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    3.5 starsGood Some parts felt really slow and it made the book feel like it was dragging I liked Dive and Mena as characters and thought they had good development Full review at

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    This is Dive s story I thought about this a lot when I finished the book yesterday and I am not going to write a blurb I wanted to read the book just because it was Lila Rose and one of my favorite, Hawks MC, bikers series I had not read the blurb just knew I had to read and I am so glad I did.From page one you are hooked This is my favorite thus far in the series You will shed a few tears, want to pummel Dive at times, laugh out loud, and smile a lot while reading Down and Out What I love about this author is each book is completely different, you don t know what is going to happen next Plus you get a chance to see what your other series favorites are up to A must read.

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    UPDATE Reread March, 20193 OK decent reads Read September, 20164 Liked it Very good I jumped straight into this book and you understand everything perfectly.

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    ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewThis book started off with me like thisWhen I started this book I was like what how can this happen, what happens now after this I just wanted to stop there and not read on I mean how do you cope with that, losing someone and being responsible for a little baby Dive was so heartbroken and lost, but he had to get up and take care of his son And that what he did for the next couple of months he just lived for his son.Until he needed a nanny, and in walked his light Mena is going through a tough time, also no stranger to loss, but she is trying to move on and live her life And she found Dive and little Koda But unfortunately Dive was being a total tool to her but she just kept coming back and taking care of his son and taking care of him.But Mena was exactly what he needed to move on for himself and his son.And when they were together it was so sweet I loved the way Dive was with Mena eventually when he couldn t deny the attraction This was an emotional ride for them, but the ending will be so worth it Lila Rose knows how to write a story with angst and sadness and make you feel so many things, that all you want to do is But you move passed it and just keep reading cause you want to see what happens And we get to see some of the Hawks with the wild women.And the ending WoW A bit of a cliffhanger but you will be satisfied Thank you for this awesome book Lila and can t wait to see what happens next

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    Down and Out perfectly describes Kalen Dive Brooks and Mena McAdams lives both suffering from losses that threaten to consume them, and they probably would have if not for a beautiful baby boy who brings sunshine and laughter into their lives and helps them to continue living despite the pain despite the darkness despite the loneliness that s always burning beneath the surface.Dive is a cold hearted bastard for a majority of the book, and while I understand why he turned into the harsh, emotionless man that he did, I seriously wanted to throat punch him because his treatment of Mena was reprehensible But because Lila Rose provides readers with Dive s perspective, I was able to witness his conflicting feelings and the guilt and rage that prompted every hurtful word and thoughtless act, and as Mena s brightness and his son s innocence allows Dive s heart to start beating again, he makes amends and starts to live again, knowing that laughter and love are meant to be experienced fully without the darkness overshadowing the light.Lila Rose definitely knows how to write strong and sassy heroines, and Mena fits into that category perfectly Despite everything that she has had to deal with, she remains pure and sweet She gives so much to everyone else, not asking for anything in return, even though she could desperately use some help Regardless of Dive s treatment of her, she remains Koda s nanny because she loves that little boy and wants to be there for him, and as Mena fills Dive s home with as much love and light as she can, she allows a man to find his way out of the darkness and gives them both a chance to heal from their pasts and move forward.Dive and Mena s story is an emotional journey that is both heart breaking and heartwarming, and it demonstrates the effect loss and guilt have on people and the slow process it takes to learn to let go of the past and let a little sunshine into one s life.A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.4.5 Poison Apples The Fairest of All Book Reviews

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    Reviewed by CherryOBlossoms Promotions I gave this book 4.5 stars From the first word to last you will go on an emotional roller coaster with Dive, Mena and the secondary characters You will see two people from totally different world s come together for a little boy Hearts will be broken and mended Dive is all bad boy biker with a little boy he is raising Mena has lost everything but has such a beautiful outlook on life When these two collide will there feelings be strong enough to resist each other or will they say Damn to the world and take a chance This was my first book from this author and I know this is part of series I did have a hard time figuring out who was who but as the story went on it was easily to figure it out I highly recommend this very emotional, love story It s one of the best I have read in awhile I definitely will be checking out others in this series.

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    Wow All I can say it s wow Lol But seriously The beginning, the ending Both are with a bang.At the beginning I was barely holding back my tears My heart was torn with each page, with each word All I wanted to do is hug Dive and hold him tight There was not a glimpse of the biker we meet and loved through Hawks journey Dive was broken and shattered to pieces All was left a shell of a man What was holding him from completely be down and out, was his son For him Dive continued to breath and try to move on But even though his child was a saving grace, Dive wasn t fully living He continued to grief and be lost in fear Fear to lose another person he loved He continued to live in the darkness Until one day sunshine knocked on the door.I really loved Dive He was different and matured after hits life gave him Well, okay, he wasn t so matured at the beginning with Mena He was a complete dick And I m not joking But I understood why he was like that He was scared and full of guilt To feel something for another person after you loved someone before and lost them, it can feel like a betrayal to you Not to mention Dive wasn t ready at that time But after he turned new page in his life or even despite his assholish ways, I loved him I loved how he was with his son It was sweet It was bewitching And then his sweetness with Mena, when he finds out about her situation Yeah, Dive stole my heart.And talking about Mena I can t say much about her, but that she was a sunshine Dive needed to be full of joy again She was sweet, silly and full of heart, ready to share her love And I loved her for it.But be warned The ending It s kind of a cliffy Don t worry Dive and Mena has a sweet and sexy HEA But shit hit the fan in Caroline Springs Charter OMG I m so dying from anticipation here I need the next book ASAP

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    I ve read everything that Lila Rose publishes, and every time I finish one of her books, I m convinced that cast of characters might be my favoriteuntil I read the next installment Rose knows how to write people that are flawed with enough baggage to down a jet plane I love everything she does, how she does it, and the fact that she makes me feel like a voyeur in all of their lives The hallmark of a great author, for sure Thanks for another great read, Lila It was awesome

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    OH MY GOD SO GOOD I was crying by the second chapter This book is so freaking good I can t even Lila Rose you gutted, put me back together, had me laughing out loud, crying again, the end, OH MY GOD Can t wait for Nary Saxon s story

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    3.5 stars

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Down and Out (Hawks MC Caroline Springs Charter, #3) download Down and Out (Hawks MC Caroline Springs Charter, #3) , read online Down and Out (Hawks MC Caroline Springs Charter, #3) , kindle ebook Down and Out (Hawks MC Caroline Springs Charter, #3) , Down and Out (Hawks MC Caroline Springs Charter, #3) ee24810399a3 Down And Out Focuses On Relationship And Personal Struggle For Dive, Than The MC Side Of Things, You Ll Find Out Why In The First Few Chapters Stricken By Grief, Kalen Dive Brooks Drifts Away From His MC Brethren, Only Having Room In His Life For His Child Worried For His Son, He Ll Do Anything Necessary To Protect Him, Even If It S Admitting He Needs HelpAlone And Vulnerable, Philomena Mena McAdams Has Lost It All Her Parents, Her Husband, Her Job And Her Home Living Out Of Her Car, She S Learned Life Isn T Worth Regrets When Mena Takes The Job Of Nanny And Housekeeper For Dive, She Doesn T Know What She S Getting Into, But Neither Does DiveCan They Learn To Love Again When Things Are So Down And Out