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Stable Secrets txt Stable Secrets , text ebook Stable Secrets , adobe reader Stable Secrets , chapter 2 Stable Secrets , Stable Secrets 966d2b Opposites Attract And This Alpha And Omega Make The Chemistry Explode Feisty And Fierce, Sam Hemingway Is Nothing Like A Typical Omega As The Mayor S Son, He Was Raised To Be Strong, Rugged, And In Control He Knows Exactly What He Wants And He Doesn T Want The Life His Family Has Hand Picked For Him Loving And Caring For Horses In The Country Stables Is All He Needs In Life But When His Mother Meddles And Throws A Real Stable Hand In To Take Control, Sam Has No Idea How Quickly His Life Is Going To Change Charming And Sexy Colton Sharp Knows His Way Around A Stable And This Alpha Quickly Works Way Into Sam S Heart As The Two Grow Closer And Assume Their Roles, Colton S True Identity Threatens Everything They Ve Built Now, With Everything On The Line, Will Sam And Colton Discover The True Meaning Of Family And Love In This , Word Gay Romance Novel, Two Men Struggle With Their Place In Society As Their Families Try To Force Them To Fit A Certain Mold But After They Find Each Other, They Discover A New Strength The Strength Of Love With Explicit Scenes And Sexy Rolls In The Hay, These Two Stable Boys Fight The Secrets That Try To Destroy Them And When One Man Learns That He S Pregnant, They Learn To Love Deeper And Stronger Than They Ever Have Before

About the Author: Austin Bates

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Stable Secrets book, this is one of the most wanted Austin Bates author readers around the world.

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    Extremely sweet and fluffy.

