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Dark Queen summary Dark Queen, series Dark Queen, book Dark Queen, pdf Dark Queen, Dark Queen ebe337ca24 Jane Yellowrock Used To Hunt Vampires, But Now She Must Fight And Win Beside ThemAs Enforcer To The Vampire Master Of The City Of New Orleans, Jane Yellowrock Stakes Her Reputation And Her Life On Keeping Her Territory Safe But Leo Has Been Issued A Blood Challenge By The Emperor Of The European Vampires, Who Seeks To Usurp All Of His Power And Possessions If Leo Loses The Match To The Death, The City Will Be Forfeit, And The People Of New Orleans Will Suffer The Consequences Jane Can T Let That HappenPreparing For The Duel Requires All Of Jane S Focus, But With So Much Supernatural Power In Play, Nothing Goes According To Plan She Has To Rely On Herself And The Very Few People She Knows She Can Trust To Stand And Fight Only Two Things Are Guaranteed Nothing Is Sacred, And No One Is Safe

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    Thanks to Netgalley and Berkley publishers for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Faith, you ve destroyed me You wrote this masterpiece, filled to the brim with countless emotions You created these characters that I ve come to care about over the years You have been guiding them towards this showdown with the European Vamps for the last half of the series But what you haven t been doing us is preparing us for JUST HOW HARD IT WOULD BE You didn t prepare me to have my heart shattered, then pieced back together, then shattered again You didn t prepare me for new revelations, for devastating losses, for elated moments of love and family.But one thing you did prepare me for The next book Thank goodness this wasn t the end Thank goodness we ve got Thank goodness that we get to see where this new path, this new journey, this entirely new world you re going to rebuild from the one you just demolished will lead.I ll be there I can t wait.If you haven t picked up Jane Yellowrock yet, what are you waiting for Start with Skinwalker and prepare to binge On a similar note, thank goodness we ll have a new Nell book while we wait for the next Jane one Now if you ll excuse me, I need to go try to find some way to process these myriad emotions that I just can t seem to get a grip on even though I finished the book yesterday and still can t seem to handle them all Review to come closer to release date, but OH DEAR GOD.This masterpiece was emotionally overwhelming She went places I didn t think she d dare to go, and she did it well.SO GLAD WE GET TWO MORE BOOKS NOW.

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    Ok, where to start probably unknown to most people is that this was originally thought to be the last Jane Yellowrock book a crime beyond comprehension The series got a reprieve and there will be at least 2 books BUT according to the author most of this book was written by that time and so it does some things that you might not like I can think of several of them In the long term I am sure it will be fine but you can see it was lining up for a finale and then the story turns a corner and starts down a new road.Pretty much everything that has been happening for the last several books and the series in a couple of places is coming together for a final battle There are some serious surprises here and a story that is addicting, we have what seems to be a requirement in recent books to have a lot of pages of naval gazing and while not boring you keep wondering what is happening while she is doing all this self introspection with the almost non stop action in this book.There are a couple of new characters, some revealing things about some old characters and some side stories that left me a bit depressed I was never really bored but Jane s reaction to some things got somewhat redundant if not a small bit irritating.The book starts with a bang and after release day you can read the teaser that shows WARNING You better be ready to buy the book if you do LOL The action only lets up a few times which makes the quieter parts seem slower than normal.I don t dissect plots in my reviews, of a feeling when I finished and this one kept me thinking about it long after I went to bed and the sorta cliffhanger ending I am still considering if it is a true cliffhanger since you can mostly guess at the general direction of the plot All I can say is she better write fast, I want to know what happens next I should add there is actually 2 sorta cliffhangers HATE THAT Bottom Line Loved it, mixture of emotions, love, hate, rage, warmth, and my favorite revenge Obviously this is NOT a place to start this series at book 12 and one of the few series that the random short stories novellas released along this journey DO matter Jane is the hand of justice and while she might not love many of the aspects of that responsibility, she does not shirk them These last few books have had a multitude of plots and subplots, this one is no different so hang on and don t even try to scan through or you will miss something that might leave you confused later Jane Yellowrock and Kate Daniels still sit atop the world of urban fantasy genre in my opinion and always will I am sure.

