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Battle of the Atlantic (Battles & Campaigns) chapter 1 Battle of the Atlantic (Battles & Campaigns), meaning Battle of the Atlantic (Battles & Campaigns), genre Battle of the Atlantic (Battles & Campaigns), book cover Battle of the Atlantic (Battles & Campaigns), flies Battle of the Atlantic (Battles & Campaigns), Battle of the Atlantic (Battles & Campaigns) 62f48a9e53a14 A Major Reinterpretation Of The Most Important Military Campaign Of The Second World War A New And Up To Date History Of The Battle Of The Atlantic From All Sides The British, Germans, Americans, Italians, Canadians And Russians World War II Was Only A Few Hours Old When The Battle Of The Atlantic The Longest Campaign Of The Second World War And The Longest, Most Complex Submarine War In History Began With The Sinking Of An Armed Merchant Cruiser By The German Submarine U This Book Charts The Fascinating Development Of U Boat Capacities And The Techniques Used By The Allies To Try To Arrest The Power Of This Secretive Force

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    Dette er ikke en bok man b r lese fra perm til perm sik jeg gjorde, men heller ta for seg noen sider avgangen Det ligger et fantastisk arbeid med research bak denne boken, men den innheolder s mange detaljer at den nok passer best for spesielt interesserte For andre kan den nok bli noe langtekkelig Men bevarses for et oppslagsverk Det er lettere lesning den siste delen som omhandler den norske handelsfl ten, og den norske marinen Hadde ogs stor glede av alle bildene av de gamle skipene og opplysninger om disse.

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    Excellent book that covers the various phases of the Battle of the Atlantic, and focuses on the anti sub efforts of all three major Allies navies Royal, Royal Canadian, and United States.

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    A detailed account of the strategic battle of the Atlantic Much that I didn t know, even though well read Thank goodness the author included a glossary at the back of the book Considering the amount of detail I thought the book was very readable.There was so much bravery and courage on both sides But ultimately the outcome was not in doubt, and a battle that the German Navy could not win Had the Germans been able to bring their incredible inventions to bear earlier then the outcome may have been different But perhaps the biggest advantage that the Allies had was being able to read the German signals, courtesy of Bletchley Park.Very enjoyable book.

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    The War at Sea has always held my interest as Dad s brother served in the Royal Navy throughout the Second World War and would tell us about his experiences when he came to visit This book is written from the Canadian perspective and the major part they played in the battle The evolution of the techniques and equipment slowly began the decline of the U boats although it was a close run thing The North Atlantic in winter is a forbidding place and a Canadian Corvette was a very uncomfortable vessel to sail in Had the German Navy produced their Snorkel submarines at the start of the War, the outcome might have been different Very good read.

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    Bit too technical and without narrative for me to read as quickly as I d like, but dabbled with interested facts here and there.

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    Good overview of the campaign.

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