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    There are seven stories within the bundle A majority are novel length and a few are novella length About six of them are contemporary mpreg stories and one is a bit of medical thriller mpreg story.Stable Secret Sam is an omega constricted by his family s ideology and expectations He spends his days taking care of his family horses that his mother just keeps collecting on a whim When his mother hires on a Groom, Colton, to help take care of the horses Sam is incensed and hurt Sam and Colton don t get along mostly because Sam is hostile But Colton s kindness shines through and wins Sam over The two start up an easy friendship that leads to and unexpected consequences.While I enjoyed reading the story and thought Sam was funny at times I felt there were some discrepancies How did Sam s mom bust into Sam s room after Colton deflowers him when Colton told him to lock the door and Sam did so As for Colton, I was curious about his background, what kind of celebrity he was and how his father played into it all I liked the detail in which the author took with Sam and his family it really told and painted a picture of how Sam s life was and the situation he had to deal with.Seeking Enrique Jules is a literary agent trying to track down one of his writers who pseudonym is Enrique R Dominquez and is having trouble since the guy seems to be dodging him To make matters worse his boyfriend of about a year breaks up with him When he finally tracks down the elusive writer they end up getting stuck at the writer s home because of storm conditions Rick is the elusive writers and he s socially inept He also has panic attacks when faced with meeting strangers When Jules tracks him down to start book touring Rick makes his argument and they end up caught up in a storm and stuck in Rick s cabin During that time the two become intimate but it doesn t fix their underlying issues Misunderstanding ensues and Rick disappears causing Jules to use all his resources to find Rick.I found Jules to be quite overbearing and I could relate with Rick s feelings about Jules behavior I didn t like him at times I loved Rick s innocence and I felt I could understand him since we kind of shared some similar traits I liked his bookish, skittishness and that he wasn t afraid to standup for himself when he needed to and also faced his fears even though he didn t want to It was a nice enemies to lover opposite attract story The Hardway Noah Wilson finally seems to have his life on track He s been hired at a successful and prominent law firm is a single father who has a seven year old, and is still living with his mom Cullen Noah s ex and co parent and Andrew, his fianc , is also a part of their lives At the prestigious law firm Noah s assigned a desk mate, Issac Fitzgerald002E The two don t exactly hit it off but are on friendly terms Issac wouldn t mind having some fun with Noah But Noah isn t interested in having a relationship When Noah realizes he should start living again he turns to Issac The two start up a causal relationship that ends abruptly until Noah finds himself in a situation he feels he has to share with Issac.There wasn t anything about this story I particularly liked or disliked It just didn t resonate with me and I could have done without reading it Any issue that popped up between the characters were quickly and quietly resolved Which lead to a clean cut read with a bit of splash I did find think that Noah drinking vino after well three weeks after birthing his child was kind of concerning There was also never any mention of how the baby was cared for whether they were being breastfed or fed formula I felt curious about those details and I was also curious about the birthing process and anatomy since those weren t given in detail I also didn t liked that for this story the POV kept on changing so that readers could get a feel of how the main characters and secondary characters were feeling about certain events.Chosen familyEric Stapleton is the personal assistant to Thomas Gardner, a former professional hockey athlete, though mostly it also feels like he s a manager and nanny all rolled into one Daniel Hannigan is the architect in charge of renovations for Thomas home Eric keeps Thomas life on track which isn t an easy thing since Thomas is a bit flighty Daniel is interested in Eric and has to contend with Thomas for Eric s attention Eric falls for Daniel s charm but Thomas has come to a realization of his own and it involves Eric What s Eric to do when two men are fighting over him I couldn t quite appreciate this one It started out very well but towards the end I started to really hate it Daniel wasn t a very likable character and I didn t like any of his character traits Thomas, I could stand better but I didn t think Eric should have ended up with either but I definitely didn t think the one who knocked him up was the better choice I felt bad for Thomas and the self sacrifice he took to keep his family safe I wish he had had a happier ending at the end I didn t really think mpreg fit in that well with this story I felt it was an add on the author decided on that didn t really blend well Truthfully after reading through the stories all in one going there is repetitiveness present in each story Which is, pregnancy is or less something that happens due to lax safe sex and doesn t matter if it s once or and the character pregnant is insecure about how the other party will react Exploring the Cosmos Reegan is a student strapped for cash who sees a guy advertising a experiment study of some sort Cosmo is a bartender that is also In need of funds since he s in debt Both see the study as beneficial, neither know each other but their meeting and decision to participate will change their lives.I kind of started off a little reluctant to read the story which made me initially dislike it It started off okay and actually built up to an intriguing story I liked the idea of a mad scientist preying on unsuspecting individual altering them in some way and letting the victims deal with the after fall I thought Reegan and Cosmos decision to move forward in their relationship was something they didn t quite think through what with what info they were given It was interesting the hoopla that it all caused and the consequences that developed because of their decisions The Kitchen Eric Barnes is an aspiring chef waiting for his big break which comes in the form of being an apprentice chef on a celebrity cooking show Unable to get his unsupportive bf, Josh, to move with him Eric heads to NY to start his dream job When Seth, an intern, suggests they go out on a night of the town Eric decides to throw caution to the wind and enjoy his newly single status He meets Adam Wright, an alpha, at the club and they hook up Eric isn t looking for anything serious and at first neither is Adam until after they hook up.Adam was a confusing character in the club it didn t seem like Eric was his type since he said it was unexpected that Eric would be the one to approach him being an omega and whatnot Then once the two sleep together he s all gung ho about seeing Eric again I liked that Eric had his eyes set on the prize and had Adam chasing him I liked that he laid it all down and even when he had an urge to see Adam he wasn t the one looking for the dude to hookup I felt it was short and very to the point compared to the other stories Stirrin up a Scandal The story follows Seth story whom first appeared in The Kitchen as an intern and made fast friends with Eric Its been about a year since Eric s come on the show and it seems he s taken over for star host Seth isn t as happy with his career success as Eric and can t help but be envious of his friend He really tries to ignore it going as far as to distance himself from his friend lest his feelings show since he can t help it When a party is thrown to honor Eric, Seth can t avoid it and goes He ends up meeting an older successful gorgeous alpha Harrison seems like a good time and he s into Seth but Seth can t see their budding relationship going far.I liked that Harrison was the one trying to win the reluctant Seth over I like their chemistry and wished there had been in their story Like the previous story the kitchen I wished the author had spent time developing it like the other stories in the bundle I really enjoyed reading Harrison and Eric s blooming relationship and interacting I believe this was my favorite couple.An ARC copy was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    Stable SecretsAustin BatesA gay romance story that has opposites attracted to each other One from the hollywood world and one from a big town but he s the mayor s omega son You will love this hardcore dislike to full out love romance novel.Sam Hemingway is tired of all the things his family heeps up on his shoulders Everything seems to be his fault And to boot his father is blaming him for being a omega male Will he ever find his way in the world and that someone special.Colton Sharp is a hollywood star s son But he tired of the lime life with his father Who controls every little bit of his life right down to the seconds But when a chance to get away comes up he takes it and finds work as a stable hand at the Hemingway house And though the employers are nice , he s interested in their cute son Sam Who seems to hate him right of the bat Can he get under his skin and make him his

