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10 thoughts on “Tales from the Hinterland (The Hazel Wood, #2.5)

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    I want to read Tales from the Hinterland Grandnanny s book so badly If Melissa Albert is smart, or loves me or the world or both, she will write that spinoff THAT S FROM MY REVIEW OF THE HAZEL WOOD.WHICH I WROTE MONTHS AGO.DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS I m magical and the world is granting my wishes.I would also like a pony and for all of my student loan debt to be paid off And unlimited cookies.

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    DID I BEG FOR THIS OR DID I BEG FOR THIS considering this was my first thought after finishing the hazel wood besides how much i absolutely loved it you could say I m quite excited about it all melissa albert s writing is lyrical and gorgeous and simply stunningand her short stories will definitely shine

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    I want to buy this book and then set it next to me while I sleep in hoped that some magical sh t will happen

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    so happy she s gunna write this

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    I don t want to read , I need to read this Cannot wait for this

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    Yes, I literally just wrote a review about how I didn t like The Hazel Wood but one of the highlights of that book was reading about the stories so I m intrigued by this.

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    HOW CAN I EXPLAIN MY FEELINGS Am I excited Am I nervous Am I annoyed I ll have to wait a whole year MY WISH CAME TRUE I CANT I CANT I CANT To anyone who didn t read the Hazel Wood, then your missing out so much shit READ IT

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