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    Why does this author like cheating so much

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    I wanted this book so bad and now after finally getting my hands on it, I was disappointed that it didn t received a expanded plot. I wanted to explore this romance between Tyler and Jade, but if Penelope considered that this romance had to be a novela, I totally respect her decision.

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    I don t read many novellas, but when I found out this one was free I jumped on it.So we met these two characters in Neighbor Dearest They re Damien s brother and Chelsea s sister and the first time they saw each other, Tyler made an ass of himself, getting weirdly awe struck by the gorgeous Broadway actress with his girlfriend just a few feet away.As far as novellas go, this one had good pacing, although I felt like the ending was a bit rushed The fact that Tyler was with someone else for most of the book didn t bother me as much as I thought it would And I highly appreciated how he broke up with Nicole before doing anything with Jade It made up for the emotional affair, given how much time he d spent chatting with Jade behind Nicole s back Tyler By the way, I saw our nephew today.Jade How is he Tyler He called me a dick.Jade OMG I just literally spit out my drink.Tyler Careful You wouldn t want to have to take that Snuggie to the dry cleaners That would be embarrassing.Jade LOL Okay Little D is only a year old There is no way he called you a dick.Tyler I swear to God It was his first word Chelsea was there and confirmed it He looked straight into my eyes and said, dick Jade What did you do Tyler I nodded and said, Touch , little man There are a few plot twists that helped deepening their connection and I was glad that they had the time to get closer, talk and develop a friendship before diving into relationship territory So when they finally got together, it didn t feel awkward There wasn t a real separation, but rather a small misunderstanding that was easily resolved and, being an ambitious woman, I totally swooned over how Tyler resolved their long distance relationship issue.All in all, it was quick, sweet, fun with a sprinkle of sexy on top It doesn t of course measure up to Neighbor Dearest and all that texting filled lots of pages that just flew by so that in the end it felt even shorter, which is why I gave it four stars instead of five Still, I highly recommend it This writer knows how to handle all the elements without anything going missing or feeling lacking There are only two choices We do nothing or we do everything I don t feel like there s an in between with you, Jade I feel like I went from zero to a hundred from the moment I first saw you

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    Jaded and TyedPenelope Ward This is a story about Jade and Tyler, Chelsea and Damien s siblings in that order and what really happened to Tyler during Christmas LOL This is me Oh my gosh, I just found the male version of my life story It was like my alter ego in another universe It was so short tho, that made me sad Tyler was awestruck when he first met Jade, talked gibberish, dropped his beer, acting like a loon and so on Well it was the same for Jade actually, she just hid it better After some time Jade accidentally sent a friend request to Ty and they became close, but the problem is Tyler has a girlfriend What makes matters worse is that they are hitting a long term kind of relationship, we are talking about years of being together people Fate having a sense of humor, brought them together under sad circumstances making them both realize that they want each other so much I really got what they are saying and I can definitely relate First, it really dumb to drop someone you have a relationship with for a long time, two, you say you are not having an affair but the real term would be your having an emotional affair with somebody else and last, against all odds if your mind says something rational but your heart tends to say a different version, drop everything and prepare for shit Im gonna do my best to defend this from cheater haters cause they really ain t cheating They were honest and Ty even had the courtesy telling Nicole he wanted out Nothing even happened between them while Nicole was still in the pucture, it was just they were attracted to each other so much they can t deal And I m glad they pushed through, cause I m coming from experience The thing you ll regret the most is when you ll be the one standing in front of em and asking yourself why your not that person who they are with Sorry for bantering It s suppose to be longer Ward It was really beautiful crying

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    4 s I was sooo happy to get this novella about Tyler Damien s brother and Jade Chelsea s sister Both Damien and Chelsea are from Neighbor Dearest and we found out in their book that both Jade and Tyler are actors It was sooo funny when Jade and Tyler first meet I loved his reaction and I loved how Damien gave him a hard time This book was the perfect example of how a dual POV is necessary because I sooo needed to know how Jade felt Unfortunately, they both have obstacles that prevents them from being together I was a little surprised at how long it took Tyler but when he decides on something, he really decides And just as soon as I was getting into it, it ends But it was a great read and if you ve loved the other two books in the series, I really recommend reading this

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    4.5 Sweet love story about Jade and Tyed.

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    Yay for freebies Wasn t a huge fan of the situation the H was in, but it was a pretty short, cute read nonetheless Yay for freebies.

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    3,7 stars Ahhhh essa hist ria foi t o curtinha, queria que tivesse mais p ginas, rs.Mas foi doce e fofo, uma leitura bem rapidinha mesmo.

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    Actually 3,5 srars Oops I think i ve read it backwards But it wasn t something that i couldn t followThis was a nice short story about Jade and Tyler you see what Penelope done with the title Jaded and Tyed.Well, i can not say about this book it was a quick but intense love story and the heroes were connecting with the heroes of Neighbor dearest.End of story.

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    Jaded Tyed es una novela corta y rapida la lei en menos de una hora que tiene como protagonistas a Jade y Tyler, personajes secundarios en Neighbor Dearest.Cuando descubri que este libro existia me senti bastante curiosa, no imaginaba como la autora desarrollaria la historia para juntar a esta pareja pero lo cierto es que la lectura me dejo un sabor amargo al terminarla.Honestamente me senti incomoda durante toda la lectura, en parte porque todo me resultaba demasiado precipitado y forzado pero tambien porque la situacion que se da en esta novela me parecio desagradable y fea, ese hecho junto con la rapidez en la que se desenvuelve la trama le quito todo lo agradable a la historia que ya era poca desde el comienzo, en mi opinion view spoiler No me importa de que tipo sea una infidelidad, emocional como en esta ocasion o fisica, intento por todos los medios no leer libros que traten ese tema, obviamente es un gusto personal, simplemente es un tema sobre el que no me gusta leer.En este libro aunque no haya infidelidad fisica me indigno mucho la actitud de los protagonistas, solo pensaban en ellos mismos y nunca se pararon a pensar en como sus decisiones afectaban a los demas.Realmente esperaba un desarrollo diferente para la historia de Tyler y Jade, ademas no me gusto nada la forma que tuvo la autora de tratar la infidelidad, como si no tuviera importancia y fuera una tonteria hide spoiler

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