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    This started stronger than it finished, and I don t think it was as good as the first book, Markswoman I think the big issue here is that a lot of those standardized YA Fantasy tropes Mehrotra managed to avoid in book one, had a full throttle, pedal to the medal presence here.The romance was a huge focus this time around For the record, I hate complaining that romance exists in a book because I actually like romance Claire and Jamie, Edward and Elizabeth, Elizabeth and Darcy, truly, it s a favorite theme of mine What I don t like, is when we spend pages and pages straight up day dreaming of the significant other That was how this romance often felt There are barriers to Kyra s relationship with Rustan, but none of them ever felt all that challenging Another one of the things that I loved in Markswoman, was that Kyra never felt like a special snowflake to me in the first book She made mistakes, she became an outcast, etc Here special snowflake syndrome is alive and swinging I can t say much without spoilers, but every single scene felt like it was dedicated to how special, how much better braver stronger smarter she was then everyone else I did a lot of eyerolling.Finally this novel requires a lot of suspension of disbelief The relationships between these people were just not believable Kyra upends centuries of fear and tradition regarding the wyr wolves for no other reason than that she s the Mahimata of the Order of Kali All the elders and other clans just sort of accept her rule She s enlisted to lead a war despite never having been in one and only being like 18 19 years old I was just kind of sick of it all at the end.Despite all this, there were still parts I enjoyed The introduction of the wyr wolves was wonderful and probably my favorite part The overall plot wasn t bad, even if it was wholly unbelievable and a little generic There were a lot of great ideas at play, the hall of mirrors, the Sahirus, the hub and transport system It was also a very quick read and I tend to be forgiving of those.The ending was both abrupt and bizarre Nothing was really explained Kyra and Rustan got an ending but literally no one else This book really needed a conclusion or an epilogue of some sort to make it feel complete I reviewed an advance copy so it s entirely possible my copy simply didn t have it, but I was definitely left wanting and not really in a good way.If you enjoyed the first book, it s probably worth reading the second just to see how it all ends I ll be curious to see what Mehrotra does now that this duology is complete Thank you to Edelweiss and Harper Collins for providing me with an eARC to review.

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    I m so excited to have won this in a Goodreads Giveaway Will definitely be reading book one and this one before pub day D

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    Mahimata is a nice end to the duology.

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    Source Publisher Genre Young Addult, Fantasy Rating 3.5 4 Thoughts Mahimata is the second and final installment in the Asiana series by author Rati Mehrotra Filled with terrific characters, expansive world building, a tough heroine, a formidable hero, and thrilling action, Mahimata has everything fantasy readers want The story continues where Markswoman left off The series focuses on two main characters Kyra a Markswoman from the Order of Kali which happens to be the oldest Order of Peace in Asiana, and Rustan, a Marksman from the Order of Khur, the only Order of Peace composed of men Full Review Gizmos Reviews

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    Thank you Harper Voyager for sending me an advance review copy through Edelweiss Mahimata is the conclusion of the Asiana duology, after the cliffhanger ending of the first book the reader is brought up to speed in the first chapters of the book which made the writing seem even clunky and alienating, but it loosened up later and had some wonderful descriptions of the geography of Asiana.which was all pretty and charming but it still gave the impression of being there just to fill the pages.The main protagonists didn t develop much Ruston continued being the living personification of the YA genre s male hero, Kyra fully became a special snowflake and the new villain was as bad as the previous one The romance still felt forced into the plot and the dislike for the characters made me feel not invested in it.The finale left me with questions and the vague idea of HEA was rather unbelievable.Mention of honor for the wyr wolves because they were the only part that grabbed my interest.This was a frustrating book on so many levels and it never managed to grab me.

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    So excited I won a copy of this ARC in a giveaway Time to binge the 1st book so I can read this ASAP Thank you, Avon Voyager

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    Full disclosure I provided a blurb for the first book of this duology and the publisher also supplied me with a gratis copy of Mahimata for review.Rati Mehrotra s Asiana duology comes to a fantastic conclusion in Mahimata In this Asian inspired fantasy settings with unique sci fi twists, Kyra is a highly trained assassin telekinetically bound with her blade Her world has erupted in war Her sect has fought against local wyr wolves for centuries, but now a greater human threat has emerged and threatens to take over Asiana In the turbulence of the first book, Kyra met and fell for Rustan, of a rival sect and also almost died As Mahimata begins, she struggles to recover physically and reconcile herself with what she has learned about her sect, her power, and her world.The action is intense and well grounded in genuine emotions I especially love how the wyr wolves developed This is a book all about maturity and growth for both Kyra and Rustan as they fight to save their people at great cost I m sorry to see the series end, but this conclusion truly hits all the right notes.