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    well so much for making this one laststarted this morning and finished tonight The cliffhanger I was fearing from reviews wasn t as brutal as I thoughtit s of a geez hope all will be okay, not a sudden fall off a cliff to a gruesome death kind of ending I will say though that if a certain someone really is dead then the series will have lost a lot of it s soul There is a sad loss as well in this one We get Bruiser time and I m always a fan of the pair but I do miss some of his wicked spark and layers from earlier books He s almost too perfect now if this makes sense We get a softer side of Leo and a surprisingly funny side The setting up of the clans was especially fascinating So much in this book went into the development of the showdown fight that it was hard to attach to as many characters I m a bit over Jane still reliving her past but there is a new twist about that I don t buy into the whole European embrace thing and hope the author doesn t change Jane too much to where I don t recognize her with future changes The scene with the phone call for the Everhearts was hilarious seriously I m cofnused on the author completely dropping an Eli relationship that started last book with absolutely no mention in this bookweird because it was a neat fit that made sense As always loved the book but some of the overdone details of security, some sadness and some distance keeps it four instead of five I also missed Beast a bit Full review to come.

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    Finally, the showdown has arrivedI can t even remember the first time the European Vamps were brought up possibly back at book 5 or 6 and finally we get the to big battle The one where two vamps enter and only one vamp leaves This is a game where cheating is encouraged and permitted and it seems no one is pulling any punches.This was a peddle to the mettle, high octane ride from the moment Jane opened a knock on the door just to have someone shoot at her on page 2 to the last words on the final page There is very little down time in this book between getting the duel going and fighting the betrayers of Leo and his posse there were very few slow down and take a breath moments.The Sangre Duello has finally been completed Whew about damn time is all I ve got to say about that It was brutal and there was a heavy cost that came with it It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out in the next book A few of the best moments Any moment Jane and Bruiser are on the page together Especially one moment near the very end of the book Angie Baby She will be a handful one day, heck she is a handful now So what did you do to make the butterfly grow big I didn t make one grow big I jus made a big one come to me From one of the other places I breathed through my mouth in the beginnings of panic What other places There s bunches of other places One has big butterflies with pink wings and purple eyes and blue bodies and feet I just pulled it over Mama s mad at me, she said again, with pride. Beast She makes this series for me sometimes Jane with Eli and the Kid I need a big bro Eli of my own He is the best big little brother a girl could have We don t poison We shoot, stab, cut, slice and dice, eviscerate, disembowel, and decapitate Sometimes shoot and blow up our enemies We ve been known to bury our dead in the swamp But we don t poison Poison is wussy Meeting another shapeshifter and learning of Jane s past ALL THE BATTLES And the biggest baddest battle of them all new the end The Dark queen challenges you.I have enjoyed the last 3 4 books of the series so much I admire how far Faith Hunter has come in her storytelling ability and although I m a little nervous to see what the future holds for our characters I m also extremely excited

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    Blog Tour GiveawayClick to Enter for Chance to Win 1 of 2 SETSof THE JANE YELLOWROCK SERIESWe knew it was coming but the battle between Leo with his American vampires and the European vampires is finally here And boy, did Hunter pull out all the stops and send us on an emotional roller coaster Jane, being Jane, ended up front and center for everything No one is sure what she ll do next I m not sure she even knows Just when I thought she finally got a handle on the entire family has your back thing, we are thrown for a loop with a bunch of new possibilities and they didn t have her back in any way, shape or form.Hunter provided a white knuckle, binge readable novel at its finest I laughed, I cried and I cheered but in the end I was left completely STUNNED Talk about a cliffhanger I received this ARC copy of Dark Queen from Berkley Publishing Group Ace This is my honest and voluntary review Dark Queen is set for publication May 1, 2018.My Rating 5 starsWritten by Faith HunterSeries Jane Yellowrock Book 12 Mass Market Paperback 432 pagesPublisher Ace Publication Date May 1, 2018ISBN 10 1101991429ISBN 13 978 1101991428Genre Urban Fantasy Noble for

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    Even though I was prepared for the worst event thanks to Steven, Dark Queen wrecked me I don t know how to describe how much it affected me or how much it got me speculating about the future I have my own hopes and ideas about where things can go from here but I hardly dare think them let alone say them out loud so I don t jinx it settles in for a long wait I ve been hoping for a resolution to the EV plotline for a few books now and I finally got my wish I actually expected the duels to take a bigger chunk of the book but I think it was better this way I believe that otherwise the story would have felt unbalanced There was a well developed plot that led to the duels and I adored that There s also an inkling as to what the next story arc will be about but I could be wrong Still exploring Jane s past and what it means to be an ordinary if such a word is even appropriate skinwalker will definitely be a part of that future.There was a particular scene that really caught my attention When Jane was view spoiler swearing her oath as a bloodmaster of Clan Yellowrock and she drank Leo s blood she experienced some of Leo s memories I particularly liked this because it let me get a glimpse inside the head of the head bloodsucker, someone, who s fascinated me since the first book Leo s feelings for Jane and the events she instigated shed a new light at his actions and while he is still a bastard at heart, I fell a little bit in love with him because of that scene hide spoiler

