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Deadly Brew (Dewberry Farm Mysteries, #3) files Deadly Brew (Dewberry Farm Mysteries, #3) , read online Deadly Brew (Dewberry Farm Mysteries, #3) , free Deadly Brew (Dewberry Farm Mysteries, #3) , free Deadly Brew (Dewberry Farm Mysteries, #3) , Deadly Brew (Dewberry Farm Mysteries, #3) 371023f7f It S Halloween In Buttercup, Texas, And Reporter Turned Farmer Lucy Resnick Is Up To Her Ears In Than Goats And Wayward Cows Not Only Has Her Well Dried Up, But It Turns Out The Old House Lucy Recently Moved To The Farm Has A Reputation For Spooks And They Are Disturbingly Active Then A Tarot Card Reading At A Local Mead Winery Foretells Death Only To Have Exotic Game Ranch Owner Bug Wharton Turn Up Dead Cause Of Death Murder, By A Fatal Dose Of Bee Venom When The Dimwitted Sheriff Fingers Local Witch And Mead Winery Owner Selena Gutierrez, Lucy Gets Involved And Soon Discovers That All Kinds Of Things Are Brewing In Buttercup And Some Of Them Are Deadly

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    I must say I do like the Dewberry Farm series, but I didn t find Deadly Brew to be quite as engaging as the earlier books in the series In this, the third installment, a ranch owner dies from bee venom, and local witch Serafine is blamed by the useless Sheriff Rooster Lucy is immediately on the case, and with her beau, handsome vet Tobias, starts sniffing around the ranch looking for clues But Lucy has to worry about than finding a murderer, her well has run dry, the old cottage she s had moved to her land is haunted, and there s a Chupacabra rumoured to be on the loose As always there s a lot going on in Buttercup I did find Deadly Brew to be a quick and easy read, it just seemed to lack the charm of the other books in the series, and it could do with an editorial overhaul There were just a few things that didn t add up, but in the big picture these were minor It s a fun series and I will be looking out for the next one.

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    Ready for a Halloween read The third story in the Dewberry Farm series moves swiftly and keeps you guessing about a couple of mysteries in the plot A likeable protagonist, a great supporting cast, and plenty of suspects entertwine like barbwire for an edge of your seat read Recipes at end of story.

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    The Dewberry Farm mysteries is a series that I HAVE TO read as soon as each book is released And then I am sad having to wait for the next installment Deadly Brew was no disappointment.It oozes Halloween elements in different forms all the way through the book and starts with a murder at the Witches Ball at Honeyed Moon Mead Winery Then there is a mysterious four legged creature attacking the farm animals in the village and a haunted old house on Lucy s farm The paranormal elements seem to slowly increase with each installment.The exotic game hunting ranch was an interesting setting and provided for a good cast of suspects I couldn t put the book down and stuck glued to the couch until I read the final page.It s about time for Rooster, the incompetent Sheriff, to retire He is over the top annoying an dumb.I am looking forward to the next installment

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    Lucy is trying to deal with a dry well in the middle of October heat Meanwhile, in town, rumors are flying that there is a mythological creature attacking animals in the area and the house Lucy just moved to her property is haunted She is looking forward to a night out at the Witches Ball, but that doesn t happen either when a man dies When it is ruled a homicide, Lucy knows that her friends are going to be the prime suspects Can she find out the truth Obviously, there is a lot going on with the strong mystery and the multiple sub plots, and that kept the pages turning One plot point is dropped, but the rest are wrapped up successfully in a great climax We get some updates on minor characters as well as plenty of time with Lucy and the other leads The copy I read needed another pass for continuity issues, but they annoyed rather than truly interfer with the mystery.NOTE I received a copy of this book.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

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    Deadly Brew by Karen MacInerney is the 3rd book in the Dewberry Farm Mystery series Ex investigative reporter and now farmer Lucy Resnick has multiple problems her well has dried up, there is an animal predator on the loose, an exotic game ranch has openned up and a house moved to her property is reportedly haunted When the owner of the exotic game ranch is murdered and her friend arrested, Lucy, of course, investigates A wonderful mystery with a lot going on that keeps you entralled and entertained Lucy is a terrific character, ready to help out where ever she can The series just gets better and better.

