf to think that he knows better than well trained professionals I know every dominant has to have a level of arrogance to be able to effectively assert that control but it s a brave and possibly selfish decision on Stephan s behalf to decide that the lifestyle which has brutalised Brianna is now her route to recovery.I do believe that Stephan has the best of intentions He has fallen in love with Brianna and very much desires to keep her as his submissive he s amazingly attentive, aware of her every reaction and helps bring her down from many a panic attack She absolutely feels safe with him and craves his touch when she feels the panic begin to rise My main question about Stephan s intentions is whether or not they are actually self motivated and selfish Yes, I know he loves her and thinks this is best for her but is dominance and submission truly the way for Brianna to get over her year of brutal slavery It s a question right at the heart of the novel I believe the author s voice very much wants us to believe that Stephan s way is the right way but I do wonder whether Stephan s desire to keep her with him, albeit through his love for her, is overriding his desire to heal her or are they just one and the same It s a question I can t quite find the answer for At the end of Slave I was 100% behind Stephan now I have an element of doubt.Stephan is incredibly self assured for a man of just 24 years of age and it pays to remember that Brianna is herself only 18 they are both very young and have a lot to learn I wonder if Stephan should have considered regular therapy as well as his own brand of D s therapy too I can t answer my own questions yet.Stephan and Brianna continue their relationship throughout this story, slowly becoming sexual, often with one step forward and two steps back and I did question some of Stephan s decisions At one point Lily sings his praises as a dominant Stephan is always fair with his punishments I ve never known him to be overly harsh, but they are still punishments And yet, he dishes out what I consider to be an overly harsh punishment He decides to punish Brianna because she didn t answer his call or return it He tells her she must text him on the hour, every hour when he is at work Fair enough but then he decides to punish her further by forcing her to sleep on the floor by his bed every night for a week I think that is overly harsh and, if he intends to use his control as a dominant as the tool to heal Brianna, he needs to be much, much fairer than that.BUT I did still enjoy this The writing style is quite spartan but it seems to suit the story being told here excessive paragraphs of descriptive prose really aren t necessary or required We re left with a WICKED cliffhanger how cruel thou art Sherri Hayes with the third book not due until summer 2013 I m still fully invested in this couple s journey despite my reservations about Stephan s methods and I ll definitely be awaiting book 3 with bated breath.4 stars BDSM romance

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    This series continues to blow me away The story of Stephan and Brianna is so heartbreakingly beautiful I am completely captivated with this unorthodox love story I dove right into this book after reading book 1 and am already deep into book 3 I wasn t sure how I would respond to this series, since it isn t the usual dark romance erotica I was worried it would be boring or would fail to grab my attention I couldn t have been wrong I love this story As a side note, I m listening to the Audible version, in addition to reading the Kindle version The narration is fabulous Sometimes that can be hard to come by, so I thought I d mention it for other audiobook listeners out there.

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    First off, I have a confession to make My favorite part of the first book was the way that Brianna would kneel when Stephan came into the room and call him Master Like Stephan, I hated how she got to that point and she needed to stop doing it if she was going to make another step toward normalcy, so I am glad that she was no longer doing it butAnyway, enough about meKarl You like a man that hurts you Takes control In the first book, Karl reminded me of Steve Lombard, a character from Superman comics in the 1970s an ex jock who thought he was god s gift to women We find out that Karl is something much darker And what he said and the way he grabbed Brianna s collar makes me think there is an even darker side we haven t seen yet.Cal I thought the whole scene with him in the first book was kind of odd It obviously make sense now But he needs to get over his You didn t build that feelings about Stephan really quick if he is going to be a positive force for Anna.Daren The first time I read through the first book I thought Daren was thoughtful Then the I thought about it, the I wondered what kind of guy hangs out at parties that Ian Pierce attends And now we find out that he beats Brianna with a stick for several minutes and then decides that something might be wrong He gets an F in perceptiveness and sensitivity Then he takes her to a private room so he can talk to her right No He beats on her some with the stick and then figures out gee, something isn t right here And this guy was Stephan s mentor And for the record, if he said the words your girl one time, I wanted to beat him with a stick.Richard I understand now why he was so worried about Brianna But he really needs to trust Stephan a bit and argue later.Lily and Logan Interesting that Logan only became a Dom for Lily And Wow She is way submissive than I picked up on in the first book I thought they were kind of into bedroom stuff, but they are way serious players from what we learned here It does make Stephan s concern about what Logan thought about Brianna s collaring seem a bit odd though Ian He didn t even appear and I hate him many times now In the first book, I was concerned about the physical things he did I thought her mental state was something of her own doing But