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Uneasy Prey summary Uneasy Prey, series Uneasy Prey, book Uneasy Prey, pdf Uneasy Prey, Uneasy Prey 38373839ff On The Way To The Emergency Room, An Elderly Woman Regains Consciousness Long Enough To Inform Paramedic Zoe Chambers That Her Fall Down The Basement Steps Was No Accident Before She Can Say , She Succumbs To Her Injuries, Launching Zoe And Police Chief Pete Adams Into The Investigation Of A Burglary Ring Targeting The Area S Vulnerable Senior Citizens Zoe In Spite Of Pete S Objections Takes It Upon Herself To Act As Protection Detail After The Con Men, Disguised As Water Company Employees, Set Their Sights On Zoe S Beloved Former Landlady It S A Decision That Eventually Puts Zoe In Harm S Way With Zoe Already Recovering From One Close Call, Pete Must Race Against Time To Stop The Crime Ring And A Dangerous Killer Before They Strike Again

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    Uneasy Prey Zoe Chambers Mysteries 6 by Annette Dashofy is an eye opening story that will leave the reader shaking their heads in amazement.For anyone with elderly relatives, the idea of them being conned is heartbreaking Annette Dashofy takes the reader into the cruel world of conning where young men are posing as utility workers to gain access into the homes of the elderly.When Zoe Chambers arrives on scene and the elderly neighbor whispers, I was pushedI didn t fall, Zoe can only use her common sense to try and find the answers, before it s too late.This story was so good, I didn t want to put it down AS much as I wanted to keep reading, sleep invaded my reading time and I had to put it down.I am relatively new to this author and this series, but I am hooked on this series and enjoy the free flowing way the author writes Her writing style seems effortless and when I meet up with Zoe and Pete, I feel a certain kinship to them.This is an exceptional story that will appeal to all readers of this genre.I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the author and NetGalley.

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    Dollycas s ThoughtsSomeone is preying on senior citizens and Zoe isn t going to stand for it, especially after one woman dies and her friend Sylvia Bassi may be their next target Then she learns Mrs Kroll has had a visit from the burglars too Her boyfriend, Police Chief Pete Adams, wants Zoe to stay out of it but she moves out of his house and back in with Mrs Kroll to keep her safe Pete also has his hands full with his father who has Alzheimer s His sister, Nadine has decided it is time to move their dad into an assisted living facility There is also a new newspaper reporter in town and she is not warmly welcomed by Zoe or Pete, but she keeps showing up everywhere they are.I love this series and these characters The character development that has taken place over the six books is phenomenal Zoe has just a warm heart and always tries to the right thing, even when the right thing puts her in danger Pete loves her so much, but he has reason to worry about her She has racked up quite a few injuries herself He appreciates her intellect and the way she doesn t give up He loves her for her independence but has a hard time with some of her decisions Like any real life couple, they have their up and downs They are surrounded by a strong supporting cast that makes these stories even real.This time Ms Dashofy has taken on some hot topics Criminals do prey on the elderly What happens in this story could happen in any town, anywhere She also shines the light on a hard decision families must make when their parents and grandparents can no longer live a home When Nadine faces the truth that she can no longer care for their father, Harry, and informs Pete about an appointment to visit an assisted living center, Pete is not happy He doesn t want to put his dad in a nursing home When he visits the center he sees the difference between a nursing home and the type of center his sister has chosen for their dad he starts to see his dad s future home in a new light It does take a bit of time for Harry to get comfortable but he does make a friend right away The two topics come together nicely.There is also a surprise visit from Zoe s mother that made things very interesting and at times pretty funny She arrives just in time to help Zoe handle a horsey situation.Uneasy Prey was a wonderful read Well written with a strong plot and supreme characters that kept me totally entertained start to finish.

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    The Zoe Chamber series keeps getting better with every book This book deals with several problems of the aging.A lot is happening in Monongahela County, Zoe had returned to her job as a pre medic In a case, the victim whispers that someone pitched her down the stairs Her body shows hand marks on her arms that help to validate the tale Police chief Pete Adams father is moved into an assisted living home The Knolls farm has been sold and Zoe must find and move her horse in two weeks The major case is two thugs casing the homes of the elderly and returning later when the occupants are not at home and robbing them of the valuables The ending will surprise it did me but there are no cliffhangers.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book and series.Disclosure Many thanks to Henery Press for my copy for a review The opinions expressed are my own.

