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No Place Like Here txt No Place Like Here , text ebook No Place Like Here , adobe reader No Place Like Here , chapter 2 No Place Like Here , No Place Like Here 6aea94 Ashlyn Zanotti Has Big Plans For The Summer She S Just Spent A Year At Boarding School And Can T Wait To Get Home But When Ashlyn S Father Is Arrested For Tax Evasion And Her Mother Enters A Rehab Facility For Exhaustion, Aka Depression, Her Life Is Turned Upside DownThe Cherry On Top Ashlyn S Father Sends Her To Work With A Cousin She Doesn T Even Know At A Rustic Team Building Retreat Center In The Middle Of Nowhere A Self Proclaimed Indoor Girl, Not Even Ash S Habit Of Leaving Breadcrumb Quotes Inspirational Sayings She Scribbles Everywhere Can Help Her CopeWith A Dangerously Careless Camp Manager Doling Out Grunt Work, An Overbearing Father Trying To Control Her Even From Prison, And Than A Little Boy Drama To Struggle With, The Summer Is Full Of Challenges And Ashlyn Must Make The Toughest Decision Of Her Life Keep Quiet And Follow Her Dad S Marching Orders, Or Find The Courage To Finally Stand Up To Her Father To Have Any Hope Of Finding Her Way Back Home

About the Author: Christina June

Christina June writes young adult contemporary fiction when she s not writing college recommendation letters during her day job as a school counselor She loves the little moments in life that help someone discover who they re meant to become whether it s her students or her characters Christina is a voracious reader, loves to travel, and hopes to one day be bicoastal the east coast of the US

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    I freaking loved it It s so freaking fluffy It s on my favorites list and I m gonna buy it Oh, this is the book I never knew I needed I have missed reading a good fluffy book from time to time When I read that this book was basically about a girl that was being sent away to a camp I was hooked, but I m jumping ahead Backtrack.Ashlyn is in boarding school for some things she did in her past She s hoping to come home to spend her senior year at her old school and be with her best friend Welllll. that didn t go as planned Suddenly her father is going to jail for things and her mom is going into rehab for depression Ash is being sent to relatives she hasn t seen since she was a tot and she s working at the Sweetwater Overlook Retreat Center with her cousin, Hannah I mean you can imagine how Ash is feeling with her world being pulled out from under her BUT, at the camp, Ash finds herself and realizes she is stronger than she thinks Ash finds a bond with her cousin and with Baxter I love Baxter Dear God, I hope the author writes about him and things Anyhoo, there are a lot of things that go wrong at the camp with a supposed person in charge, but Ash and Hannah take it upon themselves to get it sorted It was awesome There were other issues Ash had to sort out but it all worked out There was a thing they did at camp that involved writing things on a piece of paper and putting it in the bonfire This reminded me of a similar thing one of my oncology nurses told me to do Welp, I m making my lists and going to throw it into the fire on me and dads upcoming bonfire I totally forgot and we have had a few fires the past few months But I digress The story is also about family coming back together when it seems all is lost FLUFFY I m so glad I read it I m excited to buy it and read it again I m glad I found a happy place in this book I hope others like it but if you don t, that s okay BE YOU Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for giving me a digital copy of this book or I would have missed it Happy Reading Mel MY BLOG

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    3.5 stars rounded up to 4 After really enjoying Everywhere You Want to Be in April 2018, this was an insta click for me Teenage Ashlyn has a father in prison for tax troubles and a mother being treated for depression So she is sent to her uncle and aunt s who in turn have arranged for Ashlynn to join her cousin as employees at a outdoor wellness center in Pennsylvania This is not the summer she imagined, but it is a summer that Ashlynn won t soon forget Christina June writes strong female protagonists that this adult reader loves to cheer for in books I meet great young women in the classroom and I feel that June writes teenage girls without falling into the tired cliches Also thankfully we are not sidelined by a teen romance If you re looking for a book to buy your teenage daughter or yourself, I highly recommend that is a great vacation read Publication Date 21 05 19Goodreada Review published 16 05 19 Thanks to Netgalley and Blink for a digital galley in exchange for an honest review.

