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Russian Roulette (Helena Hawthorn Series #1) summary Russian Roulette (Helena Hawthorn Series #1) , series Russian Roulette (Helena Hawthorn Series #1) , book Russian Roulette (Helena Hawthorn Series #1) , pdf Russian Roulette (Helena Hawthorn Series #1) , Russian Roulette (Helena Hawthorn Series #1) b477adf9a3 Who Could Guess That One Brush Of A Fingertip Over A Shimmering Soul String Could Flip Your World Upside Down And Inside Out Nineteen Year Old Helena S Life Changes When Her Spirit Enters The Angel Realm In Search Of Her Father But, Things Don T Go As Planned Against Her Guardian Angel S Warnings, She Binds Her Soul To A Vampire A Creature She Thought Only Existed In Horror MoviesLucious Has Spent His Immortality Looking For The Monsters Who Killed His Sire The Last Thing He Needs Is To Be Vulnerable Because Of A Bond With A Reckless Girl Yet, He Sees How He Can Turn This To His Advantage Believing That Helena Possesses Great Power, He Plans To Use Her Against The Council As A Bargaining ChipWhen Helena Meets The Gorgeous And Also Terrifying Vampire With Whom She S Now Stuck Sharing An Emotional Bond, She Realises That Her Life Will Never Be The Same Despite Fighting Against Lucious S Manipulative Ways, She Can T Deny Their AttractionAs Their Desire For Each Other Intensifies, She Needs To Know If She Can Trust Him After All, Her Life And Soul Are On The Line

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    If you are in need of a books with deep characters and a story full of mysteries and power you should pick this pearl.The despiction of each protagonists is very well thought, not only the heros, and they reveal about themselves along the story, explaining choices and changes in their personality They are alive and that is why you grow fond of them, even the villain None of them is perfect in this world where everyone and everything might be than meet the eyes, be it at first, second or hundredth glance Especially when somes have had centuries to perfect their masks The discovery of a hidden world in ours, set Helena in a weak position when fate seems to have plans for her Trying to protect her family and friends while saving her soul, Helena is thrown in the supernatural world as a sheep in a pack of wolves While forging new alliances and loosing somes she opens her eyes to an ugly truth everyone wants to use everyone to achieve their goals and she might become a simple pawn in a deadly game Determined to not let anyone rules her life, Helena will learn about how to survive between creature of the tales.The first book of the HH serie is a must read for all bloody fantastic lovers.If I had a warning Be careful it is higly addicting

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    I can say about this book only good things The entire book is full of suspense which brings the best of the author who was dedictated to writing such awesome book as Russian Roulette in Helena Hawthorn series I enjoyed it to the fullest I came to love each character and the way they behaved and talked brought the most wanted I would like to read in this book I can t get enough of it Helena and her way going through hardhips that world trashed under her feeth She fough until the very end for her beloved ones and for her own beings The great deal of her problems were deep rooted into past and it came back to bite her but she fought with every ounce of her soul to overcome hardships The supernatural world thrown into it and mix it with vampires and magic and other creatures, the entire book brings the best out of the adventure with so much detail created into masterpiece I recommend this book to the sky Who doesn t have it should really hurry up and read it very skilled style and structure of the story.

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    This book is amazeballs If you are needing something adventurous, paranormal, fun alongside of something to laugh at here and there, and not to forget vampiric romance, then this book is for you When I first started reading this book, I expected typical romance between two people, one obviously a vampire looking for his her soul mate However, the deeper I went into the story, the addicted I got to the characters and their witty behaviour, besides the suspense that unfolded and meanings given as the story progressed My expectations of the characters did not stay same as new discoveries and stages were unravelled This is May Freighter s first book in her Helena Hawthorn s series Her stories are pure and original for which the stories could be understood clearly as they progress I like how she cleverly interconnects all her books in the series Nothing amiss is left just like that without a hidden meaning behind Many things are not as they seem, for which I m sure will have you hooked onto your seat.

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    An Intriguingly BREATH TAKING SERIES I loved everything about this incredible Book the beautiful pace, the unexpected mysteries, actions,adventure,humour,romance of course so much surprises under one roof, like a complete package just like any reader, would want And one , the Best thing about it is that this is an Incredible NON CLICHE plot superbly beautifully written nothing alike I have ever read before , I would surely recommend each friend of mine to read it I super Loved and enjoyed getting introduced to every new realm and character and in a way discovering and unraveling secrets with the beautiful flow of the story.The Novel is so AMAZINGLY SURPRISING that I would definitely love to read it again

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    May Freighter does an exceptionally great job of writing this book I read it on Wattled and have not yet seen the published edition She grabbed my interest in the characters and their story from the beginning and kept me racing through the entire book to find out what happens next She has strong well developed characters, so I got fully vested in their lives The characters were believable, the dangers were very realistic and the suspense in this story kept me right on the edge of my seat There were a few times where I worried about how the characters would get out of the situation that they were in and was very pleasantly surprised that my favorites survived, again Magnificent job by May Freighter

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    You are drawn in from the prologue May Freighters characters are so real that you care about them like they are friends As you take this journey with Helena you become emotionally invested in all the characters Mays unique take on the supernatural is refreshing and addicting You can never tell what s coming next More twist and turns than a country road Never predictable You will love or love to hate the people Helena meets along the way As she learns to adapt to her strange new world that she never knew existed you are on a emotional roller coaster I laughed a lot, cried a little and loved every minute If I was on a desert island and could only have one book series for the rest of my life it would be Helena Hawthorn series, hands down.

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    I ve read this book and enjoyed it This story is very different from the usual vamp books Its not a quick read and a little on the dark side There is an underlying secret to couple of characters and story.This is a pay attention to detail story I loved it I found this book on wattpad and read other stories by May Freighter This is an up and coming author that i would highly reccomend to pay attention to Her writing style is unique and she s very personable If you wish to ask or discuss her stories she is than willing to reply.

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    This is the most amazing book ever It has so many twist and turns that a reader can never imagine Would absolutely recommend to readers that love a great thrill and mystery May Freighter is one of the best authors i have come across in my reading You can t stop reading her books once you start Her writing is amazing People reading this book will have a great time getting lost into Helena s intriguing world.

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    I ve read this story in it s first stage of being published on Wattpad, and I immediately felt in love with it It s a story worth buying as it adds a nice twist in the world of supernatural creatures such as vampires, humans, angels, and demons There are loads of creatures, but than I ll be spoiling the overall story, so I suggest reading it and like me fall in love with Alexander he s a charmer My favorite character , Helena, and Lucious.

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    I have read alot of paranormal vampire stories and in each of them the story remained same But this is the one with a lot of magic and thrills. U cnt keep the urge of reading and . Perfect for the one like me who is looking for an escape from real world to a paranormal world. Must read

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