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    UNEASY PREY by Annette Dashofy Didn t fall, I was pushed and so begins a painful and frustrating search for those who take advantage of elders, easy prey or uneasy prey might be accurate Lessons learned from this book include horse terms like flake of hay and lunge her first to wear her down and important life lessons, don t open doors to strangers, don t judge hastily by appearances, and look out for each other.I love that Zoe cares about everyone, even those who don t seem to deserve it, and that everyone in her circle, especially Pete, looks out for everyone else I did not like that the pushy reporter delayed calling 911 I would not want her to have my six People I love, a most intriguing plot, and writing that flows to a gripping ending made this a most satisfying book Here s a favorite bit of description, Without wind to swirl the stuff, the snowfall created a translucent screen I m sad that it s over, though parts are still replaying in my mind, and I can hardly wait for the next one All main points are resolved important to me I hate cliffhanger endings , but there are threads that will lead on Will Zoe and her mom learn to be nice to each other Will the farm get fixed up enough to work for horses and for Zoe Has Pete s dad like son, like father, you dog, you found a happy new home and lady friend I hope so I LIKE these people and wish them well A part of me wants to move to Pennsylvania and keep horses Thanks to this book, I can do so vicariously.

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    Uneasy PreyZoe Chambers Mysteries, Book 6Annette Dashofy5 StarsSynopsis On the way to the emergency room, an elderly woman regains consciousness long enough to inform paramedic Zoe Chambers that her fall down the basement steps was no accident Before she can say , she succumbs to her injuries, launching Zoe and Police Chief Pete Adams into the investigation of a burglary ring targeting the area s vulnerable senior citizens Zoe in spite of Pete s objections takes it upon herself to act as protection detail after the con men, disguised as water company employees, set their sights on Zoe s beloved former landlady It s a decision that eventually puts Zoe in harm s way With Zoe already recovering from one close call, Pete must race against time to stop the crime ring and a dangerous killer before they strike again Goodreads Review The characters are well developed, well rounded and three dimensional I think that Zoe and Pete are some of my all time favorite characters Individually they are both loyal, tough, caring and hard working As a couple they are loving, unsure and totally devoted to each other But they also have problems like everyone else They have family problems that they try to tackle together and they can be stubborn to a fault I just love Pete s father, Harry He reminds me so much of my own father and it was bittersweet reading about him and his problems The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read I felt the style of writing allowed my to get a very clear picture of the characters from their actions and words The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and I felt like I was right there, watching the snow swirl around and watching all of the action taking place.The mystery was well plotted and carried on well throughout the whole book There were enough suspects to consider and clues to sift through The mystery was not an easy one to solve and I was surprised who the culprit was I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery With fantastic characters, a realistic setting and a top notch mystery, there is not one thing I would change about this book The whole series is not to be missed.I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher, Henery Press, and NetGalley, which I greatly appreciate.

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    This series gets better with each book Zoe Chambers, EMT and deputy coroner, returns to her job as EMT after recuperating from knee injury She immediately gets involved in incidents of elders being scammed and robbed in their rural community When Zoe attends an incident of a senior falling down the stairs she is concerned about the woman Before transporting her to the hospital she says, Didn t fall, I was pushed Zoe is not not only on the case of the scammer and thefts, but they are now murderers Pete is also dealing with his father s move to an assisted living facility His father has alzheimers and thinks someone at the hotel he is staying in is killing the guests Is there something happening at the residence Zoe is one of my favorite characters, smart, caring, and her actions always grounded in reality She is an amateur sleuth to some degree, but with her job as deputy coroner, she is entitled to information While the mystery is exceptionally good, the underlying framework of dealing with aging loved ones pushes it over the top I did figure out who the perpetrator was, but did not know why or how some of the other suspects fit into the mystery The ending was sad but tied all the loose ends together The other characters, the police, EMTs, Zoe s cousin and the other residents of Mongahela County, are all realistic, small town friendly and people I would love to know I highly recommend this book and series.

