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  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • In Mike We Trust
  • P.E. Ryan
  • English
  • 20 March 2018
  • 9780060858131

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    I had a real hard time getting into this I am so glad that I read some reviews before hand that agreed it had a slow start, then got really good.There were a combination of things that made this difficult for me The name of the uncle, Mike, and the boy, GarthI kept wanting to reverse their names so bad, so it always took awhile to get back into it after setting it down No fault of the author there Second, I hated Mike Even from the start So his beginning storyline didn t draw me in, and I just didn t care Thirdly, Garth himself I really felt nothing toward him for a long time Even when he got a boyfriend, I had no idea what the boyfriend saw in him I liked him well enough by that point, but all the interactions with this other guy were one liners and embarrassed silence awkwardness Maybe I was just relating too well to him because I am the type who drifts off into silence and has nothing good interesting to say And this is why there will never be a book or movie about me I m boring.Okayseeing all that negative stuff up above, yet I gave this 4 stars WellI really didn t start getting into the book until around page 100 or so Slowly it started getting better and better When Mike s scheme finally came out into the open and certainuhnegative things happened trying for a spoiler free review , I actually snapped the book closed in an if I don t read it, it didn t happen mentality But one negative thing It ended a chapter too early I NEED to know what happened next Anyway, all the crap was worth the bit of brilliance in the back half of the book.

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    I thought this was nicely done and a compelling read Truthfully, I found it slow at the start, and some of my concern was that the protagonist, Garth, feels a little flat at the beginning His situation dead father, overprotective mother, coming to terms with being gay is very real and well rendered, but his voice is just a bit underwhelming as the book starts.But over time I began to feel like I knew who this kid was, and that s a credit to the author There is real life in the characters in this book, especially his best friend Lisa, whose sharp tongue and insecurities make her especially memorable.Another review mentioned the uncle, and that the reader wished Garth had figured things out quicker I felt that way at first, but as I read further I got the sense that Ryan was doing something a little complex I think Garth does know, and that he is compelled to go along with it because his Uncle Mike is his dead father s twin And there s something very interesting about a character doing something that doesn t mesh with his own values for reasons he is not quite sure about.By the end of this novel, I couldn t put it down So I was glad I stayed with it and hope that other readers will, too This is an extremely solid YA read.

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    Written for ALAN s Picks, April 2009 at The surprise arrival of the prodigal Uncle Mike at Garth Rudd s doorstep is indeed a mixed blessing for the fifteen year old Having lost his father in a tragic boating accident, under orders from his mother not to disclose his sexual orientation to anyone outside the family, and stuck in a summer job he despises in order to make ends meet, Garth s life is clouded by secrets and lies At first, Mike seems to offer Garth a refreshing outlet to be true to himself, embracing his nephew s identity and encouraging him to meet other gay teens However, Garth begins to suspect that Mike s sudden interest in his deceased brother s family may have a darker purpose, and he finds himself participating in an uncomfortable new web of deceptions that threatens to undo his new found freedom.Like the raucous relationship between Prince Hal and Falstaff in Shakespeare s Henry IV, the complicated bond that develops between Garth and Mike gives In Mike We Trust a rich and often witty core Readers looking for a tender coming out and coming of age story should find much to enjoy as they witness Garth learn what it means to be honest with oneself as much as with friends, family and kind hearted strangers.

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    In Mike We Trust begins with the tragic story of a 15 year old by named Garth, whose father recently passed away Because his father was the main supporter of the family, Garth and his mother are forced to move into a smaller apartment and he needs to work before all of his friends Despite these awful turn of events, Garth is also struggling with determining his sexuality He confronts his mother about how he feels and she begs him to keep to himself because she is afraid that if he comes out, he may get bullied and that all of these events will pile up and be too much for him While all of this is happening, Garth s dad just so happens to have an identical twin that comes in and out of Garth s life because of his own struggles, but is here to stay once his dad passes However, Garth s uncle, Mike, is a polar opposite to his mother and thinks he should openly come out While Garth goes through his daily life, many parts of the book are very predictable and there was never really a climax that I was looking for Although Garth s story is inspiring in that he has to make such big decisions and go through so many changes at such a young age, the story line never cases any kinds of surprises or turn of events that make the book desirable to read.

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    Reviewed by Lynn Crow for TeensReadToo.comThings haven t been going so well for 15 year old Garth since his father died He and his mom have had to move into a dingy apartment She works two jobs and is always tired, while he has to pretend to enjoy working for the irritable owner of the local department store Worst of all, he finally found the courage to come out to her only to have her put that discussion on hold for an indefinite period, after extracting a promise that he tell no one else.Garth feels stifled, but he has no idea what to do about it.Then change comes without warning in the form of Garth s Uncle Mike, who shows up one evening in need of a place to crash for a few weeks Despite Garth s mom s concerns, Garth finds himself immediately warming to Mike Mike has the sort of confidence Garth wishes he had, and when he tells Mike about his sexuality, Mike is not only accepting, but also encouraging.Yet even as Mike helps Garth feel comfortable with himself, he starts to involve Garth in a series of increasingly elaborate money making schemes As desperately as his family could use the cash, Garth can t help feeling the pressure of all the secrets he s suddenly keeping.But how can trusting the person who s given him the support he so needs be wrong IN MIKE WE TRUST is full of those sorts of tricky moral dilemmas, and watching Garth navigate them is just part of the novel s appeal Ryan offers no easy answers, and Garth s responses feel completely authentic The stifling Garth feels is vividly drawn, as is his developing relationship with another gay teen The conclusion wraps up several loose ends in a believable but optimistic way, and leaves others open to the reader s imagination.Teens who ve struggled with parents who can t quite accept them for who they are whether their sexuality or any other aspect of their identity will find much to relate to, not to mention hope Recommended to all fans of contemporary YA.