after quite a bit of reading and a bit reflection, just why did Ian keep Brianna in such a constant state of fear Either through submissiveness and she definitely has those qualities or Stockholm Syndrome, she should have gotten past that at some point The fact that she didn t makes me hate him even .John I just couldn t figure out what had happened in the first book Maybe I was should have but I just knew it was something bad My blood ran cold when Stephan learned what certainly seems to be the truth He didn t have a BOLO out on her, obviously And the part about him looking so hard for her when the key was a published photograph didn t ring true at all for me.The guy at the Mall I hope he burns in Hell for what he did And the sooner the better.Stephan I really didn t like the fit he threw over the phone call I understand he was angry, and perhaps had a right to be, but he still needed to keep his emotions in check Punishing Brianna was one thing but punishing her in anger was something else and making her sleep on the floor instantly made me think of the first night she was with him and not in a good way he truly disappointed me there The stick Him showing her his second favorite one was a little creepy I think someone should point out to him that not every submissive is into caning and not every Dom I thought that was a little too much information too soon about how he loved it so The lovey dovey stuff I was impressed by that I thought he did that at pretty much just the right speed We can understand why he didn t want Brianna to get professional counseling now as well.Brianna It was nice to see her come out of her shell a bit and actually start asking questions She still has a long way to go, though.And as for the Cliffhanger I knew it was coming because everyone was mentioning it in hush tones And it wasn t hard to see what was coming It actually wasn t quite as bad as it could have been My question is who exactly is standing there and what sort of legal documents do they have in their possession And what exactly are the intentions I am really thinking that Stephan really should have contacted someone he could trust with some authority because things are about to get very, very messy.Book One in a series is often great Finales are often even better Books in the middle can be hit or miss This was solid and moved the story forward but it wasn t the beginning of the story or the end.

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    You can find this review on I m a reader, what about you When I saw this two books on NetGalley, I was jumping up and down it s dark, it s on my way too hot shelf, it s D s What could girl wish for on this hot summer days First book in Finding Anna series was published last year I noticed it, thought it sounded interesting and moved on Needless to say that in that time I was still discovering my kinks, but after Cherise Sinclair, Kitty Thomas and Tiffany Reisz I am than ready for Sherri Hayes Actually, after some of the books I ve read, there wasn t anything too shocking in these two books First thing that you need to know is that Sherri Hayes started as fanfiction writer Finding Anna series is Twilight fanficton You ll find usual problems for this kind of novels bad sentences and not that good choice of words sometimes Similarities with original story are minimum it looks as if all fanfiction writers use few indentical scenes restaurant, meeting the family, food My other problem with it bad covers Hate them Couldn t you, guys, hire a really good artist or photographer for this job Although this novels are labeled as BDSM, there isn t anything too scandalous for all you people with morals of mainstream society There are no sex scenes Only kinky side of the story is that Stephan is Dom, Brianna was slave for almost a year and to save her Stephan buys Brianna from the man who imprisioned her aginst her will Everything is on psychological level he s trying to help her to find herself again but, in the meantime, falls for this pretty, demaged girl Slave is strage book and I couldn t put it down util the end That was my other big problem with this book ending It just stops On the most stupid scene Stops No conclusion Nothing on the previous pages that will even indicate that ending is near If this was selfpublished book with no editor, I still wouldn t like it but I d understand that author didn t know better But there is the publisher behind this book Hm Second book in the series, Need, is coming out on July 26th and it went in totally different direction from the first one Stephan is a wuss and that is not word that should ever be related with Dom There s this term topping from below when Dom lets his submissive make all of the decisions, but she manipulates him to think that he s in charge or he knows it but chooses not to see it Add to that romance and you have socially accepted hybrid Suddenly BDSM is nothing deviant or weird, everything is peachy in Peachyland because they are madly in love and they are kinky because of things from their past But they are starting to see the light Hm behold of the clliffhanger Sherri Hayes learnd something about writing But You have to be true master of writing to use telling from two points of view Sometimes I had a feeling as if I was watching spanish telenovela there are whole parts of the story repeated from the other character point of view That is big NO As you can see, I didn t like Need very much and after reading some amazing books about this topic, I ll have to low my rating for Fifty Shades it s pretty much same as Finding Anna I m giving them three stars only because I liked first book better If you enjoyed reading Fifty Shades, you will love this series as well But it s not for me If you are interested in dark erotica, read Kitty Thomas Stay tuned, we ll talk about her soon NOTE Copy of the book is kindly provided by the publisher, TWCS via NetGalley I m not paid for writing review I do this for free as lover of written word All opinions in this review are personal.

