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The Duke She Wished For (Happily Ever After, #1) pdf The Duke She Wished For (Happily Ever After, #1) , ebook The Duke She Wished For (Happily Ever After, #1) , epub The Duke She Wished For (Happily Ever After, #1) , doc The Duke She Wished For (Happily Ever After, #1) , e-pub The Duke She Wished For (Happily Ever After, #1) , The Duke She Wished For (Happily Ever After, #1) f1cb58ce1b0 Tabitha Black Is A Woman Who Knows What She Wants A Life Of Her Own, One Free From Her Hostile Stepmother And Gold Digging Stepsister, And The Ability To Profit From Her Own Talent Working Out Of The Shop Her Father Began, Tabitha Creates Some Of The Most Noteworthy Hats And Accessories In London, And Looks Forward To The Day She Can Attend Millinery School In Paris And Break Free Of Her Current Life An Opportunity Arises To Outfit And Protect The Duchess Of Stowe, Leading To A Chance Meeting With Her Son, The DukeNicholas Fairchild Is A Duke In Name But Not At Heart As His Mother Returns To Society Following Her Mourning Period For His Father, Nicholas Dreads His Responsibility To Entertain Vapid, Fortune Seeking Socialites And, Eventually, Find A Wife He Happens Upon Tabitha, Who Is Everything He Would Have Hoped For But Nothing That He Would Have Ever ExpectedHe S A Duke Who Holds Honesty Above All She S A Commoner Hiding Her True Identity Can They Find Their Happily Ever After At The Masquerade, Or Will What Separates Them Be Too Much To Overcome When The Final Chime Sounds At Midnight

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    Tabitha Black has been saving every penny in order to pay to attend a fashion school in Paris She works as a hat maker in the shop her late father built Her stepmother and stepsister treat her as a servant When Tabitha delivers a large order of hats to the Duke s residence, the housekeeper asks her if she wants to make a little extra money She wants Tabitha to help choose the Dowager Duchess s wardrobe as she entertains members of the ton for the next couple of days They also want her to make sure no one upsets the charming woman since this is her first outing since her husband died They must keep Tabitha s identity a secret, even from the handsome Duke.This novella is an enjoyable retelling of Cinderella The Duke falls for Tabitha as soon as he meets her Of course, he doesn t know her true identity when she disappears from his residence My rating 3.5 Stars I received this book from the author for an honest review.

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    The Duke She Wished For is a misleading title But this is a very good story based on Cinderella style of a story Tabitha Black is a Hat Maker she inspires to go to a Millinery school in Paris Her father has died and she is left in the care of a cruel stepmother and spoiled vicious stepsister Tabitha works hard and when she is asked to make Hats for the Dowager Duchess of Stowe and attend to her dressing, a rouse is in the works to make her acceptable to the titled lords and lady s attending the Duchess ball she is giving for her sons return home from Paris Nicholas Fairchild is the Duke of Stowe he as been visiting is Estate in Paris and now is returning home His cousin who is an Earl and Heir to a Dukedom is a part of the rouse pretending Tabitha is a distant cousin he has invited.The housekeeper and her husband the Steward were just lovely people plotting to make sure Nicholas finds a good and kind wife I think they saw that wife in Tabitha as they have been watching her for a while There are a few twist and turns but Nicholas and Tabitha fall in love and marry This is a Novella so it is not long on details But for a Novella that I thought I would Not like It turned out to be very good.

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    I m sorry to say that I didn t enjoy this one This was not well researched and needed at least another edit The titles, word usage, and dialogue were not correct for this time period Neither character was very engaging and the plot was a little too silly It was a safe read, with the H being a reformed rake , and there wasn t any OP drama However there was almost no character development and instalove was not believable.

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    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This is my first book from St Clair The writing is good, although you can tell she is new to the scene Lots of little mistakes when it comes to the time period, such as how members of the peerage are addressed With a bit research and character development, I think she will be an amazing HR author The book is a twist on the classic Cinderella story and just very sweet and simple My main issue is that it s like a novella This is technically my first novella and confirms why I try to avoid them I adored the leads and thought they had great chemistry, I just feel like they lacked detail and depth The book as a whole lacked the richness that you find in a 300 page book And oy with the part where they jump into bed I love a good sex scene, but it is unnecessary here Silly things like this and the reasoning behind Tabitha being asked to stay at the duke s residence are not quite believable I feel like Tabitha and Nicholas could have been thrown together in a way that is plausible.If you are looking for a simple, quick read that puts a smile on your face, than this is it I was happy to have it while traveling because there was so much going on and I just wanted something lite and not filled with angst Despite the historical inaccuracies and some missed opportunities to really enhance the plot, I look forward to future releases from this author

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    This is an enchanting Cinderella story with an evil stepmother and sister, a dashing prince well, duke, but that ll work, too and a hard working, ever kind and helpful heroine who speaks her mind and follows her dreams Witty, charming and utterly compelling, this is the perfect story for the dreamer in all of us