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    I decided to read this after I saw it was up for a Lambda Literary award for this past year 09 I have to say, it was just an alright book In Mike We Trust centers around Garth, a gay teen whose life hasn t been the best since his father s death a year ago, but things turn around when his father s identical twin brother, Mike, pays an unexpected visit Only it quickly becomes apparent that Mike isn t the most honest person in the world and maybe he really doesn t have his estranged family s best interests at heart.The story itself is fairly short, but entertaining and not overly saccharine like the works of David Levithan nor does it spill over with emotion and depth, which I would have liked a little of While reading, I got the feeling like these characters were going through the motions, I guess you could say like watching rehearsed scene after scene until we get to the credits or the bows once the lights go up As cliche as it sounds, I m a true Holden Caufield when it comes to books give me honesty and genuineness or GTFO.Another one of the problems I had with this book was that I never felt like I got any closure except on the subject of Mike, and that was limited at best It felt like I had reached a cul de sac, but instead of turning the car around we just sat there staring at an overgrown patch of kudzu Still, the book is good for a day or two of reading, though I would recommend getting this from the library instead of paying 10 bucks for an ebook or for the print edition Just don t expect a revelation of any kind this is fluff and stuff.

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    Garth and his mother are trying to get on with their lives Garth works at a job he hates and they live in a rundown apartment that his mom has to work two jobs just to keep All of this because Garth s mom was left with so much debt, they are having a hard time making ends meet In a stroke of luck, a knock on the door announces that Uncle Mike is in town Mike is Garth s dad free wheeling, snazzy dressing, ne er do well twin brother Uncle Mike never seems to have a job but always seems to have money He s going to help Garth and his mom leave their troubles behind and get on with their lives.Mike convinces Garth that in order to get the life he wants, he has to make some changes They need to look beyond the normal, everyday existence Work beyond the corner grocery store.Mike introduces Garth to a whole new way of living Garth can talk to Mike in a way he can t talk to his mother or his best friend, Lisa Garth s only concern are some of the jobs he and Mike undertake Garth becomes someone he doesn t recognize any, and he s not sure if he likes it.In Mike We Trust speaks right into the space of who you think you are and who you want to be The crazy things you do and the hope, that yes, this time, this thing, will work Although it took Garth an awfully long time, he eventually figures out what he wants and who he is and who to trust.

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    I was invited to be a judge on last year s Nerds Heart YA brackets In Mike We Trust by P.E Ryan was the book my co judge and I voted to move to the next round.Garth is a gay teenager living with his mother Both are grieving the recent death of his father and their emotional state gets in the way of their coming to terms with Garth s sexuality He wants to be out to everyone Mom would prefer he wait until they know for sure that it s safe for him to be that out.In the middle of this chaos comes Mike, Garth s uncle and identical twin to his father Although identical in appearance he s the polar opposite in personality All though he s a conman and moocher he s the only one who seems completely willing to accept Garth on Garth s terms.As some of the other reviews have mentioned the ending doesn t feel realistic but neither does the beginning The set up is obviously contrived But it doesn t matter The book is mostly about Garth and Mike and the misadventures they have It s a fun book with a likable protagonist.

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    Fifteen year old Garth is small for his age and frequently bullied, so when he tells his mother that he s gay, she begs him to keep it to himself Garth s life changes drastically when his dead father s twin brother, Mike, shows up Mike is cool, he accepts Garth for who he is, and he has a great idea to make money to help Garth s mom and for Garth s college fund Unfortunately, all is not as it seems..or maybe it is and Garth s mom is right about Mike This is a great story of how things can spiral out of control when you don t listen to that inner voice Garth is a realistically drawn character, he s awkward and unsure of himself He wants so badly to trust Uncle Mike, even though he knows all along something is just not right This is a funny, realistic, and touching novel about growing up and trusting your instincts There is some mild profanity, no sex only some kisses and some mild discussion of the topic , so OK even for middle school.

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    it was conflicted and unbalanced the setting was accurate and very lively the story line reflected too many points of views and to unclear resolutions very predictable and with the same generic atmosphere between the young gay teen boy and his close p.c female friend and confident in few part of the book, there were flat and repeated vignettes, almost to the point of losing interest in their developing very easy reading, some interesting point of views and some feel good parts and morals hopefully p.e.ryan will give come up with some thing less predictable.

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In Mike We Trustcharacters In Mike We Trust, audiobook In Mike We Trust, files book In Mike We Trust, today In Mike We Trust, In Mike We Trust 85831 Honesty He Wanted It He Craved It He Could Barely Remember What It Was When Garth S Uncle Comes To Visit, He S Like A Breath Of Very Needed Fresh Air Mike Is Laid Back And Relaxed And Willing To Accept Garth For Who He Is, Without Question For The First Time In A Long While, Garth Feels Like He S Around Someone Who Understands Him But Before Long Garth Is Helping Mike With Some Pretty Mysterious Things And Finds Himself Keeping Secrets From Everyone Around Him He S Forced To Wonder Is His Uncle Mike Really Who He Says He Is, And Can Garth Trust Him More Importantly, Can Garth Trust The Person He S Becoming P E Ryan Has Crafted A Clever And Compelling Novel That Asks The Question How Far Will You Go For Your Family, To Find Yourself

About the Author: P.E. Ryan

P.E Ryan also writes as Patrick Ryan.Patrick Ryan was born in Washington, D.C., and grew up in Florida His work has appeared in the Yale Review, the Iowa Review, One Story, and other journals He lives in New York City.