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    This is a fairly nice cover The dude isn t exactly how I pictured the hero, but he is hot so who cares The composition is slightly off for me I think the text is stretched too wide and is placed too low That said I do like the mix of the two fonts used for the title.I really enjoyed this one Personally, I think the author does her best writing when she ventures into daddy kink On top of that this one ran on the longer side of novella length allowing for story Oh it was still very insta everything and in my opinion would have been that much better had it been fleshed out even I especially would have liked to have seen some BDSM elements since the hero owned a sex club and was a Dom I felt this angle of the story was a little lacking and would have preferred the author had spent page time in that direction than the direction she chooses with the baddies plotline But like I said I enjoyed it for what it was.If you love daddy kink, then this book is for you If you love insta love than this book is for you If you love a hero that has been celibate since he met the heroine than this book is for you If you are in a mood for a quick smutty read than this book is for you.

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    VERY UPSET RIGHT NOW AND I MAY NEVER READ ANOTHER DANI BOOK Tried and failed at 57%SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT THE HEROINE WAS RAPED AND IT WAS HER FIRST TIME TOO Of course this happened before the book took place but we are still expose to it Here is her recap of the events The day after the party when Derrick was on top of me, his hand over my mouth and my innocence stolen from me, I d cried to her Cried my eyes out Sobbed and tore at my hair as she sat behind her desk, her arms crossed, telling me in an admonishing tone, These things happen, Willow You can t just put yourself in the position to tempt a man, then expect him to not take what he needs Especially when you are drunk Willow, really Just let this go You are as much at fault as Derrick More so, in fact OMG I M CRYING WHY DID YOU DO THIS BTW she wasn t drunk and it wasn t taken care of but sweep under the rug by her mother How could her mother do that to her What kind of monster does this to her own child And how did the hero not know Didn t he keep an eye on her during the years apart DONE I m really hurt beyond anything right now, and I don t think that I will ever be able to read another book by this author These things should come with a label My Saturday is ruined so thanks a lot here Trigger warning are very important in books for this reason And I can t even say how this book disappointed me.

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    This was the perfect book for my mood since I was looking for something short and sexy The plot was pretty loose and didn t really keep my attention, but the overall story and heat factor is what had me captivated In the bedroom these characters had a great connection and I ll definitely recommend this book for that alone Honestly I don t really have anything else to say about it it was sexy and interesting, and I would read from this author.

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    ARC RECEIVED IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW 4.5 stars daddy kink galore I absolutely loved this Dare I say it was my favorite Dani Wyatt book to date Pike, that sexy beast Honorable to his word, faithful and sexy as all get out Now THAT is a man He found himself in a tough situation when he honored a pact with his friend from high school Little did he know that pact would lead him to the love of his life her young daughter I respected that Pike did what he had to do and removed himself from temptation even though it broke Willow s heart Once she was back again thought, he knew he would never let her go Willow was the victim of her mother s mechanations She was used as a pawn by the horrid woman Yet, she turned out to be a sweet, kind soul I liked her as a heroine I also appreciated that she didn t push Pike away because he broke her heart in the past hot sexy older alpha hero sweet, kind younger heroine steamy sex scenes with daddy kink very well done no pushing away once that are reunited no cheating no ow drama om drama a guy that assaulted her in high school attempted it again He was never a boyfriend, he pursued her relentlessly HEA with a really good epilogue BUT the only thing I wanted was to hear about their future family I was disappointed to not know how their family grew That is what kept this from being 5 stars for me

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    This book is dirty.SmutLove DD lg Older hero younger heroine.

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    3 always daddy s princess STARS This was my first read from Dani Wyatt and I m than intrigued because the kink Daddy lg has been one of my fave theme for sweet escape Although I admit Mastering Her Heart has similarity with a certain book view spoiler Daddy s Girl by Isabella Starling The same problem with step father and evil mother hide spoiler

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    Safety Trigger Note There is NO descriptive rape or flashbacks of it in the book Her rape with no penetration was in the past hence why I TAGGED as ABUSED HEROINE , off page, but she does give hints of what happened, to give context us context to her mother s monstrous behavior in regard of that heartbreaking situation So, there is no rape, but the heroine was abused in the past, if that is a trigger for you somehow, then this is not for you If not, and LIKE ME, only DESCRIPTIVE rape, on page, or descriptive flashback are your trigger, then you can read it, and enjoy the daddy kink In case of doubt you can shoot me a message and I ll gladly clear any doubts.

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    Though I m still waiting for Baby..I CANT BE MORE EXCITED FOR SOME MORE OF Dailydaddy lovin from Dani Hoping this rocks Sweet love story of daddy Pike and his girl Willow.Pike married Margaret, a ruthless businesswoman and a lesbian as a contract What he doesn t expect to meet is her sweet daughter Willow and fall for her.Years later, she s all grown up and they meet again They ve been waiting for each other all these years and she s had a heartbreaking tragedy in her past.But daddy takes care of it all.Absolutely adore the cover It s so hot.This would be the absolute treat for dd lg lovers I really wanted the mom to suffer .Averagely sweet love making scenes between the two and a nice epilogue.Safe3.5 5

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    Love me some daddy kink and this book delivered that Willow was so sweet and I loved how her strength grew being with her Daddy And I loved how Pike loved her Everything he did was for his Princess.

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    Hot book and I also appreciated how long the hero was celibate If you love Daddy kink this is your book lol

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