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    Another fantastic addition to the seriesI love Halloween and this book hit the spot.Lucy is a great character and I love all the challenges she faces trying to keep Dewberry farm going.This book was full of twists and turns and I was on the edge of my seat from the very beginning.I can t wait to read .

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    Murder and ghostsWhat could be better than a tiny haunted house moved to a farm and a murder This plus an evil retreat for big game hunting are what you get this time Buttercup is suffering from a drought and to make this even worse, Dewberry s well has dried up There are thrills and chills in the reading of this book I can t wait for the next one to come out.

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    Deadly Brew by Karen MacInerney is the third chapter in A Dewberry Farm Mystery series Lucy Resnick owns Dewberry Farm in Buttercup, Texas It has been a dry summer with no rain for the last five months, and now Lucy s well has run dry She needs to find a way to get water for her animals, plants and herself Tonight, though, Lucy is off to Buttercup s first Witches Ball at Honeyed Moon Mead Winery owned by Serafine Alexandre They are enjoying the festivities including tarot reading when a scream rings out They run over to find Bug Wharton, owner of the controversial Safari Exotic Game Ranch, struggling to breathe in his truck They administer the requested Epi Pen, but Bug fails to survive Sheriff Rooster Kocurek quickly zeros in on Serafine as the guilty party because she is Wiccan Lucy knows Serafine did not harm Bug and starts hunting for the killer Reports are coming in about a supposed Chupacabra on the loose Animals are being harmed and the descriptions of the beast are varied To add to Lucy s already full plate, the old Ulrich farmhouse that Lucy rescued appears to be haunted and Quinn s abusive ex has returned to town And Lucy thought life in Buttercup would be relaxing Join Lucy for a Halloween adventure in Deadly Brew Deadly Brew is nicely written, has a good pace, and a lovely setting It contains quirky, fun characters that readers will enjoy getting to know and spend time with in each A Dewberry Farm Mystery I do not recommend starting with Deadly Brew you might be a little lost in the beginning It is best to read the series in order There are some details missing from Deadly Brew why Rooster is sheriff for example isn t it time for an election My rating for Deadly Brew is 4 out of 5 stars I liked it The mystery is clever and many people will be surprised with the outcome I appreciated the paranormal elements in the story I hope we see of it in the future books in the series There is some repetition of information regarding the main mystery, the goats one is named Hot Lips , lack of rain and the exotic game ranch There are recipes for the dishes and drink mentioned in the story at the end of the book Deadly Brew is an entertaining and action packed cozy mystery that will put you in the Halloween spirit I look forward to the next installment in A Dewberry Farm Mystery series.

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    What an intriguing concept Dewberry Farms in Buttercup, Texas, owned by Lucy Resnick, is hit with a drought, there s a strange predatory animal on the loose, an exotic game ranch is offending the sensibilities of many of the residents of Buttercup, and two sisters from New Orleans, who just happen to be witches, have set up to produce mead from their own honey When the owner of the game ranch dies from his allergies to bee venom, the local sheriff, who is rather clueless, figures that one of the witches must have killed him Oh, and the convicted abuser of Lucy s best friend has been paroled, and there s a haunted house on Lucy s property that s making a lot of noise The plotlines are intertwined like a Celtic knot, and there s even a little romance thrown in just to keep things cozy Loved it

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    Our amateur sleuth, Lucy and her friends face death, danger and drought as we open this new volume.Lacy finds her farm facing a Texan drought No water in the well Soon, however, Lacy finds she perhaps has a lot even threatening situations to face Her friend, Seraphine is arrested for a murder she did not commit There is also a Chupacabra rud to be attacking lifestock An exotic animal farm for hunting purposes has entered the community, ex s have been released, and a fire set to harm Lucy These are just some of the tests our sleuth must deal with.There are lovely recipes at the end of the tale to try We went for the Pumpkin Butteryummy All and all this book was a good read Enjoy

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