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The Atlas of Beauty: Women of the World in 500 Portraits chapter 1 The Atlas of Beauty: Women of the World in 500 Portraits, meaning The Atlas of Beauty: Women of the World in 500 Portraits, genre The Atlas of Beauty: Women of the World in 500 Portraits, book cover The Atlas of Beauty: Women of the World in 500 Portraits, flies The Atlas of Beauty: Women of the World in 500 Portraits, The Atlas of Beauty: Women of the World in 500 Portraits fc86d9f212caf Photographs And Stories Of Women From Around The World, Based On The Author S Hugely Popular WebsiteSince Mihaela Noroc Has Travelled The World With Her Backpack And Camera Taking Photos Of Everyday Women To Showcase The Diversity And Beauty All Around Us The Atlas Of Beauty Is A Collection Of Her Photographs That Celebrates Women From Fifty Countries Across The Globe And Shows That Beauty Is Everywhere, Regardless Of Money, Race Or Social Status, And Comes In Many Different Sizes And Colours Mihaela S Portraits Feature Women In Their Native Environments, From The Rain Forest To Markets In India, London City Streets And Parks In Harlem, Creating A Mirror Of Our Varied Cultures And Proving That Beauty Has No Rules Stunning Aims To Challenge The Ideals Of Beauty Dictated By The Women S Fashion Magazine Industry Independent A Startling And Revealing Project Daily Mail Scrolling Through The Atlas Of Beauty , Beauty Becomes Not A Universal Standard, But A Complicated Tapestry Huffington Post

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    Stunning.beautiful.lovely.fabulous.women of all ages from around the world..are glowing with beauty in these photos This gorgeous book is a diverse collection of women with tidbit stories from photographer Mihaela Noroc about their passions, interests, homes, concerns challenges, philosophies, relationships, their own travels, their accomplishments, their studies, their villages and communities, their religions, their thoughts about strength self defense harassment violence and the confidence gained through education and sisterhood etc I bought this book for our Guest Room book shelf I had been looking for a new book to replace Humans of New York I felt it was time to retire that book from the room I rotate books for our guests When looking through a book of photos that s truly inspiring resting quietly there is just something so peaceful and no words quite match the experience This is that type of book.I hope our guests enjoy it I sure did do It goes without saying that this makes a nice gift book for a special person one of those people might even be yourself.

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    This collection seemed like the perfect blend between Strong Is the New Pretty by Kate T Parker and Brandon Stanton s Humans of New York So the wait to get approved for this ARC was nearly excruciating with me checking my emails every day for a week But I m glad to say that it lived up to the hype I created in my mind.Since 2013 photographer Mihaela Noroc has traveled the world with her backpack and camera taking photos of everyday women to showcase the diversity of beauty all around us The Atlas of Beauty is a collection of her photographs celebrating women from all corners of the world, revealing that beauty is everywhere, and that it comes in many different sizes and colors Noroc s colorful and moving portraits feature women in their local communities, ranging from the rainforest to London city streets, and from markets in India to parks in Harlem, visually juxtaposing the varied physical and social worlds these women inhabit Packaged as a gift worthy, hardcover book, The Atlas of Beauty presents a fresh perspective on the global lives of women today.I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for the women featured in here They bring dignity, strength, and inner beauty that shines from page to page From each of them I learned or was reminded of something new, whether that be tolerance, kindness, resilience, natural and authentic beauty, serenity, strength, and generosity Plus, the vibrant and colorful photographs really brought something new to the table However, as captivating as the images were, I feel like the words that accompanied them, save for a few, failed to move me In comparison to the collections I mentioned at the start of my review, it was difficult to ignore how bland the text is I wanted to see what lies beneath the surface, to feel like we re getting to know the person in front of us But again, save for a few, I rarely encountered said emotion in this collection Also I m low key sad that the cover picture wasn t included in here.On a brighter note, I d love to share the photographs of the enthralling women that captivated me Pokhara, Nepal Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan New York, USA Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan Tehran, Iran Nampan, Myanmar Rainforest, Ecuador I was truly surprised to see Eden Saban in the above, since she s quite well known in Israel, thanks to being on the last season of Big Brother So now I m quite eager to find out if the author randomly stumbled upon her and asked for a picture, or if they set this up.On that bitter sweet note, the sharp women and girls featured in The Atlas of Beauty have made a new fan out of me I m definitely interested in keeping up with Mihaela Noroc s photography works next in the making Note I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buying The Atlas of Beauty, just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commission Support creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with Ko fi.com bookspoils

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    Stunning Gorgeous Simply beautiful Words cannot describe the beauty of all the women in the pages of this album even their stories I savored every page and not once I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat I follow Mihaela s project on Facebook for some time now I love her dedication and I cannot but admire the determination in pursuing her dream Many of the women in her album also share the same tenacity They are truly an inspiration You cannot look at the pictures without emotion Each and every one tells a story, whether in words or expressions Age, color, religion, profession does not matter here beauty does not have such boundaries Take a look at her pictures and let yourself be carried away in one of the most inspiring journeys ever taken here is a interview on what this project means

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    Since 2013, the author has traveled around the world, taking pictures of women, sometimes with their spouses, kids, siblings, or friends, included The beauty here is about authenticity, not sexual attractiveness There are different ages, races, occupations, life situations, hair lenghts 500 pictures of them.With each pic comes information city country often also a short text about the person s They wear clothers of everyday work special day clothes often going somewhere, or working somewhere, or just being around home Many of them have had, or have currently some hardships, like being a refugee, teen mother, illness survivors, and so on But you can really see their stregth, and beauty, shining through these images And that s beautiful.