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    Stable SecretsSam and Colton have had similar experiences even though they have very different lives Their controlling parents want to rule their lives I suspect who sold out their location, but it was never revealed in the story A few things left unfinished.Seeking EnriqueRick is an author, and his agent, Jules, believes him to be an unreasonable diva Rick appears to have some sensory issues and he does not deal well with people Jules seems insensitive to Rick s problems, even when he tries to explain them Some world insight leading up to Rick s surprise would have made this phenomenal I was just as surprised as Jules.The HardwayIsaac is very self centered and has never grown up He went to college and chose his career to please his father He never wanted to be a lawyer, but like everything else in life, he only does what his father tells him to Noah grew up quickly and at a young age Taking care of a child will do that He is very focused, at times too much, takes things a little too far, and is a workaholic The turning point was a bit quick, but a good read.Chosen FamilyEric is wonderful but downplays his talents He thinks he lucks out and gets the job as Thomas personal assistant Thomas is quite difficult and very unpredictable Daniel is super caring and wants with Eric but Eric is unsure of what he should do when his personal and professional lives combine An great journey for these three men.Exploring the CosmosReagan and Cosmos meet at a clinical trial they both volunteered for The reasons for the trial area thinly veiled mystery, but have life altering results for the two I enjoyed reading about their budding relationship, facing this new challenge together, and Reagan s wonderful parents.The KitchenEric is finally feeling successful in his chosen career and away from the boyfriend who put him down He does not want a relationship and believes it will mess up his professional life He meets Adam during one of his nightly bar hops and the Alpha is persistent in trying to spend time with him Eric s attitude is frustrating and there is no indication of where he picked it up.Stirrin Up a ScandalSeth is an intern on the cooking show Sizzlin Kitchen and feels he has gotten no where in the last two years Him meeting Harrison, an owner of the studio, is surprising but he does not want it to influence his job in any way They have a few years separating them, but their relationship is hot and progressing quickly.I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.

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    Family Drama Secrets.Truth Will OutUsually in most MM books I read one guy has a great family and the other s family is not good with him being gay But in this story both sons are a part of families that leave a lot to be desired Each family effects their son s personality in different ways Sam became a crabby patty and while Colton was sullen at home he was very personable away from home Together these two men happily balanced each other But apart they reverted back to their original personalities Cold, selfish, narcissistic parents demonstrated their contempt for their child his choices with regularity.Secrets create many problems, such as expose fissures in relationships, make the person who doesn t know what s really happening miserable, compounds the guilt of the one keeping the secret keeper, and creates or deepens mistrust The hurt is terrible and unnecessary.While fondness can increase during an absence, so can irritation and contempt Staying the way for your right reasons, could be completely wrong for someone else.For every action there is a totally opposite reaction, as Colton learns by his behavior toward Sam.There are Alpha and Omega dynamics in this story, though the main characters defy the stereotypes The ingrained negative beliefs about Omegas are still perpetuated This is not a shifter story, but the Alpha and Omega behaviors are evident Even causing the characters to act angry or aggressive in seeming opposition to their birth label At the same time helpless to overcome society s ingrained notions.Once secrets are revealed and the truth comes out, these two men have some very important decisions to make Austin Bates second book is equally as engaging as the first But one thing I distinctly dislike is when the impregnated male is called the mother of the child I personally prefer the terms, carrier or bearer or simply the father Otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