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    He was my lifeline, and I was pretty sure he always would be There was no place I felt safer than when he held me in his arms like this Sometimes I just wanted to stay here, in his chair, and never leave The outside world could melt away, and I wouldn t careWhen it came to Stephan, I always felt lost and then found at the same time..His touch make me feel alive.His voice soothing meI need to touch himto feel himI need him like the air.I breathe him to liveAll I wanted was to make him happyHe was everything to me..He was my only calm.I trust him than anyone elseAnd I d do anything for him.ANYTHING Review possibly contains any spoiler Like the first book, the second book again is deeply consuming With Stephan s help and his tenderly love, Brianna had made good progress to overcome her fear She learn step by step to gain back her self confident.He took care Brianna like a baby, hold her each time she s got into panic attacks, soothing her, calming her, teach her to explore her needs and push away her fearprotect her from any harms.He trying to put Brianna life back together, he patiently help Brianna faced her biggest fears He put many session with Brianna until she could response her surrounding in a better way.Even though in the process, she still got those attack over and over again, and oh believe me it really hurt to see Brianna struggling to fight back all those panic attacks that always keep coming back to her , even small thing can be a trigger that caused horrible scene for her She even getting numb few times NumbThat was the only way to describe how I was feeling HabitThere was no feelingThey were just ActionsNothing had meaning beyond doing what I had been told to doWhat I felt while reading all those scene is exactly like what Stephan felt, its always make my chest hurt and cried each time I read what had happened to Brianna.She still 17 back then, when she had her first sexual experience , and believe me it will twisting your stomach and could make you cringe when you read it.Am glad that Stephan saved her from Ian s handsSoon Brianna began to trust him, depends on him.But, Brianna still have a doubt about Stephan s offers to be his submissive .Every time I thought about being his submissive, I felt myself break out into a sweat When I would think about leaving him, my chest would tighten and it was almost painful to breathe.ButThe thought of leaving him, the idea of not having him in my life any, scared me than anything He was like a light in the sea of darkness I d been living in for so long. With all 10 months experience at Ian s place Hell yeah, no wonder she afraid Stephan s will hurt her like what Ian s did to her, However, her fear of losing Stephan is bigger than her fear as a submissive.Stephan encourage her to try to explore her limit, and give a try to overcome her fears He even asked Brianna how to use safe words each time she started to felt uncomfortable about what they did.Stephan always keep his promises to keep Brianna safe, especially from possibly thing that he will do There are and Nightly Shower Ritual because he must keep his promise not to have sex with her unless she s the one who asked for it Damn I need to double my nightly shower because those sitting on lap scene Everything went just almost fine between them..until one day, a ghost from Brianna s past showed on her doorstep.What will happen then Will Stephan keep his promise to always keep Brianna safe Will Brianna be taken against her will for the second time in her life Next chapter will be about The Truth ooOoo What I love the most from this book is again the way the author write the story, I adore Sherri s writing skill , maybesome people will say that the plotting is way too slow and boring , but for me It s not I think the way the author describe what happen in this book is totally perfect You can feel the emotional connection between Stephan and Brianna.How they full fill each other, depends on each other and can t be separated , how they manage to make all things work for both of them.The way Brianna trust her whole life to Stephan, and the way Stephan put aside his needs and keep his focused on Brianna sake, really amazed me.Gosh You ll never ever find a Dom like Stephan His self control really amazed me This guy is really one of a kind I m falling deeply in love again and again with Stephan. His devotion, his care, his patience, his love to Brianna really melt my heart.I love the way Stephan soothe Brianna each time she got her panic attacks.Its very.calming.The sexual tension is extremely HIGH , even there just only kissing or exploring , caused shiver in me It s remind me when I read , that why I list Sherri Hayes as my new favorite author.All Stephan s do really consumed me to the highest