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    This series just keeps getting better Zoe Chambers, coming back to her job as EMT after recuperating from knee injury, immediately gets involved in incidents of elders being scammed and robbed in their rural community Zoe is one of my favorite characters, smart and caring, and her actions always grounded in reality While the mystery is exceptionally good, with me totally guessing wrong who was responsible, what elevates this story is the underlying framework of dealing with aging loved ones.Highly recommended Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    I can t believe the author has written a book that is even better than the last I love the series and Zoe has to be hands down one of the best characters I have read She is stubborn, smart and very protective of her family and friends I m not sure how I feel about her mom though She seems to be so unfeeling at times and selfish She does add a bit of tension to the story which I found to be good It is always interesting to read about family dynamics Zoe, thankfully is nothing like her mother at all.This story in the series involves the elderly and I thought the story line was very realistic We read in the paper or hear on the news about break ins where the victims are elderly people with no way to defend themselves Zoe is very concerned because the people who are getting robbed are her friends One of the robberies ends in a tragedy that sets off a series of almost hysteria in the small town Is anyone safe from the burglars Why would someone target the elderly The author gives readers a story that goes from burglary to murder and reaches a heightened sense of danger I love reading books by the author because she writes with accuracy and true to life stories I love that she can make a story jump off the pages and keep you guessing to the end I was so sure I had figured out what was going on, but I was way off base That s the beauty of a well written story with twists that convince you that a certain person is guilty I was quite intrigued by the news reporter in the story She is one sneaky and crafty woman I didn t trust her at all She had this way of always knowing what was going on before others did Where was she getting her information Could she somehow be involved in the crimes going on The tension between her and Zoe is very evident and I felt chills every time they came in contact Once again Pete has his hands full trying to keep Zoe from investigating what is going on He is such a good man and I love the patience he has with Zoe Will Zoe find herself in danger as she stubbornly continue to help investigate the rash of burglaries Can Pete and his officers solve the crime before elderly people are robbed or hurt It s a race against the clock as the story reaches an unexpected turn of events This one is a real page turner and unexpected surprises that ends with a bang I received a copy of this book from The Great Escapes Book Tours The review is my own opinion.

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    This was the first Zoe Chambers book I had read, and hopefully will not be the last Although there are several references to events in previous stories, this book can easily be read as a stand alone, as the knowledge needed is quickly and skilfully woven into the narrative Zoe Chambers is a paramedic, and while on a call out to an elderly lady, who was found collapsed in the basement, discovers that 1 the old lady did not fall and 2 that con men, posing as water company employees, are targeting the local elderly As and elderly are robbed and traumatised, including some of her close friends, Zoe and her boyfriend, Police Chief Pete Adams, set about trying to catch the con men before any old people are hurt Unlike many crime novels today, there are no serial or depraved killers and no salacious descriptions, but the crimes and their effects on their victims are poignant, because you can clearly imagine them taking place in your neighbourhood, and to people that you know and care about The book is fast paced and keeps your interest throughout, as the criminals always seem to be one step ahead of the police and show no sign of slowing down their crime wave There are little side stories too, that add to the idea of this being a normal, every day, believable community bullying at school, difficulties of lone parenting, finding and paying for suitable care for elderly relatives and horses , Alzheimer s, bereavement, intra familial conflict suspicions aroused by new people in town Each of these may or may not be relevant to solving the crimes, but all add to your interest in the characters and the world of the story.The book has a full complement of elderly characters there are the fiercely independent those that rely totally on relatives those looking for a second chance at love and or companionship those still in love some actually with fading mental faculties and some just pretending those wanting to stay in their own home regardless of the wisdom of doing so and those ready to move on the lonely and the gregarious They all seemed so familiar to me I feel the author, must really enjoy being around old people, to be able to depict them with such empathy and authenticity I loved the quote from one elder All you kids look young to me I could swear my doctor can t be than twelve I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good crime novel, and particularly to those who either are, or have friends that are, in advanced years.I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Uneasy Prey Zoe Chambers Mysteries 6 by author Annette Dashofy is another easy to read mystery I enjoy the Zoe Chambers mysteries and in Uneasy Prey she has than one mystery to solve Senior citizens who live in the rural communities of Monongahela County are being victimized by an organized team of burglars They first receive an unexpected visit from employees of the water company needing to make an in home inspection Then when the residents are away from home, they return to find their homes ransacked and all their valuables have been stolen The crimes escalate when the paramedics are called to the home of Oriole Andrews and she regains consciousness long enough to tell Zoe she didn t fall but was pushed down the basement stairs Zoe wants to find the truth of this matter and soon there are characters in town with secrets.I won t post spoilers, but poor Zoe trudges through the snow than once as she tries to help her friends and neighbors Oh Noanother serious injury for Zoe The mysteries are not the only theme of this story Pete s father is having problems with his memory Pete s sister Nadine is exhausted with the full time caregiver responsibilities of their father Pete is resistant to placing their father in an assisted living facility This part of the story upset me because I know the exhaustion and emotional stress of being a full time caregiver to a parent with memory issues This is a very real problem for families across the country What will Pete do about his father Thank you to NetGalley and the Publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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