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    Eagerly anticipated book in this series, I am blown away B.L.O.W.N A.W.A.Y For those who have not read the first eleven books in this series, it is a must read prior to this one In Dark Queen, the intimidating European Vampires finally show up The build up has been coming along with scary powerful Vampires ready to take Leo and his coven down The preparation has made it stressful for Jane and her team who have to protect Leo I thought this installment would be all doom and gloom It would be fight after fight to see the winner take all To my surprise, Jane s quirky rebel attitude influences Leo and how he handles the Europeans The flippant way Leo treats the Europeans had me in stitches Make no mistakes, the actual showdown is not an easy win for team Leo There are unpleasant outcomes and losses for both sides.What also took me off guard is finding out about Jane s family We learn about her past and it brings up old wounds that never healed I feel sorry for Jane just as I feel anger towards the ones who bring up the old memories It is interesting to see the story of her young life from a different perspective It s also interesting to see how centuries have not change the competitiveness between family members.The climax of this story is shocking and I am devastated Ms Hunter does the unthinkable and I am hoping that in the next book, there will be a revival Because if not, my heart is broken by the ending of this story and I think Jane will never recover from it either This story kept my attention from beginning to end A page turner filled with action and and plot twists This urban fantasy is highly recommended to all readers provided by NetGalley

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    3.5 starsI love the world Hunter has created with the Jane Yellowrock series, and many of its characters have become favorites The previous several books all have been leading up to this final face off between Leo and the European vamps as well as their respective allies All that build up All that tension AaaaandI found the story satisfying and frustrating in not so equal measures.First the good stuff Over the course of the series, Jane has grown from a loner to one who has built her own family and circle of friends Her relationships with the Younger brothers, with Bruiser, and even with Edmund all are highlighted with some satisfying warm fuzzies There s plenty of Beast, always an enjoyable thing Beast is best ambush hunter Jane recalls of her past, learns about a possible family connection, and ponders what she really values in her life The Sangre Duello finally takes place and there is some resolution, even if some things are left uncertain at the end.Then there s the not so great stuff Things are left uncertain at the end with a cliffhanger, and Jane s progress on letting others into her life takes a temporary hit Getting to that cliffhanger, the story meanders and at times makes little sense Some events and new characters seem stuck in without making much impact on the plot, only to be forgotten view spoiler like the rogue werewolf pack working with a local gang to attack Jane, with the jewelry shop owner introduced only to be killed later off page hide spoiler

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    I can t remember when the European Vampires first showed up on the scene but I guess it was 5 or 6 books ago So this final battle with the EVs has been a long time coming and honestly I m a little conflicted I m still trying to figure out if I love this book or if it s a disappointment A lot of what I love changes in the pages of this book and I guess that s the issue Book 13 is going to look very different and calling a spade a spade, Dark Queen didn t leave me satisfied Do I wanter to venture into the brave new world that s to come I m not sure, but I guess I have 12 months to decide.

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    I m going to have to go with 3.5 stars here, as I was a bit disappointed The story was convoluted, overly wordy, and I honestly didn t particularly enjoy parts of it The storyline drags the reader all over the place, and I skimmed through portions Subplots were brought up like Rick, and Jane s newly found brother and the threads left hanging, apparently for the next book The wordbuilding, however, is very good as always and the ending was a game changer for the series Faith Hunter really has a great UF world going on in this series There was Beast here yeah Unfortunately for me, the magic woo woo is getting prominent These latter books are quite different in tone from the early books, where it was Jane and Beast kicking the bad guys asses without the aid of so much magic and time bending Now Jane is the Dark Queen, and pretty much as powerful as the title implies Definitely not the Jane of old.Usually I read a book for the plotline, and the personal aspect relationships are secondary Here, I slogged on through wanting to know how certain events were going to affect Jane s personal life The ending was really whoah, had some massive series repercussions and ended on a cliffhanger Hunter is either getting ready to wrap the series up, or sending it into a completely new direction.

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