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    The Atlas of BeautyWomen of the World in 500 portraitsMihaela NorocMY RATING PUBLISHER Ten Speed PressPUBLISHED September 26, 2017A gorgeous book with a message for us all beauty is about what s on the inside, and can teach us tolerance, honesty and kindness SUMMARYPhotographer Mihaela Noroc has traveled the world with her backpack and camera since 2013 She has been taking photos of every day women from over 50 countries to showcase the diversity of beauty all around us The Atlas of Beauty celebrates women from all corners of the world, and shows the beauty is everywhere regardless of money, race or social status She has traveled to the rainforest and the markets in India, London city streets, and the mountains of Afghanistan These portraits and stories capture just a glimpse into the daily experience of women, the obstacles that hold them back, and the dreams that propel them forward Ultimately they show that compassion and love can prevail and beauty, and all of its complexities reigns supreme Mihaela NorocREVIEWThis book is a must see The photographs are astounding and the message is compelling Mihaela Noroc s definition of beauty is about just being yourself, natural and authentic It s about letting people see what s on the inside Her hope is that beauty can teach us tolerance, honesty and kindness The expressions that she captures are warm and inviting, and the eyes of these women tell us everything we need to know Noroc should be honored for her efforts in this project I considered myself blessed to have received this book as a gift and feasted my eyes upon these touching pictures.

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    Sometimes I feel extremely blessed when I get to read a book before its release date and today is one of those amazing days The Atlas of Beauty is the ultimate book for every photography buff, not just because it s filled with gorgeous photos, but mostly because of the enthralling stories it entails.The concept is simple but not an easy task for the photographer, I m sure real women in their native environment projecting their natural beauty and sharing their unique, inspiring stories with the world.Mihaela Noroc succeeds in conveying the message she needs to in every photo and captivating the reader s mind in a very organic and wholesome way I had been blown away by the sheer beauty of this book and I recommend it to everyone without a single doubt Women of any color, size and origin are presented respectfully in a book that celebrates womanhood, diversity and acceptance I found some of the stories heartbreaking and others very sweet but the undertone was too powerful not to hear it loud and clear Hope, strength and unity.Yes, I fell in love with this gem and proudly so THOUGHTS ABOUT THE BOOK 50 Countries, 500 Photos, From London to Brazil From Greece to India In the making since 2013 I want to congratulate the photographer for her work and for putting herself through a variety of difficulties and calamities in order to gather this incredible photo collection from around the world ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you

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    It is definitely true that people love looking at other people s faces I found this book, opened it and could not leave it in a bookstore finally bought it for my little daughter it is a great resource to teach about diversity and women s lives in different parts of the world, although some of the descriptions need to be bowdlerized for the youngest.

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    This book was so inspirational I started reading this book when I was waiting for someone to meet me In about 10 minutes, I was so caught up in the short stories this book was telling , that I didn t want to put it down I was praying for the person who had to meet me to be late Because I wanted to read and see the women the pictures were about I read about women who were struggling with problems that I never had and I felt so lucky in comparison with them I thank the Lord for everything This book opened my eyes even And I m even happier that the book was written by a woman from my country Thank you, Mihaela for the experience you chose to share with us I m proud of you I m proud that you saw how special these women were I m proud you followed your dreams and I m proud to be a woman These pictures were amazing Every single one of them I recommend this book to everyone No matter if you are a man or a woman Because at the end of the day, everyone has something to learn from this book I completely agree with the saying that a picture speaks a thousand words , now, than ever Fav quote During my travels, I ve met so many stunning women who told me they don t feel beautiful at all Influenced by the way the media depicts beauty, many people feel pressured to follow a certain standard of beauty.

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    Movies and magazines would have you think that there is only one standard of beauty for women, namely skinny and white Since the majority of the women on this planet do not meet this standard, why does this model continue to to sell Add that to the long list of things I don t understand This book is a photo essay of sorts It s a collection of photographs of women from various parts of the world, and it made me smile Homo Sapiens is one species and a single race, but oh the diverse ways we adapted to our environs is indeed a thing of beauty I had not heard about the popular blog that this collection draws from and plan to take a look see My only complaint is that while many of the photos are luminous, the text is subpar at best Nature is beautiful, and this book is a wonderful meditation on just that.

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