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    10 5 stars No Place Like Here became an instant favorite of mine If you re looking for this year s YA summer reading, look no further What a riveting and compelling story When Ashlyn s parents have to go away, her father going to prison and her mother in rehab Ashlyn were sent to her father s relatives in Pennsylvania and for her to work in Sweetwater Overlook Retreat Center along with her cousin Maybe absence does the heart grow fonder At first, Ashlyn resented this as she thought it would ruin her perfect summer but she found out along the way that working at the camp was exactly what she needed She get to experienced a real life camping is She get to know and bond with her cousin, Hannah and befriended Baxter And then she soon realized that family is everything.This is such an amazing and heartwarming story and I am so glad that I get to read this I will be preordering this book for sure and will read it again in the future Thank you NetGalley and Blink publishing for an e ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    NO PLACE LIKE HERE inspired by Hansel Gretl set at a wilderness retreat center a cousin story complicated family dynamics second chances finding your voice quotes kissing a zipline scene that actually happened to meThis book is dedicated to the quiet girls and came out of my experiences helping kids in my day job find their voices 3Check out a sample of the audio you read and reviewed here on GR Please consider pasting your review to your favorite retail site too 3

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    This was a completely unexpected read and I really liked it It was very unpredictable and there were no cliches which is a big plus There are interesting family dynamics, summer camps, new friendships, exes and new boyfriends Basically, all of the teen drama you want in a summer read without the cringeness that sometimes comes with it Ashlyn was an interesting MC She definitely had layers and I can t even describe her XD She s shy but also not, she doesn t like responsibility but takes over lots of tasks, she wants to return home but also can t wait to leave for college.It sounds like a mess, but it works because she s like a real person I liked her very much.The friendships are everything, once again Her cousin was sassy and I loved her, just like the quiet badass Baxter These two are amazing There s lots of character development, but not just for Ashlyn but for her father as well The plot can get a bit slow sometimes but since this is a very short book, it doesn t matter It focuses on the characters so it s never boring The camp setting was great and I loved reading about it and all the activities that happen there All in all, it was a great summer read D

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    I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book after reading on a different review that there s not a big focus on romance The author dealt so well with the themes and I was captivated as I read about Ashlyn s journey that was at times difficult, uncomfortable, healing, and empowering I appreciated being able to see the family dynamics that brought Ashlyn to the point she is at mentally at the beginning of the book, flaws and all Family secrets are revealed and she is instantly and unwillingly thrust onto a path of discovery about her parents, extended family, and also about herself The cast of characters that support her and those that she interacts with in a negative way were brought to life and rounded out the story well I especially liked seeing her relationship develop with her cousin and the quiet zipline instructor who makes a wonderful friend A lovely story of becoming self aware and choosing to be strong in the circumstances we are given I received a complimentary copy of the book all opinions expressed in this review are my own

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    Summer is so damn challenging It begins with daughter Ashlyn whose sent to boarding school while her father is caught up in a crime.If this isn t quite enough to wet the palate we have the mother whose depressed and about to enter rehab.But wait there s She s now sent off to work for the Uncle alongside the cousin at a rustic retreat in the middle of nowhere.For the loveNow wait there s .She can either continue marching to the beat of an overbearing obviously controlling father or march to the beat of her own drummer.The choice she makes is outstanding A quick read but worth every minute.

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    I d enjoyed the other two books by this author, so was happy when this next one came out And once again I was not disappointed Ashlyn was someone that while we definitely felt for her in the beginning, with what she was going through with her family, she also did a lot of growing and changing through her summer The other people she met at the summer camp were a great cast of characters Her cousin, while abrupt at first, grew to be a great friend, and we learned that abruptness was just her And then there was the boy, Marcus Yeah, he saved her at the beginning of camp, but there was just something about how he behaved around the new camp manager s daughter that made me unsure of him from the start But then Baxter, the mountain man teen, whatever Maybe it s just because of all the books I ve been reading lately with bearded mountain guys, but something about him made me crush a bit from the start So it was easy to tell that Ashlyn would probably lean towards him in the end But this wasn t just a romance, there was so much family drama, but done so well, as this author always has in the past books I ve read Another winner from Christina June.Review first appeared on Lisa Loves Literature.

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    Three Things I Love About NO PLACE LIKE HERE1 Steep character arc In the opening of this novel, MC Ashlyn reminded me of myself as a teenager quiet, resigned, and stuck in my head As the story progresses, though, she becomes a strong, take charge girl who makes big decisions and takes risks Teen readers will be able to relate to her, and I think they ll love cheering her on.2 Unique setting Ashlyn s summer job at a retreat center is really cool it s like camp, but for adults There s swimming and a dining hall and a ropes course, which leads to the cutest, most awkward zip line rescue you ever did read.3 Friendship focused I generally like my YA romance centered, but I found No Place Like Here refreshing in its emphasis on friendship I loved watching Ash s relationship with her cousin, Hannah, blossom, and it was fun to see her get to know Baxter, master of the ropes course, in a deep but platonic way My almost eleven year old is a Christina June fan, too, and she s already asking for this book.

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    ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley I didn t know this was part of a series How fun, I can t wait to dive in

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