level Like drugs, am addicted to him I even had a dream about him hear his deep low voice like what he usually did to soothe Brianna somewhere in my brain Gosh I think I NEED help from a professional dom like Master Stephan I ENJOY reading this book.I don t know what the author had done to me, but.this book is really CONSUMED ME This book will consume you The moment I sat down in his lap, his arms came around me, and I instantly felt better All the uncertainty no longer mattered because he was there Nothing could come and take that feeling away Not even me You lack confidence It s understandable I can help you with that if you ll let me, But even if you don t, Brianna, I ve made a commitment to you, Until you tell me you do not wish to be with me Until you remove this collar I will do everything in my power to keep you safe HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    Review posted at Swept Away By Romance3.5 StarsNeed picks up immediately after Slave ends We are still watching Brianna come to terms with her past and, in my opinion, present imprisonment There is not much I can or would add as a review for Need I would refer you to my review of Slave The story progressed slowly in this second installment as Brianna moved in an achingly gradual manner toward psychological and physical healing I still believe Brianna to be the heart and soul of this series and the only character worth acknowledgement and discussion.As I said in my review of Slave, as passionate as my feelings still are about this story and this series, Sherri Hayes has obvious, unquestionable writing talent Copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    I received this book to review from Netgalley and Smith Publicity The Writer s Coffee Shop Thank you for the opportunity I could be Anna again Need begins where Slave left off Confused Brianna is told by Stephan that yes, he bought her but she is not his slave That if she wants to leave she canWe get deeper into the story between Stephan and Brianna and their relationship begins to grow and flourish under their new roles Brianna is still unsure who she is but is changing day by day Stephen is beyond saintly with his patience with her and her issues but he is a man in love and as a hopeless romantic I would expect nothing less I liked the introduction of Cal Ross into the story He gives a few layers to Brianna and who she was before Anna Seeing him at the banquet was a shock and I worried that it would be counter productive for Anna but Stephen of course was able to handle it Having Brianna able to talk to both Lily and Logan was wonderful Knowing that Logan was not a part of the lifestyle but changed for Lily was comforting to me as the reader knowing it should and would help Brianna knowing why he did it Stephen and his punishment this book had me a bit miffed but knowing what else he could have done I settled down and accepted that he knows better than I what will work with Brianna I will say the way he shows her things that Ian did that were cruel can be pleasurable if done the right way was beautiful The cane, the leash and most of sex was handled so well The lifestyle he lives as a dominant is not one of harm, pain yes but for pleasure The book ends on a HUGE cliffhanger and I cannot believe the next book isn t out until next year Yikes I will be waiting anxiously for the story to continue and get some answers about Ian

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    Need is the second installment in the Finding Anna series and, let me tell you, if you liked the journey started in Slave you ll fall in love with this.I started Need right after Slave, where we were left with Stephan having just told Brianna that he didn t buy her in order to have a slave and that she s free After everything, Brianna can finally choose what to do with her life keep living with Stephan, the only man she actually trust, or leaving him, even if she s still trying to learn how to live again.I loved this book I devoured it in one day and I can t wait till I have the next one in my hands The subject Hayes decided to write about is a harsh one, and she s doing an incredible job showing Brianna s POV and her reactions to everyday life She s growing, trying to trust the ones that want to help her, and reading how Stephan is trying to make everything simple for her made everything just beautiful Like in Slave, the author didn t pressure her characters but we finally see a transformation in the main relationship The story unfolds, we find out about Brianna s past and the questions about what will happen can t seem to stop swirling in my mind There was so much in Need and I m sure it will satisfy every kind of reader, especially who hoped in something spicy in Slave

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