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    Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book from the author I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this This is my honest opinion Beautiful written novel Tabitha is working very hard at the shope and must listen to her stepmother, so that she can not be ejected from her dead father s house.She is cute little thing, our Tabitha She soon accepts offer to stay in the duchesses house and help her maids to prepare their mistress for the outing from the grief She has to coordinate the gowns and accessories for the duke s mother Cause she didn t have a competent lady s maid to do that for her Little strangeStory is little incredible It is hard to belive that Lorna the housekeeper is hiring Tabitha to be duchesses protector it is like the game in some way, and not vey serious.And hero is too good Nicholas is very gentle toward his mother Gema.And enters Alexander, the cousin Very likeble character Befriends Tabitha and helps her with her scheme.Then we get to see encounter of Tabitha and Nicholas He pretend like he is suspicious with presence of Tabitha, but he is very interested, beause she is different then other London ladies.Tabitha is colecting information on guests during their first informal diner, while Nicholas is quiet and doesn t speek very much Then Nicholas eject Sabine out of his badchamber, but Tabitha sees only her exit and secretive smile, and conclude that Nicholas is still with Sabine.Then first clash of the titans Tabitha is now on the black list for Lady Hester and Lady Sabine.And finally the party, and heating glances between Tabitha and Nicholas, and their almost kiss scene But the serpents began their pursuit of Tabithas origin and she had to go away and abandon Nicholas.Nicholas is now searching Tabitha He has find what he was looking for, and finally wish to take a wife.And then he finds her in chocolate shop And they conect again, but Tabitha still doesn t tell him the truth And then again on the street, when he asks from her to come at the masquerade ball She is now in serious situation she doesn t have a gown Cinderella design is then in full measure Stepmother suspects something is wrong, and fairy godmother Lorna is sending the gown for the ball.After that, and before the ball Nicholas discovers everything from Alexander, Lorna and Tillie What he will do now, when he knows that Tabitha has been lying to him I don t know what I feel about them jumping in bed that fast I guess that it will be some trouble for them looking at the content now, I think that it ended rather abruptly.And in the end happily ever after to good to be true Honestly, Nicholas is to good to be true.But, I loved the characters, and couldn t wait to see how the evil stepmother and stepsister were handled.However, other characters with less than honorable intentions are written so cleverly, that I found it gleefully satisfying to enthusiastically cheer for their imminent downfall A piece of advice, Tabitha They key to swimming with sharks is that you never let your smile falter You never let them see they have cut you, he said For once they sense blood in the water, it becomes a frenzy If you can deny them the reaction they re looking for, they get desperate and are forced to make bolder and careless moves Remember that, dear cousin Patience is the key to this victory Your secrets are in danger, he whispered to her, their eyes locked I will know every last part of you and each and every piece will be mine Fun, fast paced, easy to read Cinderella esque novella.

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    This is like Cinderella for teenagers during the regency period It was too short to be truly enjoyable for a regency historical and the characters were a bit too much like caricatures The evil stepmother Ellora and the sourpuss stepsister Frances could have been doppelgangers for their counterparts in the Cinderella fairy tale There is even a housekeeper, at the H s estate, who acts like a fairy godmother to the heroine The one major problem I had was with the H s mother She was the Dowager Duchess and she was too spineless and wimpy She allowed her dead husband s bitchy mistress to insult her at her own house party The mistress is not even on the same social level for crying out loud The mistress was a mere Baroness This really rubbed my nerves the wrong way The mistress also wanted her witchy gold digging daughter Sabine to marry the H The H also didn t show much backbone until it was almost too late This novella is ok for a short mindless read but there s nothing very original about it The Cinderella thing has been done before and done much better There was a lot of potential here and maybe the story would have been improved if the author had developed this into a full fledged novel and explored the themes and conflicts in a comprehensive manner.

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    I received this from the author for an honest review, and an honest review you shall receive Apart from a few spelling and missing word mistakes, this was a wonderful Cinderella story I loved the characters, and couldn t wait to see how the evil stepmother and stepsister were handled I wish bad things happened to them, but that is just my dark side showing I liked the few subtle differences from Cinderella to this, and it made for an interesting read The only other wish that could have added to the story, was that I wish it had been longer and drawn out I m a sucker for longer historical romances I like staying in the world as long as I can.I will definitely be following this author and hope that she continues to write fascinating stories D

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    This is a cute Cinderella story, with insta love a HEA.It s fluffy like candy floss and sweet like syrup, and I enjoyed every morsel.If you are looking for depth of character adherence to cultural timeframe I.e appropriate behaviour and dress for the time period and great world building, this book is NOT for you It does not deliver on these aspects.It is a light, fun, and quick read Sometimes you simply need a small pick me up snack of a read.

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    A piece of advice, Tabitha They key to swimming with sharks is that you never let your smile falter You never let them see they have cut you, he said For once they sense blood in the water, it becomes a frenzy If you can deny them the reaction they re looking for, they get desperate and are forced to make bolder and careless moves Remember that, dear cousin Patience is the key to this victory This novel was sort of Cinderella esque A baronet s daughter, Tabitha Black, is reduced to being an overworked hat designer in her father s milliner s shop She dreams of the day when she ll have enough money to travel to Paris and enroll in the Paris School of Millinery After delivering a set of hats to the mother of the local duke, Tabitha is asked to do two unbelievable tasks The first task is simple enough She has to coordinate the gowns and accessories for the duke s mother Cause she didn t have a competent lady s maid to do that for her Next, the duke s housekeeper and cousin compel her to pretend to be a distant relation in order to thwart the jabs of Lady Banon, the local mean queen view spoiler Lady Banon is the former mistress of the duke s father and aims to further antagonize the duke s mother by encouraging a match between the duke and her own daughter hide spoiler

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