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    This is bundle with 7 books An enjoyable book with good writing The plots were entertaining and it was steady throughout the book I found the stories and characters likeable The characters were well developed and thought out Stable Secrets Sam Hemingway an Omega and Colton Sharp an Alpha are the MC s of this book There was humor, horses, broken arm, family, celebrity, separation, family issues and so much in this book Seeking Enrique Enrique an Omega and Jules an Alpha are the MC s of this book and mates There was humor, books, snowstorm, anxiety, agent, writer, book tour, disappearances and so much in this book The Hardway Noah Wilson and Isaac Fitzgerald are the MC s of this book There was humor, lawyers, an ex boyfriend, a daughter, wins and loses, a house, family and so much in this book Chosen Family Thomas, Eric and Daniel are the MC s of this book There was humor, architect, assistant, a mansion, ex hockey player, death, police and so much in this book Exploring the Cosmos Reagan an Omega and Cosmos an Alpha are the MC s of this book There was humor, bartender, court, a doctor, male pregnancy, family, police and so much in this book The Kitchen Eric and Adam are the MC s of this book There was humor, contest, interns, construction worker, reality tv, cooking, ex boyfriend and so much in this book Stirrin Up A Scandal Harrison and Seth are the MC s of this book There was humor, reality ty, dinner, studio owner, intern and so much in this book I can recommend as a good read I voluntarily read an advance copy of this book for an honest review.

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    I received this book as an ARC from the author and reviewed it willingly.I actually enjoyed this book slightly less than I thought I would when I read the synopsis The beginning was good, but Sam s immaturity became grating His acceptance of Colton, though, after things were explained was wonderful The immaturity seemed to fade away, it just took a long time for that to happen Together they became sweet and a functional unit that I really liked They grew and became than what they began as.All the parents in this book suck, but that s kind of the point here The incident with the paparazzi at the restaurant was a bit weird, but anything I could have dreamed up would have been either anti climactic or overly dramatic, so I guess I m not entirely sure how I d change that Except for the yell thingI d get rid of that, it was just too weird.Overall, the conflicts were believable but they weren t really built up enough and the resolutions were slightly bland too I began to miss the interactions with the horses and wished they were there a bit , but since the focus should be on the two men and due to the length of this book, I m not disappointed that the animals weren t a larger part of their interactions The intimacy between Sam and Colton was tender than passionate even when there was a touch of desperation to their couplings The book was enjoyable.

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    3.5 4 StarsI have to say I m enjoying Austin Bates writing Sam and Colton are great characters and their relationship is not always easy but these two have something special together I think Austin has created a great story line, showing that all character types don t always fit in the same roles Sam is the omega and Colton the alpha in this story but their personalities don t necessarily fit what the traditional roles would be Sam is strong willed and sassy while Colton is much sensitive and relaxed I enjoyed that bit of a twist When these two meet it certainly doesn t seem like a match, but as they get to know each other that relationship changes Yes, Sam can be a bit bratty and at times it was a bit frustrating but as their story goes on you can see how Colton loves Sam just as he is There are definitely challenges for these two, aside from their different personalities, Sam s family and how they treat him, along with Colton and the secret he is carrying around They work through it though, and together they come out stronger I loved these two together once they figured it out Overall this was a very enjoyable story, I was totally rooting for Sam and Colton and their journey together left me happy I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

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    Great series of books I have read all of the books in the bundle except the 2 new ones This is a great read to get your feet wet on Mpreg writing and novels I prefer novel length books because there is detail and time to develop and reveal the plotsthat is the only reason that I gave it 4 stars All the books are greatsome better than others I recommend getting this bundle as a start to the Mpreg world and then go back and read the full versions of the books if you want to get a in depth story No matter what, you will not go wrong in getting this bundle as it shows all of the wonderfulness that is in the Mpreg world as well as the struggles for some characters.I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book.

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    Again Austin Bates writes an interesting book that will have you hot under the collar Sam and Colton are great characters that add to the story Sam should have it all but what he hasn t got is the respect of his parents Colton shad a secret and when he starts working with the horse s Sam doesn t seem to want him there After Sam has an accident they become friends and a lot but secrets are never a good basis for any relationship Well worth a read it s enjoyable, easy to read.I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.

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