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Asashin chapter 1 Asashin , meaning Asashin , genre Asashin , book cover Asashin , flies Asashin , Asashin e5d71aa3270a7 A Story About A Young Villager Girl, Cherrie Bloom, The Only Child Of An Old Forester, Who Goes Into A Forbidden Land The Blood Forest And Gets Captured By Savage Tribesmen Known As The Asashins, Who Are Famous For Their Mercilessness And Bloodthirstiness Throughout The LandsBut There In The Camp She Meets A Kind Young Prince, Swordsman Chao Lin, And Falls In LoveThough Their Happiness Is Short Timed A War Starts Between The Young Princes And The Chief, And Chao And Cherrie Get To Be Separated Cherrie Returns To Her Homeland, And Soon Forms A New Family She Acquires A Husband And Has A SonHowever, The Young Woman Cannot Forget About Her Lost Beloved, And Dreams To Someday Reunite With Him Again NOTE This Story Is Written In A Fantasy World, So No Culture Is Directly Involved The Asashins Resemble East Asian People Japanese And Chinese By Their Culture And Language, However, The Tribe Is Created Purely Out Of Fantasy

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