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    I didn t love it as much as the first book but it was a worthy sequel.Mahimata had a very strong beginning but began to decline afterward Admittedly, this book gave me a reading slump because the plot seemed to drag on and on I was very invested in the conflict from Markswoman yet that quickly went away when I started reading Mahimata.Additionally, Kyra was never a special snowflake in Markswoman which I loved and why I admired her character so much She made mistakes and wasn t overly idolized on the pages However, she s gone from a socially awkward, likable girl to a full fledged, special snowflake warrior in this book I mean, I still liked her but not as much as before.The romance between Kyra and Rustan is very prominent here I was not a big fan of that And the deus ex machina fills every single plot hole Not a terrible plot, just not very good either.What I did like was the further development of minor characters and worldbuilding Loved the writing style and the unique setting building from the Hub to the Hall of Mirrors This world certainly stands out in the myriad of fantasy universes.The ending very abrupt and kind of confusing Rustan and Kyra get an ending but not much is mentioned about the other characters leaving me wanting and hoping for a possible sequel novella footnote epilogue Thank you to GoodReads and Avon Voyager publishers for providing a free ARC

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    adjusts filters because this is a YA Disappointing 1 was so good but perhaps this stew has too many ingredients Let s see telepathic flying swords shapeshifting wolves that can also do magic time travelling monks a dormant spaceship transporter gates, but also camels and spears specialists in Mental Mojo At A Distance We have a battle in which one side has ALL of the above and everyone is a martial arts expert, and the other has peasants with swords, except a few guns How did that split come to be Surely the Baddies would think, der, we might should look into that kung jitsu stuff, huh, bawss And why wouldn t the peasant army be TERRIFIED of the magician ninjas And don t get me started on the guns, that Make Their Own Ammunition Out Of The Life Force Of Their Holders AND they are telepathic which we allow because of the katani but also EEEE vil, with no explanation why or how Also, if the katani can fly back to their owners, why can t the guns At least twenty times in this book, young Kyra faces the hierarchy of a rigid society, proposes an outrageous change, and three minutes later everyone s all yeah, cool, OK We Need To Explore Her Alpha Plus Powers of Persuasion Galahad, I mean Rustan, is much like Captain Carrot from Discworld Highly capable, but dim, and horribly constrained by a constant need to Do The Right Thing Because I MUST poses in heroic profile Got a bit dull after a while Amid all this, Rustan and Kyra have that special YA love where they get within three feet of each other and go all swoony, with brains disengaged Old as I am, I still remember that this actually happens to some people And if you re as old as I am you might remember the old movie thing with the couple facing each other John Marsha John Marsha repeats until someone else enters the scene Like that Anyway, the entirely predictable plot rolls out Reader, were you surprised about what happened to Barkav and Nenith, to name only two one exception, see belowAnd finally we meet Mai Tai, no, Tai Chi, no, wait, Kai Tau Or should I call him Kurtz, from Conrad s Heart of Darkness and Coppola s Apocalypse Now The horror, the horror Kai s guns have view spoiler grown into his arms hide spoiler

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    Disclaimer I was sent an ARC for an early review This is my honest, early review It is always nice when I can leave as positive a review as this one If you have read Markswoman and if you have not, go away right now and remedy that problem for a richer reading experience , you know what a rich, immersive world Rati Mehrotra has created in the Asiana series It scans as both science fiction and fantasy at the same time Although I find myself drawn to the fantastic elements , the book supports its science fiction elements beautifully as well.However, what really pulls me into a book are characters, and the reader can feel these characters speaking to the author, telling their story, and she delivers I actually kind of dislike Kyra Veer, the main character, although I understand her and am compelled by her story I suspect everyone who reads this book will like Rustan, a complicated and heroic character And I am always a sucker for a good redemption arc, of which there are at least two in the story.I could go on and on about the beautiful imagery of the story, the skill with which the author teaches us about the cultures of Asiana, the textured support characters that are never an afterthought, and the symbolic nature of items aligned with character journeys I could do that Or you could run out and buy this book when it comes out in March March 5th Put it on your calendar And remember, while you re waiting, go read Markswoman Or read it again.

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Mahimata summary pdf Mahimata, summary chapter 2 Mahimata, sparknotes Mahimata, Mahimata 153bfa7 A Young Female Assassin Must Confront The Man Who Slaughtered Her Family, Risk Her Heart, And Come To Terms With Her Identity As A Warrior And As A Woman In This Thrilling Fantasy From The Author Of MarkswomanKyra Has Returned To The Caves Of Kali, But Her Homecoming Is Bittersweet Her Beloved Teacher Is Dead And Her Best Friend Nineth Is Missing And Gone, Too, Is Rustan, The Marksman Who Helped Her Train For The Duel With Tamsyn And Became Far Than A Teacher And FriendShaken By His Feelings For Kyra And The Truth About His Parentage, Rustan Has Set Off On A Quest For Answers His Odyssey Leads Him To The Descendants Of An Ancient Sect Tied To The Alien Ones And The Realization That The Answers He Seeks Come With A PriceYet Fate Has Plans To Bring Kyra And Rustan Together Again Kai Tau, The Man Who Slaughtered Kyra S Family, Wages War On The Orders Of Asiana Hungering For Justice, Kyra Readies Herself For Battle, Aided By Her New Companions The Wyr Wolves, Who Are So Much Than What They Seem And Determined To Keep The Woman He Loves Safe, Rustan Joins The Fight To Ride By Her SideBut Will This Final Confrontation Ultimately Cost Them Their Loveand Their Lives

  • ebook
  • 480 pages
  • Mahimata
  • Rati Mehrotra
  • English
  • 14 February 2018

About the Author: Rati Mehrotra

Born and raised in India, Rati Mehrotra now lives and writes in lovely Toronto She is represented by Mary C Moore of Kimberley Cameron Associates Markswoman is her first book You can check out her short stories at